Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rating for my blog

RJennifer say:

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I should be honoured.....but hmm... sometimes really feel like swearing at some jerk in my workplace but need to hold my tongue... That's life and i never swear in public.....

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Look whom's back?

Our Dear Money is with us again

He is better, no longer breathing from his mouth

He can eat a lot

Jennifer say:

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Money is back with us since Monday because his foster mummy need to travel. I am the temp mummy. Sister had asked me if Money will be 'PR' or ' immigrant'? i am not too sure ler. Maybe PR lor but it all depends on his foster mummy decision. There is a high chance that money will be our PR in our house.

Money had been taking medicine for 20 days since 7 November. We do hope that the fluid in his lungs will be clear by the end of his medication. There are four more days of medication left for Money before we need to send him to the vet again for review. But i think that we will wait for foster mummy to come back from singapore before we decide.


BTW, if u read sister blog, xiami eyelashes are giving her trouble again. Today, the vet had plucked two eyelashes from her eye. Sister had said that xiami did not cry nor protested strongly. Brave and good girl. She will need to wear her E-collar till her eye is better.

Xiami looking very sad....Xiami was asking me why she had to be 大头again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Standing, Wondering And Thinking: When When When???

Jennifer say:

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Sister had left for Beijing for one week, leaving me with the notty notty kitties. Meanwhile....

Xiami was wondering why is sister gone for 1 day?

Ah go go was thinking will fat sister remember her when she saw go go next wed?

DDX is suddenly now with cat flu. I had feed her vibravet twice per day. Her condition should be better in 5 days time. So far, i had fed her two days. I had also slept with her in blood room to keep her company at night.

Sweetie had discovered that DD had suddenly disapeared for 2 days. Just now, she entered blood room and saw DDX on the bed. Sweetie made a cheerful meow and jumped on the bed to join DD before i dragged sweetie off the bed and put her outside in the living room. Sweetie gave me a 'gu lian dan' face.

Xian Xian, Hehe are still as playful as usual. In the afternoon, mum fed them chicken rice - i think mum spolited them by feeding them each time they jumped up and down.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Me & My endless numbers of earings

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Today, I had lunch with an ex-classmate. I had not seen her like for 4 years. It is a joy to see her again. We had lunch at 'New York New York' @ AMK hub. Food is so so as i find my fish and chips to be nothing special as the one that i always eat that cost only a mere $4.50 while NY cost $9.90. We were grumbling about our poor pathetic working life. Actually me got not much to complain - except hor, the 'C' whom is our king.

What more to complain when

1) working place is only 7 min walk from home,

2) lunch (healthy one ok, NO MSG) at home for lunch hour - can also use this precious 40 min to sayang kitties.

3) 14 min walking from office to home, from home to office, it is a good form of walking ok, brisk walking. I think i am cheating myself by not exercising at all.I can walk very fast if i want to. My family, colleagues had all commented that i walk super fast. Maybe that is why i got super oily face - YUCKs.

My friend, X was complaining abt how all her work seem to be endless. Poor her had to come home close to ten plus almost daily, unlike me -上班一条虫,下班一条龙。 Ya, me very '龙' one, alway leave work place on the dot. But occasionally, i finished work half an hour later. But compared to X, i felt fortunate.

After our lunch and 1 hour of talking, we left NY and walked around AMK hub. I bought myself these earrings(below). The SA did not bothered to give me a proper plastic bag for me to do free promotion on my blog so i did not know what is their shop name. Also i am very cheapo - expensive one that cost $21 for 1 pair, i did not buy... I bought those that cost 3 for $5. I do know recycle recycle but at least had some of ur shop logo on the tiny plastic bag that was used to put the 3 earings. I was telling X that i siao one - see got anything with cat face or cat image, must buy but i of course mind the price tag behind the items - 能省就省.
I was almost tempted to buy a maria cat touch light key chain that cost $6.95 but i reminded myself of the 能省就省 theroy. Actually sister also like that, do not know why she bought that xiami clone jigsaw. We did not nailed it on the wall anyway so it is just left anywhere to collect dust.

1 cat earring - full length cat

1 kitty face one and 1 dolphin

This is my earrings box. Mum was saying why u bought earrings when u know how to make one urself. Me said:"No lar, not the same ma, those one is stubs one."

This is bought by sister. It is quite heavy so no one got any chance to wear it as we do not want to risk making our earlobes hole to widen. And we do not have any intention to put a big round button on our open earlobes hole(if we happen to have one). If u read the gossip zao bao, you would read the freaking weird guy that purposly widen his earlobes hole so that he can put 20 cents diameter -wide round earring on his ear.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


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Standing Xiami

Jigsaw of a Xiami clone

Jennifer say:

Sister managed to 'fool' a number of ppl in her blog when she asked them to see the before and after picture of xiami. The clone did look like xiami except the clone got bigger eyes unlike xiami's 咪咪眼。

Sister bought a number of toys from Diaso. Xiami love a feather stick that sister bought. Xiami would stand on both her hind legs to try to touch the feather. But one thing about this feather toy, it will smell of xiami saliva at the end of the day. It is fun to see xiami doing a bit of exercise jumping here and there and standing on hind legs. She is so fat and round nowaday. Sleep whole day without any exercise.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Money medical condition

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Jennifer say:

Money is not doing very well. He was grasping for air by breathing from his mouth on Sat and today. So sister had sent him to the vet for hospitalization. Vet suspected that Money may had air or fluid on his chest so the air cannot go to his lung, causing him to take air from his mouth instead.
In fact, on Friday, sister and I had sent him to a different vet. His conditon on Friday is still fine, he is not taking air from his mouth. But he appeared to have difficulty breathing sometimes. Vet said that we need to have his previous vet diagnose as to what colour was the fluid in his lung earlier. I was wrong when i mentioned earlier that fluid in lung is caused by drinking dirty water. Vet mentioned that there could be many reasons...
Back to today Vet, sister had taken Money to the 1st vet. BUT vet cannot said what colour is the fluid like. No record, nothing explain to earlier condition. If not that he is the first vet, i doubt i will trust my cats with him. Money will be in the clinic for 3 days and a X-ray will be taken today.
Money is actually very sweet, I had allow him to sleep on my bed as he hated to be locked up. Natural reaction as he is a free-roaming cat earlier in ECP. He know how to use xiami litter tray very well. Other than his breathing problem, he is taking food quite easily and drinking xiami water. Sweetie screamed(Loud Meow oh Meow from sweetie while Money quiet quiet watched her) at Money on Friday when Money went to Mum's room to kapo kapo the environment. Money never hiss or screamed at any of our cats, he merely meowed softly at them. He has quite a sweet temper.

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