Sunday, February 23, 2014

#10/2014★ Getai Performanace @ 义顺61街大牌602@ on 23.02/2014 农历~正月二三 ★ event ~天竹林宫★ Host: Hao Hao ★旋影乐队★情花歌舞秀★★

Jennifer say:


 ★Today Getai: Full tentage, got chairs. I like the full tentage. ★Time watched : 7.30 to 1030 pm

 ★My Position: centre Front

 ★Me about tonight getai: Decided to go tonight Coz wanted to hear Andy songs. Hmm..i think i wrote this sentence a lot of times but i am not sick of writing this thousand times. Finally record his 心头肉 and 第三杯酒. I prefer to watch live and record at the same time. The feel of watching my own videos are very different.

 ★Video uploaded tonight: 7

 ★Video(s) I love tonight: 心头肉, 第三杯酒 ~ 天悦. I like 第三杯酒 better. last record this song.

 photo DSCN5921_zpscc592310.jpg My Location

 photo DSCN5924_zpsd497709b.jpg Host Hao Hao

 photo DSCN5926_zps4dc77160.jpg 阳光可乐

 photo DSCN5928_zps7ce21a9f.jpg
 photo DSCN5932_zps932b6f77.jpg Lin Shi Ling

 photo DSCN5934_zpsf9df8113.jpg Zoom close to show the whole stage

 photo DSCN5936_zps68bac2be.jpg Malaysian Qi Qi
 photo DSCN5942_zpsc1cdc8c0.jpg I wonder if i got saw her before..but think no. except singapore qiqi, i dun recall any other singer call qiqi also.

 photo DSCN5948_zps0c7d5fe6.jpg
 photo DSCN5950_zpsb5bd2b3e.jpg Lan Xiao Ling

 photo DSCN5951_zpsd2df803d.jpg Cai Xiu Wen

Saturday, February 22, 2014

#9/2014★ Getai Performanace @ ★Hougang Blk 686 on 22.02/2014 ★ event ~妆艺入邻里★ Host:Pei Fen ★琴 弦 大 乐 队★丽星娱乐制作 ★★

Jennifer say:


 ★Today Getai: Small tentage, not really a lot of chairs but as today is a Chingay floats event, there are lot of ppl.

 ★Time watched : 8.40 to 10.00 pm

 ★My Position: Rear area

 ★Me about tonight getai: Since today getai is quite near house, i just go to watch. Hmm..Anddi got a stage in Yishun, if i know early in the morning, i may plan to go Yishun instead of Hougang. But today floats are quite nice, long time never see floats. Nice nice.

 ★Video uploaded tonight: 8

 ★Video(s) I love tonight: 蓝小玲 ~ 心愛的甭哭. got the sad feel..nice but a pity, sound quality damaged by ppl talking.

Actually not really here to see 花车 but since have, i might as well record as well.

Jessie Young, although i dun like rock songs, i think she and mavis sing the rock songs really nice. Hmm..i meant the way they connect the rock songs to the audience make the whole atmosphere more high.

 photo DSCN5894_zpsa747fa47.jpg My Location, brought chairs to sit, that is lucky coz super duper crowded tonight.

 photo DSCN5896_zps0e3e6dff.jpg Event Banner

 photo DSCN5897_zps6f382f5f.jpg Wei Lun

 photo DSCN5902_zpsdccaf2c0.jpg Run out to the main road to watch the floats, so crowded..

 photo DSCN5903_zpsba37edb9.jpg Pei Fen and Xiao Ling

 photo DSCN5905_zps84dd8a93.jpg Lan Xiao Ling

 photo DSCN5909_zpsc2a2ff7f.jpg Yang Jia Xin

Saturday, February 15, 2014

#8/2014★ Getai Performanace @ ★实龙岗3道大牌267 on 15.02/2014 农历~正月十六 ★ event ~三壇水靈宮★ Host: Wang Lei ★骑士大乐队★艺乐萱传媒制作★★

Jennifer say:


 ★Today Getai: Full tentage, got chairs but super crowded, got the usual 霸位 guys there again tonight. Faint...

 ★Time watched : 8.40 to 1030 pm

 ★My Position: Rear area

 ★Me about tonight getai: Got the mood and time to go again tonight although i do not like the temple committee to be competing voice with the getai singers. Most of tonight videos got interrupted by the other side voices. Quite boring getai tonight, only like Wang Lei and Xie Wen only. I recorded Malaysian Fang fang songs also but somehow dun feel like uploading to youtube. Tonight try recording by placing my tripod on my legs instead of the chair. I realised the angle of how the tripod is placed on the chair affected the zooming part whereas if i placed on my legs, the zoom part is more or less the same as the test-out zoom. Next round i will try again on a lower-end stage where i found i had difficulty on lower-end stage recording.

 ★Video uploaded tonight: 7

 ★Video(s) I love tonight: 回乡的我,心头肉. Wang Lei version is not bad, nice.

Wang Zi Wei, i realised she still got the 'kid' voice..hahaha.. singing 父子情深 with Wang Lei is really suitable for her voice.

 photo DSCN5879_zps193fa3fa.jpg 龙飞风舞

 photo DSCN5882_zps374dcdb7.jpg Zi Wei

 photo DSCN5884_zps977d5d4a.jpg Fang Fang

 photo DSCN5888_zps912dd884.jpg Kai Li

Friday, February 14, 2014

#7/2014★ Getai Performanace @ 阿鲁姆甘律门牌15号 on 14/02/2014 农历~正月十五 ★ event ~新加坡韮菜芭城隍庙閙元宵★ Host: Wang Lei,Ru Ping & Hao Hao★威乐斯大乐队★丽星舞台秀★★

Jennifer say:

★ 14/02/2014★Friday

★Today Getai: Wonderful stage, full tentage, need to be super early for the chairs

 ★Time watched : 7.20 to 1040 pm

 ★My Position: Rear area

 ★Me about tonight getai: Went tonight because i wanted to watch taiwan 谢宜君. But i am not happy with my position actually, i am blocked by an uncle in front of me but nevermind, i just happy can liao. Talking abt happy, v upset with work stuff today, luckily i am not scolded in any way, just my inner soul is upset and i did weep in front of ppl. But on my way back to office, talk to meimei then i felt better. Setting unhappiness aside, today getai is quite okay, i am quite happy to see 郭春美 come up to sing 2 songs tonight. Actually if the temple do not have this funny constraint that do not encourage ppl to video the opera, i really very much like to video part of the songs that i like on the opera performance. Anyway i am more happy to record guo chun mei songs than Yi jun. duno why, maybe one is i already expect, the other is a surprise that i dun expected at all.

Never took much photos tonight since i am recording most of the time.

 ★Video uploaded tonight: 15

 photo DSCN5866_zps1e1c7c7c.jpg Hosts, the same very year

 photo DSCN5868_zps12966c14.jpg My position, i arrived at 630, already so crowded liao

 photo DSCN5869_zpsf8ba2700.jpg

 photo DSCN5871_zpsb0f50cff.jpg Zhu Hui Zhen

 photo DSCN5875_zps83ea5506.jpg Lee Bao En

 photo DSCN5877_zps8060bce7.jpg Yuan Jin

Thursday, February 13, 2014

#6/2014★ Getai Performanace @ ★实龙岗3道大牌267 on 13.02/2014 农历~正月十四 ★ event ~三壇水靈宮★ Host: Xu Qiong Fang★飞鹰大乐队★艺乐萱传媒制作★★


★Today Getai: Ful tentage, got chairs,this year setup of tentage is good, do not need to step in grass like the past years.

 ★Time watched : 9.00 to 1030 pm

 ★My Position: Rear area

 ★Me about tonight getai: Just wan to watch Ah long songs tonight so decided to go. I think his singing is not too bad. In the past, dun really appreciate his songs until that time at Jalan Kayu, when i realised his songs were not too bad. Never took much photos tonight as i am late and the times i had watched are spent on recording videos.

 ★Video uploaded tonight: 10

I like this duel song, very nice. A pity the song is disturbed by outside noise.

 photo DSCN5851_zpsbb2d4ae2.jpg My Location

 photo DSCN5853_zpsba693888.jpg Malaysia Singer, Xiu Hui

 photo DSCN5859_zps695901e5.jpg Ah Long

Sunday, February 02, 2014

歌仔戏 - 春美歌剧团, 戏名:唐伯虎点秋香@阿鲁姆甘律 门牌15号@新加坡韮菜芭城隍庙, 日期:正月初三,2.02.2014

Jennifer say:
Photobucket Today went to Sheng Hong temple to watch opera. Nowaday seldom watch opera although i still love opera. I wonder how many ppl my age got watch this traditional performance in Singapore, think not that lot of ppl my age group. Today story is 唐伯虎点秋香. An old story so no need to say the story out. Summary will be short: Because of Qiu Xiang three smile, Tang was willing to be a salve in Hua house to see Qiu Xiang.

   photo DSCN5786_zpsf4a6b7f1.jpgMY Location, we always buy the centre position seats regardless of how far it is

 photo DSCN5787_zpsc5f6678e.jpgTaiwan Opera Troupe, i only watch Taiwan Opera only.Today is my first time watching 春美歌剧团

 photo DSCN5790_zps589c066f.jpg 郭春美莊

 photo DSCN5791_zpsbd5dc8d4.jpg 江南四大才子之一: 唐伯虎

 photo DSCN5794_zps2fff19ef.jpg 春香,夏香,冬香,秋香 and 华夫人m

 photo DSCN5801_zps9846e081.jpg 四香最美的秋香

 photo DSCN5803_zpsa2b4b7a2.jpg I love this photo

 photo DSCN5805_zpscaa9e13d.jpg Praying together with Qiu Xiang, just to be close to her.

 photo DSCN5807_zps6ca1d95c.jpg Cross the river

 photo DSCN5809_zps93048c53.jpg Bo Hu met Qiu Xiang at the river bank

 photo DSCN5813_zpsea8b2671.jpg Three 'xiangs'

 photo DSCN5822_zps41810fe7.jpg Bo Hu become a salve just to see qiu xiang

 photo DSCN5824_zpse9071967.jpg He become 书童 to the children of Hua

 photo DSCN5827_zpsa1d87288.jpg Qiu Xiang was shocked to receive Bo Hu express of love letter

 photo DSCN5829_zpse258641f.jpg Reading the love letter

 photo DSCN5832_zpsb4473355.jpg Beautiful Qiu Xiang

 photo DSCN5834_zpsa86d571b.jpg A army officer tried to create trouble when Hua's son torn Bo Hu painting. Luckily Bo Hu appeared and replaced the torn one with his own work

 photo DSCN5835_zps05b5224c.jpg 精典画面:唐伯虎点秋香

 photo DSCN5838_zpsf4e0d268.jpg Bo Hu was actually tricked by Hua master when none of the brides is Qiu Xiang

 photo DSCN5839_zpse84f91d2.jpg Bo Hu with his duno whom to choose look

 photo DSCN5846_zpsfbf2df1b.jpg Finally Hua master give Qiu Xiang to Bo Hu.

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