Saturday, September 29, 2007

In memory of Vesak: 31 May to 29 July 2007

Vesak had crossed The Raindow Bridge to join her elder sister, Pong Pong.
Her bill stating her condition said:
29-9-07 Epilepsy - not responsive to resuscitation - passed away.

Sister and I had seen Vesak for the last time alive at 1.00 pm. We stayed with her for around 40 min. She had cried for us and keep moving toward the door. She want to leave the smelly clinic. But she cannot. She is dehadated, sister said we do not have a choice.

When i reached home at 1 plus, i told mum about Vesak whom is very sad. We had planned to go to Chinatown and at 4 plus while travelling in a bus, i received a call from pet clinic. I cannot hear what the nurse was saying as it was very noisy in the bus so i asked the nurse that i would returned the call later. Mum and I had a real bad feeling. We are prepared to hear the bad news.

When i called, i am told that Vesak had a fit and cannot wake up. She had passed away. Mum and I then rushed to the clinic to collect Vesak body. I thought the vet will pack Vesak body in a plastic bag but he allowed us to take one last look at Vesak. Poor mum burst into tears when she saw Vesak body. I did not cried at all. I guess i had cried earlier when i post the topic on 'Poor Vesak'. I guess i am mentally prepared. I did not shed one tear at all. I pat Vesak for one last time and said to her "Rest in Peace, Vesak".
Vet suggested that since blood test is normal, Vesak could have a brain nerve disorder. Vet said shortly after we left the clinic at 1.45 pm, Vesak had a fit and died. I guess Vesak wanted to see us one last time before she entered Rainbow bridge.

We had asked Vincent to help us bury Vesak in the soil to rest. Right now, Vesak body is still outside our doorstep. I had let Xiami and Ah go go say one last goodbye to their friend from the gate.Xiami and Ah go go will feel it strange that their sister Vesak had gone missing but i cannot explain to them (if only i know cat language) that their little sister Vesak had entered another world to join Pong Pong.

Vesak entered our household at Vesak day this year. She had four months of happiness in our family and we are proud to have her in our house.Unlike Pong Pong where i cried like mad, this time round, i am prepared for the death. I felt sad for the loss but if Vesak choose to end her life today, she will need to go. And I am not crying when i posted this unlike The pong pong topic post again. Actually i felt a heave of relief - at least Vesak can end her suffering on Earth. I am glad to be able to see her alive for the last time. Seeing Vesak this afternoon, i sort of knew that she will leave us soon but i said telling Vesak that she must be strong. Maybe leaving this world will make Vesak ended her pain, maybe she will have a better afterlife rather than to be a cat. Vesak is strong. She had endure her suffering to see her owners for the last time. I am very proud to have her for this whole four months.

R.I.P. Vesak.
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Poor Little Vesak

Yesterday, sister just sent vesak to the vet where Vesak was hosipitalised and put on drips. Today, sister and i went to vist her. Her condition is not very good. Vet said that normally cat on 1 bag of drip should started to eat the next day but Vesak still refused to eat. I am extremely sad for Vesak. I do not want to lose her but my mind of sort of prepared for this. Vesak meowed at us when we wanted to leave so we pat her more and ask her to be strong. When i wanted to carry her on my hand, she screamed. I put her down.

Is she in pain? I guess so. What a lovely cat with such a sweet temper, why must this happen to her? She never meow at us except to ask us to let her out for freedom. Her best friends, Ah go go and DD are all waiting for her to recover.

It is not use worrying, i know but it is very sad for me, sister and mum. We really cannot bear for her to leave us............ we can only pray....
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poor Vesak is ill...

Poor Vesak is ill. If u read sister blog about that disgusting worm, you will take heed to deworm ur cat. Vesak got her flu from Ah gogo. Ah gogo had recovered but poor Vesak is still ill. The flu started on last week. Vesak refused to eat on Tue. Yesterday, wednesday, she vomitted but sister had force fed her water.

Today, Vesak took a few slip of the water herself. The medicine and water fed to her today is not vomitted out so hopefully this is the first sign of recovering. Her body do not feel as warm as yesterday so i think her fever is gone. I am feeding her glocolin quite frequently as i do not want her to be dehydrated. Yesterday we were very worried about Vesak frequent vomitting. We are thinking of sending her to the vet for drips if her condition did not improve. Luckily, today, she can drink some water of her own will.

I am thinking about our Rainbow bridge cat, Pong Pong whom died last year from a high fever and repeated vomitting. I am thinking about poor pong pong in drips and in the clinic, thinking that her owner had once agian abandoned her.... SO THEREFORE, i do not really want Vesak to go to the vet for drips.

I hope That Vesak can eat some food tml. She still refused to eat food today but with glocolin, at least she got something in her. Let all pray for little little Vesak.
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Look at my big eyes

I knew that i am late in saying this in my blog as sister had already posted about xiami in her blog.

Xiami had her surgery on Monday. Dad and mum bought her home at around 7 plus. When xiami was home, i opened her carrier to take a good look at her. She run out of her carrier and walked shaking right and left as sister said 'like drunken'. I tried to put her back into her carrier for fear that she wil fall to the floor should she attempt to jump on the table or bed. Xiami cried very loudly when i pushed her into the carrier. Out of no choice, i had to let her go her own way.

Once she is out, she went to find water to drink. Xiami daily activities are not disrupted by her 'big head'. Unlike DD whom refused to move, eat or drink, xiami still jump around on the table, jump on my bed in morning, eat and drink normally.

Big head need to stay with xiami for 11 more days.

On my bed.... staring.... and wondering what's up?

Look! i got nice eye lashes....

Drink and Drink

More drink
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boo! Boo! You Cannot see me!!!

Sweetie: Audience, can u see me or not?

Audience: Yes ler... u think u r transparent meh?Still dare to peer

Sweetie: Not fun at all.... next time, i will hide elsewhere... rememeber to 'rescue' me later hor... i do not want to be put in the recycling bin.

Sweetie: Oi u... pull me out quick....

Playful sweetie decided to go into the large reycling plastic bag to see the clothes inside. She was inside for quite a long time before i pulled her out. Actually sweetie seldom hide herself. Even if she does, we can easily spotted her. For DD, she is very good at playing hide and seek with us.
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nice picture using blood high megapixel camare

Sweetie gone to Lalaland not knowing that she was just been captured by 狗仔队(reporter), M. Blood.

DD questioning Blood : "Oi, u, why u take my picture?" - ****noticed her 'evil' glance***.

Wang Wang very kapoh asking Bloood :"You taking my picture, 爱拍那里就拍那里" (love to take picutures where, then take where)

HeHe (xiao he) staring at blood and whispering: "Me camera shy, dun 'shoot' me ler"
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Xiami Baby Girl

Here is xiami sleeping on my pillow

Xiami had put on quite a bit of weight since sister rescued her from ECP in Jan.

Xiami with one big one small eyes. The smaller eye is her infected eye.

Unfortunately, her eye problem is still with her despite her eye surgery to try to correct her eye lashes from growing into her inner eyes. The vet had said that the eye problem will still occur until her eye lashes grow longer. But it is been quite long since her surgery. The vet also mentioned that her eyelashes may need to be plucked if the problem still occur.

Anyway, xiami is now a 富贵猫.
She sleep on my bed in the afternoon, sleep at the study desk at night.
She jump on my bed every morning to 'beg' for food.
She rub me and meow at me for food.
She stand on my bed to see her past world outside and think how lucky she is to be rescued.
She tried to play with my blusher brush every morning.
She play with a simple rubber band for hours.
She play with Ah-go go (Ah Du) and DD for company.
She grow from XS to XXL.
And best of all, she now had her own pink cat collar, giving her status that she is now our house cat.
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

My second night Getai performance @ AMK B527

Yesterday, Mum and I went to watch Getai @ AMK B527. The host was 600 (liu Ling Ling). I am very happy watching her performance.

Here is why i love to watch only getai by 600:

1) 600 is very talented - able to sing very good hokkien
2) She is very comical
3) She can connect well to the audience. Unlike other performers whom only face the front of the stage while singing, Liu Ling Ling actually turned to the left and right side of the stage and sing to the audience. Mum and I was at the side of the stage.
4) She show sincere smile when she was downstage signing her signature on her CD and taking photos with her fans. She is actually very beautiful despite her heavy weight.
5) She dare to perform all types of performance - not caring abt self-image. She dare to change her clothes on the stage, mess up her hair on stage.

I am not really a fan of her till yesterday where i see her real 'HER'. For yesterday performance, she sung: No 3 mummy, 881十二莲花 and another hokkein song. She was extremely funny while singing 881 十二莲花 . She actually messed up her hair while singing this song as she was casting as little papaya in 881 whom is dying of caner. She sat on a chair and turned full circle round the chair while singing this song. I am amazed that she can still turn so many circles while singing. No 3 mummy is a song that she wrote for the late chen jinlang. No 3 mummy told the story of how 舞女 become a mamasan and her life in the dark circle.

Mum bought '600' DVD but she said that it was not as good as last year CDs. Mum also managed to get 600 to sign on the DVD.

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