Monday, January 30, 2006

Pong Pong house visit

Yesterday, new year eve, pong pong visited us again. This time, we allowed her to stay at our house for one night. Pong Pong found sweetie's favourite sofa to sleep. We released pong pong back to the malay family this morning. Posted by Picasa

Madness at sheng siong supermarket

Look at the number of cars outside SS supermarket on new year eve, day 28. It is amazing (pluzzing) why ppl drive cars and refuse to park their car properly. Poor bus 159 driver, he was unable to park the bus at the bus stop. I had a good time looking at drivers running to their cars when traffic police arrived from my house. I think two cars get fined the other day when the same situation happened. It is really not worth to buy 'cheap' stuff and get fines. Posted by Picasa

Fugui miao

Mum made sweetie a 'gold chain'. How sweet she look. But in the end, we had to remove it as for some reason, sweetie alway bite at the chain till her mouth is sucked with the chain. Posted by Picasa

Watching Hokkein Opera: Lee San Niang at cheng huang temple

Jennifer say:

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Today is the first day of new year. We as usual did not go anywhere but mum suggested going to sheng hong temple (cheng huang temple or lorong koo chye sheng hong temple) at arumugam road to watch hokkein opera. This is not the first time i watched hokkein opera at CNY. Last year, i watched three opera (gaizaixi) performed by taiwan opera troupe. This year, the performance is performed by china troop.

I am influenced to watch chinese opera by mum. My first encounter is the very famous taiwanese singer, yang li hua. I actually do not speak hokkein well but i can understand the dialect.What i love about gaizaixi is the music and how the ppl sing - maybe it is because i love ancient show of all kinds very much.

Back to today performance, it is really good.

To the 'boring' story:
(Lee san niang)

Lee san niang was married to a guy named, liu ziyuan. The couple loved each other deeply. Unfortunately, San niang's stepmum hated san and her husband very much. One day, bad new arrived. San's father was drowned in the sea. The evil stepmother then took control of the Lee's fortune and give san naing only a old knitting machine. However, san and her husband lived a very happy and simple life where san knit cloth to sell while her husband, liu chop woods to sell.

The evil stepmum was not happy to see the two of them still in the same household. One day, words came from the officers that man from every household must be recruit to become soldier for the coming war. Every household must have one man to be recruited. If there are two men, one will be selected. If there are three man, two will be selected. The evil stepmum took liu name to be recruited as a soldier. Poor san and liu are forced to seperate. At that time, liu is pregnant with their first child. They parted sadly.

Times flies..San is forced to work in the miling room. When the time for her baby to arrive come, she gave birth alone. San's brother whom was with her had rushed to tell his mum. (the evil stepmum, san's brother was the stepmum real son) Despite the fact that her evil stepmum know of the birth, she refused to help san. In the end, san had to bite the umbilical cord herself. San named her new born son, jiaoji (meaning bitting the cord). When the baby is one month old, the evil mum forced san to marry a wealthy trader. Before the day of the marriage, san left the house with her baby and the house caretaker whom is a nice man. San decided to go to look for her husband. In the journey, san fell ill. Just then, her brother arrived at the village. San begged her brother to take her son to her husband.

Meanwhile, her husband was promoted as he saved the general's life. Liu send men to find san but the evil stepmum lied that san had remarried. During a attack by the enemy, liu saved san's brother whom had finally found liu. Unfortunately, san's brother died after handing the baby son to liu without telling liu about san's whereabout. The old general also died from a deady wound and liu is made to promise to take care of the general's daugher, lanyu.

16 years later, jiaoji is now 16 and in the army as well. One day, he shoot a rabbit and chased it. He arried at a well and saw a woman holding his arrow. The woman is actually san, his real mother. San told jiaoji that she is her mum but ji did not believed her. Ji told his father whom realised that san was stil alive. Liu arrived in the village with yulan and ji. San was angry with liu for marrying but liu told san that yulan had took care of their son for 16 years. Yulan was actually a nice hearted lady. San finally reunited with her son and husband. Just then, a begger came to beg for food. San recognised the begger as her stepmum. The caretaker told the evil mum to jump in the well to die but san stopped her. San said that although the mum was evil, she was still her mum. The show then ended.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chinatown Cats - without fotos

Jennifer say:

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I went to Chinatown with mum and sister yesterday. It was really maddness in there..Crowds and crowds of ppl and maybe pickpockers. I was holding my large shopping bag tightly by my side. Mum bought some cookies for 3 for $10, not really cheap.

Next, we went to the mkt to find the bag uncle. We had know the uncle for 6 to 7 years. The uncle used to own a cat named kaka but she had died of kidney illness 2 years ago. It is sad to know kaka died as we also know kaka that is very friendly. Now, the uncle has a pair of siblings that around one year. The last time we visited the uncle that was in Nov or dec, the female cat was pregnant. Yesterday, we found out from the uncle that the four kittens were given to a lady living in AMK. The lady already got five adults cats in her house but decided to adopt two more kittens. The uncle was reluctant to seperate the four kittens so the lady was asked to adotp all four kittens, making her had 9 cats in her 3-room flat. Wow, i think the lady may ask someone to adopt the other two kittens that she initally do not want.The uncle said the mummy cat searched for her four kittens for two weeks and cried for them too.. so sad...but at least, the four kittens are in good hands.

It is nice petting the uncle's cat that is extremely tame. The two cat came to find uncle when uncle started feeding them. Now if u go to Chinatown mkt, near the place selling CDs, you will find the uncle selling bag and his two cat sleeping on the suitcase or the floor. Uncle said that he will be sending the cats for sterilization next month.

The mkt will be ungoing upgrading very soon so i think the uncle will take both cats to his new area or maybe adopt the two cats.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pong Pong Cat House visit

Yesterday, pong pong (we named her this name) came to our corridor and meow very loudly. Pong pong was someone's cat on the 10th and the malay family down my block had 'adopt' her.

Cats had came to our corridor many times-
1) sweetie: 4 times
2) nana: 3 times
3) an unknown kitten:1 time
4) and lastly pong pong: 1 time

She is extremely sweet, not scared of anyone including DD. Poor DD, her fur is all standing on one end when she saw pong pong. We need to put sweetie inside my room as she will bark like a dog, almost a protesting scream if she ever see any 'intruder' in our house. See how possessive she is. Last time when we take mini and baby home, she screamed at them. That time, we planned to give mini a bath as his fur was very dirty..but mini hissed at us and we need to release him without his bath.

Pong pong is so curious of everything, we feed her rice with fish. Then after eating, she walked all over the house to view our apartment. She does not want me to carry her so i picked her by her neck and support her bottom.

After a meal and 'inspection' of our house, we bought pong pong downstair to find her owner. Strangly, the daughter-in-law of the malay family said Pong pong do not belong to her. Last time, her mother-in-law said otherwise.So we just release pong pong outside their house.Later when sister and I went to see if pong pong is all right, we saw another malay girl (also living in the same row as the other malay family) with pong pong whom had just taken a bath. It seems that pong pong may has a new home after all, hopefully, pong pong will not run away again. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nana is gone..MIA

Jennifer say:

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After 3 false alert from dad, mum and linda, nana is still not found..i think she has moved to somewhere else since we called the authority -AVA, SPCA, AMK Town council with no news of any nana.

False alert from mum: dad said he saw a fat cat near SN553 and said it was nana. Mum then went to see the fat cat and called sister and i to see "nana". Mum even said nana look thinner. We happily went to find "nana". Upon seeing "nana", i though she/he do not look like nana. Sister and mum insisted he/she was nana. Then i saw the back of the cat, it was a male cat..The real nana is a female. The "fake" nana got nana colour and tiny tail..exactly like a clone of nana except he is a male and his eyes is triangle.

False alert from Dad: After we came up from the false alert mum gave us, dad called to say he spotted nana at SN553. I informed dad that we just got back from there and that was a nana clone.

False alert from Linda: i sms linda on the 6 day that nana was missing but got no response from linda. The next day, she called me to tell me of other matters. It turned out that she had changed her HP. but the funny thing is she called me just when i wonder why she did not reply to my SMS. I told her nana was missing. The next day, she called to say her friend living at my block 10 floor saw "nana" and had taken her to the void deck. I called my sister to find "nana".
Of course, there is no nana. The new cat is a black kitten that someone abandoned on the 10 floor. I think its owner lived in the 10th floor.

Yesterday, for the first time, sister, mum and I asked the malay neighbour living on the ground floor if they spotted nana. This is the first time we spoken to them. They said maybe nana moved to other places. I also get to see their cats. The new kitten that was abandoned was so lucky, she went to find the malay neighbour and they decide to keep her.
The malay auntie was speaking in malay so i do not understand at all..while mum understand a bit of malay. Sister also understand a little (not as much as mum).

The malay family male black bob tail cat is so sweet, he keep staying close to me.Altogether, this malay family has 6 cats. wow, so many cats..they usually let their white cat, black bob tail out in the street. Both are sterilised recently. Before that, white cat used to terrorise other cats.Once poor ginger was corned by that white cat up the tree till we came to find ginger and chased the white cat away. Poor ginger, wonder how long he was up the tree.

All the cats that the malay family own have beautiful colour.
here their colours:
1) A white cat with beautiful blue eyes
2) An extremely friendly black bob tail(my favourite)
3) The new comer kitten (from someone whom living at the 10th floor), lucky girl
4) A lovely grey cat and
5) a light brown cat (both the grey and the light brown cat live in the kitchen where they are trained to use the loo)
6) another cat that i once saw in leash(yesterday, i did not see him)

Sister is saying how 'ugly' sweetie and DD look. Hee..of course, sweetie and DD are sweet in their own ways. All cats are sweet in their own ways.

Friday, January 20, 2006

六月的雨 - from 仙剑奇侠传插曲

Jennifer say:

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You will most likely not be able to view the chinese character..there a flash movie for u all to enjoy the song.The show is now showing at channel U, 9 pm on Saturday. The girl named "ling er"( 劉亦菲) is now the hot favourite in China where she is the new "xiaolongnu"in China verison of "Return of the Condor Hero".
Image hosted by

The other male lead, hu ge..i think he is still hot but he remind me of jimmy lim for his character and i do not like jimmy lim. Maybe i will like him when the show developed further.

Here is the flash movie:

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

i have updated on sweetie first anniversity with us

Jennifer say:

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it can be found when u scoll down the should be up yesterday but i lost my internet connection for some unknown reason

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Have you seen this fat cat?

i am starting to worry abt nana. She has been missing for four days. The last time i saw her was down my block void deck. Since then, i had been unsuccessful in locating her nor her new hideout. Her original hideout was occupied by mimi and i cannot find her in latest hideout , the water pipe. So where is she? i do hope she is ok, i even prayed for her safely at simalu, kwan yin temple near bugis.

i am going to try to find her later with sister. hope i can see her near the block or she can give us a house visit soon.

Nana, find us wherever you are.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hatch your E eggs

Jennifer say:

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got this webstie from hamsterhideout. I had not visited the forum for so many days, the number of unread posts i got is 2150. I ignored all the hamsters related topics since i no longer own hamsters but i still visited the forum.

this one is interesting abt the e eggs:

From this site:

i am putting all the eggs here for fun.

This egg hatches on February 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

This egg hatches on February 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

This egg hatches on February 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

This egg hatches on February 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

This egg hatches on February 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sweetie First anniversary as our little Princess

Jennifer say:

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PS: I had typed this entry on Friday and planned to publish this yesterday but i had no internet connection.

Today, 17 Jan is the first anniversary of sweetie official home stay as our house pet. Earlier dates, we used to get sweetie to our house too but we always let her go either at night or early morning. She really adorable at that time, she kept staying at the second storey of our block. Once she spotted us, she will meowed loudly while walking down the stairs.

Jan 17 was the date where sister went to HK for half year study. That afternoon, i saw sweetie as usual in her hidesout in the second floor. I pressed the lift and much to my surprise, she entered the lift of her own accord. And mum and Dad did not oppose when i returned with sweetie and therefore, sweetie become our offical home cat.

I remembered when it was mum suggestion for bringing sweetie to our house for a short trip to "play play". That time, there was another injured kitten where i took care for three days. That kitten was taken to temp foster home. After that kitten left, mum suggested bringing sweetie for play play. Surprisely, sweetie is not scared of us. But she still hide under the sofa when we try to hug her.

Image hosted by
Hide and Seek

We always took sweetie back to the street at night or early morning as dad at that time was not keen on having cat in our house. He said: "Cat is dirty." But sister and I alway took sweetie home for a short stay.

I first saw sweetie at the playground when mum and I were feeding baibai and little black nose. Mum love sweetie little bobtail. Ever since, we always try to find sweetie and feed her. Hmm..i am always 'honour' to be the one whom give the name "sweetie" to this newcomer. Well..she seem to sweet and i named her sweetie.

When sweetie first become our house pet, she used to sleep in a box.

Image hosted by
This is sweetie inside her box.

That time, i do not allowed her on my bed. Slowly, i allowed sweetie to sleep at my feet. Now, she sleep beside me.

Image hosted by
Sleeping on my bed

Sister was in HK while sweetie is our house cat. So sister missed much of sweetie inital home stay with us.

Sister bought sweetie a blue leash, a orange leash, a food bowl and a body harness. Now, i only used the blue food bowl. The blue leash had been ripped by sweetie while the orange one is too big. And the body harness make sweetie go mad.

Image hosted by
Model by seaweed-orange leash

From a 2.5kg cat, sweetie now weighs 5 kg.

Here the Things that sweetie knows:
1) She know how to lie her head at the side to sayang. When we asked her wan to sayang,she will immediately lie on one side to sayang. She respond faster to mum.

Image hosted by
In her sayang position..we need to pet her when her head is moved that way

Image hosted by
On the floor for us to sayang. Sweetie's rather choosy in her place where she want to sayang. She love to lie on our floor mats, hard floor was an alternative.

2) She learnt how to pee in the water hole in the toilet (where water flow down the drain), super shooter. She never missed by peeing other places other than that hole

3) She learnt how to poo in newspaper. Save the litter box.

4) She follow me to the bathroom when i say i am goin to bath and wait patiently outside for me. I always reward her with food when she follow me after i completed my bath.

5) She meowed in delight when i asked her: Wan to "mum mum"?

6) Stay near anyone of us and meow to try to locate us if we gone missing.she esp sticky to me.

7) Stand on hind legs to see us at our door when dad gone to throw rubbish or when we gone downstairs to feed the other cats.

8) Answer "Meow Meow" when i call her. I duno what is the meaning of meow meow but i assumed it meant sweetie was trying to call me JieJie in her cat language. It is definitely sound like JieJie. Meow in response to anyone in our family calling her name.

9) Do little things to amuse us - many little Like helping mum to catch cockroach or jumpin on the dinning table to grab a fish that mum intend to eat. (i get a scolding for not covering the fish) or asking for sayang when sweetie saw mum after mum returned from the market.(like today) or sleeping soundly in the same room while i am now typing the 'extremely long' blog.

10) Never disturb me when she wake up in the morning.(Unlike DD whom is our meowing alarm clock at 7 am in the morning)

Image hosted by
This is DD, our notty baby of the house. She around one month old when we first found her. Her mum died and i adopted the three kittens. Her brothers are now with another family. When DD was tiny, she will let her two brother suck her nipples and then groomed her just like her mummy
She came to our house on the mooncake festival. I will do a similar 'profile' of her when her first year anniversary come.

Here is DD big.

Image hosted by
DD on my brother bed..she still not quite like to sleep beside me so we bought a laundry basket and convert it into DD house. We used a big piece of wood to cover the top of the basket. There are holes all around the basket so it is really a cheap way to keep ur cat in. I wrapped the wood with a wrapping paper but my notty sweetie ripped the paper with her claws so now i placed another piece of wood on top of DD basket for sweetie to scratch her claws.

Still..i will remember my two hamsters,hamham and hamie that passed away on aug and sept respectively. I felt guilty that ever since sweetie come to our house, i sort of neglected them.
I made this signature in hamsterhideout to remind me of their little happy faces.

Image hosted by

may my hamham and hamie found peace together.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mimi and his "foster father"

This is mimi and his foster father, ginger. See how they eat together. Ginger is such a good boy, he does not mind sharing his chicken meat with mimi. Posted by Picasa

Sweetie "Clone", seaweed

Took a very cute picture of my sister soft toy in the same posture as how similar they look..ha..thanks to "blood" for arranging seaweed this way. Sweetie does not seem to be afraid of seaweed that had a odd smell..time for a bath, seaweed. Posted by Picasa

Someone There For Me - Rebecca Blaylock

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
Someone There For Me - Rebecca Blaylock
From TVB: To Get Unstuck In Time( sing in the drama itself)


Sweet dreams,
is what he said as he went underground away from me into the dark
Forced me
from all my innocence into the very ordinary day today.

Watch and wait and see what comes
From the Soul of the man who is uncertain
When the sand washes out to the sea When the dreams fall away
and the promises forgotten will there still be someone
there for me for me

He sings and
with his hands he holds a microphone and speaks so loud for all to hear

I'd give
whatever is left of all the work i'd do my hands are tired from
all the years

See and wait and look I will

With the soul of the man who is uncertain
When the sand washes out to the sea
When the dreams fall away and the promises forgotten
Will there still With the soul of the man who is uncertain
When the sand washes out to the sea
When the dreams fall away and the promises forgotten
Will there still be someone there for me For me For me

With the soul of the man who is uncertain
When the sand washes out to the sea
When the dreams fall away and the promises forgotten
Will there still be someone there for me
For me Promises for me Promises for me

Monday, January 02, 2006

Nana new hideout

Since mimi appeared around nana's area, nana had sort of disappeared for many days. Yesterday, sister and I were going to the coffee shop when we spotted nana. We were delighted to see nana as nana had disappeared for 3 days. The auntie whom feed nana daily had called my sister to ask abt nana whereabout but we also had not seen nana for 3 days.

Nana new hideout is down our block void deck. She always hide behind the water pipe u see in this foto.

We met auntie yesterday. She is 70 this year but her weak legs made her unable to walk far and therefore, she seldom feed cats. Her husband, ah pek is the one whom always feed cats. Unfortunately, ah-pek was "blacklisted" by the town council as ah-pek love to put lot of dry cat food on the floor and just walked away. Sister and I were always clearing the dry food he left one the floor secretly. It sound bad if we said to ah-pek that the cats cannot finished so much food at one go. Linda(cat auntie) had asked ah-pek NOT to feed the cats but ah-pek still feed them. I think it's good for ah-pek to feed cats since cats make him happy. Ah-pek rented a place in paris Ris for $600. He did not wished to send nana there, firstly,(his given reason) if he send nana there, nana will lose her freedom and secondly, (my own reason)he will not be able to see nana three or four times a day.

Auntie chatted with mum while sister and I feed mimi, ginger and baby. Auntie loved cats but her daugher-in-law whom is a RC member, called the town council to take away the cats her mother-in-law feed. Black moo moo was taken away this way and she/he was gone forever. Auntie told mum that she had taken nana to her house for temp hideout when town council ppl tried to come to catch her.

Anyway, i just happy to find nana again. Now, we will know where to 'hunt' for her at night. Posted by Picasa

"Meow, i know how to groom myself"

After a full meal, mimi decided to sit down to groom his beautiful fur. Posted by Picasa

Mimi after her main course lunch

After eating all the rice, mimi is still hungry. We feed him some dry food. He look a bit like baibai from the angle. He is so mini, so cute. Posted by Picasa

Mimi eating rice mixed with wet canned food

How smart mimi is. He jumped up the seat to eat the rice. Posted by Picasa

Introduction MiMi - the new kitten

This is Mimi whom just woke up. He love to sleep in the grass and hide under drain when he see strangers.

Just took many fotos of mimi, "little white rabbit". He was abandoned around one month ago. When we first found him, he hide under the drain. Then he met ginger and ginger play "goddad" to mimi. Mimi then started to find us for food and even follow us around. Once he followed us to our lift area with ginger.

I putting more fotos of him by topic title. Too lazy to use photobucket as i will need to edit the size later using paint program. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kou shibasaki - Tears of the Moon from "Yomigaeri"

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

I know that this is a real old movie that channel U had shown "donkey age" ago but i really love the songs sing by kou shibasaki. You will esp love this song if u understand the meaning of the words in the song, "Tsuki no Shizuku" (Tears of the moon). She's having a new release recently. will find out more abt her latest songs. I took a long time searching the net for the english translation of this song but at last i managed to find it.

Movie review: ( from me, of course)

Image hosted by
Kou Shibasaki

Song by: 柴咲コウ(Kou Shibasaki)
Singer profile:

find out the lyrics of her songs:

Cute wallpaper of her:

Best "Infamous for": Acting as Mitsuko Souma, Girl #11 where she was a cold-hearted murderer cum student whom killed 6 of her classmates in "Battle Royale"( PS: it a really stupid and bloody movie, do not watch it)
Offical site of "Battle Royale":

Image hosted by
Kou Shibasaki as Mitsuko. This scene is where she was abt to be gunned down by her classmate . Using friendship, mitsuko betrayed her friend and killed her, winning her a gun in her next hunt for survivor. She was later killed by another guy classmate whom decided sex was not anything.

Image hosted by
Her new weapon where she used two more times before she was "eliminated" from the game

Best Drama Song: 月のシズク in "Yomigaeri" from Album Tsuki no shizuku- 2nd Single / RUI
All Albums by Kou Shibasaki:

Image hosted by
kou shibasaki as "RUI" in Yomigaeri

Title of song: 月のシズク Tsuki no Shizuku
From the Movie: "Yomigaeri"

Kotonoha wa
Tsuki no shizuku no shirabe
Kanashimi wa utakata no mugen
Nijiiro wa ai wo sasayaku toiki
Ikusa wazawau koe wa
Semishigure no kaze
Jikan no hate de same yuku ai no nukumori
Sugoshi hakanaki omoide wo terashite yuku
* "Aitai..." to omou kimochi wa
Sotto ima, negai ni naru
Kanashimi wo tsuki no shizuku ga
Kyou mo mata nurashite yuku
Kagen no tsuki ga ukabu
Kagami no you na minomo
Yo ni saki hokotta
Banyou no hana wa utsuri nikeri na
Kanashimi de hito no kokoro wo some yuku
"Koishii..." to yomu kotonoha wa
Sotto ima, amatsu kanata
Kanashimi wo tsuki no shizuku ga
Kyou mo mata nurashite yuku
Kagen no tsuki ga utau
Eien ni tsuzuku ai wo...

English translation of this song:

Are the love letter of the drops of the moon
Sadness are the illusions of bubbles
The smells, the shine, are the breath that that whispers love
The voice that hurts because of war
Is the wind of the bustling cicadas
At the end of time, the warmth of love grows cold
And shines on the passed, short-lived memories
The feeling of wanting to see you
Now, quietly becomes a wish
The drops of the moon wets the grief today too
The waning moon rises
The surface of water like a mirror
The eternal flowers which bloomed in the world
Keeps changing
And dyes the peoples' hearts with grief
My composition which says "I miss you..."
Is, quietly somewhere far away in the heavens
The drops of the moon wets the grief today too
The feeling of wanting to see you Now, quietly becomes a wish
The drops of the moon wets the grief today too
The waning moon sings Of the love that continues eternally...

Image hosted by
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