Friday, June 30, 2006

Bon bon the vacuum cleaner

Introducing, Bon Bon our p/t 'maid' cleaning up the food of sweetie and DD. No wonder she is fatter now. Posted by Picasa

Fatty DD

Can you see DD is getting very fat esp her tummy.. She keep meowing for food every morning and night. Mum said DD even put her paws on mum's hand when mum ignored her greedy cry for food. I always love to asked her if she wanted "mum mum", she will usually reply with a big meow that look like she is laughing with mouth wide open. This foto show her eating her daily intake of rice cum fish breakfast/dinner. Posted by Picasa

Yo, what are you two 'kapo' doing in my territory?

Sweetie is very curious about kaka and bon bon who are extremely busy chasing after their favourite toy... sweetie as usual is still very hostile towards them. Posted by Picasa

Kaka with his favourite koala toy

Both Kaka and Bon Bon love chasing after the koala toy but kaka will growl at Bonbon when she moved near Kaka while he is playing. So nowaday, we only allow one cat to play at one time instead of two chasing around the same toy. Posted by Picasa

Little Bon Bon

We took many photographs of Kaka and Bon Bon yesterday. This is my sister carrying little Bon Bon.. We weighed her - she is now 2.5 kg... a bit fat now... Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

One day trip to Malaysia, JB

Jennifer say:

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Mum, her friend and I went for a one day shopping cum praying trip to JB on Tue, 20 June. Mum's friend, A( let's address her "A" since i always called her auntie) is able to speak Malay so she nicely suggested bringing both of us to Malaysia. My last trip to Malaysia was four years ago..Can u imagine how 'mountain tortorise" I am not to go to Malaysia when it is so near Singapore. The main reason is none of us in our family except dad are able to speak Malay. Asking dad to go with us is like trying to moving a rock out of the mountain that is hard and impossible.

Anyway We met A at the bus stop near her house in hougang at around 7 am. Then we took bus 161 to Woodlands bus terminal. Once we reached the terminal, we took bus 912 to a bus stop and transferred to bus 170. After we cleared custom at JB, we took bus 170 to the bus terminal in JB (XX, duno what the terminal called). Then we took bus 227 at a rate of RM4.50 to Kota Tinggi bus terminal. But the bus journey was so long - almost one hour to reach there. JB still uses the Old singapore way of bus conductor selling bus tickets where you will go right up to your bus seat, you will tell the bus conductor where you are going and get a ticket. On my bus journey, I saw many kampong-style houses with many plantation.

We took our lunch at a cafe called Y2K cafe at 1.00 pm. Mum and I had chicken rice..the food was yummy and cost only RM4.80 in an aircon cafe with no service charges. After our lunch, we walked across the canel to the "Wang Da Xian" temple. This temple is very famous in HK. We prayed. The temple has the usual gods that you can find in Singapore temple. Well, in my own view, there is nothing special abt this particular temple except that it is quite big..a 3-floor temple, the first floor and the second floor for the temple and the third floor is for the temple's family to stay. The temple is in fact a family-owned temple.

A and Mum also plucked wild-grown Kangkong on our way back. I just ate the kangkong as dinner yesterday, taste good...very tender. I am rather interested and excited when i saw if i had never seen cats in my whole life..ha..i hope these cats have a good life over there...

After our visit to the temple, We went to the nearby shops. Most of the shops were selling cloths. Mum was thinking of buying some cloths for our curtains but she forgot to bring her measurments of our windows so we did not buy eventually. We then went to Kota Tinggi Plaza. Most shops were owned by Malays. Nothing special there also but i bought a pair of pink shoes for RM28 and a hello kitty watch for RM18. The watch is very cute - white face with kitty's face with a heart and the strap is made of kitty's heads.

At 3 plus, we ate again. A recommendede us to eat Nasi at fast food restaurant called "Marybrown". The chilli is very good, not too hot and a bit sweet too. I love it. After our meal, we took the bus at the terminal. A asked around and we took a bus with yellow top. A then asked the price. We pay RM4.50 but the bus ticket show RM3.70. Then we learnt that we paid extra for the bus fares. When A asked the driver why we paid more, the driver raised his voice at poor A. But we had no choice since we had already paid. In the bus, we met this cute uncle whom said he stayed in AMK, a fellow singaporeans. The uncle said that this bus actually went straight to City square in JB so it was much cheaper than our earlier trip. The uncle then taught A and mum how to go to JB next time. A and Mum had a good chat with this cute uncle. Mum asked for the number of this uncle whom is familiar with JB as he had a house and plantation there and went to JB almost every week.

We alighted at City square. Then A asked if we wanted to go to City square. We agreed. The mall is quite big --many things to see but i bought nothing.I was actually tempted to buy the earlings at 3 for RM10 that is so cheap but i cannot made up my mind what to buy. A and mum bought some books of uses of herbs at popular for RM6 each. They were stilling browsing over the herbal books at 8 pm when i suggested that we should leave now as i still need to feed mimi and friends later.

At singapore checkpoint, the officer said that i should update my photo since i "big girl' liao. Actually who does not change after nearly 10 years. My photo was nearly 8 years ago. My passbook wil expires on 2008, duno if i should update photo, but can just update without changing book meh? I do not really think this is possible.

When i reached home, sister told me that Kaka poo on my bed, Yuck...luckily i managed to remove the smell after some rubbing with some detergent. Sister also did not feed the cats, i had to cook dinner for them at 9.50 pm..Sweetie was very hungry and kept meowing at me..poor thing.

A had asked if mum wants to go JB next week, this time, i am taking care of the cats at home while sister may be going with mum.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

To spend or not to spend on skincare products?

Jennifer say:

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Even since i had become a member of flowerpod as one of the baby podders, i had spent close to $100 on skincare and comestic products..Here are the lists:

1) Skinfood ache moderator: Cost -- $3.90 from AMK,guardian - used once, get rid of dead skin and some of my blackheads

2) Skinfood triple firming: Cost --$3.90 from heartland mall,guardian - used once, skin is firm and can get whitehead popping out of skin

3) St Ives Firming Mineral Clay Masque: Cost $6.80 - not used, bought today after 20% discount at Watson, heartland mall. supposed to be super good... *cross fingers*

4) St. Ives medicated scrub : cost $6 plus from CK, kovan - used once,very good, face super smooth after applying.

5) Watson after sun lotion: cost $3.90 after 20% off from watson heartland mall - not used

6) Watson makeup remover wipe: cost 2 for $1.95 at watson, Heartland mall - not used

7) Skilygirl bluser: cost $6.80 from CK, kovan after 20% off - not used, bought today for new addition to makeup set

8) skilygirl loose powder: cost $10.50 from CK, kovan - not bad, used it many times, keep my face matt

9) Simple cleansing lotion: cost $6.50 from beauta spring, hougang - vvv good, using as makeup remover and skin is super soft

10) aleo vera lotion: cost $3.90 from watson, heartland mall - *bump my head* bought the wrong one today, supposed to have bought the 100% AV gel.

11) Za powerblock: cost $10.50 after 20% off from Watson, heartland mall - not used yet, intend to use it on face

12) Za night cream: cost $18.50 after 20% off from Watson, Chinatown - used it almost every night, face is soft every morning.

12) Vaseline: cost $1.80 from He Ji Fa, AMK - used it night time to keep lips soft

13) Cettua nose strips - cost $3.50 from CK, kovan - help to get rid of some of my blackhead too..only used one piece so far.

14) Ginvera green tea lotion - cost $6.50 from Ck, kovan - smell heavenly, not used yet, intend to use it as a sunblock for hands, neck and legs.

15) Apple cider vinegar - cost $6.20 from Cold Storage, hougang mall - used it lot of times, very good, you need to mix the ACV with rosewater, 50% of each. I find it had help me to reduce my oil in my face. I even drank it, nice sour taste. I also put some drop in my cats's drinking water. Mum had said my face is so 'SMELLY'. Anyway, after it dries, the smell will be gone also.

16) rosewater - cost $3.90 from AMK,guardian - used it for mixing with ACV.

This is all my 'collection' of my skincare and comestic products. I had no regret investing on those products as i find they are really useful in helping me to maintain my face. In the past, i had no knowledge of skincare. Now, i had started to become 'vain' and care more abt my face, i do not really want to mention the condtion of my face in my blog, it is just one simple word : BAD.

As the saying said: "There is no ugly woman in the world, there is only lazy woman"

Monday, June 12, 2006

Does we look like our bigger brother?

Does Kaka looks like a baby white tiger cub? same grey fur and same black strips

Does bon bon looks like a black parther? same completely black fur and same yellow eyes Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Presents" from mimi

Jennifer say:

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Today i am supposed to help Auntie Linda caught hold of mimi for sterilization. We agreed to meet at 10.15 down my block. I came down on time and auntie L then get her cat carrier. I went to find mimi and ginger. When i saw mimi, i carried her to find linda.

I am a bit annoyed and irritated with linda sometimes or dozens of times..when i took mimi close to linda, linda kept asking me to carry mimi to the void deck..i told her to put the damn cage down so that i can tried to pop mimi inside the cage..then mimi hit his legs and left two long scratches on my hands..luckily, it is not bleeding... mum is scolding me that if i keep getting scratches, i will be 'tai go' (hokkein- meaning my hands will be ruined by the scratches that may have scars) in near future.

After the failed mission to 'capture' mimi, Auntie linda kept 'commanding' me...

"put the food inside the carrier"
"dun catch his neck"
"give him chicken soup"

All this of course failed to catch mimi...

Then linda started to nag at me...

Blah blah blah...i am particularly annoyed by her comment that next time i should be smart and put the food right inside the carrier. When she said this, i replied that why dun she use her own food and caught mimi herself. She said something like mimi only LIKE to find me for food..HELLO linda, mimi also come to find you at night lol. It is like my fault that mimi is not caught today.

She also said that mimi may struggle inside the cage if i carry him to the vet next time. maybe i should take a taxi when i take mimi to the vet..i am thinking maybe next time i will not help you to catch mimi or take him for sterilization or maybe i will not want to have anything to do with you next time..Then Auntie Linda said if 3 times failed to catch mimi, she will leave him unsterilized and let him be in the hands of town council officers.

Actually i am thinking that if CWS cat trap will work for mimi since he is such a 'stubborn' cat....hopefully mimi next arrangment for sterilization on next thur, 22 june will be successful..

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Animal study - parts and uses of sweetie's body

Top left: head and body turned upwards with eyes looking at you, ready to scratch you if u touch her
centre: Big fat round eyes that look at you for food, pet, fighting with DD or pretending to be an angel cat
right: fat round head that ignore you if you scold her...will turn her head away when you stare too long at her lovely face..must have feel 'malu' when we stare at her too long.

Centre left: Fat body, wil flatten when she is sitting or lieing on the sofa..she has the look of the star war yoda when she flatten her ears and body at the same time.
centre: Legs for running away from you when you ask her to sleep, and running at you for food and running away from kaka and bon bon.
right: fat paws for scratching you and boxing DD

Bottom left: Round bob tail so that mum will be 'tricked' to adopt her as our offical resident cat..her most prized asset of her body, touch her tail and she will return a scratch as ur reward.
centre: bellywith four legs in the air when sleeping or being notty
right: head on one side for pet when we asked her to lie on floor to sayang.

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A nice poem composed by my sister...

Jennifer say:

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This is a peom taken from my sister's blog, i will not post the link since sister will only want a friend-visited blog only. Date of blog was on September 03, 2005. That time, dad was still taking sweetie downstairs to pee and we had managed to toilet train sweetie. If u had read my earlier posts, sweetie always follow us back to the lift after dad took her downstairs..

Wake up before dawn breaks,
time to go down for a pee.
It's time to be a stray cat again!
Roll around on the cool morning grass
Peek-a-boo from under the drain.

When the coast is clear (look left, look right)
Dashes out!
Follow papa into the lift,
dashing out only when it says "Storey eight, going up. Di-di-di-di..."
Hose down after that.

A simple meal with a simple meow
before lazing by the window ledge
Busk in the morning sun
While watching the mynahs fly by.
Reminiscing the stray cat days...

Thirsty?Fret not."Meow!"
Comes a mug of water (quite a big one!)
Snooze the whole day on the bed,
enjoy the pillow
just like uscurls up like a caterpillar
when it's cold
waking up
just for a sai-yang
or to lie on the sofa
Papa, Mama, Jiejie, Gor-gor, Pang4 Jiejie (A-Jia)
"Meow" is the answer for all things

I know human language!
greetings, replies, asking for food
Eating is the favourite time of the day!
Clang Clang - bbq fish on the stove
Wait patientlyfollow eagerly.
Quickly!when the food is ready to serve.

What's life without a little challenge?
Time for a fight with other cats downstairs!
Baby, Jackfruit, Ginger, Ring Ring, Xiaobai, Black Cat, White Cat
All foes, 'cept for Xiao3 Wai1 Tou2
Cockroaches, ants, mops, clothes clippers, "tailess bear", pineapple leaf...
Any thing that can be dribbled around
Just some of my toysGrooooommmmm....

Cleans the body day in day out.
My nose gets cleaned by A-jia too!
Flitting here and there with effortless poise and grace
Out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.
My scent must be left everywhere!
Rubs each corner of the house.
Scratch the chair to make my nails nice
much to the chagrin of the others.

I don't need to walk sometimes
I get carried around like a little baby.

When the light is slight
the eyes get big and round.
When it's bright
they become a thin line

Wink my eyes at people
Ears that receive any sound just like radar!
Flatten my ears when I am patted

So many tricks up my bag!
They say I look more like a cow
Two mountains on my body, or valleys rather.

What's my name?Sweetie aka Bon Bon Cat aka Xiao3Niu2 aka Tweety aka Huai4 Dan4 aka Yoda Yoda!.
A cat's life.
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