Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yipee, Milky is found today

Jennifer say:

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Today, sister and I went for our daily cat feeding. There wss a BBQ session at the pit where many children were playing. I prepared food for ginger and little sweetie .

Little sweetie is one of the four cat that stay near the provision shop but i do not know why suddenly this cutie pie come to find me around one month ago...another unkown auntie and Auntie L are in charge of feeding them..i prepared little sweetie food as she always come to find me and rub her little boby against my knee..she is so friendly and sweet..sister said little sweetie look 'shasha2'(silly).

I did not find ginger and little sweetie as there are far too many children near the place where they are hiding. In the end, i gave all three packages to mimi.

After feeding mimi, we went back to collect the paper that we used to feed san pi pa. We usually place san pi pa's food under the seat in the garden before we went to find other cats. Just when We were about to go, I spotted two shinning eyes looking at me near Blk 543 SN, i was asking my sister: that one is whom?" Sister did not see the cat till i told her.

Sister then said it may be Milky. Milky is M's lost cat that disappeared on last sat. It has nice colour - like seaweed (sister's soft toy that she still hug for 16 years) We called Linda whom asked us to catch it. I was afraid that san pi pa may attack it and when i petted san pi pa to distract him, he gave me a small bite on my finger...not serious..just a small vampire teeth on my finger. I stayed with pi pa while sister tried to catch it. Milky is afraid of sister so sister said she will asked M to catch milky.

I then took san pipa back to the garden while keeping a watchful eye on Milky. Luckily milky did not run away, he just stayed there and make very soft meows... M's husband and M's mum came and finally caught Milky...Yipee, at least Milky is not lost..wonder where did he go in the one week he was MIA..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Should you allow ur home cat to roam free outside ur neighbourhood?

Auntie Linda told me that my ground floor malay neighbour's cat, milky is missing. L asked me to look out for a peach colour male cat. Today sister told me that the Malay neighbour (let called them 'M') has 3 cats missing or only left 3 cat. M's mum can only speak malay so only sister whom is taking bahasa indonesian can understand a bit of malay. The problem with M is M allowed all her cats to run out of the house without supervision. Some goes missing, some got poisoned...............

Ok, why do people allow their home cat to run out?
here is the possible reasons?
1) They think it is cruel to lock their cat indoor
2) They think their cat will love outside activity
3) They think that their cat may find lot of friends outside
4) (something 'not so funny') Their cat is in heat and they need to let it out to find ......
5) They want their cat to pee/poo outside the grass instead of their own house
6) They think their cat will be happier if it get to run around
7) They think that outdoor adventure is better than indoor adventure
8) They felt that cats should not stay indoor 24/7 like a jailbird
9) They claimed that their cat want to go out as it keep looking outside the door
10) They do not want their cat to dirty their home when on one is at home

BUT, why did those cat owners never consider how DANGEROUS it is in the big big world?
Here is the possible dangers?
1) Their cat may be poisoned by ppl - M's two cats were poisoned(one of them was baby and ginger's sister) when they roamed near the factory near our block. Auntie L said that the security guard fed the cats poison but we had no evidence
2) They can fight with other cats esp if they are not yet spayed
3) They can be bullied by monster kids whom boo at them, make loud footstep at them and chase them around
4) They can get unknown illness from other community cats if they get a bite.
5) They may eat unknown food that maybe poisonous
6) They may be kidnapped by people - collar or no collar does not matter as the cat is SO CUTE.
7) They may be MIA like milky
8) They may be chased away by cat feeder like me - M's siamese cat try to chase mimi and ginger, i had no choice but to scare it away.
9) They may ended up badly injured if they fight with other bigger cat or ended up with some accidents(like cars)
10) They may be taken away by the authority - I know someone whose cat was taken away by AVA because the owner allowed the cat to roam free, the owner claimed back for $20. Sadly, the cat was so badly traumatized that it fall sick and need to be put to sleep.

So what do u cat prefer? INDOOR or OUTDOOR? A dangerous life or A secure life? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yo! What's up?

Ou Du Du staring at me with tongue sticking cute she look here. She is actually more interested in my moving mouse as i surf the net. Posted by Picasa

Male cat sterilized today, 17 August 2006

At last, dad's workplace male cat is sterilized today. This male cat is the offspring of the female cat that is sterilized last wed. The last two batches given birth by the female is only this male cat..not sure if the other two cats that i never seen before are part of the kittens batches. The female still has 5 more kittens that stay in dad's workplace. hopefully, the five kittens will be safe. So poor things, this little ones always go missing like their older siblings after the mummy wean her babies. I had asked Auntie L if anyone wants those kittens - NO RESPONSE - so they remains homeless..

Dad took a long time to try to catch him yesterday. Yesterday morning when dad took the carrier, the male cat sensed that he would be catch soon and disappear up the rootarea. At around 4 pm, dad called home to say that he cannot caught the male cat. Half an hour later, dad called to say that shortly after he make the call, the cat came meowing to find dad. Dad quickly popped him into the cage before he make disappearing act again.

I managed to 'sayang' the male cat..quite tame, not as wild as his mummy cat. He is ok now, not so tired and meowing very (super) loud whenever dad come to see him.

DD has become 'zi bi zhen' by hiding inside my room and refused to come out. Last wed, DD was also like this - refused to come out, refused to pee, refused to meow..well, the 'Ah -Or" is going to his 'home' tml. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

Isn't it fun to play 'Tag' with cat lovers?

Jennifer say:

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I visited 5 cat flyer blog and discovered this new game.

Here is the rules for the game:
1) Write 5 'WEIRD' thingshabits about yourself ( i assumed it is referring to your cat, not human or up to u)
2) Choose 5 people's blog and say "you are tagged". Have their blogs link to your blog as well.
3) Leave a comment in ur 5 ' victims' blog of the 'Tagging' game, the rules and ask them to visit ur blog

ok..i got 4 cats

How weird is Sweetie?

1) Will lie on the floor for 'sayang' when we asked her "want to sayang or not"
2) Know which floor we are staying. Sweetie used to come downstairs to pee/poo and dad would took her home..Once the lift said "storey 8", sweetie would come out and ran straight to our unit. If the lift said " storey 9", sweetie will ran down the stairs right to our unit. Once dad pressed the wrong button "storey 6" sweetie refused to leave the lift.
3) Know how to use the toilet drain hole to pee and poo (no need to buy litter box)
4) Like to stay around her human friends - bath time, dinner time, bed time
5) Do not make any morning call when she is awake in the morning. Her other 'siblings' meow first thing they open their eyes.

How weird is DD?

1) Refuse to anything except dry food because she know that there is always an alternative if she choose not to eat the rice with fish meal

2) Can be our 'poster' girl for anything - we can put her on a chair, put clothes on her - she is never angry

3) Like to scream ' Mee-aoo.' for food - normal cat meow, she mee-aoo like a lamb

4) Can be carry like a baby for hours

5) Quick learner - she learn how to use the toilet like sweetie, how to stand on hind legs to pee at passer-by at our door.

How weird is KK?

1) Full of energy - endless

2) Always jumping on wall

3) love to make sweetie 'angry' and then roll on the floor like very happy because he has done something he felt good about.

4) Has a musical meow when he is supposed to be a guy (wheres DD has a loud meow)

5) Is the only male cat in our house - is this weird?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A song that remind me of the homeless cats

Jennifer say:

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I was listening to the oldies song in FM 100.3 at 4 pm plus when i heard the song called : gu er lei yuan sung by Zou Yi Ting. Somehow, when i listen to the song, it remind me of the strays.

The first part of the song:
"Who say we do not have a home"
"We have uncles and aunties whom treat us like our daddy and mummy"

"Are you scared that you do not have any daddy or mummy"
"No, we stay in a lovely home with lot of siblings that love one another"

For our community cats, we are like daddy and mummy to them - We feed them, pet them and love them. Community cats learn to accept one another even though they do not like each other. For others like mimi and ginger, they are like father and son.

The second part of the song:
"Is it silly for us to cry"
"We study hard for our nation for studying hard"

Cannot say anything for my community cats for the second part, I just know that they never cry - YES, they did cried like mimi when they are first abandoned. After some time, they learn how to survive in the street. Of course, My community cats did not need to 'study' for our nation but they exist in our community for a reason. No nation can totally eliminate cats for their community - remember how Singapura cat can now be found only in the US and not in Singapore ( the result of unnecessary elimination of street cats).

Friday, August 11, 2006

How to Cat Proofing your windows grills

Sister was reading dawn's blog and post a picture of our mesh. We bought ours at a shop in serangoon north(The shop opposite Raindow) for $13.90 (the bigger one shown in this picture) and $7.90 (a smaller one, the one we are now using in our living room). The one sold in 'Wu Jin Dian' is much more expensive and looked very ugly - they only use the grey wire one. I saw the pet shop in Compass Point selling the mesh at an equally 'hei dian' rate. It is easy to find one in those shops selling containers, plugs and mix mix stuff. The shop had so far restock on their mesh - they are selling white, brown, green, black meshes. I bought the black one - if you look from far, you wil not realise that there is mesh covering the window.

Dawn had suggested covering the whole window with the mesh that i think will make cleaning the window difficult and once it is covered, it is equally difficult to close and open the window.

For us, we only covered the lower part of our windows where we tighten with wire twist-ties(cost $2.80) from the same shop. Our window is exactly like the one shown in singapore cats msn except we covered only half of the window.We bought ours because there was almost a near accidcent with DD. We found DD outside our window ledge staring at us..We had a big shock and I pulled DD back into safely zone immediately. So far, none of the cats attempted to jump over the barrier we set up at the window.

Mum had asked me to cut the mesh into a size that fit each grill so that we can still open the window grill together with the mesh instead of removing all the mesh to clean the window. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The day after Singapore National Day

*sleepy in bed* Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Female cat successfully trapped

Today, dad, sister and me went to dad's workplace to catch the female cat. The female cat has five kittens, all covered with flea. Sister and I took our frontline spray and spray on three kittens. We passed the rest of the spray to dad and asked him to spray on the other kittens.

We did not managed to catch the mother cat in the morning. The mother cat is very smart and only go near dad and not us.

After we came back at around 11pm, Sister then desperately email vegancat for his help to borrow a cat trap. Kind vegancat loaned us a small cat trap. Brother took sister to Bedok in his bike to pick up the trap. In the afternoon, dad and sister managed to trap the mother cat..yipee..

The female is very scared of this new environment. She is trembling with fear. Luckily sweetie and DD did not add to her stress by hissing at her or going near her. Tml is her sterilization more unwanted kittens for her..this is quite good news. Posted by Picasa

My unpublicized pets

Jennifer say:

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This is Ah-bob, my 12-13 year old terapian. She is given to us by our uncle after our uncle's own two terrapians made my mum strike 4D and my uncle believed they were 'Good luck terrapin'..well those good luck terrapins are now in reservoir. Mum is always complaining of the bad smell and asked me to throw them into the reservoir too but i told mum that they will 'cry' if i throw them away(my childlish reply to mum) or they will die if i throw them away - this fact is quite true.

This is Lizzie, our second terrapin. I had placed lizzie on top of ah-bob baby bath tub where bob is living. Lizzie is bought at a fish shop @AMK, ave 10 for $3. She look dirty in this picture. I had try to scrub her shell once a week.

We used to have another fat terrapin named xiaofei whom died in Mar 2003. We loved him very much but he died of an tumour.

Sister has called them "our much unpublicized pets". The twice a day change of water are left in the charge of my dad and me while feeding is also done by me. I do not know if they are happy to be with us but we will keep them as long as they live - never mind the smelly water, after all they are still our pets just like sweetie, DD, KK and Ou Du Du.

DDX in our Laundry basket

Sweetie decided to jump into our laundry basket just for fun. Posted by Picasa

How to be an elegant cat?

1) Stay still at the camera and smile
2) Put both your paws nicely in front of you
3) Be refined in whatever you do
4) Be lady-like if you are a female

model: DD Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 05, 2006

'The silence of the kittens' reviews

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, sister and i watched 'The silence of the kitten' at National library, Drama centre. I am not feeling too well yesterday, had a bad sore throat and bad body ache for being too greedy to eat rambutans in two days continously.

The story started with a woman (Esther Yap) telling the story of how Raffles discovered the lion and Singapore is called Lion city. Then, it moved on to a family of four - a dad whom is a Minister, a mum whom is very kaisu about her daughter's study, a daughter whom is 10 and a son whom is in poly. The daughter picked a kitten and begged her mum to keep it. Unfortunately, the mum refused and asked the son to dump the kitten away. The son loved the kitten but cannot deny his mum's order. The son try to throw the cat to a bigger cat but the baby was bullied. Then he threw it in a hawker centre but the baby do not know how to find food and kept following the son. Finally, the son feed the kitten chicken rice and sneaked away. The kitten which tried to follow the son was killed in an accident by a car.

The story goes on to tell how the family was torn apart because of the conflict between the husband and his mum-in-law - one whom hate cats and one whom feeds strays cats. The daughter caught in the middle between her mother and her husband finally left her husband.

What I think of the play:
Anyway, i find the play quite funny. The dialogue between actors were very funny. I love the part involving the husband (casted by Timothy Nga) part in the play. It reflect singapore stand in cats very well..

My favourite scenes:
1) Eyebrows can do nothing in our face but without it, our face will look funny. Just like cats do nothing but without it, our society will be strange.
2) The minister and the different religion - How the Cat 'M' sign is formed, the minister overturned the story by saying that the M is just frown and cat is useless and all cats do is to take up space and drop fur.
3) In future, people will not say 'thank you' because if the other party answered ' you are welcome', there will be germ flying out of the mouth.. This is as a result that Cats are so called deem to be dirty.
4) How the minister told his mum-in-law to go to learn line dancing. The scenes then played the song :would you like to have a girl, hot like me and the casts went dancing.
5) The fight between the mum-in-law and her neighbour. The neighbour complained about the cats in the mum-in-law house. The fight involved a ninja fight, wrestling and a sumo fight.
6) The stand in the minister to cull cats in SARs

After the play, there was a Q&A session. The casts, director and script writer, Ovidia Yu appeared in front of us. I do not like how Ovidia answered one audience that feeding cats is not illegal but we will be catch for littering the place. Who told her that every cat feeder litter the area - it is just a number of black sheeps that litter and also people should know about responsible feeding.

Well, overall, her script is well written - i do not think it really reflect well on singapore's cats - some topics left to be unanswered - why is cats banned in HDB for years? -in the US, cats are allowed in flats, Why is there no laws that allow people to feed cats openly?- Italy do have a law that allowed people to feed cat, Why is sterilized cats being round up? The play reflect on Why people dislike cats and make complaints to town council and if couples had different issues about cats - One cat hater and One cat lover, they may ended in divorce, Minister's stand in cats - a big NO.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Silence of the Kittens

Jennifer say:

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Today, sister went to Tampines Mall to buy two tickets for "The silence of the kittens". It was a last minute decision, we did talked about whether we will be going. In the end, since sister was going to TM, she asked me if I want to go to watch. Sister has a 15% for student rate while I had a 10% using pacific net privicard. This is the first time i am using my pacific privicard.

Wonder if the show will be nice to watch..Anyway we bought the tickets for Friday, 4 August.

About the drama:

W!LD RICEpresents

Can it be wrong to do all you can to protect those you love ?

Only if you become the very thing they most need protection from...

The Silence of the Kittens is Ovidia Yu's wicked satire about creating safe, protected environments within families, relationships and nations.

And about pacifiers, prejudice and Pasir Panjang.

Directed by Aidli 'Alin' Mosbit (Impenjarament, Rosnah, Ikan Cantik), and featuring a marvelous acting ensemble of Alecia Kim Chua, Helmi Fita, Timothy Nga and Esther Yap, this brand new comedy will have you thinking about cats, people who love cats, people who hate cats and the kind of fate that (in an ideal world) would befall a Minister who advocates the culling of cats...

Directed by: Aidli 'Alin' Mosbit

Cast: Alecia Kim Chua, Helmi Fita, Timothy Nga, Esther Yap

The Art and Life Sessions: "Strays and Critters - The Culling Fields"
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