Friday, May 05, 2006

Two new kittens and new complaints from town council

Jennifer say:

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I got two more kittens at home..a beautiful grey kitten and a pure black kitten - both siblings. They were found yesterday morning and i took them home late afternoon.

Later at night, linda called me to ask me to take the two kittens home as the town council had told her to remove the cats or the kittens will be caught away. The cats are only in the void deck for a few hours and those residents have complained. Sometimes, i think it is better to live in AMK than in SN...

The two kittens are extremely friendly and very tame but they had very soft stools.. either worms or poor diet. It is a bit worrying for their soft stools so i did not let them out but keep them locked in DD's basket and seperate their eating bowls from sweetie and DD.

sweetie and dd are very hostile. DD refused to pee or eat yesterday. Luckily, she ran into the toilet this morning. And yesterday, DD slept at my feet, she has never sleep near my feet before. Guess she is scared or she wants attention from me.

For sweetie, she is much better than DD, at least she is doing most of her normal routine like before. I think sweetie is jealous. She refused to come to see me at the door when i went down to feed mimi and ginger. Usually, she will run and stand on hind legs at the door to watch me go out.

I am not sure if i am keeping them because 4 cats is REALLY too much to handle. Their pees and poos alone give me a headache esp sweetie whom refused to poo or pee until i keep her company and coax her multiple times to poo or pee. DD is much better, she know how to enter the toilet to poo or pee by herself. The two newcomers are a headache - they pee or poo inside the basket i am keeping them.. i am washing their basket for the third time...

I got sad news today, DD's brother and sister that were abandoned by stupid ada were missing. *sign*, i am really sad for them... ada claimed that her baby is sentive to cat's fur--actaully i am wondering if that is the case, why want to adopt them in the first place and then abandone them later making them missing.. i am really annoyed with Ada.

Anyway, i see if linda can find someone to adopt the two kittens..sister had suggested posting them in CWS but i do not know how long i need to wait before anyone wishes to adopt them. Mum seem to like the grey cat..and today, she named the black cat "hei mei gua" (black rose) and sister named the other brother, Li qi.. sound familiar...the names are taken from a HK drama. The grey kitten is very beautiful in fact..i think if adoption is avaliable, he will be the first to find new home. His sister, black rose has sucked her brother's ear - like kittens sucking mummy's nipple, i think BR missing milk. They are around 6 months old, almost time to send them for sterilization esp BR before she gone into heat.

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