Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getai Performanace @ Blk 465 AMK 24/06/2012 农历5月6日 event: 興忠宫 host: Wang Lei, Yin Yin,杰克歌舞秀

Jennifer say:
Photobucket 24/06/2012 农历5月6日 (Sun): We arrived early today. We took our dinner at the nearby Blk 409 Market before walking to the getai area. We arrived at 7.05 pm. We had a good view actually but a sudden downpour at 8 plus make us run to the tenage for shelter. Mum was asking whether i wan to leave. Actually I am waiting for Xie wen to sing at 9 pm. Not bad the worth to wait for him to sing. i had yet to upload his songs into youtube, will do so soon. Today getai is considered okay only but mum really enjoyed tonight getai. I am glad she enjoyed it so much. Photobucket Photobucket Stage and Banner Photobucket Song Mei Ling Photobucket Hosts, super funny hosts. Photobucket Song Mei Jun - Song Mei Ling Elder sister Photobucket Old Cow, Chen Jianbin..faint whenever i see him, esp when he talked too much tonight about rain.It is nothing to do with whom is singing when the rain come lah. Faint.. :( Photobucket Zi Ling Photobucket Xie Wen Photobucket Xian Hong Photobucket Photobucket Cai Wen from Malaysia. I love her smile, so cheerful and so contiguous. Her singing was not bad, quite power voice Photobucket Photobucket Amy from Malaysia. First time saw her also. Hope i did not get her name wrong.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Getai Performanace @ Blk 461 AMK 22/06/2012 农历5月4日 event: 顺善坛 host: Jun Long,好运歌舞秀

Jennifer say:
Photobucket 22/06/2012 农历5月4日 (Fri): My Blog is still alive. Because of far location and 华人闰月 from 21-5-12 to 18-6-12, there were not many getais in Singapore. So after like 1.5 months, i had finally watched getai.(as if like first time watching). The feeling is good, i am in a high mood while watching the getai. There are many tais today, the nearest tai is at nearby Blk 465. But as Blk 461 is near the main road, i choose to watch only at Blk 461 AMK. Not many crowded today. Photobucket Photobucket 闪亮姐妹 Photobucket Wei You Photobucket Zhu Feng Photobucket Zhuang Qingyu Photobucket Photobucket Cai Xiu Wen Photobucket Luo Yu Qi Photobucket Photobucket Ting Ting
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