Monday, January 31, 2005

Hamtaro and pals

Jennifer say:

This is now the blog for my hamsters..they are v cute too ..i still love them v much thou i now has to share my love bwt terrapins, hamsters and cats.

my two hamsters are abandoned babies that blood friends do not want..i named them hamie and hamham...

hamham used to be v fat but recently she have becomin v slim...just to get into size S instead of size L...hamie is the greedy boy..he can eat and put food inside his poach till it round and full...

both of them are v smart too..they can respond to any noise but it their animal instinct...hamham is v sweet gal...u can see from her adorable face how sweet she is..hamie is v hyperactive..too much energy.

their habitrail cage is alreadi rusty..i duno how long it will last till i need a new cage again... their fav passtime: playin with each other...

However unlike notty sweetie, my two babies only got 5 star credits:
*Respond to noise esp when i called their names
**Will never bite ur fingers till it bled...v tame
***is v easy to take care of and will eat from my hand whenever i handfeed them
****is extremely entertainin to watch them play ..esp when i took both of them outside the cage...yeah, need to be careful for them...once when i fisst had hamie, i let hamie go to the dark hole inside my room...luckily when i called him, he come out of the hole himself (unlike our rainbow bridge feifei that hide under the furniture for help)
*****I love their soft fur...v nice to hold them since they will never bite.. i love to feed them fruits like cucumber or papaya..they esp love i feedin them overexpire bread...hmm..sound bad to feed them bad bread, but i feed them for one more day before i throw them away.

This is hamham should be v big image but i wil resized it...

This is my signature for my fav hamsters created this animation using animation shop.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Little rascal

Jennifer say:

oh...sweetie extremely notty as well as clever...she know how to please us human...

Here what she do that make her a 5 stars cat:
*mum do not like sweetie on my bed....everytimes mum entered my room with sweetie on my bed, sweetie will jump down my bed and went rite to her bed box without mum shouted for her to 'xia lai'...after when my door close again, sweetie will listen for noise outside...if the coast is clear, she will jump back to join me on my bed....

**everytime when either me or mum bath in the bedrm toilet, sweetie will wait outside for us to come out...(provide that the bedrm door is open but it will be as we never close it when we inside bathin)

***Dinner or lunch is also sweetie fav time where she will sit patiently beside us lookin at our faces... out of 'pity', we offered her food... and when i took my meal at the small table rite in font of our sofa, she will sit down next to me to 'beg' for food..and everymornin, when i read the newpaper, she will put her fat bum rite at the page i am readin...'hei sweetie, i do not wan to read new with ur fat bum on the paper." so i spolit her by offering bit of my bread with milo...yeah...i also feed her milo milk.

****when i am using the computer, sweetie will secretly sit down under my chair...and she did not meow most just to 'bite' my ham leg...must be lookin like ham meat to her but it did not incur injury..just she love to play

*****Sweetie can wait beside my room door watin whenever we locked her when we wish to go out...just sit rite beside the door rooom waiting for us to come back...she got short memory...we can scold her and theaten her one min, the next min, she run back to find us....when mum told sweetie to close her eyes to sleep, she actaully close her eyes, not to sleep of course but she seem look like she understand what mum talkin abt..i trainin her to sit while i feed her...well..sort of successful halfway as she will sit ...but she do site when she eat also so i am in doubt of my success rate. before that while she still a wild cat, she come to our house herself 3times, follow us into the lift, and follow us whenever we go to find other cats that she dislike.

This is her 1 star ratin for bad behavior"

:( Hide under the sofa and refused to come out regardless of what happen even if we offered her food...(but she got short memory)

:( tryin to bite my hand when i pet her..esp when she lie on her back down

:( attempt to test my patience when i called her a dozen time to come back when we took her for toilet break.... in the end, Food is alway the best solution...when that failed, a curel resort is to leave her to be a few hour wild cat...when i find her later, she will always be vvvv happy to see me.

:( run around like xiao without any reason..dun if she happy but she just dashin here and reali annoy me when i saw her bad behaviour...i just choose to ignore her

:( spook me when she suddenly disappear or appear out of nowwhere...but i hate it when i cannot find her and scared when she suddenly spooky to just findin her esp in nite...

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Once bitten never shy

Jennifer say:

Ouch..i bitten two time by sweetie..first time while i am sleepin...i think i hit sweetie and she bite me...not painful..just can feel her teeth...while sweetie at the blood chair, she bite me again on my leg too...same as first time..but i scold her...

today, i awake at 5.25 am when dad took sweetie downstair..have to wait till 6.40am before dad took sweetie back...hee....i m crazy

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My new japanes name....

Jennifer say:

My japanese name is 井上 Inoue (upon a well) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations).
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Smart Little

Jennifer say:

Whose the smart little..of course is Queen sized Sweetie..She had grown fatter nowaday..her neck have a bit visible fattness...WOW..duno if it is our fault for feedin her too much...she used to be thinner before..but that time she lose 4 babies becoz she was spayed...poor thing

she eaten some grass today..mum say she sick but she ok at least to me...sweetie

i not updated my record for sweetie home stay...up to record, sweetie last entry is sweetie night stay part 9 is it will be added 6 days...sweetie home stay part 15

sweetie love to play this werid game with me..she will jump and put both her paws on my legs like my leg is ham meat..she did not reali intend to injure me just playin...

she also love to run here run there out of like a runaway train...movin min ok the next 'xiao'

i like to have her in my bed..she reali good..did not disturb me when she awake....just sit there quietly groomin and movin a bit...i found what great bed i have..when sweetie stir bed is movin spring

i wake up daily at 5 plus or 6 plus to take sweetie down for we meet the auntie neighbour next to us..the '2 wife_big wife". she say ' early take cat down to walk walk' i just smiled...opps...caught red handed...

i showin my attention to hamham n hamie too..sort of guilty that i got their predator out at home...they still that small plus cute...yah..sweetie jumped out on blood desk yest..i shouted her to get lose...she also jumped on blood bed 2 to 3 times but she scared of my 'get lose' warning...i beat her or sort of not beat..just raise the big stick on her when she notty...she reali scard when i theatened to beat and mum also 'like' to theathen i guess maybe that why she xiao sometines

Monday, January 24, 2005

My energy colour

Jennifer say:

Pink Vibes
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balance between spiritual awareness and
material existence. You are usually
affectionate and warm, showing compassion and
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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Jennifer say:

i just let sweetie down for toilet break..gues what..she hide and will not come out to find me...mum say she so ungrateful ..but she saw her little boyfriend downstairs..must be excited to see another pal

poor meow yiyi..she injured again..this time more serious..there an ugly wound on her leg..v red...poor thing..i checkin on her again just to ensure she ok..

Two for company, Two for a slap

Jennifer say:
hee hee..mum slap both sweetie and me...

sweetie: for jumpin on my bed while she have 'wet' fur
me: for allowin sweetie to stay and sleep on my bed on 'wet' fur

actually her fur not so wet..i think dry liao..

father ham took sweetie for toilet break but she hide under the drain..strangly when i went down to look for her, sweetie look v happi to see me and follow me quickly into the lift and ran to our flat...funni and notty

Friday, January 21, 2005


Jennifer say:
father ham mess up my room sian..everythin so messy and i am sure he not goin to put place as what it was...

crazy sweetie

Jennifer say:
today i am helpin fat sis to clear her table and her drawer so i dump everythin on the floor...sweetie is like crazy here run there....jump here jump there and give me those werid meowin like she does when she saw another cat friece...i managed to pet her and somehow clear ah-jia stuff till 12.25 am..that late...

sori for the yo that i did not reply...fat..

Thursday, January 20, 2005

sweetie night stay part 9

Jennifer say:
yesterday mum cut sweetie front paws ..i mean nails..she notty as my sister mum slapped her and sweetie hide under the sofa..

hee..sweetie know how to jump to join me for my naps and sleep at night..she will try sleepin beside me if there is space..if not, she will try to find a space closer to me..if not..sleep near my legs..smelly

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

stupid blog

Jennifer say:

just now dun what blog keep directin me to another site..i suspect one of the link got problems...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Countdown to New year

Jennifer say:

Sweetie night stay Part 8

Jennifer say:
sweetie here again..stay for 2 straigh nites now..

here picture of her smilin:


Jennifer say:

sweetie miss sis..yesterday, she sat down at the bedroom floor of my room in the dark..she also went to find the empty bed there..she reali smart..

Monday, January 17, 2005

Sumo wrestler sweetie

Jennifer say:

Oh no...sweetie real fat..when i pull little black nose in the tolley just now...he weight ligher than sweetie..i can feel the difference in their weight...sweetie is so and eat


Jennifer say:
ok..KL posted comment on my blog..mum though why sis not yet called back..sweetie v interested in the two lohang fishes..the fish tank leak so they are in the basins and sweetie though it seafood for dinner..mum say let sweetie see the lohan but sweetie was intending to let her claws out when she saw the fish so i pull her away..

hmm...KL: when u be online? can u update ur blog on avaliable online time?

u should know my time..after 10pm normally or afternoon after 2pm..

well..i got to see where sweetie is..i think it toilet break time now...

Fly away cum sweetie home sweet home part 7

Jennifer say:

today sis fly to HK. she will be in HK uni for 5 to miss her and 'quarrel' with her.. hee........she took 6.50 flight..

heard fr mum that sweetie try to stalk them but the big lungage scared her...and little white ears and mini toon decide to replace stalker sweetie instead..

sweetie was hiding under the tree when i back at 1 plus..i called her and she run toward me and follow me to the lift..i plan to kidnap her up to our house but a stranger appear and scared sweetie i went up and grab the cat food and went to find sweetie..she at second floor again and i waved her to come..she ate some cat food and when i went to the lift..she followed me into the lift..she reali cute when she run toward our flat..

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Wild Wild Life

Jennifer say:

Sweetie decide she not goin to stay in our house after staying in our house for 3 days..she hide here and there when sis try catchin we left her as she was back in the wild..

Bad Sweetie cum night stay part 7

yesterday sweetie stay overnight again..duno if sweetie miss her wife life..yesterday she seem v restless today worse..she give me 'small cut' on my finger..this is the 3rd time i got present from cats..the first time is from ah-ring,second is from little white ears and third.naughty sweetie..not v painful..just like a smal knife cut.

we goin to release sweetie into the wild after sis fly off the HK..i will stil bring her back for day care night stay..she too naughty..maybe weekend can lor.

i insert a cute mouse cursor and a animated signature of my 'name'..look cool..i still lookin for ways of morderizing my blog to make it look more cool since i dun like the premade blog that give a cute picture but mess up everything else..

Update of my new functions in my blog

i install quite a no of codes for my blog...html is super fun to play with , and css codes too..

my blog now have
1) a shouttag
2) menu where i hyperlink to junk sites i like
3) a mouse trail clock
4) a clock cum calender
5) a super cute web counter ..i insert the site link in menu bar..
6) a calculator becoz i wan to insert every fun thin in my blog just for fun
7) a scollbar that do not work til now..*roar*

that all i did today..dynamic drive is a reali cool website with free codes for newbie like me whom pretend i am expect in html but i do know some basic codes like how to center picture..enter line..blah blah blah

Saturday, January 15, 2005

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Sweetie night stay Part 6

yeah..that sweetie is here sweetie injured herself by a small bleed..she ok now..but she v restless today..

my scollbar did not work..wonder if it wil work later...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Sweetie night stay Part 5

yesterday, sweetie stay overnight mornin, mum say sweetie do not want to go down and be stray again but dad took her down..sister went to take sweetie back again this mornin..sweetie now sleepin on my sister bed..eeeee...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sweetie night stay Part 4

yeah..sweetie stay overnight with us for 3 days..the first two days, i stay with her on the sofa.. yesterday and today, sweetie sleep in our room..she reali playful..walk here walk (12 midnite as from yesterday), she try to sleep with me..i felt mean to push her till her claw came up as to say: "Yo..dun push me..i am fallin on top on the other human" In the end, sweetie jumped down herself and proceed to investigate our room at dark..i have to chase her back to her bed before she settle down..

dad took her out to wild this morning..i can heard sweetie meow happily when dad opend our room door...meow meow meow..something coo coo coo

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

sweetie home sweet home Part 5 dad mopped the floor and 'warned' sis and me not to bring sweetie back..who know, mum back with sweetie meowin outside our doorstep..

apparently, sweetie is at the second floor at our block with her boyfriend, xiao wan tao... when mum saw sweetie, sweetie rushed down and dashed straight into the lift with mum..then follow mum home..

so clever..cats...

at last, i used back blogger template

i find some rather cute template on other site but unfortunately, i find that :

1)my title of my post disappear
2) all my entries is on one the more i post, the longer the site but it so ugly.
3) year 2004 and year 2005 enteries are together since i duno how to seperate them

in the end, i used back the template and add some more cute picture..

Monday, January 10, 2005

sweetie home sweet home Part 4

Today sweetie go to our house by herself again...sister is at home and at 9 plus, sweetie the clever gal meow at our doorstep again.

at 1 plus, sweetie was v restless...walk here, there everywhere and meow at us..i suspect it toilet time...i am rite..when we took sweetie down for toilet break..she poo...yuck...

then sweetie walk at our lift for us..and walk rite into the lift again..

now she here sleepin...i spolit her today...both lunch and dinner, i fed her a bit of my food..shouldnot do so but she reali cute lookin at u at her eyes..

Sunday, January 09, 2005

clever gal

sweetie has learnt to follow us rite into the lift on fri and sat..she stay with us overnight on these two days... reali naughty..meow at me to wake me up..i sleep on the sofa to accompany her but apparently she want to ensure i am around..she always wake up at 5 plus and walk around before i shout for her to go back to sleep

Saturday, January 08, 2005

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

sweetie home sweet home Part 3

hi, i decided to name sweetie at my house in parts so i know exactly how many times sweetie gone for a one day stay at our house..

today i went shop n save to buy first, i though of goin sheng siong to buy but i decided if i am slightly late, i will meet Linda again..Linda is the cat auntie that feed all the stray everymorning..not that i mind but except for cats, we have nothing to say..the sick kitten that stay for 3 days at our house duno when ago was also 'instructed' by her to stay with me..

anyway after i bought newspaper, sweetie turned out at the brushes where we usually feed her and follow old woman and a younger woman turned in front of our path..clever sweetie run off..i had to find her and take another path with fewer ppl.. again, sweetie follow me all the way to the lift..when she half in the lift, i push her further in and close the lift door..

sweetie today is extremely naughty..try to bite me but no injury...and run here run there..i had to threaten her with loud voice and also carry her back to her sleeping basket..there at nite, it is sweetie toilet break..she walked around restlessly and when i put her into the tollery to be pushed out, she is v obedient and sit there patiently waiting for us to push her down...

as is the toilet break and we left sweetie as she was..of course, she try to follow us down the stairs to sheng shiong but mum chased her away...


i feel sad abt the baby rat short life yesterday..i lay in bed thinkin how it did not even open his little eyes to see the world..*sign* then i started thinkin of my poor xiaofei..and before i get emotional, i shut those poor babies out of my mind..

sweetie came to our house today, that is monday..i just send her back to the void deck..i saw sweetie moving toward the neighbourhood park and called her..she look happi to see me and follow me all teh way to the lift..then amazingly, she stepped into the lift herself..i told mum but she did not believe me ..but sweetie reali did that all by herself..except when the lift door shut close, i scard it will snap her little bobtail so i pushed her inside..then sweetie stayed in our house till 12midnite when she meow at mum for duno it back into the wild for our adventerous sweetie again..

hee..i starting to like the idea of a daycare sweetie looking session..we can easily took her back by putting her into the tolley that we carry goods...pushin is easy...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Gone on the Rainbow Bridge, farwell baby rat

it finally happend..after i rescus the poor baby rat from the cat cluthes, it still died.. as mentioned on my blog on sun, the baby rat was died lasted for onli two days..i am hopin for it to live but it dun wan to eat this morning and the front paw of him was frozen, yeah, not moving at all..when i dripped milk into him yesterday, he was still able to move... but this morning it was moving v little..i know its end was coming..

alas, this evening at 7 plus, i saw it completely cannot escape the death fate afterall though i delay it for two days... i feel sad it died..thoug it a rat but it a life and a small life after all..i think of the happi thing like maylike his next life wil be better instead of a little rat..i pray for his welldoing in the rainbow bridge ...R.I.P, baby rat...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Rat life

*sob* *sob*... i went out with my mum to buy a chinese newpaper with the dry cat food as usual. we went to shop n save but the newspaper run is the last day for singapore second tv station so the newspaper has special report of chaanel u or Mediawork.

so we went al the way to serangoon north..luckily got one newspaper at 7/11 store..we went to the four storey HDB to find cats..i did not see any and was abt to leave when mum said she go to the back of the block to see if got cats..we saw the back of orange ginger cat so we went back to find him..surprisingly siamese n ginger ah-ring are there..i planned to feed them when i saw siamese playin with some thing that look like shit..mum exclaimed it a Rat....

OMG, the rat is a baby with the eye closed...OMG, there two cats there..i chased siamese away and he unhappily meowed in protest. when mum used her newspaper plastic bag and passed it to me..while mum chased the two gaint rat emeries away, i safely scooped the baby rat up with the plastic bag.. i then proceed to feed the two greedy guys...

ohh..i saved a rat the normal rat that our government is trying to 'poision' to death but i feel sori for the baby fate that we meet her/him (duno gender) as firstly:
1) if shop n save have newspaper, we will never go out the way
2) mum saw the ah ring cat and thus we discoverd the baby rat

i duno if the baby will live but i do know i saved it from the clutches of cats. i try feeding it milk,it drink a little..

i hope the rat can live...let pray..
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