Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Blog is still alive

Jennifer say:


Hi everyone, i am back. I had not post any new topic since May.

wow, i am damn lazy. But I am back with more meowing news.

News 1: Auntie Thiru is unwell!!!

Last Friday, dad and I sent Auntie Thiru (The little black cat u see on my sidebar). She had been passing droplet of blood on thursday night and passing little urine. I am worried that there may be a blockage that is said to be very toxic to a cat and can killed it within 24 hour. I also suspected Thiru had urinary tract infection.

Thiru cried all the way to the vet. Kind Uncle Vet touched Thiru and mentioned that she did not have any blockage, only bladder infection. Vet said that most males had blockage while the odds are against female cats. I am quite relieved after hearing that. Thiru got a jet of antibodies and a week supply of antibodies that i need to feed her.

But then, stupid me feed her 1 whole antibioties tablet when it is only meant for 1/2 tablet.i only realised my mistake on day 2 night but by then 2 days of supply were gone. Anyway, the antibioties did work, no more bleeding and normal urining. My only concern is that thiru seem not to be pooing for 3 days. Will monitor on her and see what to do with her. i heard from san that pumpkin work for constipation cats.

Update: -- 27 July (9.35pm) Auntie Thiru had normal poo poo on Friday and today. That is quite a relief.

I will update more on all my cats when i got hold of sister camera.
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