Sunday, March 23, 2008

DDX was sick last sat

Jennifer say:

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Last sat was a worry day for all of us as DDX kept vomitting for the whole day. We suspected that she had licked on the washing powder in the toilet as she now had this bad habit of licking water from the pails in the toilet. DD had refused to drink nor eat on sat.

Mum was very worried as DD is one of her favourite cat beside Sweetie.

On sun, we sent her to the vet. On the way to the vet, DD had kept crying. We had to comfort her by kept talking to her. The vet said that DD had Gastric problem that happen suddenly to all cats. The main reason is DD had eaten something wrong. DD had a injection and two medicines - one for anti-vomit and one for anti inflammatory. She instructed us to feed DD two small potions per day only.

At home, DD was sleeping the whole day. At night, i woke her up and feed her wet can food. We were very happy and relief when DD started to eat her food.

On Monday, DD meowed for dry food. I had instructed dad and mum NOT to feed her dry food as she might still vomit again. But the spoilt DD was still given dry food and she vomitted. After this incident, dad and mum did not dare to feed DD any dry food when she winned.

After her completed course of medication that was yesterday, DD is back to meowing for food (dry) and she has fully recovered also.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lazy Blogger Me & My cats

Jennifer say:

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I am rather lazy nowaday in blogging. Firstly, i had too lazy to take any photos of my community cats. Secondly, i am lazy to upload pictures of my home cats as the blogger keep hanging whenever i tried to upload photos - picasa is not working well also.

Anyway so here is a boring update of my community cats without any photos:

1) Mimi has migrated to another block across the road from his usual hiding place. We took 1 and a half month before we found his new hideout.

2) There are 3 newly abandaned cats near mimi hideout - xiaguo ( a ginger male sterilized last year), silly ah gong (gong as in silly in hokkein - another ginger male same age as xiaguo and lastly a brown tabby male. Xiaguo and ah gong are hanging to each other so far while the third male cat is always M.I.A but still around.

3) Wang zia had serious ringworm problem but that silly boy now refused to come to find us. We also do not know how to apply the medicine that sister had bought for him when wangzai refused to come near us now.

4) Ginger and PaPa are now two fat, round ginger cats.

5) Koala has a younger son. A 3 months old kitten that hang around with him. Koala is quite sweet when his 'son' play war game with him - Koala not only do not mind his son biting him, he also allow his 'son' to hang him by his claws.

6) Fake NaNa is still around very near to mimi hideout. We just found out yesterday that there is something wrong with nana one eye as it is not diluted in the dark as like normal cats. But he is still walking very normally.

7) Seaweed is another beautiful female cat is a good friend of mimi.

8) Ringring still appear near the nearby park sometimes. She is a rare ginger girl with a meow similar to my sweetie.

I had not seen baby, xiaobai and cubby cubby for quite long time as i had not went near their hideout near the carpark in the park.
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