Saturday, April 28, 2007

Poor PiPa

This is Pipa, one of our neighbourhood community cat. He was found limping on the front paw since Monday. Pipa was actually limping last week but the limping was gone after one day so we thought he is ok. He must have an injury at that time and that injury become infected so he limped again. Despite having a injured paw, Pipa never failed to 'escort' us back to the lift while hopping on his 3 stronger legs. This is so sweet of him so we had actaully waited for him in case any cars come by. We also had to watch out for 'Jackie', a Jack Russell whom stayed at our block. The owner will always take jackie out at the time when we feed mimi and friends.

Today, sister and I manged to catch him and send him to the vet. Catching pipa was a breeze, i merely pop him into the carrier without him protesting. The carrier needed to be placed with the opening facing me so that i can just placed him inside and not pushed him from the front. I think pipa is in pain so he did not struggled at all. Pipa was very quiet while he was in our house. Dad and sister then took pipa to the vet in dad's (or blood) motorbike.

According to the vet, Pipa had two bite on his paws (probably casued by Koala - another male that is still not sterilized). Pipa had a mild infection and a fever. We had put pipa in the clinic for one week as our hands are full with da bao, xiao boa, HeHe and xian xian.
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List of "RECALLED" Cat products to remind myself NOT to buy again

Jennifer say:

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Got this from the site(Some of the brands may not be familiar to Singapore):

1) Blue Buffalo
2) Canine Caviar
3) Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
4) Diamond Pet Foods
5) Drs. Foster & Smith Products
6) Eukanuba
7) Hill's
8) Iams
9) Kirkland Signature Brand Pet Food
10) Natural Balance
11) Nutro
12) Royal Canin

This 12 brands of cat/dog food are being recalled. Of those 12, i had feed my cats, nutro and Natural Balance. Even though, the product i fed is not the same as the one being recalled, i had lost faith in Nutro and NB.

I had feed my cats Nutro for quite a few months. It is the same for Natural Balance. I had bought it the first time and then i received news that the lamb and pea version was being recalled. I am dropping Nutro and NB forever, never to purchase them again. Whatever the reason given for the recall, once the faith is lost, customer like me is lost too.

Fostercat had suggested Solid Gold, i think i am most likely going to buy SG on my next purchase.

Human bed for the cats

Jennifer say:

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Can you tell me where are all the three cats?

The cats 'Gong Gong' @ Dad's workplace

Jennifer say:

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Remember the three cats at Dad's workplace.
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The three brothers (only the black cat is not the true blood brother but they are still brothers)

We had managed to sterilize all those three cats. There is only one last kitten that needed to be sterilized and of course, Hehe and Xian Xian when they returned to dad's workplace.

We had sterilized the cat with the white fur yesterday. We are quite surprised that he is so tame. We can even pat him without him protesting. Mum had named him 'An An'. His other brother is called 'Ping Ping'. Together, their names stand for 'Ping An' (Safe).

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An An - super tame cat with good temper.

Dad do not have any names for any of his cats. All of them respond to 'meow meow' when dad called them for food.

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This black cat was sterilized last month

The area where the cats are in were certainly not a ideal place for cats. There were these two cats that we had sterilized but they had now went missing in dad's workplace. We assumed that someone had caught the cats as cats will not likely to leave from their terriority esp if there are food. So we are worried for the safetly of HeHe and XianXian when they are released back into the warehouse(dad workplace).

Dad is currently feeding five cats - An An, Ping Ping, mummy cat, kitty cat and Blackie. All are sterilized except for little kitty cat. If we do not have anyone adopting hehe and xian xian, they will join the group of 5 when they know how to eat soft food. But i think we will be buying a cage to keep them safe as they are still tiny. Currently, they are still on milk bottle but i am using a syringe to feed them instead as their rubber nipples are being chewed to a big hole by them.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Update on HeHe & Xian Xian - Day 2 & The two baos.

Jennifer say:

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Today, mum woke me up at 3.30 am that HeHe and Xian Xian are crying. So i made some milk for them to drink. They are now a bit more used to the milk bottle. The rubber nipples now had a big hole when they bite on it as they drink their milk. I had only one replacement nipple and i hope this can last till they can eat some wet-canned food. They are starting to be more curious as they now dare to step out of the carrier but both are still crying when they did not see each other.

We had planned to place them back in dad's workplace (That dirty warehouse) once they know how to eat some soft food.

Da Bao & Xiao Bao

We had da xiao baos back to us yesterday. They are much better now. Still as playful as before. Sister bought some toys for them yesterday too.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The unwanted 2-3 weeks old kittens...

Baby kitten 1 - mum had called her 'xian xian'

Baby kitten 2 - mum had called him ' he he'

Yesterday, dad's workplace manager had 'act smart' when he saw two kittens without their mummy. He took them to find dad thinking that dad can take care of them. Seeing them so tiny, both my dad and his manager decided to put back the kittens. However, this morning, their mummy had still not returned to claim back her babies. My guess is when the kitties were picked up, human smell were on them so their real mummy rejected her own babies.

Dad had bought a milk bottle for the kittens and planned to feed them human milk. Then we told dad that kittens cannot drink human milk. In fact, it is a misconcept that all cats love milk. This is not correct as milk can sometimes causes cats to have diarrhoea. I once told two secondary girls that feed 'fake nana' HiLo milk that milk is not good for cats. I wonder why most people tend to think that milk is ok for cat.

Dad then said he would feed the two kittens tml in the morning only. We told dad that even if he feed them once, it is not enough. Being week-old kittens, they need more meals per day. So today, dad took the kittens home.

Both sister and I are not experienced with feeding kittens using milk bottles. So mum demonstrated how to feed the kittens. Mum said it is just like feeding human babies. I hope both kittens will be stronger and get more used to their milk bottle. Mum had called them 'xian xian' and 'he he' after the TVB drama "Hard Fate" where the lead casts were crazy over the 'he he er xian' (Jade of harmony). HK temple had lot of ppl workshipping the he he er xian for peace. In Singapore, the temple in Defu industries estate (i think is feng shan si) had a 'he he er xian' Mum said that it is to bless couples to live in love and harmony.

He He is a ginger that is not willing to suck the milk bottle while xian xian is the quiet kitten that is more co-operative.
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Her Royal Sweetie taking her beauty sleep

Sweetie enjoyed a nap on the sofa on the living room's sofa. Mum had told sweetie not to sleep inside mum's room when sweetie is down with flu. I think sweetie understand human's language as sweetie had not sleep in mum's room since mum told sweetie not to.
On another incident of how sweetie can listen to human's word:

I was telling mum that the day before, sweetie had jumped under the cooker's area to sit on the space below. When i told mum that, sweetie 'demonstrated' how she jumped by repeating what she had done the day before again. Sweetie is a real smart gal...

Another incident happened when we first had Sweetie:
Dad used to take sweetie downstairs for her daily poos and pees. Once dad pressed the wrong button, the lift opened at '6' instead of '8', sweetie refused to come out of the lift. When the lift opened at '9', sweetie would know to come down one storey. When the lift opened at '8' floor (that is our correct floor), sweetie would run straight to our unit. After we had toilet-trained sweetie, we no longer took her downstairs. It also took a effort to coax her to retern home after her business. Many of the times, sweetie would hide under the drain. When we managed to take her home, i would need to clean her dirty fur with water.

Cat can listen to instruction but why some notty kids never listen?
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Madness in the House of Cat Flu

The Road to Recovery. You can see DD eating her food. DD will only eat wetted can food and dry food.It is not often you see three cats together.

Du Du on Sat, looking very sad.

But this does not stop her from finding comfortable place to take her beauty sleep. In fact, Du was sleeping beside me yesterday replacing Sweetie or DD.

And Poor DD is 'forced' to sleep at the other side of the bed, using a soft toy as her pillow.

Today, someone volunteered to be foster mummy for da xiao bao for two weeks. Sister had asked Vincent to help to transport the cats to their new foster mummy today. Vincent had taught us how to pop medicine into KK and Du's mouth using a pill popper.

It is real bad news...All our cats including Sweetie and KK are infected with flu.

Here is the update on their outbreak:

10 April 2007 (Tues): Xiami, DD, DuDu are all down with flu. We fed all of them vibervet.. Only xiami is the cooperative cat, she is usually to eat food mix with her medicine. For DD and Dudu, it is a time consuming effort trying to chase them and make them swallow their medicine.

13 April 2007 (Fri): sweetie, xiao sweetie, KK are down with flu too. Ya, xiao sweetie is still with me, i had planned to keep her despite mum's protests. I know i am notty really but xiao sweetie is a nice sweetheart... :). All three of them refused medicine. But i had figured out how to force them to swallow. I just needed to pull their head outward to face me, then i put the medicine in their mouth and inject inside the mouth, use my hand to close their mouth and feel them swallow their medicien before i released them.

I had come to understand a bit about Cat Flu:

1) When the cats drip saliva, they will usually rejected food and water for one day. It is normal for the cat to drip saliva but we need to be careful that we are keeping the cat locked up in the cage as their saliva are full of flu virus. One drop of virus is enough to spread flu to another cat. It is ok without food but not without water. So i had to pump water with glucolin using a syringe inside their mouth.

2) The next day after one day without food, the cats should be better and well enough to eat food.

3) wetted canned food is the best food for flu cats. I had bought 5 cans of tuna for all of them on sat. I had done a research that tuna is good for them as it is smelly enough to get them to eat.

4)Xiao sweetie had lose her meow before she started sneezing. I think xiao sweetie lose her meow on wed. But the flu symptoms only appeared on Friday. After three to four days of medication, her meow had returned today. In fact, xiao sweetie had meowed at me to feed her today. I am not sure if i should give xiao sweetie another name, sometimes when i called xiao sweetie, our first big sweetie will stared at me too... i think both cats are confused.

5) I had locked sweetie whom got flu on fri in a cage. She had sneezed a lot yesterday and had refused food and water. Today, she is much better. Mum had scolded sister for causing mum's beloved sweetie to be sick too.

6) always touch their body to ensure they do not have fever. I think some cats like du have a slight fever but du is much better too. This morning, she is a little black monkey climbing over mum's selves

7) A hot bath where the cat is put in the bathroom with hot stream can help the cat to clear his congestion. I had not tried this method. Mum had told me to put a pail of hot water near the cats.

Update on conditions:

1) sweetie: sneezed a lot on sat, today - not as often but still sneezed with lot of saliva on the floor so it is back to the cage.

2) DD: sneezed a bit but not as often. I think she should be recovering soon as long as we take care to wipe the saliva with Dettol.

3) Dudu: she was lethargic on friday but was a bit normal on sat. She is hiding under the sofa now after vincent had forced a pill inside her mouth. I just found her just now(15 mins later),making herself comfortable on my bed while DD is nowwhere to be seen. I think DD is behind my bed. DD alway hide when there is visitors.

4) KK: monster cat with outbreak flu. I had difficulty feeding him the medicine but so far, i had managed to do it after some time. He is much better too thought he is still sneezing.

5) Xiami: He is very cooperative in taking his medicine but he is still sneezing very often. I do not know why too but he should recovered well as long as he swallow her medicine. I kept confusing xiami for a 'HE' when in fact xiami is a 'SHE'.

6) Xiao sweetie: very fierce cat when we want to feed her medicine. Hiss at our hand. Yesterday, she was dripping saliva but today, she is better and meowed for her food. Her sneeze is still quite frequent.

So far, i think our cats are more or less on the road to recovery. I just hope that their health will have no side effect.I read that sometimes, a cat can never recovered from cat flu. The cat may have recovered but somehow, the flu will always returned. I just prayed that it did not happened to my cats.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cat flu outbreak.....

Jennifer say:

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Remember da boa and xiao bao that had flu? Apparently, we did a lousy job at a result, three of our cats are also down with flu. Sister had also blog about this terrible news in her blog.

I think most likely, sister is the one whom spread the virus as i seldom touch da xiao bao. The only time i sayang da bao was on sun but i remembered changing my cloth after that. Sister was very worried that they might not recovered and even rain on her face... (opps......). I think they will recovered when there is someone looking after all of them. Sister is thinking of sending xiao bao to the vet for treatment as xiao bao had refused to eat her medicine. Poor baby, she will be alone once she is sent there.

It is easy to take care of one sick cat with flu like shu shu or Coco but when we had two sick cats, we are overwhelmed by having to take care of both of them.

We are now placing the two baos in blood's room while the rest of the cats stayed in my room. Now, only sweetie and KK are healthy. And poor DD is one of the cats with flu... poor baby, she had sleep beside me last night. I had not allowed sweetie to enter the room or she will be sleeping beside me too.

It is definitely our negligent that such a terrible thing happened. maybe we are not experienced in dealing with cat flu but i hope it will be our last in taking care of cats with flu. I hope both of us can make this as a good lesson not to treat cats with illness carelessly. But the best solution is sister should STOP bringing sick cats from ECP home.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Da Bao & Xiao Bao from ECP

Remember sister's blog that mentioned the two kittens with flu and mites. Sister had took them home. The white nose one is called da bao. As usual, mum had gave them these names. Da Bao is more quiet than xiao bao.
Xiao bao is the 'notty notty' cat in our house now. Most of the meow-oh come from him.
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My furry yummy chicken meal

This is how i prepared my furry friends' dinner. My mum will kept all the chicken with bones inside the fridge. Those chicken are the one that you can buy in wet market for $1.70 for a piece of chicken meat. Mum will take out the chicken meat for us to eat while she will packed the chicken bones with bit of meat in the fridge. I will then take them out to boil them for my cats.

I normally boiled four to five packet of uncooked chicken at one go. Then i will add in the ikan bili water inside the chicken. The ikan bili water is do not have any ikan inside it. Mum had washed the ikan bili and left the water that she washed inside a container where i will used it to boil my chicken meal for cats. Sweetie was very interested in the ikan bili water when i placed it on the floor.

Once i had poured everything inside, i will covered the pot and boiled it. The chicken overflowed easily so i had to be careful to open the lid once it boiled and used a fork to pop the uncooked chicken over
This is how the finished product looked like. I can only debone the meat once the chicken had cooled down. So i had boiled the meat early yesterday morning and debone the meat at night. I had to spent an hour seperating the meat from the bone. Then i will need to pack everything inside the fridge. I usually frozen all the meat and indicated each pack by date so that i will always take the old package out. I will usually write : Mimi, boiled, 5/4 on a piece of cardboard and placed the carboard in the outer plastic bag. I had packed everything using two layer of plastic bag so that it will be more secure when i freeze them.

This is what mum usually do for all the frozen stuff inside the fridge - putting dates for all packets in the freezing compartment and indicating whether this is fish meat, sweetie's fish or cat chicken's meat. That is also why we are debating whether we should throw our mimi fridge to buy a bigger fridge since we got so many cat chicken meat inside our bigger fridge. My mimi fridge can only placed five packets of chicken meat.
This is mimi's dinner yesterday. I had mixed the chicken with rice and added some chicken soup inside. The brown one was fish that we ate yesterday - mum find the fish's gill area fishy so i took out the bones and added to mimi's dinner.

While boiling the chicken, i had also used the other cooker to cook some ice jelly.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A 'CREATIVE' way to resign? Try it if u dare...

Formal and straight forward.... but that was two months ago.

Short and sweet... so that u can use the explanation by making a 'presentation - title: Why do i resign' to your boss later.
Long-winded but i love this version the best... ha...

Gangster-style..... or loanshark style.... evil
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