Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sweetie First anniversary as our little Princess

Jennifer say:

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PS: I had typed this entry on Friday and planned to publish this yesterday but i had no internet connection.

Today, 17 Jan is the first anniversary of sweetie official home stay as our house pet. Earlier dates, we used to get sweetie to our house too but we always let her go either at night or early morning. She really adorable at that time, she kept staying at the second storey of our block. Once she spotted us, she will meowed loudly while walking down the stairs.

Jan 17 was the date where sister went to HK for half year study. That afternoon, i saw sweetie as usual in her hidesout in the second floor. I pressed the lift and much to my surprise, she entered the lift of her own accord. And mum and Dad did not oppose when i returned with sweetie and therefore, sweetie become our offical home cat.

I remembered when it was mum suggestion for bringing sweetie to our house for a short trip to "play play". That time, there was another injured kitten where i took care for three days. That kitten was taken to temp foster home. After that kitten left, mum suggested bringing sweetie for play play. Surprisely, sweetie is not scared of us. But she still hide under the sofa when we try to hug her.

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Hide and Seek

We always took sweetie back to the street at night or early morning as dad at that time was not keen on having cat in our house. He said: "Cat is dirty." But sister and I alway took sweetie home for a short stay.

I first saw sweetie at the playground when mum and I were feeding baibai and little black nose. Mum love sweetie little bobtail. Ever since, we always try to find sweetie and feed her. Hmm..i am always 'honour' to be the one whom give the name "sweetie" to this newcomer. Well..she seem to sweet and i named her sweetie.

When sweetie first become our house pet, she used to sleep in a box.

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This is sweetie inside her box.

That time, i do not allowed her on my bed. Slowly, i allowed sweetie to sleep at my feet. Now, she sleep beside me.

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Sleeping on my bed

Sister was in HK while sweetie is our house cat. So sister missed much of sweetie inital home stay with us.

Sister bought sweetie a blue leash, a orange leash, a food bowl and a body harness. Now, i only used the blue food bowl. The blue leash had been ripped by sweetie while the orange one is too big. And the body harness make sweetie go mad.

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Model by seaweed-orange leash

From a 2.5kg cat, sweetie now weighs 5 kg.

Here the Things that sweetie knows:
1) She know how to lie her head at the side to sayang. When we asked her wan to sayang,she will immediately lie on one side to sayang. She respond faster to mum.

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In her sayang position..we need to pet her when her head is moved that way

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On the floor for us to sayang. Sweetie's rather choosy in her place where she want to sayang. She love to lie on our floor mats, hard floor was an alternative.

2) She learnt how to pee in the water hole in the toilet (where water flow down the drain), super shooter. She never missed by peeing other places other than that hole

3) She learnt how to poo in newspaper. Save the litter box.

4) She follow me to the bathroom when i say i am goin to bath and wait patiently outside for me. I always reward her with food when she follow me after i completed my bath.

5) She meowed in delight when i asked her: Wan to "mum mum"?

6) Stay near anyone of us and meow to try to locate us if we gone missing.she esp sticky to me.

7) Stand on hind legs to see us at our door when dad gone to throw rubbish or when we gone downstairs to feed the other cats.

8) Answer "Meow Meow" when i call her. I duno what is the meaning of meow meow but i assumed it meant sweetie was trying to call me JieJie in her cat language. It is definitely sound like JieJie. Meow in response to anyone in our family calling her name.

9) Do little things to amuse us - many little Like helping mum to catch cockroach or jumpin on the dinning table to grab a fish that mum intend to eat. (i get a scolding for not covering the fish) or asking for sayang when sweetie saw mum after mum returned from the market.(like today) or sleeping soundly in the same room while i am now typing the 'extremely long' blog.

10) Never disturb me when she wake up in the morning.(Unlike DD whom is our meowing alarm clock at 7 am in the morning)

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This is DD, our notty baby of the house. She around one month old when we first found her. Her mum died and i adopted the three kittens. Her brothers are now with another family. When DD was tiny, she will let her two brother suck her nipples and then groomed her just like her mummy
She came to our house on the mooncake festival. I will do a similar 'profile' of her when her first year anniversary come.

Here is DD big.

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DD on my brother bed..she still not quite like to sleep beside me so we bought a laundry basket and convert it into DD house. We used a big piece of wood to cover the top of the basket. There are holes all around the basket so it is really a cheap way to keep ur cat in. I wrapped the wood with a wrapping paper but my notty sweetie ripped the paper with her claws so now i placed another piece of wood on top of DD basket for sweetie to scratch her claws.

Still..i will remember my two hamsters,hamham and hamie that passed away on aug and sept respectively. I felt guilty that ever since sweetie come to our house, i sort of neglected them.
I made this signature in hamsterhideout to remind me of their little happy faces.

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may my hamham and hamie found peace together.

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