Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#70/2013★ Getai Performanace @ 70 Sengkang West Ave on 23/10/2013★九月十九★ event ~ 龙南殿★ Host: Lee Pei Fen ★威乐斯大乐队★精义舞台秀★★

Jennifer say:

 ★Today Getai: Okay stage, lighting by Dennis is v good. wow effect.

 ★Time watched : 8.30 to 10.305pm

 ★My Position:rear end

 ★Me about tonight getai:Tonight getai i felt is still okay. Tonight is super crowded. I am sitting near the v rear end. Luckily always bring my chairs with me.

 ★Video uploaded tonight:9

 photo DSCN3328_zps781f3ec0.jpg Tonight crowd and my position

 photo DSCN3331_zps5a548f32.jpg Jia min

 photo DSCN3340_zps9c9ac363.jpg
 photo DSCN3345_zpsb948588c.jpg Mavis tan & Jessie Yang. First time saw Jessie sing. Also first time see them sing together. I prefer their can song although i dun understand any can songs at all.

 photo DSCN3349_zps375de880.jpg 龙飞凤舞

 photo DSCN3361_zps3789a5ca.jpg Wei Na

 photo DSCN3366_zpsa434d23f.jpg Zhu Li Li

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#69/2013★ Getai Performanace @ 70 Sengkang West Ave on 16/10/2013★九月十六★ event ~ 龙南殿★ Host: Lee Pei Fen + Hao Hao★旅者大乐队★好运歌舞秀★★

Jennifer say:


 ★Today Getai: Concert style stage, lighting is fantastic. Got the high feel of concert going performance.

 ★Time watched : 7.40 to 10.25pm

 ★My Position:Middle rear end

 ★Me about tonight getai: Went tonight because i wanted to watch Malaysian 许文友 performance. Had listen to his live performance at Kallang theatre once and i really love his songs. Really never regret my choice to go there tonight, xu wen you rock the stage. Plus tonight lighting is really very good. Even though i am alone tonight, i got the super high mood today. Glad that i make a effort to go there tonight. Sister borrowed my camera to HK so tonight photos are taken by my camcorder. I love my vidoes of Xu Wen You tonight, i think using a tripod really help, i can zoom in very near to my subject. Tonight i had bring my own chair and my tripod.

 ★Video uploaded tonight:12

北马歌神: 许文友 performance videos -- below

 photo IMG_0931_zps019841db.jpg The Full Stage

 photo IMG_0927_zps72423c9d.jpg 龙飞凤舞

 photo IMG_0932_zps6154eb98.jpg Hosts (Apologies for Blur Photo)

 photo IMG_0936_zpsc27eeefb.jpg Kai Li

 photo IMG_0940_zps2e951c17.jpg Bai Mai Hui

 photo IMG_0945_zps0dba9013.jpg Hosts

 photo IMG_0937_zpsd4065507.jpg Li Ying

 photo IMG_0942_zpsd3c331cd.jpg Mai Hui

 photo IMG_0947_zps489a749b.jpg Xu Wen You, blur..sorry again..camcorder quality is really very bad.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

#68/2013★ Getai Performanace @ Blk 123 Yishun on 05/10/2013★九月初一★ event ~ 汫水港斗母宫凤山寺★ Host: Lee Pei Fen★骑士大乐队★荣华娱乐制作★★


 ★Today Getai: Big stage, full tentage, lot of chairs, big LED screen

 ★Time watched : 7.10 to 9.4515 pm

 ★My Position: Right front area

 ★Me about tonight getai: We went very early tonight even though we had asked meimei to chop chairs for us. Understand that the committee do not allow chairs to be chopped but really funny to see susan and chew openly chopping seats so i think not true that there is NO seats chopping allow. Ah chew behave like he is one of the temple committee as usual..zzzz... okay, i quite like the getai tonight, very nice LED screen but i found the subjects on my videos are sometimes dark due to the bright screen behind the subjects. Tonight i went esp to hear Andy performance, very worthwhile coming tonight as he got 2 new songs today.

★Video uploaded tonight:6

爱人醉落去, i like this song by Andy. Not a very good video as my view was blocked by a very tall uncle in front of me. I had already placed my tripod very high, any higher, my hand will be up the air liao.

 photo DSCN2466_zps8fe4e2b1.jpg Temple LED Banner

 photo DSCN2471_zps943eab05.jpg Xiao Qi

 photo DSCN2473_zpse9da365e.jpg I like the temple words..nice

 photo DSCN2475_zps9ed1b541.jpg
 photo DSCN2478_zps0b66ea63.jpg Dong Shi Qiang

 photo DSCN2481_zpsa620cd9d.jpg
 photo DSCN2482_zps84da75dc.jpg 锦红

 photo DSCN2484_zps3b7c22d6.jpg
 photo DSCN2488_zps631e4851.jpg Zhang Ting Ting

 photo DSCN2490_zps39efff3e.jpg Andy Goh, Tian Yue

 photo DSCN2493_zpsed8da953.jpg
 photo DSCN2498_zps9cfa21de.jpg Kai Lin

 photo DSCN2501_zpse56616d1.jpg
 photo DSCN2506_zps8de3b603.jpg 林诗玲, i think her dress look like Xmas tree..i like my photo for the full body shoot. Catch the lighting at the correct moment.

 photo DSCN2509_zpse116c4f5.jpg
 photo DSCN2511_zps96d55784.jpg Xian Hong
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