Saturday, March 31, 2007

schlau Polarbär Knut (Cute Polar Bear,Knut

I was watching Channel U, 9.00 pm news when i saw the a bit of the music video of baby polar bear, Knut. I had asked blood to go to Berlin zoo to take lot of cute photos of knut but blood told me that his friends were not interested in knut. Sister told me we also had a baby knut in our place - mimi. I think mimi did looked like a polar bear if you did not noticed his black patches.

I am real glad that baby knut had survived. I am sure all the other older polar bears will be real jealous of knut for making top world news all over the world.

I got lot of this cute guy from this website:

I also got the German translation of 'polar bear' from this website:
Talking of German, i wonder how good is blood's german now after one month travelling in Eupore. Blood had SMS me to tell me he had went to Rome, France, Paris. vorsichtig sein(Take care), blood.

This is the music video of Baby Knut. Watching the music clip really brighten ur day or give u sweet good night sleep... :)

English translation of the song:

Knut, he is a teddy bear,

but he has no mama now,

still he is sassy and happy,

and the star of the zoo!
Little critter all in white,

and he got all cuddly soft,

everyone loves Knut so much,

we're so glad you're here!

Knut, Knut,little polar bear from the zoo,

Knut, Knut,life is good for you.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

8 to 9 unsertilized cats near my neighbourhood.

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, sister received news that there are 8 to 9 unsertilized cats near our area. Sister contacted a cat lover, S whom said that she will be asking vincent to help trap those cats for sterilization.

I am not familiar with the area there. So sister and I decided to check on how bad was the situation there yesterday.

While we were walking toward the carpark with the cat problem, we meet 3 friendly cats at another block. I then recognised one of the cats to be 'kang kang'. Kang Kang is another abandoned cat that appeared in our area last dec. Mum gave the new cat that name, Kang Kang as he is found in the Econ minimkt in front of our area's main road.

Kang Kang is very friendly - he is so friendly that he was relocated from his hideout many times. He was initially in the mini mkt area..then he shifted to the opposite block (there is a big road seperating the two blocks so obivously someone had carried Kang kang there), sister then took Kang Kang back to the minimkt as Kang Kang is too close to the bus-stop.Then Kang Kang appeared at our area's small park playground.

Kang Kang will disappeared for many days before reappearing again. Yesterday was the first time i saw Kang Kang after more than 10 days. This time, Kang Kang appeared at many blocks away from the last place he appeared in. (the playground).

Some idiot cut poor Kang Kang's whisker. Kang Kang seem to recognise us when we called him. I took him up and hug her. Then another girl, H appeared and said hi to us. H said that she only fed the cats in her block but we were happy to chat to her.

We then left Kang Kang to check on the carpark behind the CC. We did saw around 6 cats - all unsterilized. The cats were quite hungry as they were eating rubbish that people had throw down from their kitchen unit. One of the reason why the carpark's cats were complained is also because of the litter in this area. But from what i had seen, i think the rubbish were throw from the kitchen down to the ground below. Then the cats will come to eat the rubbish. It is not because there are feeders around leaving food. There may be feeders but we did not seen anyone yesterday. I also seen a familiar male cat(Dua-Tao) that was unsterilized. This male cat used to stay in our block nearby before he shifted to the carpark. Our cat, sweetie used to be good friend with him before we 'kidnapped' sweetie from her sweetheart.

Auntie L had said that the cat is too old so cannot sterilized. I wonder if it is true - old cat do not need to sterilized but can still mate with females? I find Auntie L explanation ironic. As a cat lover that is active in sterilizing cats, Auntie L had told me that old cats will not need to be sterilized as they may died. Yet, those old male cats are mating around in the area,reproducing little male cats.

S had known of this situation here after sister called her. S will be arranging with her vet for sterilization those cats. I hope Dua tao will also be trapped. Despite of Auntie L's theory, i still think that duo tao need to stop shifting his territory to find new wives and becoming father of little homeless small dua tao(male) and xiao tao(female).

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Notty Xiami making havoc in my room

Hiding under the chair, thinking no one can see her....
Close up but u have come too close....

See, Now you cannot get me... i had managed to hide under the gap in 'mummy' study table.

I do not know why xiami loved to come to my room. She can slept under my bed for hours and under the gap in between 'mummy''s study table. Mum and I had called sister 'xiami's mummy'. After a good sleep, xiami will jump out to eat dry food and drink the water that belonged to DD and sweetie on the floor. Last week, xiami dropped the 'fulushou' (on the TV area) that sister bought from HK in of the fu or shou had a clipped part - there goes $50 or so for one 'fu' that is made handicapped by xiami. Mum and I called xiami 'little monkey'. Sister called her 'piglet' as in Winnie the pooh, little pink piglet. Sweetie looked like Winnie - fat and round. DD looked like eeyore - the donkey - always looking blur blur one. KK looked like Tigger except KK is grey while Tigger is orange. Dudu is hard to fit in Winnie's character - If Du is brown, maybe she can be Roo but Du is a black black cat.

Sister had managed to train xiami to use her litter box but mum complained that the sand is dropping all over blood's bedroom floor. So today, sister had let xiami used the newspaper that xiami had also used as well.
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Charming Little Ginger Queen, Coco playing with her toy (Cat from ECP waiting for adoption)

Cutie sweet Shu Shu willing for a hug from me. She loved me to carry her and did make any protest to be let down at all. (Cat from ECP waiting for adoption)

Brownie, the cute guy wanting a pat on his chin. He is also another purring cat that do not mind hugs. (Cat from ECP waiting for adoption)

My favorite cat with clear blue eyes. I love cats with blue eyes but my own cats do not have it. All of them only have owl's eyes or tiger's eyes. DD esp looked very much like Harry Potter's Snowy.

Today, Dad took mum, sister and me to Vincent's place. This is my first visit to Vincent's place. Once we reached there, sister headed straight to the cat room. I spotted cute Coco first. Coco is the only ginger cat there so she is more outstanding. I hugged her while she purred in my arm. Sister took a while to find Shushu that had grown bigger. I also saw Brownie for the first time. All the cats from ECP are so charming and smart. I am sure their very right owners will appear to take them as house cats soon. There are around 10 cats living in harmony in the cat room.

We went out of the cat room after some fun time hugging and sayang the cats. Vincent's wife was with a large brown mongol dog. He is very tame but i am not used to touching large dogs. There is another dog called Da Bei that was locked in the other side of the house. There was a gate to prevent him to running to the front of the house. Da Bei was very excited to see visitors in the house and wanted to come to play with us. After 3 attempts, Da Bei managed to push the rock under the gate and come out. He then ran around happily while the rest of us were talking.

We were about to leave when Da Bei came along. Da Bei then jumped on his hind legs on all of us. I meant ALL as we were standing in one row 'waiting' for him to 'sayang' us humans. He kissed mum on the face. I am a bit taken back by his size and tried to hold his fat paws while pushing him down. We left at 6.35 pm.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Watching Casino Royale

Jennifer say:

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I had finally watched the lastest 007 movies. I am a great fan of all James Bond movies. I had watched every JB movies.

Daniel Craig is the latest actor casting as James Bond. I find him ok. My all-times favourite James bond were still Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. I disliked the movie casting George Lazenby as 007 where 007 was married. But poor geroge only get to act in one lone movie unlike Daniel whom is confirmed to be acting for 3 more JB movies.

I do not like the plot of Casino Royale actually. (warning: spoilers included)

1) No Q. I loved the High-tech equipment used in the other movies. However, the director decided to be 'original'.

2) 007 was poisoned during a casino competition. I am amazed that he still can re-enter the game unaffected by the poison accumlating in his immune system. 007 is still a normal human, not superman. I will not be surprised if superman is poisoned and yet still can fly after villians, after all, superman is not a human.

3) Should 007 ever be so stupid as to give up his job for a woman? Vesper actually make James give up his job. In this site, it mentioned that James gave up his job because of the torture Le Chiffre done to him. I think it was not very clear in the movie why james decided to quit. My major guess is Vesper is the reason as at the time he submitted his resignation letter, he was in the yatch with vesper. Then what are they going to be doing for a living after James quited his job? somemore they still can afford to sail in a yatch. I do not think the money won at the casino by james can lasted forever. Of couse, vesper died in the end. All the woman that James loved died. Tracy, James only wife died in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Vesper died indirectly because of James too. The other bond girl in the movie, Solange died too.

4) I hated the torturing part of 007. It really turned me off to see a WW2 torture method still existing in the 21st century.

5) I did not actually know what the villians in this movie were doing. Unlike the earlier James Bond movies where the villians' intention were very clear, i find the villians in this movie stupid. Le, the main villian was stupid enough to invest in a failed mission to bomb the plane in the airport(if the airport lose money, Le will have made major earning in his investment) and thus losing his money. If Le was already earning big money from terrorists, why is there any need to bomb a newly launched airplane.

6) Woman is never stupid but the movie said otherwise. At another scene, one of the terrorists theatened to cut off the arms of Le's girlfriend,Valenka. Le did not protested or begged the guy not to do so. Later, Valenka still helped her boyfriend to poison James. Is she bird-brained or love-idiot? After all the earlier life or death situation, she will still be so willing to try to do tasks for her boyfriend. Maybe Valenka hoped that if her BF won, she will got the money as payback. After all, some real life 'beauties' are known to be after the money of the wealthy and not for love. That is also the reason why newspaper must always mentioned some big-shot so and so married a millionaire. Is it for love or for money? It is the big question mark in everyone's mind.

7) When James was poisoned and did not managed to put the wire back to the heart beat device and nearly died, Vesper came along at the most critical time to save him. of course, if James died, it will be the end of the story and worse still, no more james bond movies. I think i am reading too much of harry potter where harry was predicted to die in the final book 7 so i find it so connivent of the director to have an angel appearing all of a sudden. It would be better if the movie can have vesper upon seeing james leaving the table suddenly, get worried and decided to follow James. But NO... Vesper suddenly appeared to save James. maybe the director assumed we will know that vesper was worried and decided to check on James.

8) with so many filming mistakes made, isn't it 'fun' to try to spot all of them? but anyway i did not noticed any of the mistakes spotted by the site. But i though it will be nice to watch the movie again and try to spot them. It reminded me of a childhood game where you need to spot the differences between two pictures.

Ok..i would like to apologise for listing a whole lists of why i do not liked this movie. I do loved all the earlier movies except the one by George. But after a break of 2 years from the last movie, i though this movie will be more exciting. My favourite JB movies are 'from russia with love' and ' tomorrow never die'. And i loved michelle yeoh as the bond girl, she is the only bond girl that can fight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

DD, the cat that can 'act'

I am sure DD will be a good 'actress' if she goes to 'lalawood'. When we put the buster collar on her, DD refused to eat for one whole day..she also refused to drink. I had to force feed her glocolin water with syringe. Mum was heart-broken and said that DD 'may' die if she do not drink nor eat. Dad kept saying how miserable DD looked. Sister kept sayang DDX. I tried to feed her food but was unsuccessful. Sweetie tried to comfort DD by touching her nose with a big question mark on her face. Sweetie must be wondering why DD must wear that funny big collar but i am unable to explain to sweetie using cat language.

So on Day 2 of wearing collar, sister called the vet whom told sister that if DD licked the wound, it may recovered slowly, but we can put the collar on her at night. So happily, we removed the collar. DD then started to lick her wound and groom her fur. Ya, the notty gal kept grooming the ringworm's area. I had to removed her head for her fur dozen of times. Then she started to find dry food to eat and drink some water.

The third night when i placed the collar on her, she again refused to eat. And she stayed at one corner putting on her best downcast look. Being soft-hearted, i removed the collar for her. DD turned back to normal self in just under one minute. I can see the transformation on her - from a grumpy frog to a princess.

Yesterday, i had tied a cloth over DD's ringworm area. Not too sure if this is effective for her but at least, she do not need to wear the big head collar again. I had took photos of DD wearing that top(picture above), it is supposed to made her look like 'chang jin' - i am trying to create a Korean Hanbok but i had created a fat bonbon clothing for DD. I guess the cloth is too big for her.

I had not released xiao sweetie. The wound is still tiny but had not closed up properly.

Xiami is becoming very notty nowaday. She keep meowing for us to release her for her carrier. On sunday, xiami pee on my bed when sister allowed her to roam free in our room.
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Poor DD... confirmed case of ringworm

Today, dad and sister had brought DD to the vet. Dad is on leave today so he is able to bring sister to the vet using blood's motorcycle. Sister said that she had placed DD's carrier on her lap while holding on to Dad's shoulder. Dad is now using blood motorcycle to work as well. Anyway, DD cried outside the door. In the vet, sister said DD did not make any noises but she is angry when sister pushed her back into the carrier.

DD now is wearing a buster collar. I am surprised that the buster collar that looked like normal plastic rolled into a circle cost $10. She had two injections - antibodies and anti-fungi injection, one medicine to swallow and one medicine to apply. The total vet treatment is $74. DD do not want to leave our room and is 'embrassed' to see sweetie. I think sweetie had a 'shocked' face when she saw DD just now. I can see sweetie's ear flattened. For DD, she is happy to just stay in our room. She is still not used to her 'big head'. She is certainly a sad cat now. Things will be better once she had recovered. The whole treatment will be for 12 days. I think i will not allow sweetie to sleep at me at night while DD is recovering. Cannot take the risk with sweetie. DD shall sleep beside me at night if she wishes or she will sleep at sister's study chair.

A bit of news on xiao sweetie: I am pleased to inform all of you that she had almost recovered. The wound is now very small with daily treatment of antibodies powder. I think the wound should close up by monday or tues, then i will be releasing her back to her terrority. In fact, the wound is closing up bit by bit everyday.
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

DD had suspected case of ringworm

See DD's hand where it is red... actually there is no fur growing on the circle. Sister had asked vincent and 'Dr V' suspected a case of ringworm. We are bringing DD to the vet this weekend for treatment. I had no ideas what are cats' ringworm... but a research show that ringworm are not worm but only fungus growing on cats' fur. And it can be spread to me... ha.. i am not actually scared that i may got DD's ringworm as i still sleep with DD.It is not something incurable, the cat suffer more than me in fact.

i am only afraid that sweetie will get it too as the two of them are very close. I wonder how DD got her ringworm.....And one more matter, the site asked me to clean up all the places where DD sleeps..... it is going to be a big project.

This site show a whole list of the effects of ringworm, other than loss fur, DD is still very active and healthy-looking - No messy fur, still groom her fur well.

What are Ringworm?

"Ringworm" is the common name for the skin infection caused by a special group of fungi; it is not caused by a worm at all. The fungi feed upon the dead cells of skin and hair causing, in people, a classic round, red lesion with a ring of scale around the edges and normal recovering skin in the center. Because the ring of irritated, itchy skin looked like a worm, the infection was erroneously named. The fungi responsible are called "dermatophytes," meaning "plants that live on the skin" thus the more correct term for ringworm is "dermatophytosis." The characteristic "ring" appearance is primarily a human phenomenon. In animals, ringworm frequently looks like a dry, grey, scaly patch but can also mimic any other skin lesion and have any appearance.

(From this site:)

Ringworm actually has nothing to do with worms. It's a fungus that grows in the cat's dead skin, claws, or hair. Ringworm on a cat looks like little circles of hair loss that mainly cluster around the head, paws, and ears. It can look very different depending on the cat, but there will obviously be something wrong - in general, it looks like a little scaly patch of skin where the hair has been lost. The problem is that if you're not a vet, you won't be able to tell for sure. It could well be some other skin condition because many other things can cause similar conditions. However, if your cat is losing hair in random places with weird looking skin underneath, you probably should be taking them to the vet regardless of what you think the cause is.

If your cat is healthy, the ringworm will clear up on its own within a few weeks in most cases. But that's not an excuse not to take them to the vet. Treatment is recommended in ALL cases. Why? Because a lot of cats don't ever clear up without treatment, and you can't tell whether they will or not beforehand. ALSO - it's not just a cat disease. A fungus can grow on anything - that means your dogs, and that means you and other humans as well. If it spreads to you, it will look like little red, circular spots, and you may have the same skin scaling that shows up on cats. You need to decontaminate the cat, get treatment, and disinfect or burn all the cat's toys, food bowls, litter boxes, beds, etc.

Fortunately, treatment is easy for both humans and cats, so don't freak out too much. There are several drugs for cats as well as topical skin products. Treatment will probably take about six weeks for the cat. If you get the spots, you need to see a doctor, and you can get a skin product that will deal with it too (you can't use the same ones for both cats and people).

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Introducing Xiami from ECP

If u read sister's blog, you will know xiami, the cat with a eye infection from ECP. Cats are real smart, they learn things super fast. When Xiami first come to our house around one month ago, she will hiss at us and try to bite us.

Now xiami has learnt how to be a sweet cat:

She will:--

1) purr when i sayang her
2) pop her head out for food and drink
3) allow us to pat her head
4) meow when she saw food
5) come close to you when u call her name

Mum said xiami had grow fatter these few days. Her eyes still look cloudy, sister said that a vet told her xiami need long-time treatment. We had kept locking her up in a carrier. I do not know which is better - freedom in ECP or treatment for eye but locked up? If xiami did not have treatment, she will go blind. I guess a lockup is better as xiami receive love, food and drink for us. In ECP, xiami will be living in the lives of a survivor. That is how her name come about, xiami (blind shrimp). Mum thought of this name. In fact, mum thought of most names for the cats @ ECP like Lei Lei & Ma Lin Shu. Talking of Lei Lei, sister said that Lei Lei may now be in Rainbow bridge as her old problem of protruding uterus had come back, sister is unable to find her at her usual hideout. I guess it is fate... maybe lei lei will have a better afterlife in a better place rather than in ECP with a recurring illness.

As for xiami, i think sister had developed a feeling for her... i am starting to like xiami too, just now, when i sayang her, she actually purr..i did not hear her purr but i can feel her body shaking against my legs.... maybe xiami will be in our house for a long time still....
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Xiao Sweetie, our cute community girl is injured

Xiao sweetie (one of the three silbing cats at the provision shop) has a bad wound near her hind leg 3 weeks ago. At first, the wound looked ok. On monday when i saw her, i am shocked to see that her wound had turned very wet and red. Sister and I were deciding what to do... Then we decided to ask blood to bring a carrier down... we may send her to the vet or treat her ourselves with antibodies powder. Xiao sweetie screamed all the way back to our home.

Xiao sweetie had not poo poo since Monday. She refused to drink any water but she had pee twice. Bit of worried that she did not poo. Mum told me to take her downstair to poo but i am afraid that she will run away and hide. We did not usually get to see xiao sweetie every day unlike mimi and pi pa.We had decided to treat her ourselves.

The wound seem better, not wet at least. I had poured anti bodies power on her twice per day. Sister had also get a infection powder from pet clinic on tuesday but i am using the antibodies power more than the infection powder. I had locked xiao sweetie inside the storeroom as she wants to cry when she see us. When xiao sweetie cried, xia mi (eye infection cat from ECP that has been staying with us since 3 weeks ago) will sing in response.

Luckily xiao sweetie is an extremely tame cat. She will purr whenever i let her out of her carrier. I do not know why she refused to drink any water. She did not want to eat inside her carrier so i had put her out to eat. But when i put her water outside her carrier, she refused to lick at her water.

Refused water and do not want to poo poo, i wonder if i should let her downstairs...but the rain seem neverending.The wound might turn worse with water. Hmm... will decide tml..maybe will let her run for a while downstair before i take her home again....

Bad wound near the hind leg. Raw and wet.... Cannot really see from this shot....
Close cute

Me 'sayang' xiao sweetie....
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