Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Jennifer say:

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Today is sweetie unlucky day.. early mornin, she woke me up by scratchin the pile of newspaper at her eating area.. so irritating..i need to see what up with her. then i grab her on bed with me..i hug her in my hand while she make the crying meowin soft sound. meow meow then she jumped off my bed while i sleep again.. minutes later, she again jump on fat table and touched the newspaper..i then open the door and she went outside. i took her to mum room that was slightly opened.. sweetie then use her paw to open the door and both of us, cat and me went inside mum room.. aircon, sweetie was sitting on the doorway while i sleep on the floor lookin at her. then dad come and i went back to my room. Dad then put sweetie back into my room as he wan to mop the floor. again, notty a dozen times. I locked her in her cage but she give pitiful meow so i let her out.. then i slept while dad who had done with the floor took her down.

when dad come back later, i woke up as well.. sometime i continued to sleep but usualy i wil wake up to take sweetie to bath. sweetie hide under the sofa and refused to come out. Then mum treated her with milk. While pettin her, mum realised sweetie nose is injured. there are two tiny scratches on her little nose..poor thing, dad said the malay neighbour was watering her plants and spook sweetie whom knocked down our plants and injured her little white nose. poor thing, she must be v scared and painful.

nevertheless, i splashed water all over her.. usualy i do that when she is notty and refused to come home. i did not know she notty but after i bathed her, dad said she hide under drain and took her sweet time to come to find dad.

That not the end of the story. When i first wake up, i smell a foul smell like the spray of Fertilizer for plant. v smelly. at first i though it is the malay neighbour whom used the fertilizer and i though nothing of it. Then just when i about to go to work, i kept smellin the same smell..feeling strange, i went to smell the living room door, no smell. Then why our room got this foul smell.. Then i touched the cloth that is used to protect the floor for our chair, is wet and smelly. Sweetie pee on the cloth..yuck, so smelly and i put her on my bed earlier.

mum said her pee smell of fish ..yuck. i need to change my bed and wipe the floor with nice soap. so notty. pee and be quiet.. usualy she never did that, must be urgent..eee

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Strait Times Digital Life rec Hot blog

Jennifer say:

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Today Straits Times Digital Life recommend a blogger site:

His blog in the newspaper is v interesting:(here what he wrote)

"And what will you have, miss?" I ask the other daugher. The dauggher looks up at me from under her hair. Suddenly i notice 'she' has a beard. 'I am not a girl', the newly-revealed young man sniffs defensively...the family finishes their meal. dad asks for the check. 'sorry for the mix-up' i say handling him the bill. saying nothing, he hands me a credit card..i warily look inside the check book. dad left me a US100 tip. i run up to the font to thank the man for his generosity. 'that waiter is a jerk,' i overheard the son syaing as he heads out the door. it was an honest mistake. Get a haircut!" the father calls out after him. Catching up with the father, i extend my hand. 'thank you sir!" i say. With a firm grip, he replies, "no. Thank YOU!." That was the most profitable faux pas i ever committed."

That the end of his blog..the reason i interested in his blog is becoz both my sister and i worked as waitress before dealing with snobbish customers too. however, when i visited his blog, it a real disappointment. all the past posts cannot be found. only those recently can be found and i am not too interested to read such a long paragraph of what he said to others in his blog..also i skip the comments..lot of bloggers must have love this waiter to write so many dozen comments that i dun bother to open to read or leave my personal views.

so mucht for the blog of the day recommended by digital time, i am not goin to view any sites recommend to be blog of the blog of the week is my fat sis and my blood one..i rather satisfied readin over and over again..esp blood group of big headed dogs..duno if all the dogs are his for good..

Friday, April 22, 2005

What can a cat leash / belt do?

Jennifer say:

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My fat sister send two cat leash from HK to singapore two weeks ago. One is a cat belt and the otehr is a cat leash.
I still not figure out how to leash a cat and as for sweetie, she seem extremely hyper when i leashed her to test run. In the end, the leash that is supposed to be round her body was off her body. somehow she managed to pull it off her body so it hung round her fat legs.

For the cat belt, it extremely helpful. always buy those with a nice bell just like what sweetie is wearing.
here how it is v good:
1) u will no longer be spook by ur cat as the ring 'warn' u of the cat whereabout
2) when ur cat groom herself, there will be the PLEASANT sound of the ring, this show ur cat is extremely clean
3)when it jumped on ur bed, u will know (just like sweetie when she decide to jump on mum bed while she sleep but her bell give her away)
4) When u wish to find ur cat and call desperately for her. she will respond by moving and u can hear the ringin of her bell
5)It v comeical to hear the ringin when ur cat shake her head.

Some 'dangers' of a cat belt
1) always ensure ur cat cannot put her paw into the belt..once sweetie put her paw rite inside the belt, she ended in a funny manner till i rescue her.
2) alway remove the belt at nite as u do not want to be wake up in the middle of the nite when ur cat is grooming esp early morning at 5 am
3) alway remove ur cat belt when u wan her to go out to poo poo in the early mornin at 6 am plus. u dun wan the whole world to know there a cat out there.

Now sweetie has get used to her cat belt, i goin to begin trainin for her cat leash later when i feel like it. Meanwhile, i duno what i should teach her since she a smart cat. Maybe teach her to use the toilet bowl. hmm.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Crossing the Rainbow bridge

Jennifer say:

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Hamham my female drawf hamster is getting thinner and skinny. Today, i was dropping eye drop into her eyes when she lick the eye drop that drop on my hand..she look thirsty so i bottle feed her with fresh water. She drank and drank. I think she will soon be crossing the rainbow bridge with this situation.

She used to be v round but considering she is ill and a senior citizen ( more than 2 years) it about time she may join the hamsters bubbies in HH Rainbow bridge.

I happened to come to this site dedicated to loss of pet in rainbow bridge.

Here what the poem say:

Creation has begun a circling tide;
Retrieving and restoring
Or abandoning, ignoring; but always
Succors each and every one of us in
Into this world is born a many grateful things
Never asking or demanding a
Great amount of love,

There we find some answers to some elementary things:
Heaven sends us messages from high above.
Eventually, we find ourselves at loss, and

Reaching out for those who may have left.
And, out there, is a Rainbow Bridge that's
Incrementally crossed
Never quite in sight,
But there,
Over those who are bereft.
When we find ourselves left barren

By a soul that's been recalled
Remember that we have, stretched on high above, an
Integral, solid link to those that
Death has caused to walk across that
Expanse that has allowed us to be unconditionally loved

Monday, April 18, 2005

Naked Weapons--where girls rule the world

Jennifer say:

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just watched a prerecorded video of naked weapon on saturday night. The show was recorded two sundays ago. That time TV was showing NKF charity show of oversea artists so i needed to record the movie in order to watch the charity show as well without any donation.

Naked weapon is a English movie i think as there are dual sound selection but however since i recorded it, i cannot view the English translation so everything is in mandarin. The cast are the handsome daniel wu, the sexy Maggie Q and an not so familiar girl named anya.

In the beginning of the movie, there another super hot girl with short hair whom used her bare hand to kill a gang of guys. She was recruited to kill a gang leader and using her hand,She was messaging the guy when she crashed the man's bone. she killed the man by crashing the six 'bones'(not sure of what the exact name is, but it is explained in the later part of the movie that once this bone is crashed, the person will break their nerve part and died) of the man. Then very cool, she killed the guards whom rushed in to 'Protect' their boss (too late). She also grabbed their machine gun and used it against them. However, this hot babe was killed when one of the bodyguard used a missile gun to blow up her car that she used to escape. Now the funny part is how come there a car waiting so conviently for her escape where the place is a super high class hotel. anyway the unknown hot babe was killed. and yes, Daniel Wu (called Jack in this movie) also come into this first part of the movie as a learner from two experienced police officers whom were later killed when a firewar began bwt the bodyguards and them. End of experienced police officers whom only best part is to order daniel to go and buy sandwich before they got killed.

The story then went more interesting. A female child boxer was shown winning at a boxing contest. A woman by the name of Madam M asked her if the girl wanted a better life. Nodding her head with the temperation of food and toys that Mad M gave her, the girl followed Mad M to a island along with one other girl. In this island, there are many similar age children. All of them were kidnapped by Mad M to this island. A girl whom cried for going back home was allowed but shot to death by Madam M guards. The island was surrounded by men with machine guns. All the girls undergone harsh training. Those whom tried to escape were killed without mercy.

Years passed, 6 years in fact. All the girls have grown into adults. Now Maggie Q is called Charlene and anya was called Katt. Charlene and Katt entered the island together and were v close friends. Mad M taught the girls everything related to killing--how to kill a man using bare hands, how to groom themselves to be attractive to man, how to use machine guns and be stronger than any army guys. In one survivor training, the girls were taken into a jungle where they must killed the guards, if not, the guards will killed them. It extremely funny again why those stupid guys can lose to a group of girls and why they were willing to sacrifice their lives. One night in the middle of the girls' sleep, Mad M woke them up and told them that the girls must killed the one sleepin beside them within 2 minutes and got of their room. One by One, the girls killed their friends and dragged the bodies out. It a bit violent over this part.. bit like battleroyle where senseless killing were made becoz of one mad person. Next Mad M announced that coming tml, only one survivor will leave.

The next day, the girls were brought to a room with lot of cage. They were told to selected a number each. They then entered a cage. If a girl picked number 1, she will fight with number 2 and 3. If the girl lives (she will only win if she killed number 2 and 3), she will fight with number 4,5 and 6 (noticed that the numbers she needed to kill are increased to 3), once again if she lives, she need to kill number 7,8, 9 and 10. Charlene was the lucky number one that was a super bad thing. However when it was turn to begin the fight or murder, katt (Charlene best friend)took her number 1. One by one, katt finished off all her rivals until the final four. The final four were Charlene, a cold hearted gal named Jing and two unkown poor gals that would be killed anyway. Jing killed the other gal beside her for being too talktive and Chalrene killed the other gal. Now it is a fight bwt Katt and Jing. In the end, Madam M announced that all three of them will be recruited as killers to strangthen their organisation.

The female killers were named Chinagirls by the police. Jing, Katt and Charlene murdered big shot bosses in 5 countries. Then, all of them arrived in HK.In one killing, Charlene shot a boss to death in front of her mum. Jack then chased Charlene whom hide in a ice cream lorry of all cars. I wonder why she is so stupid as to run inside a lorry and a ice cream lorry. The door was locked by the driver of the lorry. Inside, it was freezing cold and Jack and Charlene both had guns at each other. In the end, they both decided to drop their guns as it was freezing cold. I like the way Daniel dropped his jacket over Maggie shoulder..he so dashing. Anyway Charlene escaped.

Jack then went to Charlene mum house to monitor. Jack expected Charlene would come back to see her mum. Meanwhile Jing went to assinate Charlene mum and stabbed her. When Jack rushed out, he was beaten also by Jing. Just then, Charlene arrived and a fight begun.. In the end, Jing was killed by a broken piece of glass. Charlene and Jack then rushed to the hospital. Halfway, Jack told Charlene that he will take care of her mum and gave her his namecard. Clarlene then left.

Mad M received a job to kill a boss. She send a voice message to Katt and clarlene to come to a certain building. Once there, the girls realised they were tricked. Mad M was killed (in a curel way where hooks were hung to her body, it a good way to die for a cold hearted and evil woman anyway). Katt was captured while Charlene escaped. The mastermind wanted to kill Charlene and all those conencted to Madm M as his own boss were killed by Charlene.

The mastermind was calle Ryuichi. Katt was tied on her hands like a puppet while charlene arrived. Ryuichi chopped off Katt head in front of Charlene. End of Katt pathetic life. Then if u ever see Matrix, the fighting is just like the Matrix, jumping here and there. Then Charlene was blind by Ryuichi. However, using her sense of hearing and calmness, she managed to kill Ryuichi.

The story then went to a chinese temple where Jack prayed that he will see Clarlene again. It so happened that Clarlene also come a short while ago before Jack. The story ended with a unexplained romance where i think there is no love in the first place since no dating ever occured and Clarlene saying that she will surrendered.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dogs and Cats

Jennifer say:

There a movie called "Dogs and Cats" where Dogs and cats are rivals. In real life, dogs and cats are similar.

Here the ways my cat try to act as a dog:
1) buying a dog leash for her (not yet trained her as she refuse to walk, bite the leash when i make her wear it)

2) respond to simple she understand "Up", followed by my hand on my bed meaning to ask her to come up to my bed and
"Out" meaning to get lost of the bed when she put her bum down and do not want to move
and the metal bowl with metal spoon sound meaning sweetie got food to eat
and "姐姐要去冲凉了" meaning i goin to bath so sweetie will wait outside bathroom for me to come out
and "bye bye sweetie" meaning sweetie in jail now
and no one at home and "我 要 出 去 了!" meaning that I am goin to work
and sweetie will stand on her hind legs to look at me from the door
and "爸爸回来了" meaning father is back and sweetie will sometimes go to see father

3) responsive to our calling when we called sweetie

4) roll on her back when she wants a pat

5) go out to pee and poo instead of having a normal litter box like any other cats

6) bite my hand or jump at my leg when i did not give her enought attention (duno if dogs do that since i never has a dog b4)

7)play hide and seek with us by hiding behind some object but forget her bum is too big to be hidden.. but in her mind, she think since her head is hidden, all of her are ostrick buryin her head in the sand..sound v similar to sweetie

8) meowin happy at us whenever dad took her home from her peepee

9) having a bath or wipe and wash her dirty legs (Dogs also have equally dirty legs, wonder if ppl make it a point to wash their dogs' legs..eeek)

10)Be in the kitchen every dinner time to see if her food is ready. Stand on hind leg when it is yummy time.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Quill--a sad but cute doggy movie

Jennifer say:

I just finished watching touching in many parts...

The movie is a japanese movie about the story of Quill, a dog raised to become a seeing-eye dog.

The story started with a female dog giving birth to 5 baby pup has the special marking of a little black bird..This little fellow is quill.. The owner asked a trainin center (for training guided dog for the blind) to accept her pups to be the officer came..The female owner called the pups..all except quill went to find the owner..the officer then say all dogs that went to find its owner are disqualifed to be trained. Only quill was selected.Baby puppies are so cute.. the movie show how the puppies played.

XiaoQ was sent to a japanese family to build close contact with human in preperation for further training in the guided dog training centre when quill turned one.Here the couple love quill and took care of him til it is time to leave the family to go to the training center..I am sad at this part when quill looked at the couple with its sad eyes.

Quill was send to the training centre..Quill learnt how to stop at corner, how to stop at traffic, how to avoid obstacles, how to stop at steps by the command of Simple English. A blind man whom workin at the handicapped centre happened to know the trainer of Quill. The blind man (let named him Mr B since he got a japanese name) at first resisted having a guided dog to lead him but soon learnt to trust the dog and registered with the training center to have quill as his dog. However trust is not achieved easily by Mr B whom trust his own instict rather than Quill eye. So Mr B cannot guaduated from the training centre. I again felt sad at the part where Quill licked Mr B hand when Mr B looked so sad lookin at the other whom had guaduated.

Finally, Mr B can also completed the course and left the training centre with Quill. At first Mr B wife did not like Quill in the house and Quill was left outside the house in sun and rain. However one day Mr B son took Quill inside the house, and surprisely the wife did not opposed to Quill inside house and encouraged her son to let quill stay in the house.

Good things did not last long. Mr B was diagnosed with kidney failure and Quill had to be taken away from Mr B. I felt sad at this part too. Quill only spend two years with Mr B before he was send back to the training centre as a model dog for guided dog for the blind. Three years later, Mr B went back to the training centre to find Quill. The trainer allowed Mr B to walk with Quill for 30m..It is the last walk for Mr B and Quill. Mr B died. The trainer took Quill to Mr B wake. The movie is filmed in such a way that the daughter of Mr Q was speaking..the part where she said When Quill looked at Mr B body, quill must be thinking that Mr B was sleeping, this make me sad too..Mr B leaving forever.

Quill spent 11 years at the trainin centre. After that, Quill was send back to the couple whom first adopted quill as a pup. The scene show quill playing with his toy (a present by the husband when quill was a pup). When quill went back to the house, he fall down. It not clear what is the illness Quill suffered but it conncet to the lungs. Quill was dying. On the night where Quill died, the wife petted quill while the husband say to Quill that when he went to heaven, he must tell the others he is their little Q. The wife then tell Quill to be quiet (meaning that Quill can go if he wants) and how he must be suffering.Quill lived for 12 years 25 days. The movie ended with a baby pup of i think is Quill..I am so sad to see the ending part.So touching. This is really a nice movie to watch.

The movie was filmed using 3 different dogs. The dogs are wonderful..reminded me of sweetie.

Bad cooking lesson From Cook Fat Neo Sister

Jennifer say:

1) Store garlic/ onion instead fridge till it grow.
2) Eat Junk food when you are hungry
3) Cook liquid or soft jelly
4) Buy too many green vegetable and store for one week
5) Eat rotten vegetable that have funny smell
6) Eat instant noodles when you are lazy
7) Try to learn extra lessons over phone when you find u need more dishes for dinner
8) cook salted vegetables that do not taste salty..

Friday, April 08, 2005

Notty Cute sweetie

Jennifer say:

Yesterday morning i was sleepless early in the morning because of a bad sore troat..just went see doc yesterday too, get some medi for $20. I wake up at 230 am sleepless and cannot sleep..then i went to the living room where mum hamster is still up and busy reading newspaper. ha..sweetie come to find us also.. so funni to suddenly see her appear at the living room floor staring at us. Then i went back to my room to try sleepin somemore...try putin sweetie back on my bed too to sleep with me

today early moring at 5 plus am, sweetie duno why wake up and become v notty. she keep jumpin up at fat sister study desk. i caught her two time before she settle down on my bed. I was awoke by mum at 7 am telling me that dad not yet bring sweetie home so mum wan me to take sweetie home. Just when i about to turn into the corner to the lift area, sweetie come and meow at me before running super fast to our doorstep not even pausing to kapo at the malay neighbour whom busy tryin to open her door. so cute of sweetie.

dad said he pressed the lift wrongly at 6 floor instead of 8 floor..clever sweetie know it the wrong floor and did not rushed out of the lift when it opened at 6 floor..mum said sweetie know how to listen to "storey 8"...duno if it is true..ha
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