Thursday, May 31, 2007

Introducing Little Vesak

Rememeber Cat No 1 - the black cat that was abandoned two weeks ago. She was found missing for two days(missing on Tue) before she reappeared today. I happened to call sister before she came back home and sister told me that she saw little blackie. Mum asked sister to bring blackie home as another auntie had planned to place this new cat in a cattery. At that time, we do not know how lucky blackie was to have been rediscovered by us.

When we took her back, we found that she cannot walk. Both her hind legs are very weak and she can only dragged her body around. As u can see from her photo, her eye is slightly closed. This is the eye with eye infection. We had treated her for 4 to 6 days before she went missing. Sister will bring her to the vet tml. We suspected that Vesak is another victim of Koala, the male unsterilzied male cat that we seldom seen. So far, fat koala had attacked 4 cats in our area - Pipa, Vesak, Wangzai and Wangwang. All of the cats have small and big injury on their body with Pipa and Vesak with more serious injury. Koala had also attacked ginger before and caused mimi to climb up the tree to hide from him. We do not know what to do with Koala - of course we wished to sterilize him asap but the main problem is we do not know his hideout. So far, we had not seem him for 4 days. We may needed to ask for professional help in trapping him once we get to know his hideout.

Mum had decided to call little blackie 'Vesak' after a long list of what names is suitable for her. The most comical name that mum thought of is "Hei zhu" (Black pearl). I thought in hokkien, it sound like 'Black pig'. Since today is Vesak's day, we though Vesak is a nice name for a sweet tame girl. She did not protest, did not meow, did not attempt to escape from her cage - she is a 100% true tame cat. When i touched her body, i can feel her purring.

Yesterday, another idiot dumped a new male kitten near our block again. The new kitten was crying real loud when we found him. He seemed to have a eye infection like Vesak too. He even poo on the floor and i had to remove the poo. Sister was saying that he may not be healthy as normal cat will not poo on the ground just like that. I wonder if the new kitten and Vesak belong to the same idiot family. Mum told that auntie of the new cat yesterday. We only know that that auntie had taken the kitten home with the intention of bringing him to the cattery.

That auntie and uncle that we get to know from our cat-feeding session loved cats a lot. They had rented a space in pasis ris cattery just for those homeless cats. As much as they loved cats, their daughter-in-law disliked cats so both elderly are not allowed to have cats in their cats. Their daughter-in-law is also the one whom complained to TC for removal of cats. What to do when u live with ur daughter-in-law whom disliked cats? Everytime when there is a new cat abandoned at our area and we saw the auntie, that auntie will tell us to take the kitten home. But she, herself had mentioned that u can never bring all the abandoned cats home - it is an endless task - take one home, few months later, another new cat down the block. Well, our home is now like a mini cattery with 11 cats - of them, 5 including Vesak are temporary residents.

Hopefully, little Vesak will recovered asap. Pray for this little fellow.
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Monday, May 28, 2007

XianXian and her cat mummy

XianXian: Mummy, look at me ler....

DD: WHAT!!! u r supposed to stare at the camera....

XianXian: But i LOVE to look at u... mummy, look at me....

I tried introducing xianxian and Hehe to the big cats.

Sweetie: act like ah-bob (terrapin), run away but not before hissing at them

DD: more friendly to Xianxian...tried to bite hehe ears' but not painful at all as hehe did not cried.

Ah-du: another ah-bob...tried to escape(i am surprised why big cats are scared of tiny kittens)

KK: interested in xianxian. Also box xianxian ears

Xiami: hiss like snake... so i did not put too near to xiami.

Mum said the kittens are like 'baby deer that do not know the tiger' (if u know how to say this in hokkein).. Hehe and xianxian are a bit scared of the big cats but they do not know how to run away to hide.

Not introduced wang wang to the kittens. I had renamed xiao sweetie to "wang Wang". At first we wanted to named her "Ah-Wang" after the dim-witted guy in The TVB drama, Life made simple.But eventually, we named her "wang wang". Her older brother is called 'wang zai' and her other sister is called 'wang lai'. Wang wang other siblings are the other community cats in our area but only wang zai is friendly to us.
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Me N my Shoes

Jennifer say:

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I realized that i never blog about what i purchase with photos. I had just came back from AMK, B409 market.

I always love B409 market - lot of temp stalls to see unlike B453 market with few interesting stalls to see.There is this uncle(right inside the market) that sells very cheap range of shoes that is fashionable. Sister bought a flower black shoes while i bought two pairs.

After our purchase, we walked around the market while mum went to buy some vegetables. Sister and I were tempted to buy a cat bag that cost $14 for a small one and $16 for a big one from one of the temp stall but in the end, we decided not to buy on impulse as we will not be able to use the bag that often. I think most cat owners will love the bag - hmm kind of regretted not to buy but i feel the price wise is a bit expensive as the material of the bag is not so good.

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White kitten heels - cost only $18

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Black slip on - i loved the flowerly pattern on the shoes. I bought it at a steal @ $10. I am glad that the only pair has my size --7.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Project Kucing Coast Harmony Pillar @ Ngee Ann City

With the help of Sister's friends, Sister had finally produced her own harmony pillar that will be displayed in Ngee Ann City tml and sun (26 & 27 May). Tml, sister will be going to Ngee Ann City to give a 2 min presentation on her work. Sunday, she will received the certificate(s) of participation. We will be going down on Sunday to take a look at the completed work.

Sister spent three weeks designing the work with her friend, S that came to our house to make the decorations. I had not helped in this project. I only gave some suggestion in the initial planning of what can be done but i do not know if sister had taken my suggestion. Hmm..i think she had taken my suggestion for the colour of the paint. And i had told sister to use lot of pictures after watching Donald Trump reality show "Apprentice" where the loser group with lengthy words in advertisement were always be eliminated. A picture tells a thousand words, so a cat picture will tell a thousand stories of its past and future.

If u see the Harmomy pillar(In the Animal Rescue Pillar), you will see the 'Before and After' look of Xiami. I cannot recognized the 'Before' picture of Xiami, she looked so different. Xiami is now fat and fatter. She will often meow at me to beg for food and even jumped on my bed to rub me if i ignore her. Ya, i had to ignore her as i felt that she had eaten too much...she is starting to have a belly - i can almost asked her to join Sweetie and Dd to do some belly-dancing.

Ma Ling Shu and Coco are also featured in the piller. MLS looked very well-groomed - the result of good care. ya - foster daddy is doing a good job at taking care of MLS. Coco is still as sweet as before - purring loud when she is happy.

Hooray for the First Harmony Pillar of the cats of East Coast Park.... :)
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My Three Fridge Family

Baby Fridge (with a extra on top)

Mummy Fridge

Daddy Fridge

We had finally bought our bigger fridge from gaincity. Our new fridge arrived on Wed. I had called the new fridge, "mummy fridge" as it is only slightly smaller than the bigger fridge in the kitchen. Mummy fridge is now placed in the living room. For the baby fridge that i bought two years ago, we planned to give it to 'blood' when he returned to his hostel in Aug. He is now enjoying life in Germany.

I had bought lot of drinks to be stored in mummy fridge while for baby fridge, i had placed all the cats food inside.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Idiots, please stop abandoning ur cats

Jennifer say:

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For the past 4 to 5 months, there are 4 kittens (around 4-5 months old) that were abandoned near my neighbourhood. The latest to be abandoned is a pure black kitten. She is very sweet. Yesterday, when i hold her to check on her, she had purr real loud. She is the exact clone of our house Ah-Du - pure black with a hooked tiny tail. She had a slight eye, we will tried to apply eye lotion on her eye. When we saw her yesterday, she was playing with her tail and did not even cried at all. It is a pity that such a cute kitten will be a stray.I had placed her back to the same hideout..hopefully she will be 'safe' from the cruel human world.

Cat 2 is a fierce tabby that is feed by Auntie L but i do not know if it is still in the same hideout. Cat 3 is a tame brown tabby kitten that we used to see for 2 to 3 weeks is now missing.. hope she will be all right.

I saw another new black and white tabby(Cat 4) last week for one day before she/he vanished too but that kitten is real scared.

I wonder whom is the stupid fellow that keep on leaving cats down the place where we usually feed our community cats. It is hard to find whom put the kittens there but certainly some fool think that just because there are feeders giving the cats meals, it is 'OK' to abandone the cats. If only that idiot know the risk he/she put on the other community cats. Someone can just made a call to the 'devil' to ask for 'removal of the cats'.

It is really heart-breaking to see the kittens running around in the street.. Cat 1 (black) and Cat 3 is not even scared of human. I can only just tried to feed the cats that i found on the street and hope they will be safe.*sigh*

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Standing cat

Jennifer say:

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The only time when sweetie did stand up straight is when i wave her favourite fish above her head. This cat looked very smart, maybe the owner tempted it with something good too.

Thurs @ My mum's friend wake

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday (thurs), mum and i went to the wake of my mum's old friend whom mum had known for over 20 years. Her old friend had died of cancer. It is a known medical fact that if one had cancer and heal, they need to wait for five years to see if their cancer even come back. If it does, the chances of healing is slim just like my mum's old friend(let called her 'T' since she lived in Toa Payoh). T was re-diagnosted with cancer last oct. They seemed to be quite a number of people getting this fearful cancer. The china actress, Chen XiaoXu also died of cancer recently.

Religion played a important role in healing. Both Chen xiaoxu and T were strongly a devoted buddhism when they were still alive. Although both of them still died, i think their strong belief in being a buddism helped them to path the route by building a good karma for a better afterlife.

I am also deeply devoted to the goddness of mercy. I think religion is important for one to have faith in what they do and hope for what they wish for - whether it can be fulfilled or not. i do not believe in free-thinker as what many people claimed this is what they want. I felt that they had not meet any major incidents( i am not cursing them that something bad must happen but it can be something simple like hope for better promotion or something similar) that made them to be devoted to religions - whatever religion they want so they are just known as free thinkers. In another simple words, one will eventually choose their religion when one meet obstacles by their own will.Whatever religion u choose should come from within ur inner heart and not get influenced by others whom will try ways and means to ask u to join them in their religion as they claimed that it had helped them this or that.

I do know T from when i was young. I do not have deep impression of T even though she used to call my mum. T was at our house last Vesak day to sell tickets for the Ngee Ann City funfair. This Vesak day, she was gone.

We took bus to Toa Payoh and manged to find T's place. This is the first time mum had went to her place, mum had said that this first time was for a bad visit.

i do felt a kind of strange saddnes when i saw T's photo at her wake. It is mum whom feel sad when she saw T's photo. Mum then started chatting with T's daughter while i stayed on another table to playing boring games on my HP. Then i started to get real bored with my games and went off to see if i can spotted any cats to sayang. One brown tabby came to find me and roll on the floor asking me to sayang him. Aiyoh, why so cute, come to find me himself when i cannot even see him at first? Mum said i must had cat smell all over me.

Then i saw mum started to look for me, i waved to her. Mum had said that at a wake, we are not supposed to say 'goodbye' to the ppl at the wake as goodbye meant we will meet another day and a wake is not supposed to be something good. It is the same for wedding, the bride and bridegroom must NEVER say goodbye to their guests - afterall they wanted their marriage to last forever, never to see their guests again in similar function.

We then went home. Dad said sweetie cried for us for half an hour.I gave sweetie lot of hugs before rushing down to find mimi and friends.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I wish for a rainy day

It had been uncomfortably hot these few days even with a odd days of rain. I wish for a rainy day with a cooler weather after the rain. Then my cats can hide under the umbrella like what Ah-du was doing. I wonder why cats love to hide under the umbrella and think no one can see them. Doesn't ah du look charming with that collar but i had discarded it as the collar can be easily trapped by the claws of xiami whenever they had a good fight. Also that is not a real collar. It is cut from the lace of my socks that i wore during my Primary school days.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Characteristics of a Leo zodiac sign

Cat: DD

Zodiac Sign: Leo
Words in Blue are extracted from the site above

Characteristics of DD:

1) Love to play with any cats that are willing to play.
(Human Leo Sign:Leo people have a great love for their own - that explain why DD always play with cats and not with Human strangers)

2) Sleep whole day and meow at night
(Human Leo Sign: They are sometimes very lazy, and, like the cat, are fond of basking in the sun and dozing in the chimney corner. - That explain why DD always meow to be released from the bedroom at night while everyone is sleeping including the other cats while in the morning, She is normally found sleeping)

3) Natural Pest Controller
(Human Leo Sign:The men usually know where the best markets are to be found, and have a real genius in catering for the table. The women have the same talent in selecting, and among them are found our most in­spirational cooks. - That explain why DD always know where to go to search for lizards to play and cockroaches to kill as the "Women have the talent in selecting good source for food" - lizard and cockroach are good food sometimes...YUCKS)

4) Act as foster mummy to siblings by allowing them to suck her nipples when she was only 1 month old...
(Human Leo Sign:They make good nurses when in full sympathy with the patient. - that explain why DD love to be foster mummy to her siblings)

5) Love to sleep on human bed.
(Human Leo Sign: They are fond of all creature and home comforts - That explain why DD always sleep on my bed)
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

WWF - "Wacky Wild Fight"

Round 1: Standing on a hill to see where your rival was located... Spotted xiao bao (A.K.A xiao yuan yuan) on the ground.

Round 2: Rival Yuan Yuan in position for a good fight...

Round 3: We will fight till the end..(*where we will each get a smack on the bum for fighting)

Final Round: Words of Appeal from Da Bao:We are exhausted. Stop touching my leg or the rest of my body. *Judge, Judge, please pull this crazy cat away from me....*

Disclaimer: No animal are hurt in the WWF.All fighters are trimmed of their sharp claws.

Da Bao (Cat with white mask) & Xiao Bao (or xiao yuan yuan) are members of the WWF.

Other wrestlers included: DD V Xiami, Xiami V Ah Du.

The judges: Sweetie & KK will ensure a fair fight between the oponents while the 'silly' human judges will take photographs of this 'world event'

Viewing time of the next fight will be kept up-to-date.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Updates on HeHe and XianXian

Time flies. HeHe and XianXian are both in our house for two weeks. So far, both of them are growing quite well. I think they are a bit bigger. The day before (thurs), xianxian had finally learnt how to lick milk by herself while Hehe still insisted us to handfeed him using a syringe. Dad, sister and I had took turns to feed them.

HeHe is the hyperactive kitten with a loud meow while Xianxian is the quiet but smart kitten with a gentle meow. Both of them loved to follow us out of the bedroom by running extremely fast. It is quite funny to see them trying to outrun your legs but we always catch them before they went further into the living area. This is because firstly, they are still tiny and secondly, there are other not so friendly adult cats outside the living area. Our groups of gaints had so far hiss at the mini. Even the most gentle and friendly(towards cats only, not strangers) DD had hiss at them. We had to be careful that the kittens did not get a smack on their head when we showed the gaint cats this two kittens. We are hoping that one of our bigger cats can be 'foster mummy' to them but we are only just dreaming.

HeHe has been drinking lot of milk these few days while tiny xianxian will only drink either by herself or when we forced her to drink. Their 'gold' are also not so solid. We are considering whether to send them to the cattery or back to the warehouse. So far, we had not yet advertise them asking for potential daddy or mummy to adopt them....
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One Litre of Tears 1 Litre no Namida (Ichi Rittoru no Namida)

I had just finished watching one litres of tears. I seldom watched J-dramas. I think my last J-drama that i liked is GTO but that drama was ages ago.

The story of this drama is the true story of 15-year old, Kito Aya whom was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Degeneration disease that do not have any known cure. Aya then kept a diary that recorded all her battle with this horrible illness till her death at 25. If you know Japanese, you may like to buy the book that is written only in Japanese(i believe). This English translation is writen on the blog(translated from the dairy): and

This site give more details of the casts:
I only loved the actor(Fujiki Naohito) casting as the doctor in this drama. I meant i loved seeing his cute face. For the rest of the casts, i find their performance to be good too though they did not leave a deep impression for me. Sawajiri Erika, the actress casting as "Aya" has a good acting skills, the tears flowing when it is needed to flow (Unlike our local production where no tears come out at all even though they are supposed to be very sad). What i loved about this drama is how much love and support Aya's family gave to her.

In the flowerpod forum, there are a lot of people whom said that they cried on every episode(11 episodes) but for me, i only cried on certain part of the drama like:

1) For Aya's mummy tried to hide the truth of the illness from aya and the family. It is heart-breaking to see how the mum had put everything in her heart and yet not had the courage to reveal the truth.

2) When Aya's mummy told dad about the illness, both do not wanted to tell the seriousness of the illness to their daughter as they wanted aya to live a normal life just like the normal 15 year old kids.

3) At the school choir where Aya was performing, Their proud parents watched in tears. Shortly after the choir, their parents revealed the truth of Aya's illness to her.

5) How Aya reacted to the cruel truth of her illness, knowing that she will not be able to speak, walk, move in future.

6) I am touched by the many words that flashed across the screen at the end of every episode. This is followed by photographs of the real Aya. words that touched thousands of hearts is "Why do this illness choose me?" and "I wish for a time machine where i will be healthy again"

7) Towards Aya's last stage of her life in Earth, her diary was published. People with similar illness wrote to say how Aya had motivated them to be strong in life. I find it touching that such a simple diary can motivate so many people. That is the true value of life: Always have hope for a better tomorrow.

8) I believed the love story of this drama do not actually occur in the real Aya's personal life. But i am not too sure since i had never read the real dairy before. In this drama, the dad of Aya's Boyfriend was telling his son that their relationship would never worked out as Aya would not be able to talk, move in the future. Aya was asking her mummy if she will ever marry? it is sad that in Aya's heart, she just wished for a healthy self, fall in love, get marry, have kids and become a grandma eventually. Sadly her life ended at 25.

9) Aya's death at the last episode
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