Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trial Test with new picture hosting site

I am currently using picasa to host my website fotos. Quite easy to use but there lot of features that i had yet to figure out. Use baibai foto to test. The feature allow u to link ur foto to blogger immediately, i duno if i can send more fotos at one go to the same post. will experiment with more fotos later.

I used to host in www.photobucket.com. I had already set two account in photobucket, i also like using photobucket but there is limited feature-it simply allow u to host online fotos only.

Picasa is introduced by digital time in strait time today. It look cool and best of all, it is free like photobucket.

here picasa website: (there is also a mini icon that link to picasa at the end of the foto)
http://picasa.google.com/ Posted by Picasa

BaiBai-father bai

Yesterday, sister managed to take fotos of baibai. His wound had recovered and he has returned to coming out in the night as usual. When his wound was really bad, he kept hiding inside the multi-carpark, i guess to recover. I am happy that he is doing fine now...I called him father bai as he is the 'foster' father of baby. He and baby are inseperable. Now baby is not so close to father bai as baby wants to play with ginger. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Terrapin & NaNa

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My sister was showing me the digital camera fotos when i saw that she taken fotos of ah-bob and lizzie, our two terrapins.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
She joined our mini zoo 8 to 10 years ago. She quite big but not as old as ah-bob. My sister bought her at a market for $3. She's quite active, will kick her water if she see me coming..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ah-bob smiling to u :)
She joined our mini zoo family 14-15 years ago. She's quite big also. Occasionally, she surprises us by laying eggs in her water. Of course, no mini bob since she a individual she. Ah-bob used to stay with her brother, xiaofei. Sadly, feifie died on mar 2003 of a tumour. Since then, poor bob stays alone. I tried placing lizzie to stay with her but they fighted. So now, they stay in seperately.

My sister called them the forgotten one..well, not really lol since i will changed their water every night while dad changed them in the morning and i also feed them in the morning.

went to take more fotos of nana again. At first, we planned to take fotos of baby but she nowwhere to be found..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

She sitting at the chair that someone throw away. For some unknown reason, the place where nana stay were filled with lot of litter. And a chair was also throw there.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Sit up attention.

Yesterday, we kept hearing mimi crying. Mimi is a little kitten that someone had in his home. I know becoz i saw mimi's owner taking her with a rope around her neck and expecting her to pee in the grass. but mimi was only a 15 cm kitten, no mummy and she duno what on earth was her owner expecting her to do by dumping her on the green grass. Anyway mimi owner did not talk to us, so i only watched from a distance at mimi. We only saw mimi two times and she did not appeared down our block since then. My sister named her mimi since she cried in a little mimi sound. Ya, back to yesterday, we kept hearing it meowing from an unknown unit. Sister and I went hunting for the unit that kept mimi but were unsucessful.

Finally A new layout

Jennifer say:

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I had finally created a new layout with cats that i love..these cats are:

NaNa (NutNut)
And sweetie

They look so cute

One thing abt this new layout is i cannot make my chinese character come out..it just goes @#$% and when i preview, it's ok but once i publish it, it come out in werid character.

I will try to put the code for the previous post and achieve (where all ur post entries link are).. There's another glitch when u click on the link to my previous post too, if u link, u cannot see the sidebar text anymore..it's replaced by all my codes..but my main post had a link back to my home page so i think it is ok although it look messy..

Overall rating of my first layout (well..i used a premade one to help me): 6/10.

I will try to do the following:
1) Add back my clock mouse
2) Add back my bottom word instead of the "DONE" that u see at the bottom of this site
3) Add back my midi files
4) Add back the Archives Link to my earlier posts

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Just for FUN

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
noted this nana foto on the front, look cute..it a pity that the sidebar is gone..i tried to see if i can insert it back, and changed the blue background to cat paws...

anway, i still save the code of the old layout that a bit boring now...

Ten Reasons Why I hated Cockroaches...

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, i was in brother room when i saw a black thing flying past my head..Without even stopping to stare with the 'foreign object', i fled out of the room, leaving a puzzled and curious sweetie staring at the 'object' that flying against the wall near the door.

I then screamed at my mum of the cockroach inside the room..Mum then went in and began her elimination mission. Mum spotted the cockroach when she saw sweetie staring at the fan. Then mum went out to get an newspaper. When she returned, again sweetie helped her to chase the cockroach and use sweetie radar eyes to see the roach movement. Then, sweetie cornered the roach to a corner of the wall..NO escape Finally and once again, Mum completed her mission successfully with sweetie help.

I really hated cockroaches..here my TOP 10 reasons:

1) They always appear near me, either above my head or near the wall where i am standing
2) They stink
3) They always fly around and try to 'come' near me
4) They always appear out of nowwhere and disappear out of nowhere but i know they are there
5) They are dirty
6) They like to hide in tiny place - like my toy bag when i was small or the shoe box
7) They give me 'heart attack'
8) They always come in pairs with babies
9) They do not have an sense of direction, just flying blindly at anywhere and stopping anywhere,including our clothes
10) Dead, they still make the room stink

I know how tiny roaches are, but to me, i really hated them..now, mum got a assistant to help her with the elimination mission. great..

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Morning Cats..Meow

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

NaNa emerging from her hiding place-behind that tree that..Her name is "Jianbina" in hokkein meaning jackfruit as she is so overweight...I shorten it to NaNa..how cute she looked...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yummy Yummy

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Looking like "Hu La 博士"..so smart

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Kapo at the camera..What's up?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ginger-Clone brother of Dawn blog:

Clone brother/sister from Dawn Blog: http://catwelfare.blogspot.com/
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I carelessly let him take one of my slippers....he seem to enjoy it very much

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All cats love to groom..see how concerned his little face looked when he grooms..

Well..These are all the morning cats, the rest of the group only come out in the night..

Still missing the night cats: Baibai, Baby, Seaweed (Big head) And Ah-ring...

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Kids today

Jennifer say:

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The online forum today from my previous post stated:

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of interaction with animals and how children exposed to pets and animals appreciate and remember lessons of tolerance, compassion and social responsibility.
Unfortunately, the carnival instilled negative values in young children: intolerance of other living beings in our community, and the acceptability of a sterile humans-only Singapore.
I hated to say this but i think kids today really lacked compassion for cats that so many times smaller than the kids..
When I feed cats, this is how the kids in my area behaved (often with parents walking behind)
1) Walk very loudly by stamping his leg and frightening the cats nearby me
2) Try Chasing the cats whom lie on the floor around me
3) Once, a brother was discussing with his elder sister that he going to frighten this cat while his sister frighten the other
4) Most Fridays, A group of kids around 6 to 7 will gang together to chase the cats
5) Make loud sound to make the cats ran away
6) Pour water in my full view in a cat--i am disgusted by the stupid act
That how badly kids misbehave today...
So nowaday, i allow the cats to follow me to a area where we are hidden behind the wall to feed them and planed this strategy to keep the little predators (those badly behave kids) away
1) Have my sister or I stand near the cats
2) Openly speak to those kids whom try to disturb the cats
3) avoid the playground or walk nearby when we saw kids ( the cats usually follow us)
4) Wait for any predator (For some reasons, most kids love to frighten the cats) to walk past before we move to our block...Usually ginger and nana and sometime baby will follow us to our block everyday so we need to be careful to avoid any kids in their way
I wonder what parents those kids have to have the miscocept that bullying cats is all right. It make me think of what they will do when those kids grow up-bullying someone weaker eg their wives or abuse their maids since they are used to bullying something or someone whom is smaller than them..It really disgusted me that i need to repeat the so called strategy to prevent anyone to frighten the cats..Of course, some adults are no different from kids, they do frighten the cats too-- I suddenly remembered one word my sister liked to use -bird-brained and that what those ppl are...
*sigh* Baibai a male cat was injured with a bad wound 5 or 6 days ago.. I think he was attacked by sweetie's sweetheart,Little crooked Head..Poor thing, i tried applying some medi on him..sister said his wound had dried up but he got two tiny wounds again..so sad..maybe i bring him home to bath him..he supposed to have white fur with black patches..but it look dirty with petrol strain on his back...

Feeding strays are never illegal

Jennifer say:

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I am so happy to read the strait time forum today:
here a full copy from online forum:http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/forum/story/0,5562,353498,00.html?

Nov 18, 2005

NO STRAYS, PLEASE. WE ARE TAMPINESCouncil should rethink its anti-cat stance
DURING a visit to the Social Responsibility Carnival organised by the Tampines Town Council on Saturday, we were taken aback by two posters. One, featuring the tagline, 'An Estate Where There Is No Strays', had a gigantic blue tick on it while the other, 'Feeding Stray Cat', which featured a tip-ear sterilised cat eating neatly off a layer of newspapers, had an equally huge red cross.
Maintaining an estate devoid of neighbourhood cats does not equate with social responsibility. Neither is feeding strays, per se, social irresponsibility.
As a country with First World infrastructure, the town council's aim of a stray-less Tampines shows Singapore's backward mentality, lacking in the compassion Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wishes to inculcate in our countrymen.
The anti-cat stance of the town council harks back to mediaeval Europe's persecution of cats. Branded heretical due to their role in 'pagan' worship, cats suffered mindless persecution. In the same period that the church sponsored the Grand Inquisition, cats were tortured en mass: hanged, burned at the stake, roasted alive, or killed on sight. So relentless was this persecution, the European cat population shrivelled to less than 10 per cent of its pre-inquisition number.
Ironically, the Black Death brought a brief respite in the 14th Century. Then, the Europeans had neither time nor inclination to amuse themselves with cat killing. During this lull in their persecution, cats multiplied rapidly and attacked the plentiful food supply: plague-carrying rats. There is evidence one of the reasons the plague that claimed two thirds of Europe's population ended was the sudden increase in the number of cats.
Similarly, after the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority cancelled the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme in 2003 and culled more cats, a rat-extermination drive had to be launched later that year.
Studies have demonstrated the benefits of interaction with animals and how children exposed to pets and animals appreciate and remember lessons of tolerance, compassion and social responsibility.
Unfortunately, the carnival instilled negative values in young children: intolerance of other living beings in our community, and the acceptability of a sterile humans-only Singapore.
Lest we forget, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong stated during a walkabout in Kim Keat that it is not illegal to feed stray cats, but it must be done responsibly.
Unless Singaporeans are proud of being a truly sterile nation, attitudes such as the Tampines Town Council's must change.
Geraldine Soh Geok Lian (Ms)This letter carries 10 other names
From now onward, i can feed strays without trying to hide behind walls.. since PM Goh stated that i is not illegal to feed cats..To think that the RCs members in my area discouraged ppl to feed cats and tried to make it as if when RCs members caught anyone feeding cat, that poor guy will be fined $50 and the poor cat will be sent to SPCA to be put down.. I think fine for feeding cats is becoz the ah pek near my flat anyhow left lots of dry cat food without waiting for the cats to finish their food..I usually try clearing ah pek dry food when i saw it on the floor....
Well..I also feel happy to discover some bloggers whom LOVE cats:
I love reading her blog..she seem a sweet ppl that i like to know more abt her but unfortunately she not responded to my lone comments on her blog..
I fist found abt this blog from a search for cat blog..i am really tired of reading xiaxue blog where she sweared for no reason any now and there..so i decide on trying an animal blogger...from this new york blogger, i found simple life and her friend dawn blog
I not yet read her blog but i think it must be interesting too..i currently catching reading simple life blog...
Well..Cat lovers, if u so happen to visit my blog, drop me an email..i love to chat more with u to exchange how to better take care of my groups of strays near my neighourhood...
BTW, just a general tip, if any cat have mite, use FRONTLINE spray on him/her..it cost $20 from pet shops in Serangoon north (near where i stayed, lucky me)...just spray it really wet and rub it against its fur..it will try to lick but it is ok since the medicine is not so strong...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Yomigaeri Resurrection 黄泉复活

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yesterday, i watched a lovely love story in Channel U, 黄泉复活, it a japanese movie but i watched in chinese verison so i can enjoy more of the characters. A love story is not only in BF-GF, it also in Mum-son, Husband-wife and of course one-sided love. All this loves happened in this movie.

The story began with two couple with a tatto on their hand where the female said to the guy:you are finally back. Next the scene went to a small boy looking in a puddle of water and staring at what look like fireflies in the sky. The boy then went to a house where when the boy asked a old woman:' who are you' , the mum said" i am your mum. The boy was supposed to died in WW2, the mum was already in her 80s. Another woman named Aoi was having a free ride by her two friends..Aoi (Yuko Takeuchi 竹內结子) then arrived at her house where her old friend heita was waiting for her outside her house.

A professional named Heita then investiage the Resurrection of the boy. I then Heita was a sort of CID, or plain clothes police or doctor..I not sure what his job is but it was rather a senior position. It was later learnt that a lot of ppl had Resurrection in his hometown. Heita was pluzzed why this happened. Aoi and Heita had a drink and dinner at a resturant whom aoi's bf, Shunsuke used to go. Shunsuke was drowned in the sea.

There are many sweet moments of ppl Resurrection from their death:
1) The son who joined his mum. The son died in WW2. the mum was already in 80s when he arrived from the dead.
2) A loving husband whose wife came back from the past.
3) a Woman who manage a restrarant with her assistant to support her 3 year old daugher. Her husband returend from dead too. He died in a fight sortly after his daughter arrived.
4) A man, in 60s meeted with his mute wife. It is v warming to see them in sign language saying how they meet in the rain. The mute wife died in childbirth. Later the husband took the mute wife to meet their daughter who taught at kindergarten. the daugher is not mute and was v happy to meet her birth mum for the first time..
5) a high school student who commit suicide after his classmate bullied him. It was later learn in toward the end of the movie that it was his classmate whose love made him returned from the death.
6) A dim-witted man whose elder brother returned. his elder brother died at 14 from a cold.
A man discovered a hugh hole in the middle of the forest. Soon, Heita and his assistants investigated further and discovered shocking information. It was now known that those who live again happened within the range of the hole (it supposed to drop from the sky, a stone but i dun get the name). It so happened that a graveyard was in the same area and those corpses within the range were Resurrected. Heita found that in the range, another corpses as long as they had a remains can be Resurrected when their loved ones that are living longed for their retern. Love with the power of the hole make the dead returned.

Heita and his assistant then planned a secret mission to relocate thos whom were Resurrected in a low profile to avoid media attention. Those whom Resurrected were tested for virus and blood tests. His assistant then suggested to bring some of the Resurrected to a high-tect lab in another place in Japan where there was better facilities. Strangly, at the train, the 3 whom Resurrected disappered. Those who are outside the range will returned to their loved ones again.

A policeman towed a crashed car out of a clift. It was discovered that the man and woman had died in the car but a evelope on the car consisted on blood A whereas the dead were O. Aoi was already died but Heita love for her made her come back to life again.

Heita loved Aoi for a long time but Aoi also talked abt her dead Bf,Shunsuke . Heita slapped Aoi for longing for Shunsuke to come back but it was impossible as his ashes were thrown into the sea. Heita then rememered Shunsuke was a organ doner. If he can placed Shunsuke remain within the range, Shunsuke can be bought back from the dead. So Heita went to the doner centre and tried to find the organs of Shunsuke. The organ were sent to another island of Japan and Heita travelled to the island to claim back the organ.

Those whom Resurrected knew that their time in earth will be used up in a certain night. They spent their time with their families.
Heita whom found the organ happily phoned Aoi to tell her to go the RUI concert. Aoi also knew that her time was up at the nite of the concert but Heita was too impatient to listen to her and hang up the phone. At the nite of teh conert, The woman at the beginning of the movie was actually a singer named RUI( the one with tatto), her lover was already dead but returned also. Together Rui sang many nice songs but her lover played the music. The songs are really nice, i think the acteres was a singer in real life or had another singer sing in behalf. The songs were choosen v nicely to the seperation of RUI and her lover too.

Heita then told AOI to go north to the range of the stone. Aoi ran and they meet. When Heita was surprised the Aoi BF did not returned, Aoi said actually the most wanted ppl she liked to meet is Heita. Heita then expressed his love to Aoi, and Aoi replied that she did not want to be gone like that..with that word, Aoi disappeared in the air with green light of fryflies floating above the air.

Heita lost Aoi forever but learnt a lesson from a high school girl.. The girl loved the guy whom commit sucide. She mentioned that no matter whether the person is died for how long, as long as the person is with her for one second, one hour, one day, the love will always reminded in her heart forever and not disappeared.

END..how sweet...

more info:

Saturday, November 05, 2005

TVB: Better Halves 金版冰人

Jennifer say:

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Just finished watching the last Episode of Better Halves..really like stevan Ma better now..he so cute in that show..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The cast of the show and their character are as follows:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

馬 浚 偉 Steven Ma Chun Wai as 全 家 福. He is the lead character in this show. His role is as 冰 人, this mean as a matchmaker in ancient times. He helped many couples to overcome difficulties in their marriage...eg objection from parents, rivels of in-laws, marriage between rich and poor, marriages of two nations ppl where their nations were at war.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

張 可 頤 Maggie Cheung Ho Yee as 連 百 合 . She is business partner as 全 家 福 in their matchmaking business where they named it 一 線 牽. There is a chinese proverb called: 千里姻緣一線牽. This is how the name of their matchmaking business came about. 連 and 全 were actually married in paper. 全 father tricked 連 father into giving him the money and lied to his son that his son must married to 連. 家 福 was forced into the sedan on the day of marriage but he run off with his uncle, ping an on the day of the marriage. They then lead a wandering life for 6 years before they meet 連 百 合 again in the captial.

一 線 牽 was a private business. There another offical matching businees ran by an offical from the court. 連 百 合 was protrayed as a lioness whom later fall in love with 全 家 福.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
蓋鳴暉 Joyce Koi Ming Fai as 令狐喜
She was forced to dress as a guy as only the male in her family can carried on the family line to be offical matchmaker. She fall in love with 高斐 ( hei, this name suddenly remind me of goofy the dog from mickey mouse). 令狐喜 and 高斐 had a funny relationship as 高斐 kept thinking that he fallen in love with a guy in the earlier stages. 令狐喜 was forced to reveal her identify when she so silly dress in the wedding custom in a room and it so happend 高斐 banged into the room. They had a fight in the dark where she managed to escape but 高斐 knew that the person in red was 令狐喜. A sandal make her lose her official post but bai and fu asked her to join 一 線 牽 that she did. 令狐喜 looked handsome as a guy but look werid as a female role..this is esp when she is not yet married to 高斐..her hair looked extremely funny. but when she married and her hair was bun up, she look ok...it must be the fault of the hairdresser for that werid hairstyle.

Anyway in real life, 蓋鳴暉 always act as the guy in HK opera.and she was quite well known..i remembered when she came to singapore, some HKers also followed her here to view her performance.....since i never understand whatever she was singing, i did not really care what her acting was like..in opera at least..In TVB, her acting is great, i should say... i meant no female can protray as guy that well as her ..she really a pro since she already experienced in being male cast.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
陳豪 Morse Chan Ho as 高斐
I really like him but not as much as i like steven..His role is so funny..i think this is the first time i seen him so funny..he not the sort of being funny in words like steven but it is the way he act.. where he love to say poems and he can said the same poems everytime..The most funny part was when he suspected he was gay for starting to like 令狐喜, he asked 全 家 福 to try to seduce him..ended up, he gave 全 家 福 a punch of black eye... to test that he was not a gay. His love for 令狐喜 was very deep..Though they had misunderstanding becoz 高斐 was always helping the private matchmaker to arrange marriage and investiage the background of the couples. And becoz xi belonged to the officers matchmaker, he/she was not happy to see fei helpin her rival.

In the past, matchmaker must find out the background of both couples carefully to avoid unhappy marriage..How i wish this 'habit' can carry on to the present times...then there be no more abuse of child, wife or husband or 'in-laws?' and less divorces...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- 嘉碧儀 Cerina da Graca as 辛想想
Noted how miserably tiny is her photo..I cannot find any bigger photo of hers in this show so i find a tiny one instead.

for little info abt her: (since i duno her at all)She had a funny surname as she is half chinese and half-other(i duno what). She is Miss HK 02..well..her looks is ok..

Her role as xiang xiang is bit of extra..i disliked her character as she always mess thing up.. firstly she mistaken that fu like her but in fact fu onli loved bai he. and secondly when she was given the title of princess, she asked the emperor to matchmake fu to her..well ..it not mentioned in the show why the emperor matchmake the marrage but i assummed that xiang told the emperor how much she love fu. And also her onli skill in this show is to eat and eat...

eventually she married fu uncle, ping an.. bit of funny why the ending is like this..can't the producer make xiang xiang marry to a foreign prince for peaceful treaty..I remembered in most accient show, the emperor always marry the princess to an faraway place so that the emperor can secure peace from that nation..since xiang is not the emperor own sister, i think should have marry her off to a barbarian instead of dim-witted ping an. One thing i dun understand is why ping an whom was supposed to have the IQ of an 8 year old child can be so smart to like xiang xiang... An 8 year old only know how to wail and bully cats..yuck...not chasing girls by tryin to impress her with fireworks..so smart...Well ping an became a dim-headed when fu's mother scolded him and a vase dropped to his head..so he turned from smart to dumb.. not so dumb since he can speak ideas sometimes so well...

well..overall, i like the show becoz of steven ma.. oh..he so cute again...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New tricks of DD, the mini

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
DD our new kitten has being with us for almost 2 months or so..she has slowly learn to be as adorable as sweetie... but she still fight with sweetie by bitting sweetie bob tail, chasing her around the house, using her mini paw to touch sweetie and tryin to suck sweetie nipples

here are what she know:

1) she know how to get to her cat cage to pee or poo if we let her out for a walk
2) respond to her name DD but we need to call multiple times
3) jumpin on our body when she saw us sitting on sofa
4) allow us to carry and hug her like a baby
5) know where to get all her food...in the kitchen for sweetie leftover and the bedroom for dry food
6) like to stay with human friends, will meow if she did not see anyone around
7) love to peep a boo at the door for adventures outside
8) Know how to find the ideal place to sleep on--brother bed
9) we can lock her inside brother bed if we are out..like sweetie where we locked her in my room
10) know that she can onli pee on newspaper and no other places...
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