Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cute DD....

Napkin for DD to wipe the fish
Justice Bao A.K.A DD in modern history Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Manju Ma Lin Shu

Jennifer say:

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Sister insisted on bringing the sick kitten @ ECP despite mum and my protest when we said "Not to bring the cat home" three time over the phone to sister. Since the last bad experience with Lei Lei, mum had repeatedly told sister never to bring the cats @ ECP back but somehow, sister is too stubborn to listen..*sign*

I would said Ma Lin shu is much much tamer (100%) than Lei Lei.At least, he did not meow in the middle of the night like Lei Lei. The noise is one main factor why mum and i did not want any ECP cats to stay in our house. It disturb everyone's sleep and keep everyone in bad mood including myself.

Ma lin shu had allow us to hold him, wash his paws when he pee and hug him like a baby. He smell so i had only touch him and not hold him close to me. He is quite smart for such a tiny and thin cat. Whenever anyone is near him, he will meow. Mum said maybe he missed his mummy and siblings. As sister had mentioned, he had refused to eat inside his carrier. So for mealtime, we need to take him out to eat his meal.

Ma Lin shu should be in our home for two or three more days. Mum had reminded us not to keep Ma lin shu because he is so tiny and cute. but we all know that he will eventually return to the ECP.

As usual, for our cats, they do not like new cats... This time as we did not placed Lin shu in the living room, KK and dudu did not get any chances to hiss at him. DD and sweetie had refused to step into the kitchen. This evening, when i showed sweetie the kitten and told her that this was her 'baby', sweetie scolded ma lin shu. DD hissed and try to show me her cat power( her claws) when i wiped her after her poo this morning.

Yesterday, DD hid herself inside the storeroom since afternoon and only appeared at 11 plus where i grabbed her right into my room before she changed her mind to hide some more. She stepped into my stomach gently when she woke up in the middle of the night. Hmm..i did not know what is she doing. I just felt her stepping me two or three times before running away. 'Hei, i am not the one whom take Ma Lin shu back'. Maybe DD is taking her frustration on me.. ha.....ha...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Super friendly cats at Bendemeer market

Jennifer wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year:

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Today, dad took mum and me to the Bendemeer market while sister and dad will go to feed dad's workplace cats.

This is my first visit to the market. Normally, i only visited the hawker centre for food. On monday morning, most stalls inside the market were still closed as there was nothing to sell as the wholesale market were not open on sun. Most stalls that were opened were selling vegetables from last Friday.

I am surprised that for such a tiny market, there were so many stalls selling different variety of items. I saw quite a number of cats too. All are sterilized and well-taken care of. Actually i saw something that i think was silly - There is this extremely big banner that said something about getting rid of rats. I am telling mum that if the authority will leave the cats alone, the rats will also be gone too. I patted two DD's clone, one lovely white and brown tabby and one nana clone. I saw a tao-tuo with a bob tailed like sweetie walking, did not get close enough to pat him.

I liked how the upgraded one-room flat in the area are designed. There is a open space outside the kitchen area where the owners can place their plants outside the area. The space is like a mini coridor where all units share the same area. All of the upgraded flats there really looked like very nice.... it looked better than the block where i am living now.

While mum was buying lunch, i went back to find dad whom had come to fetch us. I saw a cat that looked like nana. Sister also came to join me. Sister got a scratch from nana clone when sister touched nana's back. The bad temper seem to be very similar to real nana too where We must sayang her properly, if we anyhow pat her, she will turn around and scream at us... This is how the current nana clone behave... pat wrongly and got a scratch. Sister also carried fake nana like a baby. Then, mum came with our lunch, we patted nana clone again before saying goodbye to her.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

45 min to feed most of our community cats

Jennifer wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year:

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Today, sister and I went out late at 11.10 pm to feed our community cats. We were helping Auntie L feed xiaobai and friends as well.

We fed pi pa first...Then we proceeded to the nearby park to feed the others. We saw ring ring and she followed us. I gave her some rice with chicken. We also saw squirrel.(another ginger). Sister then went to carry Squirrel to a safe place where we fed him. Poor squirrel, he was chased by a stupid kid before sister grabbed him away from the kid.

We tried to find xiaobai and baby whom always stay together. We finally found them together in the void deck of B542. Xiaobai and baby refused to eat my mixture of rice and chicken so sister opened a can of wet canned food to give them.

Once every cats had eaten, we went to find mimi. We saw mimi with his friend but we did not see ginger. Big head seaweed was also there...looking like a king..he is said to belong to our ground floor malay auntie but somehow, he is always wandering every where and appearing every where. While mimi was eating, i went to see if the third feeder (another auntie that feed big head seaweed, weiqi, mimi friend and little sweetie) had left her dry food under the bushes...i did not spotted any food. But i saw little sweetie meowing at me. I took the dry food and give her one to see if she was hungry. She ate the dry food quickly. Then i carried her to another area to feed her more dry food. I did not see weiqi for a vv long time, maybe he is M.I.A.

It took us 45 min for us to feed: pi pa, ring ring, baby, xiaobai, squirrel, mimi and little sweetie.

Shoppin for new MP3 player

Jennifer wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year:

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Sister and I went to Compass Point yesterday. We were supposed to meet M to sell her the cookies at 12 noon but we waited 20 min for bus 159 to come and got there only at 12.15 pm. M make a generouse donation to the cats @ ECP.

We next visited the library and borrowed two books. Then we proceeded to Courts Sengkang. I was finally determined to buy samsung MP3 player when two weeks ago, i was still deciding on creative or apple and for the third time, i changed my mind.

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The SA there really need serious product training. When i mentioned about the free adaptor and case that came with the player, the SA was flipping the newspaper for the ad...till i told them it is not a Courts ad that advertise the players. Another senior uncle SA then came to serve us. I thought of buying the pink version of the player but it was out of stock. Sister then asked the person if he could check of their other outlets had the model colour. At first, the uncle said it was hard to see if other outlets had, but still he make the call. The uncle SA gave a long *sigh* that we could heard when he made the call to the outlets. I thought it sound rude to give that *sigh* where customers can hear it....Sister then said it was difficult to make a deal with us. But nevertheless at least, he was 'kind' enough to check it for us. After the call, he said that there was no longer pink version at the other outlets. I then said i would like the black version. At the payment counter, i forgot my pin for my card.... i suddenly gone blank when i was supposed to key in the numbers. In the end, i needed to use sister's card for payment. I felt old when i forgot that pin.. Still need to repay sister $348 for my 4G player.

Today, we went to dad's workplace. I saw the two bob-tail cats and little blackie cat. They are very scared of us...keep staring at us from the roof area. Dad fed them canned food mixed with rice. Dad then took us to Funan IT mall where i collected the free gifts from my player.

We were home before 11 am.

Tonight, Auntie L had told sister to feed xiaobai, baby, ring ring... as she will not be home in time to feed them. I do not know if i can find them since i only feed pi pa and mimi at 10 plus.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pi Pa the Fat boy

Sister took photos of pi pa on one of the wet days where pi pa hid under the tree to shelter himself from the cold rain.

I think pi pa was abandoned at the Sheng Siong Supermarket in Jan or Feb, i cannot recalled now. I just remembered him to be very afraid of us when we first saw him. One day, he was found under my block where i was feeding nana ginger and mimi. From that day onward, he will always come to find me for food. I am very happy that i feed him from a thin ginger cat to a fat bon bon..

I forgot to mention that nana is once again back in her home sweet home..i am just very glad to see her once that sunday morning after many months of not knowing her fate and realising that she is not M.I.A, but just is just in HSH(Home sweet home).

Pi pa looked fat.. after we fed him, he will come to find us...We usually fed him first under our block and then went to find mimi. When we came back, we will see pi pa waiting for us.

As we walk back, pi pa will begin his 'surprise us by catching our leg' game. He will run ahead of us, then hide himself but we can still see his long tail... then he will grab our feet when we come near him.... Often he forget he is a cat and pull his claws out... i had some of his claw marking on my legs. He will play this many times.... when he come to find us and discover that there is no legs to grab again, he will hide a second time, a third time till we reach the lift of our block where we will wave goodbye to him. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The day after the endless water

Jennifer wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year:

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Sister and I went to find mimi and friends today. We found pi pa, mimi, ginger and little sweetie. It is really nice to see all of them warm once again. Mimi ate all his food today, must be real hungry over the last two days. Little sweetie is very affectionate, she keep rolling on the ground.

We saw megan today. She is a primary school kid that love cats too. Her favourite cat is Ginger.. but she keep mixing pi pa and ginger up..we need to remind her that Ginger got a tiger stripe tail while pi pa got just a orange tail and is bigger and fatter. She told us once that her mum is scared of cats..yet she did not stop her daughter from playing with cats. I though it is a good will help to build up her compassion and concern toward community cats when she grow up. Megan said that she often feed Ginger in the afternoon with wet canned food..i asked her if she had throw the leftover away, she answered with a 'yes'.

Today, we saw megan with a dog. I asked her if it was her neighbour's dog. She told me that it was a newly-abandoned dog that she found. She will try to rehome the dog... she passed the dog to another person, i think maybe her brother when she spotted us with ginger. She said she will not touch Ginger as she had dog smell.... Ginger gave her a happy meow when megan greeted her. Then megan ran off with a good bye.

When megan left, sister asked me a strange question:

Sister: "Do you think we can sterilize all the cats in Singapore"
I said:"No "
Sis: "Do you think those cats will be no longer be in Singapore 30 to 40 years from now since they can no longer breed?"
Me:"there are always those staying in house that abandoned cats so cats will never disappear. It is authority that is responsible if cats ever disappear... remember that Singapura cats. It used to be our proud street cats until it disappeared forever from Singapore's street ... clearly because the cats were being caught.... It is a shame that for our own local cats(our special breed), they can only be found in U.S."

Today is a Sunny Day.. we are jumping for joy

Finally after two days of endless rain, we get to see the sun again. I did not managed to find mimi yesterday but sister had told auntie L to find mimi. We only fed a wet pi pa whom ate two potions of the rice (one was for mimi). I think mimi should be ok, just hiding from the harsh cold.I did not seen ginger for the past two days, hopefully it will not rain in the night so that i can check on ginger.

Little sweetie, mimi clone and weiqi are also not seen... i had never feed these three cats that are all siblings.. another aunite had take care of their meals... mimi clone is mimi's new friend, often both will appeared together and while mimi eat, his clone will meow at us..i had not come up with a better name for the clone..sometimes, i just called him mimi's friend. Little sweetie is the most cute and friendly of all.. but sister said her face looked a bit silly silly....I had not seen weiqi for a long time, i wonder if he is all right...

The other day, i saw xiaobai (a white and black male tabby). Xiaobai followed me but i had nothing to feed him. I told xiaobai to wait for me while i rushed home to get the dry food for him. When i returned downstair, i heard a pitiful meow... i walked faster toward the meows and saw xiaobai crying for me... xiaobai never meow when he saw me so i guess he must be real hungry when he meow like that trying to search for me...i fed him dry food and give him lot of hugs before i left him. Poor xiaobai, he is so thin... i tried to find him during the night but he cannot be found.... Normaly Auntie L will feed xiaobai, baby, ring ring at 11 pm plus at night.

Recently our house has quite a number of guests.... all coming to buy sister and A's cookies. Sister will be going over to A's house tml to bake for more cookies for the extra orders.

The cats seem to be well-behaved esp KK whom seem suddenly so manju when people stoke him...

But poor DD is hiding under the bed, the whole time... she only reappeared after 10 pm. If we did not mentioned about DD, people will think we only had three cats. I wonder why is DD so scared of strangers? Is it because all her life, she had never seen other people other than the five of us in the house? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One green and one blue 'aliens'

Jennifer wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year:

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It was raining cats and dogs the whole day... i felt sorry for the community cats downstairs. Sister and I had each bought a $1 poncho from Sheng Siong... sister got the blue one and i got the green one. Today, we finally got the ponchos to good use when we wore it downstairs to find mimi.

I thought we looked mad walking in the rain wearing poncho. People must be wondering why rain so heavily got two crazy women walking in the rain looking like aliens. ha...dun really care since i can hardly see anyone with the rain falling down on me. The poncho is actually ugly but useful to make us warm. We did not really felt the cold wind when we wore ponchos. Good suggestion for those whom do not mind looking ugly but want to go down to feed cats like us 'crazy woman'...

We did not find pi pa...poor boy, i wonder if Auntie L managed to feed him since it was still raining at 11 plus. We only find little mimi... he seemed to be very hungry and ate all his food... Then he had a poo poo at the wet grass and then ran back to find cute but he still do not allowed us to touch him once he had eaten.

Hopefully the weather will get better...mum predicted that the rain will fall till the 'Dong zhi' Winter Solstice Festival is over... that is on this friday. Mum said that normally Chinese like a wet dongzhi as it will mean that when Chinese new Year come, the day will be a sunny day or at least it will not rain whole day like today.

Mum is going to made tangyuan this thurday.. This is the first time since three years ago where we made tangyaun. Our grandma passed away 3 years ago and we are not allowed to roll tangyuan nor pray to the 'tiangong' on CNY. Finally, this year we get to make some sweet tangyuan. I am usually the one rolling the glutinuous rice flour into tiny pink and white balls while mum boiled the tangyuan in the water and prepared the sugar water. Mum passed me this knowledge: she said that if Dongzhi fall on the chinese lunar year of Nov 31 due to double lunar year(eg. two 7 months like this year), the next day, we must dump all our tangyuang as the dongzhi is aleardy over and we need to prepare for the CNY. Mum said it was po po(mum's mother) that taught her that.

Christmas is coming next monday, i am not really

- Our family never celebrate Christmas...

- during this time, there are more natural disasters than other times of the year....

- i find that only the western nations can truly understand what Christmas meant by the snow but for us, all we has is endless supply of rain...if it is a white Christmas, i do not really understand why we asian celebrate Christmas too.. maybe snow can be substituted by rain. Maybe it is a season of getting your care and concern to your friends by sending them cards or gifts. The most important is it is the season where major shopping centre can make headlines for having Gaint Christmas tree in their mall or having the best decoration for their malls.

well.. anyway, As usual, Just wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

DD - the Alarm Clock

Jennifer say:

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6.30 am..6.30 am Time to wake up..... Time to wake up....

DD has started to become Mum's second alarm clock every morning. Every morning when mum's alarm clock ring and mum did not wake up, DD will meow and meow till mum wake up. If mum refused to move, DD will stand on hind leg and used her front paws to touch mum till she is fully awake. Funny DD.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Praying & First vist to Ikea

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, Mum and I were out for 9 hours - we went out at 12 plus and came back at 9 plus.

Mum said she need to go to Cheng Huang Miao to pray to 'taishui'. I went with mum too. We also met Second Uncle's wife ( do i say it in English, i usually greet her in chinese). Mum chatted with aunt for almost one hour. There was a taoism praying chanting going on..heard that the priests are all from China. We were eating around the table where there was free mee hoon and green bean soup. As aunt and mum chatted, the priests went around the place spraying holy water.

We left the temple at 4 plus and took a bus to Tampines where we took bus 27 to Ikea, Tampines. Well, call me 'mountain turtle' if u wanted but this was really my first visit to Ikea. The first one in Queenway is too far to go. Mum bought 6 plates that cost a mere $0.90 each. Mum said that it was not fun walking in Ikea, nothing special, just funiture. I actually had the same thought, no car - how to get back the heavy funiture back. Take taxi --- i saw long lines at the taxi wait -- around 10 people with no taxis.

We then went to the newly opened Courts MegaStore. It is quite big but again nothing there appeal to mum..i was looking at the MP3 player when mum asked to me to go as it was not interesting.. I just want to feel the models of the MP3 there and decide what i want to buy elsewhere as the price in Courts can be quite steep. Mum said it is because they employ dozens of employees there. We ended up visiting only the third storey of Courts.

I was famished when we took the bus back. We went hougang to have our dinner. Poor sweetie, DD, KK and du du --- no one fed them until i called back to ask dad to feed them dry food. At 9 plus when i was home, sweetie was extremely manju and kept rolling on the floor.

Told brother that i may not buy Apple nano as i felt it is too slim and no FM ...and one thing, the pink that i saw at Courts look ugly, i am thinking of a lighter pink. blood told me that slim is good lor....hmm...still deciding between creative or apple --local or foreign brand?....ha...are woman always so fickle-minded?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sister's Reward today from cats @ ECP

Today, sister showed us her hand with four bites.. she was asking it happened so fast that she did not know if it is a claw or teeth that attack her. I told her it was a cat teeth definitely.

We decided to play 'nasty' by catching DD and opening her teeth to see her inner.... two fangs on front and 2 on the back...we concluded that it was 100% a cat bite.

Sister's funds for the ECP are now running low. Sister and another girl from VJ, A, decided that they will be baking cookies to sell next Jan. Today, sister asked me if i can help. I told her i can only make 'ang ku kueh'(with Mum). Come to think of it, it is fun to stuff yellow bean paste(or red bean) into the soft flour of the ang ku kueh and then make the shape of little turtle out....Mum and I usually make 50 plus ang ku kueh near CNY.

Baking is no no...i cannot bake, in fact, we do not have any oven at home.....Mum is better at those traditional chinese 'gao' like pumkim gao, carrot cake, yam kueh,Fa gao ...... I wondered how many cookies they will eventually make to sell since only A know how to make the cookies while sister will be the 'apprentice' - trying to do something that she never do at home...

Last Sun, dad, sister and me were at Blood's hostel helping him to clear his room. Blood had intend to go to Germany for student exchange program so he need to clear all his belongings. Sister got her stuff from the last sale (she had placed her stuff in Blood's room) to raise funds for ECP back. Now, our room looked like a storeroom with a big box here and many plastic bags on the floor. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 08, 2006

Rude singaporeans or Irresponsible Dog owners?

Jennifer say:

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I submitted a short email to

My short email is published today:

"In my area, there is this neighbourhood park. Every day, i will walk down this park to the bus stop. Many times, i had to avoid stepping onto those dogs poo that appeared on the pavement where people walked. In fact, i had stepped on those poo before and needed to dump my sandals. If people wanted a dog, why can't they take the extra effort to clean up their dog's business. It is so inconsiderate of those dog owners. Seldom did i seen any people whom actually cleared the dog's poo. Did paying license for dog give dog owner the right to allow littering of their beloved dog's poo? i do not think so... i think this act is irresponsible."

*sigh* sad to say that some cat feeders also behave like those dog the expenses of cats....

And As like everyone, this is not my first experience with rude singaporeans.

1) At a food court at Compass Point, sister and I were walking toward a empty table when a family of four came faster than us to claim the table. Sister and I were so pissed that we decided NEVER to eat in that food court any more. KFC is more comfortable, less mad crowd.

2) I cannot believe my eyes when i saw a girl wearing an shorts and crossing her legs high up in the bus. And there is another young guy eyeing on her from that opposite seat. Can't she saw that dirty pair of eyes opposite her?

3) In the MRT, there is always those one or two idiots whom put their back on the pole. I can hardly balance without grabbing hold of the pole. My solution is to put my thumb out... it pop into the back of the person but i do not care as i can hardly find any place to hold...I am glad that SMRT had make the pole to have three holding areas.

4) Once, there is this English speaking Auntie whom took 1 1/2 of the seats in the bus with me taking only the remaining half. All the time, she was chatting and chatting. And poor me was trying to push her stupid bags to herself. Maybe if the same thing happen again, i should ask the question whether she is paying for one seat or two seats?

5) Isn't it irritating to hear the sudden sound of 'Boom boom' that come from the noisy motorcycles in the middle of the night...

6) How many times did u see kids running around like monkeys in hawkers, food courts or coffeeshop? The strangest thing is their parents seem to approve their child's action.Or worse, they will start 'scolding' their child: "Ah Boy, stop running, sit down!" Proper training begin at home, not at public areas. When i was a P/T waitress, i always see 'wild monkeys' running around, i was dropping sweat when i had to carry the hot dishes and avoiding them that seem to appear everywhere in between every tables. There is this incident where a parent wrote a forum to ST that her child injured her head when her child run to find her.... the common sense is to teach ur child to walk, not RUN in dangerous areas. As what others ppl had lectured, Food court is not a Playground...

7) Do u ever noticed that when a group of secondary girls or boys came into a bus, the bus will suddendly become a fish market? My God, the levels of noises they make can be compared to the seven month geitai...

8) Many of the times while I am feeding mimi and friends, there are always people that walked past and take a glance at us. Lookign at us is one thing but when u stare and stare and did not turn ur head away, it is considered rude. My solution is to stare back at them, often, they will pretend that they never stare and walked away.

9) As in very flat, there is always those people whom keep dropping water down ur window esp if u stay at lower floor. All these years, mum had never hung our laundry outside the window. When we moved into SN, there is this unkown person above us that kept dripping water and oil down..right into our window. We had to close our window at 6 plus or our window will be full of gease and water. Yucks...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

DD - The Strawberry shortcake

I thought DD looked very much like the big hat girl in strawberry shortcake....DD look so sweet in very photos that we took for her...

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Do U believe in Tarot Card?

Jennifer say:

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You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Cute Ways of Sleeping

1) On the living room's sofa....ZZZzzzzzzzzz

2) On the living room's sofa again ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3) On the sofa yet again ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(Cannot recall the nos. of times DD share the sofa with us)

4) On mum's bed.....ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Straits Times Forum - there are cats lovers around us

Jennifer say:

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Letter published on Monday in the Straits Times

WE HAVE been living in a residential estate of 45 houses for almost 20 years. There are a few stray cats in our estate but I do not see them creating any nuisance.
On Oct 3, my immediate neighbours borrowed a cat trap from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) to trap stray cats. They set up the trap in their garden, with full exposure to the elements.
I understand the rationale for the trap, but I am appalled by the inhumane actions and cruelty to the cats. Because the AVA rounds up trapped cats only on weekdays, a cat trapped on Friday or over the weekend will be in the hot sun or heavy rain and suffer from lack of food and water until the following Monday. As an animal lover, I am disappointed that the AVA endorses such inhumane ways to get rid of stray animals.
On Oct 18, I wrote to the AVA as well as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to express my concern. I was told there is a maximum two-week loan period for the traps, after which they are taken back by the AVA. I was told that trap borrowers are not allowed to keep them over the weekend.
However, till today, eight weeks after the trap was first set up, it has not been removed by the AVA as promised. Furthermore, the trap remains open every weekend.
I have seen a number of cats caught, banging on the cage and crying pitifully in heavy rain until they were removed by the AVA. Another neighbour's pet cat was also caught, and the owner had to pay the AVA $47 to rescue her injured cat.
I have brought up my case with the AVA repeatedly but have come up against a stone wall.
I understand that one of the AVA's main priorities is to control and reduce the population of stray cats and dogs. However, I believe it is also its duty to ensure it does not disregard the animals' welfare.
With recent media reports of animal abuse and public concern over such behaviour, I believe there is a collective desire among Singaporeans to prevent animal abuse.
Lim Swee Eng (Mdm)


Here is the replies in response to this forum two days later(today): sister's letter had been published online today.


I refer to the letter by Mdm Lim Swee Eng (ST, Nov 27) about the trapping of cats by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and her neighbours.

As a young Singaporean with an interest in animal welfare, I wish to call for alternatives to cat culling.

The trapping of cats by Mdm Lim's neighbours speaks of a few issues that are typical in our society today - the inability of some to accommodate a few animals in our midst.

I find it appalling that rather than choosing from other options, such as meshing up the gate, her neighbours have opted to use trapping (an euphemism for 'culling') that directly leads to the death of these cats.

Better evidence-based methods can be located at Ms Dawn Kua's (Director of Operations, Cat Welfare Society) blog at

Furthermore, trapping is counter-productive to her neighbours' wish to keep cats out of their house. As there are only a 'few stray cats' in their estate, it is likely that the cats have been sterilised. Once sterilised, the cat population will not grow and they will keep other cats out of their territory.

By choosing to trap and cull these cats, it is likely that new cats will enter the neighours' houses because of the vacuum left by the cats which have been trapped.

The use of culling by the AVA to control the cat population in Singapore should also be questioned and reviewed.

It is evident that the cats were not treated in an ethical manner when they were trapped, but why should we resort to killing animals in the first place?

I find it disappointing that animal abuse is treated as a criminal offence in Singapore, and yet once we define an animal as a 'pest' (with our own ambiguous definitions), it can be legitimately trapped and killed.

However, if we begin to ask ourselves who is responsible for the increase in cat population, we will realise that it is the direct result of human irresponsibility, such as pet abandonment in Singapore. If the root of the problem lies with people, why should animals pay for our mistakes?
I urge the government to look into alternatives to cat culling in Singapore such as sterilisation and laws to make cats legal pets in HDB flats.
Culling is arcane and detrimental towards promoting an inclusive society in Singapore - one that includes cats as well.

Neo Kai Ling (Miss)

Having read Mdm Lim Swee Eng's letter on stray cats (ST, Nov 27), I cannot agree more with her that the problem, if any, should be dealt with humanely.

I am unable to visualise how much of a problem stray cats can cause to the human beings around them.

Cats, unlike stray dogs, are generally harmless unless antagonised. They look for particular spots to defecate and do not cause problems that human beings are well-known for causing, eg anti-social behaviour, crime, etc.

Above all, children are amused by their presence.
Despite the occasional calls to treat animals with respect following reports about their ill-treatment, we as a society have yet to empathise with their lot.

If the cat population becomes a problem, there are humane ways of curbing it.
We need to have the right mindset, not the notion that animals have no rights to be around in the lives of people.

There is space for species other than human beings and they too have their rightful place to exist among us.

If not, our hopes to be a gracious society will remain just that.

Lim Siak Kwang

I refer to the letter "Control stray cats but have some regard for their welfare" (ST, Nov 27).
A search on the internet reveals that there are many humane methods to keep cats out of the garden.

One good site is that states:
"Cats are generally known to dislike water so a well-aimed bucketful or a squirt with the hose will certainly make an intruder run. After one or two dousings it may learn the lesson and stay away."

The Cat Welfare Society ( has an anti-cat device aptly called the scarcecrow that can be loaned out for such a purpose.

Perhaps the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority can educate house-owners on humane methods of repelling cats instead of delivering and collecting the cat trap.

An unsterilised population of cats will yield an unending supply of new cats to be trapped. If the cats in the estate are sterilised, their number will eventually reduce by natural attrition.
The established cats in the estate would also have been conditioned to keep away from gardens that use humane methods to repel them.

It strikes me as strange that tax-payers are paying for the cost of delivering the traps and subsequently the cost of killing the cats at the AVA, for what is essentially a private problem.
Perhaps this pandering is the reason why some people are not bothered with trying out other methods of repelling the cats and are instead choosing an easy but ineffective and cruel solution.

Dr Tan Chek Wee

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who's coming home?

DuDu: Who is it? dad? mum? fat sis? thin sis? blood?
Dudu: is ...............................daddy coming back from rubbish throwing.


Recently, i had started to put Du Du on leash training. It is a bit too late for her as she is a bit older. Sister had bought this leash one year ago in Hongkong but i had yet to use it on any of my cats. Du du is stil trying to remove the leash herself, and so far, when she tried to remove it, she is very successful. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is the view better on the TV Top?

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
Sweetie and DD seem to agree that the view is better on the TV set.

This is sweetie on top of our TV. You can see that our window mesh only covered half of the window. The top half give a bird view of the outside world.
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DD on top of our TV. 3 mins after this photo was taken, DD smashed the glass(circled in blue) when she attemped to come down from the front instead of the side of the TV. It scattered onto the floor into a million pieces. DD then hide under the sofa. I had to pull her out as I am worried that she might cut herself. She protested when i pulled her. Poor girl, i did not mean to pull her but....

The decorative glass used to have a cover that was also destroyed by another 'notty' girl, Du Du. In the end, mum was only left with the lily bottom but the glass cost only a mere $5 bought from a pasar malam stall.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Two on the bed

I was in Blood's room yesterday using the PC when sweetie jumped to join me. A few minutes later, DD decided to join me also. They are so sweet. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How to get sayang from us...

Sweetie and DD demonstrating to their fellow cats pals:
just lie down on the floor.
DD : tilt ur head slightly high up but remember to curl your paws to yourself.

Hot tips:
1) Do this suddenly- that mean whenever you feel like doing so
2) Always ensure someone see u, if not, remain in that position till you are spotted
3) Perform this trick when you want food
4) do it on different family members to be fair
5) Perform this trick when you did something 'notty' like killing a lizard like DD. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Grand Escape & Home Sweet Home

Jennifer say:

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Today at 6.50am, mum spoke very loudly in the living room that Lei Lei is missing. She is not in her cage. I woke up when i heard mum's voice. Mum, sister and me started to search everywhere for Lei Lei. Mum said she saw black cat footsteps in the bathroom, mum thought it belong to DD and wipe DD's paws. Poor DD, she is a 'scapegoat'.

I was searching the storeroom when sister said she spotted Lei Lei under the cooker area. We moved all our stuff. When mum got hold of Lei Lei, mum got a big bite on her finger and she had a bad bleeding finger. Dad joined in the capture for Lei Lei. Dad moved here, Lei Lei hide there. We then cornered her and pushed her down before pushing her into a better carrier.

The old carrier that we used to keep Lei Lei is apparently not good. The one is the plastic type with knots for you to open the door. The better one is the carrier that can be used for flights. We bought a second-hand flight carrier two years ago for a mere $10. We are glad of our purchases as we had put it to good use - sterilizing cats and using it as our cats toilet carrier.Only KK and Du Du used that carrier for toilet.

Sister took Lei Lei back to the vet, the vet announced that Lei Lei is recovering well so sister decided to put Lei Lei back at her old territority at East Coast Park. At least, she is happy and free once more.

While sister and dad were at the vet, mum and I were at Sn where mum saw the doctor. She got an injection, antibotics.

Once again, our cats got their toilet carrier back. KK had refused to pee when i placed him in the toilet and in the old plastic carrier. When i put KK in the plastic carrier, he seem angry and unhappy. Blood asked me how did i know KK was angry. I just know lol. Du Du also refused to complete her morning business.
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