Thursday, September 22, 2005

Farewell Hamie, crossing the Rainbow Bridge on 21 Sept 2005

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Hamie our lone hamster had cross the rainbow bridge to join his wife, hamham on 21 is so sad to see his little body in the sand area..duno whether he died of becoz he had used up all his energy tying to escape from the sand area or he was old and the angels at rainbow bridge had waved to him to join them...

well..mum had said NO more hamsters from now onwards.. i considering that i may no longer had hamster as i now got a big cat and a tiny kitten to take care... too time consuming also and i feel guilty neglecting hamsters....

but i got a bag of wood, sands, and food that gone wastered..maybe can give someone in HH but HH is a strange place..if they saw i selling pine woods, some one will say: hamster not supposed to live in pine..they can onli stay in carefresh..see this links:
the noS of HH members whom said how GOOD carefresh really expensive to buy carefresh also..i think it cost more than $10 for a pack of duno how heavy...

I placed a memory section for hamie in HH...farewell hamie..i will always miss you..or as HB said in her signi: you are always in my mind... i look at ur fotos...and hamham always and remember how well you two are now in rainbow bridge joining feifei and lohan fishes..and goldfishes...All our pets (used to be)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Ways of mischief and Tricks--casting Sweetie Neo

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Decided that OLD is good

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i using back my old template..the new one really lousy..i love the picture, everything but my chinese word cannot be i decided old template is better

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Changing my template

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i goin to change my i am just testing the new template before i edited all my nice nice icon back into this new template..

and i goin to shift the image down, change bigger font and change to blue colour for the words..maybe have a light blue background replaced easy when i got basic html skills..

Friday, September 09, 2005

Romance of the "Return of the condor heros"

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天南地北双飞客, 老翅几会飞寒暑
君应有语, 渺万里层云
千山万雪, 只影响谁去

At last, i managed to get this nice poem but heart breaking poem from 神雕侠侣 where the evil 李莫愁 said this poem in the first esp.

I recently watched the whole series of RCH (short for return of condor heros)..i watched all previous series by 刘德华, 古天乐 and 任贤齐. The one i watched recently is the 1995 series by 古天乐 and 李若彤.

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古天乐 as 杨 过 in 1995 version

Wow, i really love 古天乐 role as 杨 过. He super hero and cute..that time, he still look like a fresh compared to him in 寻秦记 where he looked like justice bao.

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黄晓明 as 杨 过 in China version.

I do not really like china version of 杨 过. For one thing, the hair is such a horror mess. Note that the hair become messy after 杨 过 got seperated from 小龙女. The guy look handsome (or at least what his foto tell me) without messy hair..i wonder why the mess after the loss of a hand.

I view the earlier verison of andy in a free preview website, dun really like andy and 陈玉莲. Maybe their custom looked a bit out of place... not really used to seeing them in older custom and a young.. v young andy lau. The singapore verison played by F and C is worse..the F looked like she got dirt on her hair...and C looked too old to be 杨 过. Anyway i loved Hong Kong verison better.

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陈玉莲 in the 1983 version. She look quite sweet in the foto.

Fotos from: (andy lau and yu lian foto)
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See how young andy looked in the 1983 version.

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1998 version played by 任贤齐 and 吴倩莲

The 1998 version looked werid now that i review it in fotos..firstly, 任贤齐 dun really have the type of a 'hero' look unlike andy and khoo. secondly, i find the colour of 小龙女 where wu wear black is seem evil, not pure as the role of 小龙女 is supposed to be. i think the noval written by jing yong protrayed 小龙女 to be wearing pure white instead of evil black. The book mentioned that 小龙女 should be‘不食人间烟火' where she appear to be cold outside but warm inside. 吴倩莲 would have played the role better if she appear totally white since she has a cold face too.

But i liked李若彤 as 小龙女. Some review i read said that lee'e eyes look empty as 姑姑 to yang but i think living in the tomb for 16 years without seeing any guys, her eyes should look empty while she speaking.

here is a picture of her:
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Here a foto of 古天乐 and 李若彤:
This picture is the final esp where both of them reunion after seperation for 16 years.

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I love the final parting word of 杨 过 when 老玩童 asked him why he needed to leave:
he mentioned:


Even this words touching.. yeah..only love live in this world even though we were history.

however, i did not liked the character or rather the faces of 郭靖. He did not seem like a super hero to me with the face... i find him to be too fat..

I did some research on how many series are there in RCH..

still, my favorite is 1995. I read that China is filming or had completing its own series. The 小龙女 acteress is the same as the gal in 天隆八部..the china verison i watched earlier where she act as 王语焉.

here a foto of the China verison found in:

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The guy in this series can be found in the above website.Other related website included:

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This is the word encave in the 绝情谷 where 小龙女 asked 杨 过 to wait for her to meet in the same place 16 years later.
“十年后, 在以相会,

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This is China 小龙女 where she is trapped under 绝情谷底. She looked ok to me but since i did not watched her version yet, i cannot review.

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刘亦菲 as 小龙女 in China version.

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China verison of 郭蘘 looked so sweet, i rather love her cute face.. guo xiang is supposed to be cute since she playing the role of a 16 year girl. Her name xiang came from the china city of 襄阳城 where her father guo jing needed to guard against invasion.

This is the 1995 version:
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Guo xiang will later be the leader of 峨嵋派 where she remained a nun thoughout her whole life. It seems the guo xiang admired or even loved 杨 过 to the extent of not marrying.

I find the 1995 xiang ok but the foto in the china one look more sweet, i think it is because of the modern custom.

This is a review of which actors played a better role in the RCH. (merge the two link as it taking too much space for me to combine)

This is a review of all Jing Yong actors reviews:(beware of pop up ads)

well..i writng my blog for 2 hours..while surfing for RCH info..i started at 11 plus and ended at 2.50am..going to watch 射雕 when i got time..then i begin a whole list of 射雕 info again..hee
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