Saturday, September 30, 2006

First Time Volunteer experience at CWS booth

Today, i woke up at 7.10am to cook for my furry pals, took them for pee/poo and do some housework. I did not sleep well yesterday, went to bed at 1 plus and kept hearing my living room's clock strike 2, 2.30 and 3 am. Then i fall asleep. I guessed i am excited about today's event.

Sister and I went out at around 9 and reached Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza at 10 for the AVA Roadshow. We said hi to coboypb and get to know 5-cat style. We also get to know michelle, the president of CWS and we get to see dawn for the first time. Sister was telling me when we left the place that dawn looked a bit like Auntie Linda.. ha...

I do enjoy this whole new experience
Yes, i love chatting to cat lovers. There is this uncle that showed me a photograph of his cat that he told me was lost for sometime. This uncle thought that he can be able to find back his lost kitty in the roadshow - a bit like Finding a Needle in a Haystack since he do not know what had happened to his cat in the first place. It is just missing. He said his cat is like family member to him - it may be killed.

There is another auntie that kindly donated $20 to the society and then she told me that all tipped ear cats should not be caught and put to sleep. Apparently, her TC caught tipped ear cats and she was very annoyed with them.

Sister talked to a teacher whom said her students kept bringing her homeless cats and the teacher kept sending them to SPCA as she do not know what to do with homeless cats - so sad, one good deed leads to unknown fate of the poor cats.

We met Jean Danker from Class 95 whom is also a cat lover- oh, she is so friendly and sweet, i liked her. We sold lot of T-shirts. We also visited the other booths.

This is how our CWS booth looked like.

You can see our T-shirts, mugs and photos of me---ha...

I think this is the Rabbit society that had only one rabbit inside the cage. Her fur is extremely soft.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Extra-Large posters at the roadshow... The calico looked a bit like DD except DD do not have black patches on her face.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Do not get pets on impluse..A Pet's For Life....

After We left at 2 pm
We left the roadshow at 2 pm and took the train already to AMK when sister said that she need to make payment at Bishan sport hall as today is the last day for the dicount fees. We took back the train and took a long walk to the sport hall. Then we ate lunch at 3 pm at Bishan before returning to AMK. Back at AMK, sister bought a pair of shoes from an extremely rude sales assistant asked sister to find her own shoe size just because the SA was not in charge of that area. This is what so 'high standard of customer service' that singapore is trying to promote. Anyway, sister still bought the shoe.

Next, we went to look for handphone. Both sister and I are still using the 'ah-ma age' phone with no colour, no WAP, nothing but the type of normal phone that you used at your home. We visited 4 to 5 outlets..some of the SA looked like 'ah-beng'-smoking and chatting with some similar 'ah bengs' and we choose not to go to that store. We finally went to a mini-store. The phone i liked is not in sale so the SA asked me to buy another type -motorola L6. Sister, a die-hard fan of Nokia also ended up buying the same phone as me as it is much cheaper.

When we reached home, sweetie is very happy to see me, she rolled on the floor. KK meowed at me to demand for food. Mum told me that she had feed all four of them dry food. Sweetie had a panic attack later at night when clumsy sister dropped a metal cover on the floor with a loud crash. Poor sweetie hide under the sofa for half an hour and then jumped to her favourite sofa to sleep. Sister then told me to sayang sweetie. DD is now still at the kitchen waiting for the lizard family - dad, mum and babies lizards to appear. Last time, i found DD playing with a lizard's tail. I told DD that Missing tail lizard had told his/her family not to appear before you. Every night, without fail, DD will wait patiently in the kitchen. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's there in the dinning table?

Greedy sweetie looking at mum's dinner. Twice, sweetie had stolen our fried fish out of the plate. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

Pity of the East Coast Cats

Sister went BBQ last Friday and told me that there are dozens of cat at East Coast near the Seafood resturant. She was rather concerned that all the cats are not sterilized. Vegancat asked sister to help to be the 'coodinator' to help to sterilize those cats. Today,sister went to take photos of those cats. When she took out the food, out came 20-plus odd cats running to her.

Sister said that althought they are cat feeders, they did not send those cats to be sterilized so you can know how did that so many dozens cats come from? Sister actully manged to take to some uncle whom feed those cats..with duck meat that still have bone..aiyo... the poor cats. And the uncle also told sister that once every 3 months, the authority will come to catch 6 cats to 'complete their job'. I told sister that only those friendly one will be taken away first.

Sister said that she may asked her friends to help her. We do not live near East Coast actually, a bus trip will take us at most an hour to reach there. And we do not have transport or the fundings to sterilize so many many cats. *so sad*..ha..sister is suggesting that we should catch some cats for CWS spay day - one ppl 3 males cats, two ppl 6 males cats..where to get 6 carriers for 6 wild cats?

I had suggested to sister if she could try to ask those feeders to help to catch those cats. Now we do not know what we can do to help those cats...

Dad workplace's female cat is missing for one month. Sister was saying that we spent so much effort catching the cat and it is gone missing. I remembered reading dawn's blog about a certain person whom give up on sterilization for the cats as cats are being caught even though they are sterilized. Sister said that those cats at East coast may also be caught even if they are sterilized.

Can you count how many cats are there?

Those poor cats without home, without food and increasing in numbers....

The 'wonder' five...
Cats among the chickens. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

AVA Roadshow @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by

Next Saturday, 30 September is World Animal Day where there will be an AVA roadshow @ Ngee Ann City. It will be a meaningful day for sister and I as both of us will be helping out at the CWS booth. We will be there at around 10 am. I think we will be staying till 1 pm, take our lunch, walk walk and then go back.

I wonder why it is so hard to find information regarding this roadshow - no details of what event, no posters or is it i had used the wrong method to search for information, i merely did a web search.

25/9: managed to get this information from AVA site:
Make A Date With The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) – Join Us At The Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 2006!
Date: 30 Sep – 1 Oct 2006, Saturday and Sunday
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
Event Theme: Don’t Get Pets On Impulse!Highlights:
Obedience training demonstrations, educational talks, quizzes and games
Information on responsible pet ownership
Attractive gallery showcasing top entries for the Responsible Pet ownership Greeting Card Competition 2006
Fun and educational activities and contests await children at the Kids’ Corner
Veterinarians and animal welfare officers are on hand to dish out expert advice
Have your photo taken with your friends and loved ones at the Roadshow and get it printed on the spot for FREE

CWS has this on their website:
AVA Roadshow (Sep 30 to Oct 1 2006)

25 Sep 06 - Cat Welfare Society will be participating in Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)'s Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow. The theme is "Don't get pets on impulse!". Do come down and visit us at CWS booth to get our merchandise (The Real Singapore Cat book, Christmas cards, T-shirts, bookmarks, mugs, car decals). You can also browse through the posters of cats who need good homes and speak to the adoptions volunteers to find out more about the cats who have touched your heart.

Please check out AVA's website ( for more details on the roadshow. Date: 30 Sep to 1 Oct 2006 (weekend)
Location: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza Time: 10am - 10pm

SPCA had this on their website:
Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, 'Don't Get Pets on Impulse Road Show' 9.30am to 9.30pmSaturday 30 September 2006

Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, 'Don't Get Pets on Impulse Road Show' 9.30am to 9.30pmSaturday 30 September

Last year, i learnt about the World Animal Day from but this year, the site did not have any information of this event. Anyway, i had posted a topic informing HH members of this event. I had not been an active member after my only pairs of hamsters died last year..*sob sob*You can still see the photographs of my hamsters when you view my signature(right at the bottom of what i had typed). Always in my mind - hamham and Hamie. *sob sob again*

i do love hamsters..their cute round face esp. If i had my way, i will still have hamsters - that is when i only have sweetie. Now, with the addition of DD, KK and Ou Du Du, i no longer can risk having hamsters in my house.

Hamsters are actually very easy to take care of - change their nest once per week, give them fresh water, give them food, play with them. Actually cats are not difficult to take care either - Give them food, water, play, teach them to use toilet properly. The only difference is their sizes - one can hug, one can place on hand to pet only....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It is Fun to be an Ou Du Kueh

Ou Du Du had been playing with a fruit juice cover from 8 plus to now, 10 plus...still not any signs of being tired. I wonder why is she full of energy? I just realised that there is no need to buy them toys as they play with anything that is light - eg straw or a piece of paper.

Sweetie is looking at her from her queen seat while the little princess, DD is looking at her princess seat. The King, KK is nowwhere to be seen, i had sent him to jail or he will be out terrorizing the three maidens - his favourite is DD. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 17, 2006

DD, the Porcupine

At First, Dry and Calm
But she would soon turn into this picture below:

And Transformed into this:

Today, i had bathed DD at last. The last time i ever bathed DD was in CNY eve. DD smelt of saliva after many months of intense grooming. I needed to bath her or my whole bed will be covered by her saliva soon.

DD hated water and kept on meowing in the bathroom, she also stand on her hind legs to try to hide from the water and shampoo that i poured on her. I had now placed her in my room for her to groom herself. I will be giving her a good brush later once she is dry.

It will be Sweetie's turn next Tue or Sunday. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yes, cats can be VERY selective of their foods...

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
Ou Du Du has been rejecting her daily meal of cooked boiled chicken mixed with rice. I usually boiled a big potion of chicken bone , debone it and kept the meat in the fridge for KK, Du Du, San Pi pa, mimi and ginger to eat. I wil used the chicken soup to warm the meat and rice when it is dinner time. Sound yummy but Ou Du Du refused to eat yummy stuff.

Du Du simply bite a few bite when i watched her. After i turned my back, she will leave the whole plate of meal uneaten. I or sister had spolited by feeding her dry food when she meows. Now, i had told sister not to feed her dry food as i wanted her to eat chicken meat rice that is more healthy. Today, Du du puked her chicken meat rice on the floor.. Then i had to feed her dry food as she now had a empty stomach.

KK is still eating both dry and chicken rice. He loves to drink the chicken soup.

DD refused to eat chicken rice now. She used to eat some but she is spolited by sister. Sister will feed her dry food whenever she meow loudly.

Sweetie is still eating her streamed fish mixed with rice. She also eat dry food and her favourite is wet canned food. Sweetie refused to eat chicken meat but she do drink the soup.

Mimi is eating the chicken rice as well. At 10 plus, mimi eat my potion. At 11 plus, mimi again eat again - this time Auntie L's potion. No wonder littly mimi is starting to become gaint mimi.

Ginger has disappeared for 5 days. I am worried and SMS Auntie L if she had seen ginger. L called me and said ginger and mimi always appeared together to find her for food. Hmm..look like ginger love wet canned food that L fed more than my chicken rice.

San Pi pa is still eating the daily chicken rice. I fed him down my void deck these few days. Sometimes, he will wait downstair for sister and me to appear. I am a bit worried about this as i am scared that cat haters will not like him staying there. Today, pi pa appeared once again in the mini garden.

I saw an auntie feeding little sweetie and her siblings. Little sweetie came to find me for pets. She is so cute, she kept rolling her back on the ground. I petted her for a long time and then i waved goodbye to her.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sweetie on 'blood' bed

Whenever I am in brother's room using the computer, sweetie will secretly jumped on blood's bed to keep me company. She will then fall asleep on the bed. I love her sleeping with all her hind legs in the air like this picture. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Strange DD and Fat sweetie

DD looked funny in this picture, Can you see her 'question mark' face?
Fat sweetie giving me a nice posure here. Oh! so sweet.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cat haters V Cat feeders

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
Today Mum and I were going back home when we saw a couple apparently trying to feed a cat. Another cat also came to find them but this poor cat did not managed to eat anything. Mum and I went nearer to sayang the cats, the cats were very afraid of us. The couple then pack their belonging and left in a hurry. Nearby there was this nasty evil nurse (i think from CGH as she was wearing a green uniform). This rude nurse was staring at the couple and when we attempted to touch the cats, she also stared with us with her arms folded. It is so rude to stare at people. Mum said that the couple whom were trying to feed the cats were most probably being scolded by the rude nurse. Whom said that nurses are compassionate? She did not even care about the poor cats.

Hmm..maybe you can said that she was ONLY watching but never scolded...BUT the poor couple did not even to feed the latest cat that had tried to find them for food... So i am sure that the rude nurse must had said something rude to the couple... i wonder whom are her poor patients - had to see her grumpy face. If people are so unkind towards harmless animals, can they treat their own being kindly also?


Sister emailed the ST forum in response to this online forum. I asked her to mention about the tipped ear of sterilized cats and responsible feeding.

This is the email that sister sent to the ST. Hopefully it will be published in the forum soon.
(updated:12 sept - Sister said that her letter was being rejected by ST)

Why should animals pay for Man’s mistakes?

I refer to the article “Dispute over town council’s culling of strays” (The Straits Times, 6 Sep 06). The article reports how from January to July, the Tampines Town Council “received 139 complaints and caught 148 cats”.

I believe that the situation in this estate is just the tip of the ice-berg, and that there are many more cats which are culled as a result of complaints from residents. Culling is used as a quick-fix method to get rid of cats in housing estates, in fact, just a means to an end.

For too long, our “quick-fix” solution has led to the deaths of many cats in Singapore. Not only do people complain about cats’ presence in their estates; they also complain about people feeding cats that they think leads to a proliferation of the cat population.For too long, people have not questioned how a cat population increases.

For too long, there has been a tendency to anthropomorphize cats - to focus on cats’ perceived negative attributes - that can then be used as an excuse for culling cats in Singapore.Scratch beneath the surface of the issue, and we would realise that these cats are paying a hefty price for the mistakes committed by Man.

If we ask ourselves where these cats come from, we would realise that they were once pets that are now abandoned, without the safe shelters of a home. These cats are vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather and potential abuse. Is it the cats’ fault that they were abandoned onto the streets? Is it their fault too, that their previous owners had thrown them out without due consideration of the consequences?

Residents in various parts of Singapore have stepped up on sterilizing the cats in their neighbourhood to ensure that the population of cats is under control (“Trap-neuter-release the long-term cat solution”, The Straits Times, 8 Sep 06). These cats have a tipped left ear that shows that they have been sterilized. These residents also feed the cats and clear up after feeding to ensure that litter is not left behind.

We should note that feeding cats responsibly is not “illegal” and does not lead to a rise in the population. It is only when unsterilised cats mate that the cat population proliferates. As with all cases, there will be irresponsible cat-feeders who do not clear away left-over food, but are we going to blame the cats too, for those people who do this?

More needs to be done to educate people about the circumstances that have led to an increase in the cat population in Singapore. Instead of attributing blame on the presence of these sentient creatures and labeling them a “nuisance”, we should reflect on the root cause of the problem and realise that cats are paying for Man’s mistakes – chiefly pet abandonment and ignorance – and paying dearly with their lives.

For too long, we have applied a “quick-fix” solution by culling cats. If we only begin to ask, “Where do these cats come from?” we would realise that the root cause of the problem lies with Man, and not our feline friends.

NKL (Miss)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Little Red Riding Hood

DD: You Bad wolf, get that off me!!!! *Roar* Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 09, 2006

It all Begins with a Cat

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
Today, Mum and i went for our weekly trip to the market at AMK. Mum had planned to buy some materials for our bedroom and mum' s room curtains. We visited this tiny stall in the market selling lot of cloths. The uncle had a 'hard' time trying to sell his goods to us. I was not satisfied with the colour of the material. Mum was unhappy with the thickness of the material. Just when we were choosing which material was nicer, another auntie came to the stall too. Mum then chatted with her abt how to sew curtains.

Finally we selected a pink floral material. We then take a look at other materials with that auntie. Just then, i saw a fat cat passing by the stall.. i was overexcited and asked mum to look at that fat miao miao. The stall owner then asked me if I had cats. He said that he had 3 kittens that were born in his house. Apparently, the wife took the pregnant cat home and had 3 baby kittens. The kittens are now 5 months. The uncle said that he cannot bear to take them to SPCA. i told him that most likely the kittens will be put to sleep. I told him also that i cannot take in any more cats. He even offered to bring the kittens to our house but we really had enough cats to be taken care of.

The auntie that mum chatted earlier then told us that she loves cats too. It is funny to hear the Auntie talk. She said she had a cat that had crossed the rainbow bridge. The cat had a x-ray that showed it to have grown lot of tumors. The auntie had no choice but to put the cat to sleep. When they (her daughters and her) waved their final goodbye to the cat, he refused to look at them. She said that it would be better for the cat to go in peace than to suffer in pain. The cat would howl in pain when it ate food before he was diagnosed with having tumour. The cat lived from 1989 to 2005.

She had another cat that refused to go into the cat carrier for vet visit. He would screamed like he was being strangulated. The way she said how her cat screamed was extremely funny with her hand gesture. Only when she spent $50 for pet taxi to bring him to the vet, the cat will calmed down. The auntie said that another community cat make a daily trip to her unit for food. There was once when her cat was sterilized, it bang itself against the carrier till the wound bleed. The poor cat had to spend 1 week at the vet clinic. That auntie told us that she will bring her cats to mt pleasant - even her community cats. I told her abt the pet clinic in Serangoon Garden that is able to charge cheaper rates for community cats. One of her cats love to sleep at her tummy - so cute. I am not sure how many cats she owned but i think should be 3. AMK residents seem to love cats more than SN residents. Sometimes, i wished to move back to AMK where i can feed cats more freely without fear of complaints like my area now. I used to stay in AMK before i moved to SN. Three bus stops away and so much difference of people's attitude towards cats.

She gave us her telephone number and we parted ways.

It is funny how a fat cat make us know one another.

Friday, September 08, 2006

What message and values are we passing on to the young by culling cats

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
Sep 8, 2006
What message and values are we passing on to the young by culling cats

ALTHOUGH I probably would not be categorized as an avid cat lover, I am saddened by the way in which we cull stray cats (even sterilised ones) to solve the problem of these 'nuisances'.
What does it say of our society? It says that we cannot and will not tolerate these beautiful and harmless creatures. We are willing and even determined to conveniently snuff out living, breathing creatures in exchange (no doubt an unfair one) for a little more peace and quiet.

We have become so comfortable in a society of 'quick- fixes' that we fail to see the cost of our actions. How is it that we do not feel a prick in our conscience? I cannot bear to imagine the lack of compassion such a society contains and breeds.

As an aspiring educator, I say we need to bring up our children to have life values, not merely textbook knowledge.

It does not speak well of us to explain to our children why these furry friends are being 'put to sleep' indefinitely. (And we wonder and lament why people, especially the youth, these days are selfish, discourteous, rude and unfeeling.)

Mahatma Gandhi had so aptly expressed: 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.'

When we are able to impart the important values of empathy, compassion, tolerance and understanding, I believe we can truly say we have successfully brought up our children well, to empower them to make good and wise decisions. Culling cats to solve the 'problems' of strays is not one of them.

I believe each and every decision has an impact and says much about those who make these decisions. If our society cannot tolerate even adorable and harmless felines, I cannot imagine what else.

Let me admit I am truly ashamed. We have certainly made a mistake in our decision and played God, resulting in many innocent lives being prematurely curtailed.

Let's not take the no doubt easiest, but heartless solution. We have the capacity to do better. Let's not be rash and plan, discuss and then execute, as we have always done. I believe we can do better. This issue sends out a message: Are our values and morals in the right place? Please let's make it a resounding YES!

Claudia Tan Danwei (Miss)

Trap-neuter-release the long-term cat solution

Jennifer say:

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Sep 8, 2006
Trap-neuter-release the long-term cat solution

I WOULD like to thank Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development and MP for Tampines GRC, for staying till late in the evening on Monday to speak to Tampines residents who were concerned about the trapping of cats in the estate.

Many people like myself who do not live in Tampines were following the events closely because we, too, have been applying the trap-neuter-release method to manage the cat population.
Over a two-year period, a few residents and I have trapped close to 90 per cent of the cats in our precinct for sterilisation. We see the success of this method of managing the cat population when we hear comments from fellow residents like 'We hardly hear any cats fighting or making mating calls', 'We used to have kittens following us into the lift' and 'On behalf of the residents of this estate, I would like to thank you and the other volunteers'.

However, we still live in constant fear that our efforts, time and money would go down the drain if the town council decides to trap the cats, including sterilised ones, in response to complaints. We would feel very disheartened if this comes about.

The vacuum created by the culling of cats will soon be filled by cats migrating from surrounding areas. These new cats, likely unsterilised, will make for environmental unpleasantness with their noise.

The town council will then revert to culling - a method used for more than 20 years with no lasting effect and wasting public funds - starting off yet another endless cycle.
We ask that the town council be receptive to offers of help from volunteers and the cat-welfare organisation in resolving complaints about cats.

From reading Ms Dawn Kua (Director of Operations of the Cat Welfare Society)'s blog at one learns that most of the complaints could have been resolved without the need to kill the cats.
We also hope that the town council will accept only bona fide complaints as the current policy of accepting anonymous complaints could give rise to falsehood and exaggeration (a person who calls 100 times anonymously would go down in the statistics as 100 complaints).
Volunteers like me do not wish to see any increase in the number of community cats. We also do not see the continued killing of cats as a solution.
In our contacts with residents on the evenings that we were trapping cats in the estate, we learnt that most people were receptive to the trap-neuter-release method.

I could recall only one woman who was very upset and shouted at us because she said her mother was afraid of cats. She threatened to have the town council remove all the cats. Fortunately, she didn't. Either that or the town council was wise enough to ignore the complaint.
Many, if not all, the complaints relating to cats can be traced to irresponsible human behaviour. Let us 'cull' our 'bad habits' with education instead.

Dr Tan Chek Wee

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cats at Play

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What had DD done today?

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
DD was playing with the 'scratch it toy'. Today, DD decided to turn savage on the spring attached to the toy and here is how the toy looked:

This is how the toy looked in the first place:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Aftermath:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The poor remaining dumped into the rubbish bin:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today, 6 Sept is DD's one year stay as our house cat

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
The story of DD
At around Chinese calender August 14 (English date is around sept) last year, mum and I were going to Chinatown when we saw three kittens and their mother at the void deck of Blk 547. One of them is little tiny DD. We placed the family at our void deck. The next day, DD's mummy died. I took her 3 orphans home. All of the kittens were only one month old at that time. When i first took them home, i wipe them with a cloth. For their meal, they are able to eat wet canned food mixed with rice.

I am not so scared to handle 3 playful kittens as at that time, i already had experience handling cat -sweetie was our home cat for around 7 months. I remembered long time ago when Auntie L told me to keep baby's sister that had a limpling leg, i was scared. That time althought i fed cats, i had never carry or taken care of cats before. I took care of the limping cat for only 3 days, i also remembered to be worried that the cat would died in our care but she did not died that way. Baby's sister was a community cat too..Someone whom we suspected to be kids stepped on the legs and she was unable to walk. Baby's sister was unfortunately in rainbow bridge now as apparently, someone fed something to her - she was poisoned.

One day after Baby's sister was taken away for an more experienced cat lover to take care, Mum 'kidnapped' sweetie home as mum sensed that we missed baby's sister. Smart sweetie then learnt how to come to our house by climbing the stairs till she found our unit on the 8th floor - she did this 4 times. Sweetie even changed her hideout - she used to hide at the brushes near the Park at B543..One day after we had fed her, she followed us to our block and even since, she refused to leave our block, she would hid on the second floor..every time someone passes by the lift, she would see if that person were us, if YES, she would meow happily down the stairs to find us...she stayed on the second floor for 2 to 3 weeks.

On the day sister left for HK for an study exchange program, i took sweetie home at 17 Jan 2005 and sweetie offically become our home cat. Strangely, dad that used to dislike cats accepted sweetie, then DD, then KK and Ou Du Du.

Well.. DD is accepted as she is only a tiny orpan at that time, dad said she is very 'kelian'(pitiful) without a home. KK and Ou Du Du are accepted as they are our house 'fortune cats'... Dad stike 4-D one week after they arrived. And dad started to feed his community cats at his workplace shortly after we adopted sweetie. It is amazing how cats can influence people's lives and change them.

I kept DD as i like how she love to play 'foster mum' to her two siblings by allowing them to suck her nipples and even groomed them. Aslo DD has the most 'special' colour, she is the baby clone of her mummy. DD and her siblings stayed together for two weeks before she was seperated. That day her siblings left her, she cried for a very long time. Poor DD.

Why is DD named 'DD'?
We choose this name as we were 'inspired' by the TVB drama, Golden Faith. One of lead actress, Myolie Wu Hang Yee played a dim-witted girl with a teddy bear whom she named it DD xiong. This is how we choose that name for our DD.

Her current Nicks:
DD Xiong ( as in the TVB drama)
Feather ( as she had lot of fur around her neck, the result of a well care cat)
Little princess (sweetie is our queen and DD has to be her little princess)

From Tiny to mini to Giant
Slowly DD grow and grow. From a tiny kitten, DD grow up big and beautiful.

Photos of tiny DD to gaint DD: from left to right:

1st row: -Tiny DD at around one month old with her brother

- Mini DD at around 2 months old at brother's bed.

2nd row: - Two month old DD on top of my bed's radio

- Five month old DD sleeping on our sofa

last row: - 7 month DD on top of a chair

- 7 month DD inside plastic bag

- 8 month old DD on brother's bed again

DD has learnt all these tricks so far:

1) toilet trained

2) Allowing us to carry her like baby

3) Can put her as our poster girl

for eg this:

OR this:

4) Is very friendly and makes friends easy with sweetie, Or Du du and KK. Sweetie used to scold DD when she come to find her. But DD was never scared. DD keep finding sweetie till sweetie accepted her. Now, they are best pals - fight together and play together. Except Sweetie do not allow DD to sleep on my bed beside me. It is a bit crampled with Two cats besides me but when i arranged them to sleep side by side, DD will always run away. When sweetie is not around, DD will sleep on my bed.

5) Know how to respond when she is happy esp when we asked her if she wanted " Mum Mum"

6) like to stay around people esp mum when she is reading newspaper

Her 'NOTTY' bad habits:

1) Meow early in the morning when mum wake up. DD will keep meowing till Mum opened our bedroom door

2) Make a mess of her legs when she pees. She always step on her pee so we always need to wash her legs.

3) refused to eat rice with fish now..she only accepts dry food

4) like to bite our hands if she do not want us to carry her - without warning

5) Sometimes, DD pee 'secretly' on the toilet floor. As she is already toilet trained, she always know she can only pee on the toilet. But the problem is when no one know she had pee and entered the bedroom overcome by the bad smell. Eeeeee

6) Hiding under my bed when someone come to our house..there is no way to introduce DD to that person.

More photographs of DD

This is how DD looked like now:I had give her another nickname: feather

At 9 months old(taken on Aug 21):

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This is DD with her sister, Sweetie:

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More picture of baby DD:
One month old DD:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

DD after her drink and kaypo with our camera

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3 in a cage.. Poor DD’s siblings, they are now MIA, I think they are caught.

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DD now weighted 4 kg...

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DD with her new entertainment at home. Yesterday, she had been playing with a tiny piece of plastic bag. She make some werid meows whenever she played with the tiny koala toy or the plastic bag. Mum said it is like mummy meowing for her kittens to come to play. Ya, i agreed.

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A fat DD and her sister, sweetie. I do not know what are they both doing on my bed..must be doing something 'notty' as DD was running away.

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DD on my mum's bed. She was not allowed to jump on my mum's bed. But my mum was sleeping so DD decided to jump on my mum's bed to 'keep her company'.

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