Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Good luck cats

Jennifer say:

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Once again, i believed deeply in god....When pong pong came to our house, i secretly prayed to our house 'da bei gong' to let mum or dad won 4D so that pong pong can stayed.. true enough, Mum did won 4-D.

This time, dad is not really happy with the two new comers... but noone wanted them..what to do?
I actaully have these few choices:
Choice 1: Make them stray like the heartless ada
Choice 2: Beg for ppl to pls adopt them--ya..BEG
Choice 3: Advertise them in CWS and hopefully SOMEONE will adopt and not ended up like Jackie in As you can see, it is hard to find a true cat lover that is willing to take a cat...
Choice 4: Be salve to the two new-comers by adoping them myself

In the end, My choice is FOUR after 'intense' analyzing of the 4 choices...

Choice 1: Make them stray make me as bad as ada..Linda told me today that ada said if DD's brother and sister can be found, she will take them back home... As i said earlier, DD's brother and sister whom are abandoned were now missing. If ada really think the cats will be piteful as strays, why throw them into the street and when they are missing, said that they are pitiful and want them home...i am really really annoyed with these limp excuss for abandoning cats and feeling 'sorry' later. Linda said that we cannot blame ada as her son is the top priority. But i really do blame ada for making DD's siblings missing. After all, no cats deserve to be stray. At least, she must find a home for them..DD's siblings have been staying with heartless ada since they were small 1 month kittens. To dump them in the street is really dumb as they no longer have survivor skills.

Choice 2: Beg for ppl to adopt.. hmm..i am also dumb if i beg ppl to adopt cats. and begging is illegial in singapore..ha...

Choice 3: advertise in CWS. I really lacked the patience of waiting and allowing ppl to enter my house to view the is really too much trouble. If ppl wish to adopt, of course i am happy. but if not,how? Fostercat is also very nice to play foster mummy to jackie. In the end, jackie went to one house and returned to foster cat (Thank fostercat for clarifying, i think i mix jackie with other cats..i had read too many cat blogs..make me becoming sotong)..Isn't it very stressful for the cat and for fostercat too? Eventually Jackie returned to the street but is a more happier cat. I am not sure if the two new comers will be a happier cats if i released them into the street. But i really don't have the heart to release them in the street.

My Choice 4: be salve to them.. The longer you are salve to them, the more unwilling you are to let them go. I decided to rename them.. At first, mum called them 'li qi' and 'hei mei gua'. Now their new names are 'kaka' The grey one and 'bon bon' the black one. Every morning i will push them into the cat carrier for them to pee and poo. It is werid of us to use cat carrier as their poo place but we have been using the carrier since DD is with us. Mum is so smart to think of using the hamster's tray inside the carrier so that I can easily remove the newspaper once they are done. We never used cat litter for our cats, just newspaper. Kaka and bon bon are quite intelligent to know what to do once i pushed them inside. Next, i will place their rices and let them out. Once eaten, i will placed them back into their basket. They will then sleep for the rest of the day till it is dinner time.

I guess i must control myself not to bring any more strays otherwise i will end up like Linda whom has ten ex-community cats in her house.

When kaka and bonbon arrived, i took them to pray to our 'da bei gong' and once again, i pray that the two cats will bring luck to dad and mum. My divine prayer is answered today when dad strikes 4-D. I then pronounced kaka and bonbon as the 'Lucky cats' to dad..

Now, kaka and bonbon can offically be our resident cats...and poor mum, sister and I are salves to four cats. Sister and I are in charge of the cats' small and big businesses. Mum is the cook of the Cats where she prepared meals for them every morning and afternoon. I am the Part-time cook where i prepared their dinner at night, together with mimi's dinner. I am currently feeding sweetie and DD streamed fishes plus rice while Kaka and Bon Bon eat chicken or pork plus rice. Linda asked me to take mimi to be sterilized on 31 May... nowaday, sister and I called mimi "xiao mi tao" or " mi tao xiao wang zi" for being so fat and round.

So far, i had yet to introduce sweetie and DD to bon bon and kaka. But they know of their existence. DD went to 'box' the two new comers a lot of times..While timid sweetie only watched them from a safe distance. Hopefully they can be good friends. I think DD will accept them much faster than sweetie.


KL said...

Yeh, they bring luck to our family!

auntie p said...

Wahaha...I am amazed that, firstly, your parents are so lucky to be striking 4Ds so easily and so often. 2ndly, you feed your cats 3 meals a day?!?! Waaa....2x is good enough loh.

Clarification: Jackie my foster did not go to 3 potential homes before she was returned to me - only went to 1 home.

Jackie's ex-fosterer :)

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