Monday, June 25, 2007

Sleeping Child

Xian Xian on top of Brother, HeHe. The yellow basket is their litter box.

Xian Xian on a white basket. Mum said she love to see XianXain white fur with all 4 legs in the air. I had tied the white basket on top so that they can jump inside to sleep.

Sweetie on the sofa. She always sleep like this position on comfortable areas like my bed

Ah-Du on my bed - her favourite sleeping area. She will join me at night beside my legs

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The day after Xiami surgery

She is doing fine. Yesterday was very tired. She refused to be caged so sister had released her this morning. Today she is eating well and drinking lot of water after a full day of torture yesterday without food nor drink

She had 6 sitches on her eyes - 3 on each eye. Once the sitches are removed, her eyes will be slightly bigger. The vet had pulled back her eyelids as i mentioned earlier.

I will need to cage her at night to avoid the other cats accidentally jumping on her eyes whey they play
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fat Cat in Munich, Germany

Blood saw a fat sterilized cat in his hostel in Munich, Germany and took a picture.
Here is what Blood said in his blog:
For the first time in my 2.5 months stay in Munich, I saw a cat yesterday. It's a stray brown tabby, found at Studentenstadt near Mario's place. If you look closely, you'll realise that it's left ear has been clipped, so possibly it might have been sterilised already.

Glad that blood still remember that clipped ears meant sterilized cats. One of sister's friends think that someone cut the cats' ear purposely.

I noticed that The cat in Germany had ears that are cut in a slant way rather than the straight way like our Singapore Cats. But i do not know if it is the same for every sterilized cats since Blood only had one photo. This cat looked well-fed and well-groomed.

Blood said he is coming home to Singapore on 2 Aug, 42 days and counting from home.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Poor Xiami...... she will need a surgery for her eyes

Today, sister and I bought Xiami to the vet because of her teary strain on the corner of her eyes. She had those cloudy eyes all along since she was recused from ECP. We always thought that Xiami eye was mainly an infection. Today when the vet saw her, she said that xiami actually got eyelashes growing internally inside her cornea. Thus, this make xiami very uncomfortable. The only way to cure her is by comestic surgery. The vet told us to find a vet that is more experienced in eye surgery. If xiami is not cure or if we delay the treatment, her eye will be more infected and she may ended up losing a whole eyeball. Poor gal.

When xiami was found and taken to the vet from ECP, the vet NURSE told sister that xiami had a eye infection. The cause was not told so all along, we thought it was just a case of eye infection. Never did we know it was so serious.

We will be bring xiami to the vet that is better at eye on Wednesday. We are worried about the expected high vet cost.
Sister had put a buster collar on xiami but xiami had know how to remove the whole collar. We will need to put it more tight if necessary.

Updated: Wed, 20 June

Sister and I had just bought xiami to the vet Called 'Animal Clinic (Katong). The vet is a very experienced guy. When he saw xiami, he pulled her out himself and examined her. He gave us two option for xiami -

one is she can be given a surgery to close up the side of her eyelid and pulled up the eyelid.

Second is to just remove the eyelashes at the side of xiami's eyes that are giving her discomfort.

The vet said that option 1 is better since xiami is still a young cat. Xiami will be seheduled for surgery this coming Friday.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

帝女花 Perish in the Name of Love

Jennifer say:

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I had just finished watching all 32 eps of TVB drama, Perish in the Name of love. Of course, it is a tradegy drama, all dramas involving wars are tragedy - Like 'War and Beauty' 'Where the legend begins'. I find this 2003 production to be long-winded esp the plots where the evil kept on doing evil over and over again till the final esp.

Here is the casts in this drama:
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Charmaine Sheh as Princess Chang Ping 长平公主(佘诗曼) & Steven Ma as Zhou Shi Xian 周世显(马浚伟)
I love Stevan ma's character the most. He is very charming in this drama. He and the princess were seperated 6 times before they can finally be together. Meanwhile, he was alway fighting a lose battle against the Qing army. I find it strange that all the other generals died while fighting and Zhou (being inexperienced with war) can still 'tahan' for so long. But if Zhou died, the princess would be a widow, then got no more show to watch.

Princess ChangPing was a understandable and loyal princess. Despite being mistaken for many instances, she was able to overcome those obstacles. She was made a begger, a worker in a factory and finally a nun. In the end when Zhou went to the temple to find her, they were finally together, ending their 6-time seperation.

The final esp showed how they faked death and ended up as normal citizens. I think the real Princess Changping remained as a nun in her whole life. I am rather interested in the Real Ming dynasty Chang Ping life story so i did a search. I found that the real princess married Zhou Xing(should be Zhou Shi Xian other name) but died at the age of 39 from an illness.(The link is all written in Chinese). So much for a fairytale ending in the TVB drama. I think the title of the drama should also changed as both lovers did not actually perish in the name of love. Maybe should called "Lovefool in the name of Love".

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More pictures of Princess Chang Ping in her wedding custom. The red is so sweet but the headgear looked a bit 'over' on Charmaine.

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Annie Man as Chen YuanYuan(Left) and Sonija Kwok as Princess Zhao Ren 昭仁公主(郭羡妮)
Chen Yuan Yuan in this drama was a useless character. She did nothing to cause Ming dynasty to fall. In real history, Ming fall because of Chen Yuan Yuan. It was said that both Wu San gui and the enemy, Lee Zhi Cheng fall in love with the same girl, yuan yuan. Because of this, Wu joined force with the Manchu(Qing), opening the gate of the Ming's city, thus allowing the Ming to fall into the Qing soldiers' hand.

Princess Zhao Ren was a evil woman that plot against her own father, indirectly leading to the fall of Ming. I am not sure of the real Princess's history but most certainly, Ming did not fall because of her. In fact, little was known about Princes Zhao Ren. Princess Chang Ping being the only surviving Ming princess in the Qing ruling was more 'famous'.

But in this drama, Zhao Ren was totally evil - killed her own mother, tried to make her own brother-in-law (Zhou shi xian) like her by lies, took money meant to help in the war, tried to sell information to the Qing. But in the end, she was the last person to die or rather had what she deserve. In the final esp, she was in prison, looking like an insane woman. She was mainly in this drama to add more highlight to the stupidness of her grandmother, mother and sister. Despite the many lies she told, no one comforted her. Even if her lies were discovered, she was able to outsmart them by more lies esp to her mother that eventually died because of her.

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Wen SongXian(Annie Man) as Yu xian
I also love her character. She is sweet, caring and thoughful. In one esp where Changping fall down, yu xian helped her to apply medicine despite knowing her for less than one day. Yu xian was supposed to marry Zhou Shi Xian. I do not like their love triangle.... Yu Xian loved Shi Xian but Shi xian loved Chang ping... Chang ping did not accepted Zhou's love as she was good friends with Yu Xian. Love meant Love, why must push her love to her good friend? In the end yu xian also died because she wanted to help changping stole a letter that revealed the plot of the evil concubine,Tian Fei that tried to frame the Empress Chow for the death of Tian Fei's son. Tian Fei accidentally pushed Yu Xian whom knocked her head against the stair and died.

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The whole cast.

Some of my less favourite characters:

Moses Chan as Emperor Chong Zhen
Chong zhen was a mad man right from the start of the drama. As in every emperor, he had the same weakness like having too many concubines, listening to the word of his favourite concubine, Tian Fei, listen to the words of his useless officers and lack of trust for his most loyal officers. In the drama, he told his family to flee from the palace and spread news that he had killed his officers in the palace, kill his own daughter, Chang ping and asked his family to die. In real life, he was said to lose his mind and kill his officers and family members. He had also hacked one arm of Princess Chang Ping. In the end, he died by hanging on a tree.He was the 17th and last emperor of the Ming dynasty.

Michael Tong as Seng Chin
He loved Chang ping but Chang ping only loved Zhou shi xian. Despite this, Seng chin done many things for Chang ping. I find his character to be a bit stupid. I cannot understand why he spend so much time with Chang ping that had no love for him. He also appeared to done harsh things, wasted his family's fortune and hot-tempered. That is why i do not like his character right from the start. If only he can showed his devote for love to his own father.

Marco Ngai as Wu San gui
He was the general that knew a lot abot war strategy. Because of Chen Yuan Yuan, Wu san gui fall out with Chong Zhen and refused to help him. Ming fall because of him. Nothing much to say about this guy.

Maggie Siu as Empress Chow
She was the strength pillar for Chong zhen. Unfortunately, she was unable to teach her eldest daughter, zhao ren to be upright, thus leading to her death. Her character is another one that i dislike. Firstly, she done things that were wrong for the sake of her daughter, Zhao Ren like begging for money to help Zhao ren repay the military money that zheoren had stolen.Secondly, she forgave her daughter too easily - when she knew Zhao ren tried to murder Chang ping, she refused to tell Chongzhen about this. Thirdly, she listened to sweet talks easily - When Tian fei and her father begged for empress to forgive them, she actually forgave. She did not know that Tian fei was the reason that the empress was chased out of the palace for many years because of a plot. I find her role to be very tiny, doing nothing much for the dynasty(she did try to help Chong Zhen with accounts but what was the use?) until the end when they were chased out of Beijing because of the Qing. Then she started to show her empress power but isn't it too late???

Jay Lau as Tian Fei
She is the evil concubine of Chong Zhen. In order to become empress, she framed empress Chow. But in the end, Tian fei did not become empress, she also fall sick and become insane. I find her role to be less annoying. The most annoying character that i wanted to strangle was Princess Zhao Ren. Tian Fei spread rumours, stole military money and wanted to make use of Chen Yuan Yuan to get back the emperor. She also caused Yu Xian to die but in the drama, no one knew about the truth about Yu xian's death.

Source: (Song in English)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

臭脸 Xiami

Yo,xiami, 为什么脸 臭臭?(Why Face black black?)

我没有做错事情!!!!!(I did not did anything wrong)

冤枉啊! 梁大人!!我只是睡在Sweetie姐姐的地方!!(I am wronged. I am only sleeping on Sweetie's place)
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cats in the basket

Lelong Lelong!!Xiami and DD for 'SALE'

一只一块钱(1 For $1)

Xiami - Fat and Round

DD - 圆又大(Round and Fat)

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Funny sleeping places that DD and sweetie love

DD: On the sofa. sleep there almost everyday

Sweetie: Sleep on Sister's study desk. Used to be Xiami sleeping area until sweetie decided to claim this place as her own

DD: On sister's chair in our room. Only sleep there when we did not let her out in the living room. Otherwise, she will be sleeping in a tiny fruit basket(will included photos later)

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Jennifer say:

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by: 林宇中
回忆的声音 播在夜里 像是一首旋律 多么美丽
那时我很肯定 你是我唯一 眨个眼我们就各分东西

再说我爱你 泪把心占据 却有些甜蜜 让伤心被允许自
说过的话语 做过的事情 像歌曲陪我每个冬季

纪念着我和你相爱这主题 时间早已忘记 分手时候的无情
你给的美好回忆 让我有怀念的勇气

I am testing my new coding to enable chinese character in my blog. Test it with my current favourite song from Lim Yu Zhong.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Xian Xian, He He, Xian Xian He He hen ke ai (very cute)

Sweet Xian Xian looking very secure. She is the only one that can keep still for a nice shoot while her brother is like a small monkey

The Two tiny kapos checking on little Vesak.

DD appeared suddenly, making Hehe's fur all stand up.

For some reason, when i placed xianxian on top of a high area, she will stay still while HeHe will jump down. If i did not carried xianxian down from Vesak's cage, she will still be sitting there looking 'gonggong'

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Xiami's photo on her way to Germany....

Really, Xiami had now fly to Germany or rather her photo is in a airplane....

Xiami with her xiami custom-made postcard before it was posted - Noted that double chin!!!

Other Postcards made by sister to thank her friends for helping in Harmony Pillar

Xiami cannot bear to had her postcard sent overseas so she wanted us to take more photos.

Sister had made some custom-made postcard - one for blood in Germany, the rest for her pals that helped her in Harmony pillar. I thought xiami's photos with herself is the funniest. The Second photo showed that xiami had a sudden double chin - so fat and round face. I had to hold her to get her to keep still.

This evening, I took hold of xiami with a blanket to get sister to apply eye lotion to her eyes. Xiami's eyes are improving but there is still a slight cloud on her eyes. When i took hold of her, xiami screamed like 'kill pig'.

Then all of the sudden, My group of cats decided that sisterhood is more important than their 'mummy' that feed them.

1) Ah Du took a painless bite at my fat leg
2) DD jumped on the bed and stared at xiami with all her fur standing
3) sweetie jumped down from her sleeping area, looked up at us in concern

I am so surprised that my cats had reacted this way. all right, i had 'bullied' their younger sister but the notty gal need a good wash for her eyes. maybe the next time, i will chase all the 'kapo' cats out of the room before we take xiami for her eye wash.

Xiami had improved a lot from our care. She used to hiss at our hands whenever we went near her. Now, she is not scared of us. She will purr when we touch her head. Meow when she wants us to feed her. Rub us when we are near her. Her favourite time is to fight with DD and Ah Du. Maybe xiami is a lucky cat as sister said that initally, she had not wanted to catch xiami @ ECP but somehow, xiami was still caught and ended up in our house since Jan this year.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Look! There is a bird chipping outside the window

Some brave birdy decided to take a rest from the rain outside my bedroom window. It is singing real loud outside the window and it caught the attention of Sweetie. Sweetie decided to jump up on the piles of files and then up the mini pink shelf on my desk. Luckily the small window is meshed or else, sweetie will tried to jump out of the room to get her 'meal'.
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Friday, June 01, 2007

Bad news for little Vesak

Jennifer say:

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The vet had said that Vesak had knee cap injury. He had told us to place Little Vesak in the house for 3 weeks. If 3 weeks passed and Vesak stilll cannot walk, she will need operation. The cause of the injury is not by cat. The vet said that she may had climb to a tree and fall down or something had dropped on her hind legs. Poor Vesak!!!
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