Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#30/2014★ Getai Performanace @实龙岗三道大牌267 on 29.07.2014, 农历 ~ 七月初三★ event ~实龙岗237合興社★ Host: Lan Tian & Xu Qiong Fang★新蚱蜢乐队★无招牌舞台秀★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai: Open field area, no tentage, tall grass area

 ★TIME watched :9.00 to 10.30pm

 ★My POSITION: Centre position

 ★Me about tonight getai: Went late but i just wanted to see Lan Tian today. I Quite like his singing, pity he only sing duel 1 song with Xie Jin shi. Whatever song Lan Tian had, i will record even for repeated songs. He is quite professional, although certain ppl do not enjoy his way of hosting..but for me, i quite like..i think all those singers with 'Tian', i like..only got that two i like.. LOL

 ★Videos TONIGHT: 6 videos,Centre recording, Tripod

 ★Favourite Videos Tonight: 林晓婷 ~ 叫阮的名 - I like this song very much, i think xiao Ting sing this song very well. She had sing Dent Zi Qi competition song that i also like but i find the music louder than the mic..next time will record her that can song. Anyway today is the first time i hear that can song"喜欢你“...nice can song that i never record.

Monday, July 28, 2014

#29/2014★ Getai Performanace @实龙岗中路大牌207 on 28.07.2014, 农历 ~ 七月初二★ event ~通顺中元会★ Host: Lu Wei Lun★神风大乐队★莲心歌台秀★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai: Small area, no space to watch if you are late.Limited chairs as a result of location-wise.

 ★TIME watched :7.30 to 8.30 pm

 ★My POSITION: Centre position

 ★Me about tonight getai: Today is the second day of 7th Month. Went to serangoon central to watch. I do not like this area, very small. Luckily today is a public holiday, if working day at weekday, maybe i will skip this tai. I am quite early today, by 7pm, i had parked myself there. Cannot stand the crowd, luckily anddi singing is at 8.10, not too bad..I do not need to wait too long.

 ★Videos TONIGHT: 5 videos,Centre recording, Freehand for bao en, Tripod for Anddi

 ★Favourite Videos Tonight: -

Friday, July 25, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙,新加坡小洞天歌仔戏团- 戏名:穆桂英挂帅破洪洲, 25.07.2014,农历 ~ 六月二九

Jennifer say:

Tonight story: Frankly i sort of knew today story, quite direct mah, 穆桂英挂帅破洪洲 so do not need to give story summary. While the taiwan actress do a great show, the act is a bit too dragging, cannot stand watching the same screen for more than 15 min. A bit disappointed tonight. Still i like the taiwan actress tonight, they are good.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7633_zps49f74e10.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7636_zpsee2fd094.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7638_zps08429543.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7641_zps0982b6ab.jpg

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#28/2014★ Getai Performanace @德福10巷大牌1 on 20.07.2014, 农历 ~ 六月二四★ event ~三教法山岩★ Host: Wang Lei★飞鹰大乐队★丽星娛乐制作★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ TODAY Getai: No tentage, no enough chairs.Think coz tonight got limited tais.

 ★TIME watched :7.50 to 10.40 pm

 ★My POSITION: Rear position

 ★Me about tonight getai: Went to watch coz tonight is xiewen last night in getai. Quite worthwhile to record the full 30 min video on xiewen interview with his shifu, wang lei and all his 4 songs. This is my last present to him also, i guess. hope he will be successful in his new career.

 ★Videos TONIGHT: 13 videos,rear recording, Tripod

 ★Favourite Videos Tonight: Xiewen last night in getai - Full 32.20 min and Lin Shi Ling - 祈禱你平安

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#27/2014★ Getai Performanace @Northstar@AMK on 16.7..2014,农历 ~ 六月二十★ event ~恊靈壇★ Host: Xu Qiong Fang★威乐斯大乐队★丽星娛乐制作★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ TODAY Getai: Full tentage, No crowd tonight coz all the crowd went other places..love this fact.

 ★TIME watched :8.00 to 9.15 pm

 ★My POSITION: Front position ★Me about tonight getai: This year,恊靈壇 placed its stage middle of the carpark instead of side like last year. Middle of the road meant there are more space to watch. I love tonight getai feel, no 千年老妖s..no crowd...i walk super near to watch. The only cons is half of the stage are blocked and if the singer walk too far in, the video will be blocked by tentage poles. I am glad anddi knew this fact, he never walk right into the other side of the stage, all his videos are very clear, no block. Love anddi's performance tonight, i long time never got this 'love songs' feeling.

 ★Videos TONIGHT: 5 videos,Front recording, Freehand

 ★Favourite Videos Tonight: Anddi - 心声泪痕. Love this old song.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙,新加坡新燕玲歌剧团- 戏名:霸王莊,12.07.14, 农历六月十六

Jennifer say:

Watched 新加坡新燕玲歌剧团. Still okay opera performance. No special wow feel tonight. Maybe the storyline is kinda boring to me. Lazy to post photos, just post plain entry only. I think the story is complicated...i forgot what i watch...hahahaha

Tonight story: A woman was forced to marry the son of 霸王莊. while she had a lover, she was forced to marry. Her husband is actually very nice-hearted guy. He saved the woman's husband one day when the lover entered 霸王莊 to find the woman. The lover later murdered the son's uncle. The father thought the son killed his brother. Hated developed between son and father. years later, the son renuited with the father. He told the father the truth and blind his own eyes in the end.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

#26/2014★ Getai Performanace @Defu Lan 10, Blk 1 on 08.07..2014,农历 ~ 六月十二★ event ~福圣府★ Host: Hao Hao★时代乐队★划越娱乐制作 (情深舞台秀)★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai: No tentage, lot of chairs

 ★TIME watched :9.00 to 10.300 pm

 ★My POSITION: Rear position

 ★Me about tonight getai: Missed getai so i just went to watch. No particular singer that i wan or wish to watch a lot..just miss watching getai..I HATED blogger and youtube not-stop advertisement. It autolink all my entry to rubbish advertisement page.

 ★Videos TONIGHT: 5 videos,Rear recording, Freehand

 ★Favourite Videos Tonight: -

Saturday, July 05, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙, 新加坡筱麒麟剧团- 戏名:收妖,05.07.14, 农历六月初九

Jennifer say:

Tonight is the last night of xiao fei xia performance. Yesterday had a wonderful gathering with my ex-classmates. We had not meet for over 10 years.

Tonight story: Tonight tell the story of a gentle and good hearted centipede whom save the life of her lover from the evil oyster spirit. In the end, the centipede died but was promised by goddness of mercy to be able to reborn as a human and continued the love with her lover afterlife.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7555_zps30a7f7d7.jpg Evil oyster spirit

 photo watermarked-DSCN7558_zpscdf88ebb.jpg Gentle centipede spirit

 photo watermarked-DSCN7566_zpsfe75022a.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7569_zps336d6b40.jpg 周公子

 photo watermarked-DSCN7576_zpsfbb9c4c7.jpg Centipede spirit and zhou loved each other at first sight.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7581_zps24b2292f.jpg Centipede spirit play with the priest whom

 photo watermarked-DSCN7583_zpse76c203e.jpg After helping zhou to find back his 3 魂, she fight with the oyster spirit and was gravely injured by him.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7590_zps5b4e84f7.jpg 观音娘娘 wss touched by the centipede kindness and promised her an human afterlife.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙, 新加坡筱麒麟剧团- 戏名:孫臏下山,01.07.14, 农历六月初五

Jennifer say:

Today went to Sheng hong temple to watch opera. i seldom went on weekdays. today was an exception coz i really like 小飞霞 opera troupe. Really good performance Esp today is funny. I am late tonight so only watch from 9.15 to 1035 pm.

Tonight story: This story told how wise sun bin taught a officer how to get the wealth of the princess's husband. In one plot, The princess husband whom wanted to catch sun bin thought he was hiding in the officer;s house inside a chest. Whom know, the officer went to find the emperor accusing the 附马 of stealing his wealth. In the end, the emperor ordered the 附马 to fill the chest with all his own wealth. In an second plot, the stupid 附马 ran into the officer' house and was accused of killing the nanny of the officer. Unknown to 附马, the nanny already died. In the end, the princess had to beg the ermporor to spare the 附马 life. In exchange, princess and 附马 must cry as 孝孙 for the officer. The stupid 附马 then accused the officer of hiding sun bin inside the coffin. At the emperor, the ooffin was empty. The 附马 died of anger in the end.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7542_zps9553c430.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7551_zpsef5521bd.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7545_zps9c400059.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7547_zps492bdd0f.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7550_zps5a7be038.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7553_zps69c5eb2b.jpg

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