Sunday, October 29, 2006

Silly poster that i had created....

Jennifer say:

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My Ugly poster....
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Sister had thanked quite a number of people in her blog. I am just being a bit of extra by thanking again... :) my poster looked ugly as combined to what sister's friend designed..

E's poster...
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cat Fan Club

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, when sister came back from her P/T job as a surveyor , she told us that she got to know someone from the Cat Fan Club. Mum was like :"huh, club? what club, cat welfare is it?". Sister then said she got to know a family that is going to adopt two abandoned kittens. The two kittens are only one month old and were picked up by her neighbour. It was very lucky for the two babies to have found a home that fast.

Sister's job requires her to go to houses to 'interview' students on a list of questionaire set by the NIE. So she get to know all kinds of kids and their parents - some spolit brats, some well-behaved, some whom have their mummy as their voices.........

Yesterday's family loves cats. The family started to talk about cats with sister when they saw sister's laptop with a DD xiong wallpaper. In fact, most family whom loved cats will start chatting about cats when they saw DD's picture.

The mum asked sister to take her to buy some cat stuff for the two kittens. Today, sister and I went together with the mum, mum's sister and the daughter. They bought a cage, netro cat food, Science diet kitten wet canned food and two toys.

The mum told us that her husband did not like cat but she just insisted on having cats. Her daughter is also sensitive to fur but the mum want her daughter to get used to fur. I like what she said " you cannot hate animal mainly because you are sensitive to the fur. I want my daughter to love animals too."

The daughter,Amanda was very excited about the new kittens - she also wanted to buy leash for the far, i think only san is able to train her cats to be leashed - or put it this way, i only know san is able to train all her cats to be leashed. I tried to put one on DD whom went bizarre over that strange object that she failed to remove. Amanda finally decided that her cats are not going to be leashed.

On our way back, we past by the medical shop where i went in to buy some lozenge for my throat. My throat felt funny once again - *sigh*, hopefully it is not going to be another cold attack. The shop owner then told the mum about her fat cat that she had given away.

The medical shop used to have a fat cat but the cat was given away as the owner claimed that he did not wanted the cat to mess with the herbs in the shop. I found it funny for the excuss the owner gave for giving away the cat. If only the owner allowed the cat to go up to their house instead of locking the cat down the shop, there will not be any problem. The poor cat is only allowed to stay in the shop while the owner stay upstair. But fortunately for the cat, the owner is very responsbile- they did an extra effort to try to find a home for the cat. The owner managed to find a home for the cat whom is adopted by the fish shop owner.

The mum then drove sister and I home.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Elephant for a pillow, isn't she smart?

Sweetie used a toy elephant as her pillow. In fact, she sleep on a small pillow beside me at night. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Lizard Hunters

Sweetie: What is that moving on the floor? Look like my toy

Sweetie: Let me try to press it, opps, it can move.. DD, come here to play with this new living toy
Sweetie: See how i press it
DD: disgusting cat
DD: looked what you had done, it is dead....
Sweetie: *with a fake guilty look* i did not do anything.....

Poor lizards - DD had killed two lizards and sweetie had killed 1 lizard. Mum had took sweetie and DD to wash their paws after their lizard hunt. DD had also pulled off a cockroach's legs in my room, i found three gross legs on the floor when i mopped my floor. I cannot found the cockroach, wonder where it was gone.

The last time when i found a baby cockroach, DD played with it and pressed it till it died and then DD swallowed the cockroach... it is not that i had not feed DD, DD is just greedy and playful.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

bazaar @ NUS Science Foyer Next Mon & Wed

Jennifer say:

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Sister is holding a bazaar next monday and wednesday to raise money for the sterilization fees of the cats @ East Coast Park. You can know more about the kuchings at East Coast from her newly set-up blog :

She is now looking for sponsers for her merchandise. She had no ideas what to sell. Someone offered to let her sell some recycling bags but i think sales will not be good. Only 3 days for her to find her merchandise... hopefully sales will be good to make up enough profits for the cats.

Anyone that can help can contact sister through her blog.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Horrible News- second cat from dad's workplace died today

Jennifer say:

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Today, dad called and said that his cat had died. Yesterday, when dad discovered that his cat was very sick, he had sent it to dr Au @Pet Clinic immediately. Today, the vet called to say that the cat had died.

I am now vv worried about the remaining 3 cats (all siblings), one newly blackie and one old blackie. I am almost sure that the reason of death for the two cats are poison so else how come two cats had died within 3 days - one on sun and one on tue.

I had asked dad to block the gap linking to the next door furniture warehouse but dad said it is hard to block the gap. I think sister and I need to go down dad's warehouse to see what we can do. According to dad, the next door furniture's ppl had placed a cat trap in their area that they built themselves. And both sister and I had not seen the cat trap that dad mentioned so we are not sure if it is indeed a cat trap. Mummy cat is now MIA and her two babies are dead. We cannot point fingers at any one but it is very clear whom the culprits are...

Mum had told me to call the newspaper that two cats had died because someone might had poisoned them but i told mum that we had no evidence.

We also offer some solutions: mum suggested bringing a cage to put the 5 cats at night but they may fight. I suggested locking the cats in the toilet but it is hard to catch them as dad is afraid that the cats will scratch him.

Mum then said once that we will bring them home and wait till they are sterilized...(the 3 remaining siblings and the young blackie are not yet sterilized) i think mum is just joking as mum had said before that enough cat is enough - no more cats to bring home. And mum said many dozen times that if i bring some more cats, she will 'hantam' me. ( she did not said that malay word but she said in another hokkein word that almost had the same meaning).

We therefore had no solution as to what can we do...

Dad had burried baby number two beside his/her older siblings beside the old tree in the vacant field near his workplace. R.I.P, baby number 2....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nana appeared again....

Jennifer say:

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I am so happy..once again, i saw nana again. Mum and I were on our way back home when we saw a brown cat sitting on the floor of the linkway. The brown cat is nana. Nana still recognised us and keep meowing at us. She is very affectionate and keep rubbing her body on mum and me. Then mum went home and asked sister to come down with dry food that nana loves.

Nana disappeared for 9 months and 4 day according to my ticker counter that i set for nana . She is still very fat so we suspected that someone had keep her and abandoned her again when their new year is coming next two week.

She is still bad tempered as before. When we tried to ask her to move to a quieter place, she scolded us by meowing real loud. I miss her round body and our family (sister, mum, dad and me) are very happy to see nana again.

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The Fortune Cat V The Fake Fortune cat

DD: *Meow* We are both cats. I am also a fortune cat. I am known to bring fortune and wealth to my owner. But why i cannot carry lot of coins like that white smiling fat cat beside me? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Introducing Our Community cats

This is mimi- i kept forgetting that he is a guy because he looked so much like a sweet girl. The pack of rice looked a lot but he can finish it in 1 minute.

This is manja little sweetie. She had a tiny wound on her back. Auntie Linda said that she had applied medi for her. I never feed little sweetie..another auntie fed her. Yet, little sweetie loves to meow at me to ask me to sayang her. She also love to roll on the floor.

San Pi pa - he used to be very very thin, now he had grown so fat. When i tried to pat him yesterday to ask him why was he so quiet, he gave me a quick bite on my hand. *Ouch*

Brownie - this is a newly abandoned cat found on tue, another manja cat that allow me to carry her. Auntie Linda said that Brownie is going for sterilization next week. I think brownie love dry food more than wet food. This morning when we fed her dry food, she ate super fast. For wet food, she will stop and 'kapo' around, then meow loudly and i had to carry her back to eat some more.

Missing cats - Ginger (mimi foster father that looked like san pi pa), baby, xiaobai and ring ring.

Sister and I only feed mimi and san pi pa daily. Ginger will sometimes disappear but there is always food at a later hour (11 pm plus) when Auntie Linda will feed baby, xiaobai, ring ring, ginger and mimi (a second round). Posted by Picasa

One of dad's workplace kitten had gone to Rainbow Bridge

Jennifer say:

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Sad new- one of the white kitten had died after refusing to eat for two days. Cause of death - unkown. Dad had found him in the drain, died. Dad had burried him under the soil. May the poor kitten find peace and had a better next afterlife.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Introducing Mimi

This is mimi, one of our community cats at my area. I cannot get a good snap of him as it was rather dark. I only get to feed him once every night.

How time flies. From a tiny 2 month-old kitten, mimi is now around 8-9 month old. Still remember the first time sister and I discovered him. We were feeding Nana when we heard a pitiful meow. We went to look under the drain and saw this newly-abandoned kitten looking very scared and refused to come out for food. We put the food in the drain for him to eat. In the next 4-5 days, mimi ate his food under the drain.

Slowly, mimi get to know Ginger, another community cat. Ginger act as foster daddy to mimi and taught mimi that we are his friends. Mimi started to trust us.He could eat in the open instead of under the drain.

Mimi was sterilized in July. He was in a sorry state at that time - a bloody nose that had turned black. Fortunately mim recovered very well.

Every day, mimi will appear under the bushes and when he see us, he will jump and greet us with joyful meows. We will take him to the senior citizen corner that is quieter and feed him. After meal time, mimi will lick his mouth with a 'I am full and happy look'. He will follow us halfway home and then stared at our backs as we disappeared further and further away.

Mimi has two other nicks - mi tao (Peach) and mi tao xiao wang zi (Prince Peach). Mimi has two black patches on the middle of his body that i called them tian1 yan3(heavenly eyes). I told sister that his heavenly eyes is to protect him and his other friends from dangers such as stupid people that do nothing but complaining about cats in the street. Sister said that mimi's black patches at his back looked like extra-large diaple. I suddenly remembered Superman that wear his underwear outside... maybe mimi is a supercat as well.

mum said that mimi has the survivor skill to be able to live in the street for so long. Some cats that are abandoned either disappeared or were caught. As i said, mimi is a supercat with super stong will to survive. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival

Jennifer say:

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Day Scene @ Chinatown

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Night Scene @ Chinatown - I loved the dragon

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Celebration @ My neigbourhood temple

This is taken today at my neighbourhood's temple. . We missed the walkabout where the Tong-ki will take everyone to walk around the neighbourhood for a full round...Everyone will be holding a lantern in their hands. We only joined the crowd when they were near to the temple. After that, a ritual was conducted. You can see the set-up of the ritual in the first photo. The Tong-Ki then sprinkled some water with pine leaves blessed by the heavenly gods above us. After that, we took a joss stick each to pray to the moon goddess. I prayed for all my community cats in my area to be safe.

We did not stay longer to take the 'goodies bag' consisting of sweets and flower for bathing/blessing. We went inside the temple to pray. There was a banquet in the temple itself.

Mum and I watched the opera outside the temple. I do understand the language spoken (Hokkein) except for the singing ( A bit understand only). Mum has always say that i should learn to speak Hokkein instead of just having to understand it without speaking.

I was SMSing sister to ask her when she would be back when i saw our MP walking toward me. He was actually there for the banquet and we happened to sit in the way. We stayed for a short while till 9.30 pm. I needed to warm up mimi's food and the opera was not that fantastic as compared to the Taiwan opera.

We saw mimi near the senior citizen corner. Mimi meowed at us but we did not have food. Mimi then followed us and then disappeared around the dark void deck. We met two police officers whom were there because someone complained that the kids were playing with candles in the void deck.

At 10.25 pm, sister and I went to find san pi pa and mimi. There were lot of people around - lot of kids playing with candles somemore. I am able to feed mimi without any disturbance. San Pi Pa is a bit 'worried' about the noises but he did ate quite a lot. Sister and I stayed with him till he ate more of his leftover rice.

Friday, October 06, 2006

6 cats for Today Spay Day, 6 Oct

Jennifer say:

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Wednesday, sister managed to borrow 3 carriers from Linda. We had another carrier that we borrowed from our neighbour for Dad's workplace mummy cat. Sister had contacted Vincent whom agreed finally to allow the cats to stay at his place after vegancat contacted vincent. When sister had called Vincent earlier, there appeared to have problem. But all problems become no problem after nice vegancat called Vincent. Caroline (sister get to know her through vegancat)had agreed to go to our place on thur to pick up the 4 carriers.

Sister had a minor problem with the pick up point that is in Bedok and Vincent's place is in Paris Ris. In the end, dad agreed to pick up the cat today and dropped them to the pick up point in Bedok using his workplace's lorry.

Thur (before the Big Day)

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The Chief Inspector,DD had to ensure that every carrier is good and steady for her pals outside.

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All four carriers in a line for CI to inspect before they went into C's car.

On Thursday(5 Oct), sister and Caroline went to East Coast park and with Vincent's help, they managed to catch 6 cats.

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Cat No 1

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Cat No 2

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Cat No 3

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Cat No 4

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Cat No 5

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Cat No 6

Spay Day, Today, Friday 6 Oct 2006

Sister went out early at around 7am with dad to pick up the cats in Vincent's place to the Pick up Point in Bedok.

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The cats all packed and ready to go

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Dad in his red cap and rearranging the carriers in the back of the lorry. Luckily it is a sunny day...

Today at 9 plus

Sister is back home after going to the pick up point to collect the cats. Sister said that there are 3 males and 3 females. Some are extremely tired, some kept meowing and hissing at sister. Sister will released them on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today is World Animal Day,4 Oct

World Animal Day - Mission Statement

To celebrate animal life in all its forms

To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom

To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives – from providing food, through being our companions, to supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives
To acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives

World Animal Day takes place every year on 4 October.

Animal welfare groups, sanctuaries and individuals throughout the world hold special events to heighten public awareness of animal issues and to encourage people to think about how we as humans relate to animals.

Be part of something special and find out how you can get involved in World Animal Day 2006.


Today is World Animal Day

Heard on FM100.3 where the DJ asked why people 'hated' dogs..apparently, all the signs that said "Pets are not allowed in this premises" will put a picture of a dog. Why not put cat, rabbit or fish, why only dog? Posted by Picasa

We got 6 slots for Spay Day

Jennifer say:

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Still remember that i mentioned about the pity of the East Coast Cats in my earlier post?

Sister had managed to gather around $250 of funding from her friends and vegancats' friends. A pet taxi had agreed to help her catch the cat tml at a lower rate of $70 for 6 cats.

Today, CWS had called us to inform us about our slot on Spay Day. I am at home down with a bad sore throat when they called mum. I asked them to contact sister.

Tml, sister will be catching 6 male cats. I was not keen to keep them at home as i am worried that they will make too much noise. Sister asked Dad's workplace supervisor to keep the cats on the warehouse before their big day. Dad's supervisor had agreed to lend us his lorry if we needed it and we can keep those cats outside the warehouse. I think those 6 pals will make a whole lot of noise since they are never being keep in carrier before.

For the rest of the other cats in East coast park, i am not sure how they will be sterilized eventually.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our poster girl, DD in latest 'cat clothing'

A light yellow dress with a bear - suit all female cats....

A banana yellow dress - suit for all formal function like cat birthday or cat day out.

Your cat will feel comfortable in this dress, see how DD is enjoying herself on the floor.

And her tail is waving very fast..... Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006

DD at Mischief

DD decided to examine what was inside the white container. It is actually Mimi & KK chicken meat and Sweetie's fish -both i needed to defrozen before i can boil the chicken and stream the fish. Posted by Picasa
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