Sunday, December 30, 2007

How many other names does Your cat has?

Jennifer say:

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Here is what my cats are also known as:

1) Sweetie : Fei Lao (just a name created recently by sister)

2) DD : DDX, 熊DD or DD 熊 ( new names created by sister long time ago)

3) KK: KK gong gong ( a name called by my brother)

4) Ah Du: Ah Kueh (Mum way of calling) , Thiru (I loved to emphazis on the 'Ru' sound, this name is called by sister now), We had no longer used the name, Ah Du ages ago.

5) Wang Wang (旺旺): - Wang zai(旺仔) - mum way of calling but actually wangzai is WangWang brother

6) Xiami: Xiami baby boy ( Sister's way of calling but xiami is actually a ginger tabby according to sister as xiami got stripes on its body), Ha Bi (my way of calling)

7) XianXian: 仙仙姑娘 (called by me), 小黑鼻子 (called by Brother)

8) HeHe(pronounced as 和和) : HeHe ( as in He He --as when pronounced in English, called by me and sister)

9) Money: - None (He used to be called Mali by its ex-foster mummy, using 'ex' as foster mummy is not able to take care of him now)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

歌仔戏- 游白楼 - 22 Sat Dec 2007 & 金收楼折- 24 Dec - 新樱风歌仔戏

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Sat, the three of us, dad, mum and i went to Cheng huang temple to watch ge zai xi again. We had bought 2 advanced tickets tml.

I loved the story plot yesterday.

游白楼 - 22 Sat
The story:

Lou and his sister lost a battle where their dad also died in that battle. Out of no choice, Lou had to beg his cousin, He hui yi(i shall called him 'H') to allow him to stay in his house. H was a middle age single man with a humpback and a slanted mouth but he was a very kind-hearted man. H allowed lou to stay in his house where Lou only needed to serve He drinks only.

One day, H was touring the white tower near his place when he saw a young maiden, called bai xiuying. He was captured by Bai's beauty. Immediately when H asked for a matchmaker, mei to go to ask for marriage with the bai house. Mei went to bai house and discussed with bai'brother, Y. Bai xiuying only agreed to the marriage posposal if H can wear a white rode and ride a white horse, touring the white tower at a arranged date.

When H knew of Xiuying's condition, H was worried. H knew that he stand little chance as he was humpback. So mei suggested to H to let Lou go on his behalf. Lou refused initally but when H said that Lou was ungrateful to H' kindness, lou had little choice but to attend the meeting.

At the white tower meeting, Xiuying saw Lou - a decent, good looking guy and fall in love with him at first sight. The marriage was agreed but xiuying wanted only lou to come to her house to take her on the big day. H again wanted Lou to go but lou refused a second time. Mei then suggested H to fake a death. Lou on seeing that H wished to die, agreed a second time to go to bai' house to take xiuying home.

On the big day, there was a heavy rain, washing away the bridge. Y suggested his sister and her newly husband to stay in their house to spend the night together instead. Lou also loved xiuying at first sight but mei said that his new bride belonged to his cousin, H. Lou was forced to sleep on the chair with mei. Mei tied a cloth to her waist and attacted it on Lou's waist, thinking that nothing will happened since they were tied together. In the middle of the night when mei was sleeping, xiuying woke up lou and asked him to go to bed together. Xiuying then tied the cloth to a chair and both of them spend the night together. In the morning, mei found out about this and told xiuying that actually Lou was not called 'he hui yi'. Lou told his wife the turth and together, revealed the turth to xiuying's brother.

H was annoyed when mei told him the truth that his cousin had stolen his supposed wife. H marched to bai'house. Xiuying brother, Y told him that what's done cannot be undone but H refused to give out. Then out of irriration because of H'constant arguement, Y asked H to go and died. H was upset and went to jump over the high mountain to commit suicide.

One day, lou and xiuying was touring the forest when they met robbers whom tried to murder them. Lou was rescused by his sister while xiuying fall into the sea and were rescused by a duke's daughter, named lee.

Meanwhile, H did not died as a fairy seeing that H lifespan in earth had not expired, saved him, giving him a new look and cured his humpback. H returned to earth and become the scholar. He seeked revenge with lou. Lou was arrested by H and was shocked when H told him his real identify. Y then seeked the Duke for help to rescue Lou. The duke being a more senior position than H, told H that this misunderstanding was all H's fault for letting Lou to go to the marriage on H's behalf. The duke daughter was actually Lee whom rescused xiuying earlier. The duke suggested his own daughter's marraige to H. He on seeing that Lee was a beauty and was a rich missy with a powerful dad, agreed to the marriage. The duke also arranged for Y to marry Lou' sister.

The story ended with 3 pairs of newly matched couples


金收楼折- 24 Dec

Today story is also quite interestin story is also quite interesting with is also quite interesting with a happy ending.

The story:

Jin and Jin's sister, ying tao, Zhou Ming and his sister, Zhou Jun and Ying and his sister and Cao Ming had all just graduated from the school.

Jin and his sister were children of a very rich and powerful warlord, thus this made them to be a very big bullies.

Both Ying and Jin loved Zhou Jun but for Zhou Jun, she only loved Cao Ming. She expressed her love for Cao Ming and they agreed to marry once Cao Ming become a scholar. Zhou Jun secretly stole 50 silver from her house to give to Cao Ming for his journey to the capital to take part in the imperial exams.

After meeting Cao Ming's mother, Jun and Ming parted ways after a nigh stay together as husband and wife. Meanwhile, Both Ying and Jin decided to express their love for Zhou Jun.

However, Zhou Ming rejected Jin's expression for Zhou Jun love once he leanrt that his sister had already had someone in her heart. Jin was very angry and vowed to take revenge. So Jin asked his powerful warlord father to accuss Zhou Ming of stealing something.

Zhou Ming asked a advisor that was also his good friend to be a witness that he was a good person with no intention of stealing. However, Jin's father refused to believe him and Yin and Ming fought. Unintentionally, Zhou Ming accidentally killed the advisor.

Jin and his father then took the chance to arrest Zhou Ming whom escaped to Ying's house. Ying agreed pay Yin 100 silver in exchange for Zhou Ming 's freedom.

Yin manged to get Zhou Ming house title and Yin's sister jewels to raise the 100 silvers due in 3 days. On the 3 day, Yin bought the money to Jin's father. However, JIn's father said that he wanted cash only. Yin said that the money that Yin gave was only 80 silver and wanted the extra 20 silver within 10 days.

Secretly, Jin sent someone to burn Zhou Ming's house. Zhou Jun escaped but her brother, Zhou Jun was captured by Jin. Jin told Zhou Ming that Ying had not help him to pay the money. Zhou Ming and Jin fought and Zhou ming managed to escape.

Zhou Ming in a fury went to find Ying and blind Ying's eyes. Ying's sister explained that they had helped Zhou Ming in fact and it was then that Zhou Ming realized that he had wronged the wrong person. Zhou Ming wanted to kill himself but Ying 's sister said that he should seek revenge.

Cao Ming managed to secure a scholar home. When he went to find Zhou Jun, he found that their house was gone. Jin's sister, Ying tao loved cao ming when she learnt that Ming was now a scholar. She lied to Cao ming's mother that Zhou Jun had commited a crime and Cao ming would be dragged into provety if Cao ming wanted to be with her. So Ming's mother agreed to let Ying tao be Cao Ming's wife. Cao Ming refused but his mum theatened him with her death. Out of no choice, Cao Ming agreed to the marriage.

Zhou Ming found Jin one day and wanted to kill him. However, Zhou Ming was outnumbered and was badly wounded. He was saved by a woman robber
Zhou Jun returned to Cao Ming house and found that he was already married. On her way out, she met Jin whom tried to murder her.

Zhou Jun fall off the cliff and was found by Ying. Jun gave birth to a son and upon hearing that Ying became blind because of her brother, She cried and become blind too.

Zhou Jun become a massenger to earn money for her and her son. One day, Zhou Jun met Cao ming. As jun was blind, she did not know that that person was Cao Ming> She told Ming her sad past and Ming realized that the blind woman was actually Zhou Jun whom was not dead.

Ming followed Jun home and they reunited. Ying tao sent her brother to find Cao Ming. When Zhou Jun ran for her life, she met her brother, zhou ming. Ying tao, and her brother fought with Zhou Ming. By accident, Jin killed Ying tao. Jin was captured too.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

90th anniversary Temple Celebration @ 韭菜芭城隍廟- 90th anniversary

Jennifer say:
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Today, mum and i went to Cheng Huang temple( 韭菜芭城隍廟) , the one near Geylang Police station to see the temple celebrations. Mum said that the gods at the temple would went out on tour(游巡)to five different temples today, the last temple is at the one at Jurong temple before all of the temple representatives will return to Cheng Huang temple again. There are a number of temple representatives from Countries from Fuijian, Taiwan,Hong kong and our own, singapore.

We arrived at the temple @ 9.40 am. We managed to see this Gaint Lion. It took 2 strong guys to hold the gaint head. I am not too sure where this gaint lion is from. I think this does not looked like a made- in -singapore product as i did not often seen this gaint 舞狮 before but this is definitely a eye-opening for me.

This is the banner of the Cheng Huang Temple.

Next, we saw the 大头娃娃. I had not seen big head wa wa for so long.

The next representatives is from the Singapore Opera, called '筱麒麟‘ Mum had said that the Singapore opera group had beautiful clothing but i do not like to watch Singapore Opera, ge zai xi. The main reason is because i find it funny that a 50 plus woman can act as maiden in the opera. Since young singaporeans today do not enjoy opera and not to say enter this line, the opera in singpore is a dying culture. So auntie need to be maidens all the time. In the photos below, they are acting as 八仙.

The next temple representatives are from taiwan. I find their representatives to be the most special. Mum had said that those guys are acting as a messenger of god as they had painted their faces and holding some scroll.

The last is the gods inside Cheng Huang Temple. The gods will be taking a tour outside the temple and returning again at night time.

We left the temple after eating some bee hoon and soya bead drink that are given free. We returned home at 1 plus.

We returned to the temple at night to watch taiwan opera. In celebration for their 90th anniversary, The temple had invited two Taiwan troops. 新櫻鳳歌仔戲團 will be preforming from 10 December to 29 December, ticket is $5 and $10. 明華園戲劇團 will be performing for eight days from 31 December to 7 Jan 2008, ticket is $10 and $20. I remember 明華園 performed last year at the esplanade and received good reviews from the media but i never went to watch any opera performance at the esplanade as the tickets are too expensive.

Below is some of the photos that i captured. I did not get a good view as i am sitting at the 'T' seat and my ticket is only $5. Tonight performance is "画皮".

The story if u love laozai story should be familiar: scholar met ghost, ghost try to murder him, priest caught the ghost. For the taiwan opera today, the ghost become a thousand old vixen whom attacked the scholar because the scholar brother had killed one of the male fox.

The opera ended at 11 pm. When we went out of the opera area, we saw that the very last of temple representatives had came back from their tour. We only saw the taiwan temples representatives and the Cheng Huang temple gods.

The taiwan representatives at night

This guy from taiwan is blowing a long horn. The sound produced sound like those that u heard in TVB war drama - war horn。
Cheng Huang god returning to the temple. Here, those guys are praying to the main gods inside the temple.

The colourful 花车

Saturday, December 01, 2007

More on Money the Cat

Jennifer say:

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Money: Yes, Yes, I am listening. Please continue Your NAGS to advice me not to eat too much food

Money: I Think i am better, not more breathing by my mouth but need to do a review with Uncle Vet

Money: The Key to a happy cat life is to eat and eat like me....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rating for my blog

RJennifer say:

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I should be honoured.....but hmm... sometimes really feel like swearing at some jerk in my workplace but need to hold my tongue... That's life and i never swear in public.....

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Look whom's back?

Our Dear Money is with us again

He is better, no longer breathing from his mouth

He can eat a lot

Jennifer say:

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Money is back with us since Monday because his foster mummy need to travel. I am the temp mummy. Sister had asked me if Money will be 'PR' or ' immigrant'? i am not too sure ler. Maybe PR lor but it all depends on his foster mummy decision. There is a high chance that money will be our PR in our house.

Money had been taking medicine for 20 days since 7 November. We do hope that the fluid in his lungs will be clear by the end of his medication. There are four more days of medication left for Money before we need to send him to the vet again for review. But i think that we will wait for foster mummy to come back from singapore before we decide.


BTW, if u read sister blog, xiami eyelashes are giving her trouble again. Today, the vet had plucked two eyelashes from her eye. Sister had said that xiami did not cry nor protested strongly. Brave and good girl. She will need to wear her E-collar till her eye is better.

Xiami looking very sad....Xiami was asking me why she had to be 大头again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Standing, Wondering And Thinking: When When When???

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Sister had left for Beijing for one week, leaving me with the notty notty kitties. Meanwhile....

Xiami was wondering why is sister gone for 1 day?

Ah go go was thinking will fat sister remember her when she saw go go next wed?

DDX is suddenly now with cat flu. I had feed her vibravet twice per day. Her condition should be better in 5 days time. So far, i had fed her two days. I had also slept with her in blood room to keep her company at night.

Sweetie had discovered that DD had suddenly disapeared for 2 days. Just now, she entered blood room and saw DDX on the bed. Sweetie made a cheerful meow and jumped on the bed to join DD before i dragged sweetie off the bed and put her outside in the living room. Sweetie gave me a 'gu lian dan' face.

Xian Xian, Hehe are still as playful as usual. In the afternoon, mum fed them chicken rice - i think mum spolited them by feeding them each time they jumped up and down.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Me & My endless numbers of earings

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Today, I had lunch with an ex-classmate. I had not seen her like for 4 years. It is a joy to see her again. We had lunch at 'New York New York' @ AMK hub. Food is so so as i find my fish and chips to be nothing special as the one that i always eat that cost only a mere $4.50 while NY cost $9.90. We were grumbling about our poor pathetic working life. Actually me got not much to complain - except hor, the 'C' whom is our king.

What more to complain when

1) working place is only 7 min walk from home,

2) lunch (healthy one ok, NO MSG) at home for lunch hour - can also use this precious 40 min to sayang kitties.

3) 14 min walking from office to home, from home to office, it is a good form of walking ok, brisk walking. I think i am cheating myself by not exercising at all.I can walk very fast if i want to. My family, colleagues had all commented that i walk super fast. Maybe that is why i got super oily face - YUCKs.

My friend, X was complaining abt how all her work seem to be endless. Poor her had to come home close to ten plus almost daily, unlike me -上班一条虫,下班一条龙。 Ya, me very '龙' one, alway leave work place on the dot. But occasionally, i finished work half an hour later. But compared to X, i felt fortunate.

After our lunch and 1 hour of talking, we left NY and walked around AMK hub. I bought myself these earrings(below). The SA did not bothered to give me a proper plastic bag for me to do free promotion on my blog so i did not know what is their shop name. Also i am very cheapo - expensive one that cost $21 for 1 pair, i did not buy... I bought those that cost 3 for $5. I do know recycle recycle but at least had some of ur shop logo on the tiny plastic bag that was used to put the 3 earings. I was telling X that i siao one - see got anything with cat face or cat image, must buy but i of course mind the price tag behind the items - 能省就省.
I was almost tempted to buy a maria cat touch light key chain that cost $6.95 but i reminded myself of the 能省就省 theroy. Actually sister also like that, do not know why she bought that xiami clone jigsaw. We did not nailed it on the wall anyway so it is just left anywhere to collect dust.

1 cat earring - full length cat

1 kitty face one and 1 dolphin

This is my earrings box. Mum was saying why u bought earrings when u know how to make one urself. Me said:"No lar, not the same ma, those one is stubs one."

This is bought by sister. It is quite heavy so no one got any chance to wear it as we do not want to risk making our earlobes hole to widen. And we do not have any intention to put a big round button on our open earlobes hole(if we happen to have one). If u read the gossip zao bao, you would read the freaking weird guy that purposly widen his earlobes hole so that he can put 20 cents diameter -wide round earring on his ear.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


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Standing Xiami

Jigsaw of a Xiami clone

Jennifer say:

Sister managed to 'fool' a number of ppl in her blog when she asked them to see the before and after picture of xiami. The clone did look like xiami except the clone got bigger eyes unlike xiami's 咪咪眼。

Sister bought a number of toys from Diaso. Xiami love a feather stick that sister bought. Xiami would stand on both her hind legs to try to touch the feather. But one thing about this feather toy, it will smell of xiami saliva at the end of the day. It is fun to see xiami doing a bit of exercise jumping here and there and standing on hind legs. She is so fat and round nowaday. Sleep whole day without any exercise.

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