Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blood had fly off to Germany

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Yesterday at 9 plus, mum, sister, blood and I took a cab to Changi airport. Blood will be going to Germany on a student exchange program for 6 months. I had set another clock on my blog to see blood's time there in Germany.

While waiting for checkin, sister chatted with this cute spanish guy sitting next to her. Sister had asked blood to 'network' with that cute guy so that if blood ever need help, he can ask that guy for help.The guy had 'warned' blood that German girls are very open and love to party everyday. I wonder how true is that.... Blood was rather reluctant but in the end, blood managed to get the email from that guy.

I realised that i had choosen a non-related picture for blood trip to germany. But i guess blood now got a bit more burdens like the cat with many mices -

Now blood need to:=
1) find a place to stay(he will only get his hostel at april, it is rather irresponsible of that U not to arrange a room once blood arrive in Germany and inform ppl in the last minute that they will have no hostel now). Blood had managed to book a room when he arrived in Germany today.
2) cook his own meal
3) figure out how to have fun there (not partying every day)
4) how to speak german so that he can have decent talk with 'hot' german girls
5) find out how to reduce expenses
6) How to 'survive' in the winter
7) How to MSN with sister and me - we are now in a differenet time zone - germany is behind us by 7 hours.

Anyway, 6 months will passes every fast... Not before long, we will be in airport again waiting for blood's flight to arrive... hee.......when sister went to HK, it also passed very fast. Maybe i will be posting more of sweetie and her silbings here so blood will know what are they doing meanwhile in Singapore. DD may be spending more time in blood's room...... - sleeping on his bed...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Third day @ Cheng Huang Miao - Ge Zai Xi

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Today, i went with mum to cheng huang miao to watch opera again.

The storyline today is very good.


The emperor's sister met a demon when she was outside in the wild. She screamed for help. Just then, the dragon palace 3rd daughter(not sure of her name, so i will called her 'zhen') appeared with her maid. But Zhen was not match for the demon. Both the princess, zhen and her maid were captured.

In another scene, a guy named 'Huang Ying' was in the forest with his cousin. Huang ying met 'da peh gong' whom gave ying two magical weapons - a axe that can cut anything and a magical rope that can be shorten or lengthen to save anyone.

On his way home, Huang ying heard a sound for help. Huang saved a man whom was almost drowned. The man was called 'liow feiying'. Liow thanked huang for saving his life. Both then decided to become godbrothers and went back to Huang's village.

News that the princess was kidnapped by the demon travelled to huang's village. Huang was determined to save the princess. Using the magical rope, huang and liow found the cave that the demon was hiding. Liow asked huang to go down the dark cave while he will put a rope around Huang to guide him back to the exit. In the dark cave, Huang saved the princess and Liow pulled the princess out of the cave.

When the princess was out in the open, Liow purposely let go of the rope of huang and throw a rock down the cave while pushing a rock over the entrance of the cave. When the princess regained conscious , Liow lied that he was 'huang ying'. In the cave earlier, Huang ying had told the princess his name.

Huang was very upset over his new godbrother's action. He wandered around the cave and heard Zhen's cry for help. Huang saved Zhen from her imprisonment. Zhen then took huang out of the cave and told huang her real idenity. Zhen invited huang to her home underwater.

Meanwhile the emperor promised to allow liow to take the princess as his wife after 3 years. Huang was in the water palace for 3 days. 1 day in the water palace equalled to 3 years in earth. Huang was shocked when zhen told him that. He wished to see his mother so zhen used her cystal ball to view the earth. Huang's mum was blind after 3 years. Zhen gave huang a powder that can heal huang's mum eyes. Huang went back to find his mum and healed her eyes.

Huang, his mum and his cousin wanted to sue liow. So they went to find a officer. The officer was in fact Liow. When he saw that Huang was still alive, he was angry and determined to murder huang. So Liow lied that he was trying to find him all these years. Liow invited huang for a drink. After making huang drunk, Liow killed Huang.

Liow then tried to kill huang's mum and his cousin. Luckily Zhen appeared and saved them. Zhen asked huang's mum to report this case to justice bao and she will go to hell to save huang. In hell, zhen met 'Guanyin'. The godness of mercy promised to save huang if zhen can stay by her side.

The emperor learnt of Liow's real identify after justice bao reported the case to him. Liow was finally killed and huang came back to life.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nora, the Piano talent cat

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Furry Sleeping Basket

This is the basket that i bought for du and KK on CNY eve. A normal fruit basket that cost only $0.90 from Sheng Siong. I am unable to get a picture of them sleeping inside. They got real excited when they saw me with a camera. I will try to capture their sleeping posture one day. They looked real cute when they sleep inside, they looked like a hen hatching eggs. The red bear belong to Du, KK had another brown bear. KK even used the bear as his pillow while sleeping inside his basket.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day out @ CNY

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At last, i am finally free to start blogging about my whereabouts @ CNY.

Day 1:

I managed to avoid meat for half a day till 12 noon where i ate bak kwa. We needed to go out to feed dad's workplace cats. We went out at 12 plus. There are now 5 cats at dad's place - 2 siblings cats, 1 mother cat & her little kitten ( 1 brother cat and mummy are sterilized) and one blackie male.

After feeding them, dad took us to 'Tian Fu Gong' (Thian Hock Keng Temple) where we prayed to 'ma zhu'. Dad's work involved working at the sea so he need to pray to 'ma zhu' every year. Next, we went to the 'wang hai da bei gong' temple (Yueh Hai Ching Temple) near shenton way. It is actually a small temple near the sea. Nowaday, we can no longer see the sea from the temple. I just found a great site introducing our singapore temple:

We then went to "River Hongbao" that is nearby. Afternoon view is so different from night so the crowds is not so big at that time. We ended our afternoon outing with a late lunch at Mac.

At night, dad, mum and I went to 'Cheng Huang Miao' to watch the taiwanese opera. This year performance is by a Taiwan, Tainan troope "Wei Shan Gei Zai Zi". The name of day 1 performance was called " Jin Yu Man tang" - a simple plot where a person whom was framed for murder finally had justice done when he met the emperor and saved him.

Taiwan opera is quite nice if u appreciate chinese culture. U do not really need to understand the singing like me..i only half understand what are they singing about but i understand what they are talking. The customs are nice, the singing fantastic, the performers excellent - i give every taiwanese opera a full 5*****.

Today, we went out at around 12 plus after eating our 'ban nian' lunch where we had to eat the 'bai tu yu'. I am not sure what is the real name of this breed of fish called but this fish only do not taste fishy during the jan-feb session. We went to dad's place for cat feeding again. Next, we went to East Coast Park. Sister took me to see the cats. There was a group of 10 cats that are extremely tame. I loved one baby cat that is around 2 months old. I think i am crazy when i took most of the 10 cats to pray to the 'da bei gong' altar that someone set near their fishing area. I prayed for the safety of those cute cats.

At night, we went to watch opera again. The crowds came out in full force to watch the opera. Today performance is "The fight between chow gong and the peach girl". There is a small part of unrelated performance where the actors were hung at wires and fly around the stage. The performance was just as great as yesterday.

The story line was:
A mother went to a temple to pray for his son. The fortune teller(Chow) reowned for his accurate predication of one's death predicted that the woman's son will die within 3 days. The poor mother was very upset with this. It so happened that the woman's neighbour had a daughter. This daughter was called "Lin tao hua" (peach). She was raised by a high master that taught her magical skills. She begged her master to allow her to return home so lin went home.

Lin get to know about the woman's woe and taugh her to pray for his son where the woman needed to knee down holding an incense once she walked 3 steps. The woman managed to save her son's life. Chow was very unhappy that someone managed to broke his predication of death. Chow's little priest was prediceted to die by his master, chow. Lin taught that little priest to avoid death by visiting the 8 immorals whom extended his life to 800 years.

Chow got to know about Lin's presence after tricking his disciple to reveal how he get to avoid death. Chow forced his younger sister to disguise as a man to marry Lin. On the day of marriage, Chow tried every time to murder Lin but failed. Finally, Lin died when Chow's little priest accidentally let his master to carry the peach's leaves that is said to be the 'heart and spirit' of Lin.

It is a sad story. Mum was asking me why the good must die. I guess it happened every time, not all performance had happy ending. I loved the special effect of day 2 performance - the smoke, the flying, the fire and the beauitiful scene. The materials of the stage are made luminous material so everything give a beautiful glow when the light is switched off.

Day 3:
We went out at usual time. Mum needed to take blood to pray as blood will be going to Germany for 6 months. We went to Cheng haung temple and Guanying miao @ bugis. Guanying miao was full of people. No opera for today but mum and i planned to go on sat.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Madness at Sheng Siong Supermkt

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Every year (3 years) without fail, there will be one or two lines of cars on both sides of the road. Today, SS will be operating 24 h, there are like 50 over cars now. I just watched how two buses tried to pass through the lines of cars from opposite direction.

Traffic police had come and go. Police car had come and go. Cars disappeared within 10 mins and new cars reappeared within 10 min. I think this as a "Mouse and Tiger" game.

From my window, i can always seen those ppl rushing to their cars when the white tigers came. SS's staff is quite good, they always announced of the 'attack of the white tigers' whenever they come so those little mice can rushed to their cars immediately. Of course one odd mouse is never so lucky to escape from the clutches of the tiger. As the chinese saying say " Kill one to warn others" ( i am unable to type chinese words using this template).

I had braved the crowd today. I bought a basket for dudu to sleep in. Yesterday, i bought one for KK. Because i am not sure if they are willing to sleep inside them, i did not buy two at one go. But since SS is only opposite my block, i thought it is easy to get what i want just like normal days. BUT not today. There are like 5 to 6 ppl in the line.I find it funny that i am waiting in the line paying for a mere $0.90 basket. I only went to the second storey that selling all sorts of non-eatable stuff. You name it, it can mostly be found. The first floor that is where the maddness of the crowd began. KK and Dudu do love the new baskets i bought for them. They sleep inside like a hen warming up her eggs.

I was telling mum that maybe we can go to SS at 3 am in the morning. This is just a joke actually. I had completed all my tasks more or less. I am quite satisfied of it in fact.

Mum said that she still need me to help her with some tasks of hers..... tml will be a busy day....Just as mum said, CNY is the only time where ppl bothered to clean up their whole house.

Ah..why am i forced to use google to log in?

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I am tricked to log in to blogger using the new goggle account. I had to create a new gmail.... my first attempt, i tried to log in using my hotmail.....and of course, i failed to log in.

I wonder why i am forced to sign up the google account..

anyway, my new gmail is . I guess it will be another email for my junk just like my hotmail account.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy CNY!!

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Got this cute animation koi from fostercat that i though the swimming koi is real cute.

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CNY is coming soon on sun. I still got plenty of work that i need to do before CNY. Mum had always tell me not to delay anything till CNY or else for the new year, u will still find lot of unfinished tasks.

Let me list my tasks that i needed to complete by sat:

1) Bath DD tml ( i had just bathed sweetie this morning and KK and du last week)
2) spray frontline for all my cats. I had to bath them early this year so that i can use the frontline on them.
3) repay sister $$$. This is impt... mum said if u owe ppl $ and u did not repay them before CNY, u will always owe ppl something forever. I owed sister $$ that i keep forgetting to repay becuase of the sudden blot of amnesia that i suffered when i forgot my pin for my ATM last time when i bought my MP3 player last year.
4) clean my terrapin's houses.
5) top up my cats' dry food. i had asked dad to help me buy a big pack of dry food tml.
6) Buy some wet-canned food for mimi. I may be out till late on CNY so i planned to store my dry food in my letterbox before i went out, once i am back, i will be able to feed mimi and friends much quicker. Mum and i are excited about the coming Taiwaness Ge Zai Xi at Cheng Huang Miao this year. Maybe we will be going to watch the opera on Day 1 of CNY like last year.
7) Cut some fish red packet to hang in the new 'Four Season Lime' that dad bought from the plant nursery at Seletar Farmway. We also bought Pussy Willow from the market in Kovan. I had already do an makeover for it.

I had written all my tasks down in case i had forgotten to do them.

Spring cleaning is almost completed.

Yesterday, mum and I were at Si Ma Lu to buy some NY goodies. We had prayed at the famouse guanyin temple. We bought some tops at baleno. So far, sister had no new clothes on NY while i had only a red top. I had bought two more tops to my collection while mum bought sister a new shirt. But i had bought myself three pairs of new shoes...

We headed to the stalls above the mkt. Mum spotted a kitty cat at one stall. The auntie there told us that malays love buying that bag. She then told us that her neighbour had 52 of their cats taken away as a result of complaint. This is sad but when u did not sterlize ur cats, 2 cats will become 100 cats within a year.

Ok..bad news aside... Happy new year everyone....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our Community cats ROCKs - Part 2

Cats from other places....
Lovely 'Ah Ou' with white whiskers and a not so long tail.

Cats from Hougang. Cute 'Nana clone'. After a meal, he give a satisfied look. Mimi always did that after his meal too - by licking his mouth with his tongue.

Hmm... what are all three of them looking at? Pretty kitty? Posted by Picasa

Our Community cats ROCKs!!!! - Part 1

Pi pa asking for sayang....
Xiao Bai from Singapore Buddhish Lodge. I heard that he is now MIA. Wonder what had happen to him. He got a lovely blue eyes.
PersianX from Singapore Buddhish Lodge. Very sweet cat. I had not seen him in cat itself.

DD clone. In fact, i called all calico 'DD clone'. ha... they all looked like DD. I wonder what happen to the lizard later. Posted by Picasa
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