Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas party at campany function

The log cake look nice right?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lazy me using Mobile blogging

Jennifer say:


Hi Realised that the last few pictures i took only got a sentence. I had used my SE phone to take picture and blog after photo taking.

There are quite a few happenenings anyway since my last long post. Mum had helped to sterilize the cats(with sister's help) near her workplace. There are the ShaSha family. Daughters and Mum are being taken care of, now is only left with ShaSha blood, the white ginger male cat.

Heard from my mum that Shasha mum had given birth 2 times or more. ShaSha is the first batch, shasha. of all 3 siblings, only Shasha remained in the street but now ShaSha is hee...... somewhere safe in princess bed. Then Shasha mum given birth to ShaSha mei and her brother. Used to have 2 more siblings that had since i assumed died.

Mum will try to trap shasha blood next week. Hopefully we will have shasha blood next week.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toa payoh temple cat

Taken at tp central at the temple under the tree

Friday, December 05, 2008

Tong tong and his mummy pig

Welcome to the house of cats

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Cat in fruit basket

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had managed to blog using my mobile. This is taken this morning of sweetie on blood table. (I am typing this text via computer as i had just transfer the blog name given automatically by my handphone to this current blog, animal kingdom so from now onward, all my mobile photos can be uploaded directly to this blog)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Cats in the News Today

Jennifer say:


I got this article from wobao. A summary of this article is how this cat was saved by Vegan & Meowies by putting the cat for adoption after sterilizing the female cat. What i do not liked about this article is the reply made by AVA head: “It would be good if those who feed stray cats could find homes for them.”

This misconcept is the same made by both cat lovers and cat haters.

Cat Lover Misconcept:If you want to love the cats, do not feed them, take them home with you.

I had read one particular cat lover blogger whom i shall not named her, her thinking is that if you love the cat, take the cats home, do not feed it (There are a whole lot of her own explanation as to why we should not feed outside cat that i will not list down as it make my blood boil too to think of that). Anyway i had boycotted her blog after reading this distasteful topic. Given that her blog had quite a number of hits daily, i wonder how many of her readers would also have this misconcept. If given the choice, which animal want to be wandering in the street trying to survive, trying to find shelter or food? Those animals previously do have homes but were abandoned, i do not understand why would a cat lover said this in her blog. Cats increased bacause they were not sterilized so it just added on the the number of so called stray cats in the street. Without food, they will try to find means and way to survive. We can only do little as to help by sterilizing them and feeding them responsiblity as in to clear whatever paper after we feed them.

Cat Hater Misconcept: Take all the cats that you feed home

I think every cat feeders had this words being said to them but for me, i had not encountered anyone saying this hurtful words.

Hmm.. except for Two encounter - Once was when a young lady asked us to take the cats we feed to SPCA because someone will adopt all cats that is send there. I think this young lady is not familiar with the statistic as to how cats are put to sleep daily in both SPCA and AVA.

The second encounter happen only recently when a woman staying in the 2nd storey warned us not to leave the food in the drain and reminded us that there are security camera around us. Nothing much to say to this idiotic woman whom is staying at the area closer to the central rubbish area and where security camera only face the lift area, not on the rubbish area. I was telling sister that i will change a new carrier that i used to carry the cat food so that ppl will not remember us going around to feed the cats. I think i should not use a red carrier.

With limited space, it is impossible to take every cats you see on the street home. The reply in the above mentioned article by AVA head had mentioned we find home for the cats we feed. Of course, we wish we can do that but how? We are actually doing sh** job for those irresponsible ppl whom are abandoing their home cats in the street. How is it possible to find home for each cat that ppl throw in the street. It is like a never ending cycle - you try to find home for one cat, another cat is abandone in the street. And finding a home for cat is not a matter of days, it can delay into months. I find that most female cats are abandoned into the street - a act when the cat is on heat and the stupid owner refused to sterilize the cat.

Ok. I had made enough review on today news. Sister is feeding mimi and friends today so i am quite free to blog..Happy meows..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Notty Sweetie

Jennifer say:


Recently Sweetie had this notty habit of 'stealing' food from my community cats. Sister had bought a big pack of food for our outside friends and repacked them into smaller portion. Sweetie had claw her way into the plastic bag to create a tiny hole for free buffet.

As a result, mum had placed the food inside the cat trap. This did not stopped sweetie from trying to get some freebie. She actually put her fat paw into the tiny hole and managed to create yet another hole in the plastic bag. As a last resort, i had used cardboard and magazine to cover all the four sides of the cat trap. No more free food for this notty cat. The best part is when i scolded her for being greedy, she actually talk back to me.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cat Tin Tin

Jennifer say:


Think people whom visited sister blog would have saw Ting Ting. I am still not sure whether to call him : Garlic, Ding Ding or Tin Tin or Xiao Tin Dang.

Mum had called this little fellow Xiao Tin Dang while blood call him Garlic after Blood childhood softtoy from Nestle.

We had found him sitting beside the road around 3 week ago. So we decided to 'kidnap' him home. He is quite smart despite his small size. He had now learnt how to use Xiami litterbox whenever we allow him to come out of his carrier to play. On his first day in our house, funny blood had taken dozens of this tiny fellow with his camera. It is a pity that blood did not get to see HeHe and XianXian when they were still kittens as blood was at Germany at that time.

Tin Tin favourite activity meanwhile is kneading. he loves to knead on everyone open hands and can do this for hours. This morning, blood allow Tin Tin to knead on his hand for one hour while blood was reading the newspapar.

I will soon be able to blog more as i now had bought a more decent camera phone. I will introduce the rest of the cat family once i get used to my new phone.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Blog is still alive

Jennifer say:


Hi everyone, i am back. I had not post any new topic since May.

wow, i am damn lazy. But I am back with more meowing news.

News 1: Auntie Thiru is unwell!!!

Last Friday, dad and I sent Auntie Thiru (The little black cat u see on my sidebar). She had been passing droplet of blood on thursday night and passing little urine. I am worried that there may be a blockage that is said to be very toxic to a cat and can killed it within 24 hour. I also suspected Thiru had urinary tract infection.

Thiru cried all the way to the vet. Kind Uncle Vet touched Thiru and mentioned that she did not have any blockage, only bladder infection. Vet said that most males had blockage while the odds are against female cats. I am quite relieved after hearing that. Thiru got a jet of antibodies and a week supply of antibodies that i need to feed her.

But then, stupid me feed her 1 whole antibioties tablet when it is only meant for 1/2 tablet.i only realised my mistake on day 2 night but by then 2 days of supply were gone. Anyway, the antibioties did work, no more bleeding and normal urining. My only concern is that thiru seem not to be pooing for 3 days. Will monitor on her and see what to do with her. i heard from san that pumpkin work for constipation cats.

Update: -- 27 July (9.35pm) Auntie Thiru had normal poo poo on Friday and today. That is quite a relief.

I will update more on all my cats when i got hold of sister camera.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Japan Cat Cafe - Calico

Jennifer say:

Dad was watching Channel New Asia when he announced that he saw cats news in CNA. So We watched the news. it is interesting to find that japan have this kind of cat cafe. the concept is quite interesting in fact. For JP$5, japanese can enter the cafe and play with the cats. I love the L-size ginger cat sitting on the sofa with both legs wide open accompanying a lady.

Here is videos of this site: (I am not sure if the video is in Japanese or English as my computer is mute currently)

The cafe did have an website but unfortunately, i did not understand any japanese:

Website news:
From this link:

TOKYO — People cuddle and play with cats as if they were at home. But it's not home: Welcome to the cat cafe Calico where 17 cats are always waiting for customers. Since it opened in Kichijoji last March, Calico has attracted a lot of media attention.

Takafumi Fukui, the 35-year-old manager, has mixed feelings about all the hoopla over his business from both media and cat lovers. Fukui and a classmate at a vocational school opened the cafe after he quit his job at a video game company. At Calico, customers can freely cuddle and play with cats, paying 800 yen admission fee for the first hour and 120 yen for an additional 10 minutes.

“I love cats very much. But one of the reasons why I opened the cafe is actually that I wanted to work with my toy poodle. When I was working for a video company before, she got stressed out because I couldn't take care of her. So I decided to open a cafe where she can be with me all the time,” says Fukui.

Calico has never advertised with any media. After a local cable TV reported on it, major TV stations and entertainment magazines did stories on Calico. The unexpected media attention left Fukui feeling confused. “Last year, several similar types of cafe opened in Tokyo, so some media say there is a cat boom. But it's just a coincidence really. Ever since Reuters did a story on us, we sometimes have foreign customers. An American from Texas said he visited us just to see one of our cats he likes.”

It's not only mainstream media but word of mouth on the Internet has played a huge role in spreading publicity. Fukui explains: “Many customers come to Calico to take photos of our cats and post them on their blogs and online social network communities. More people are finding out about Calico through the Internet.”

“I thought Calico would be something like just an ordinary cafe with cats. But it has a more comfortable and peaceful atmosphere like at home,” said Marie Fuchi, 19, who came to Calico for the first time.

A 39-year-old man, who has been to Calico three times in the past month, says: “I love cats but I can't have pets at my apartment. I wouldn't even be able to take care of them because I live alone. So I like to come here where I can touch and play with them.”

The demand for cat cafes like Calico partly stems from the fact that most of the apartments in Tokyo ban pets. Fukui says 70% of his customers cannot have cats at home even though they wish to. Calico answers their needs, he says.

While Calico is now well-known both nationwide and overseas, Fukui recalls it was hard launching his business. “Since nobody knew the concept of a cat cafe, many building owners were reluctant to rent space to me, so I had a hard time finding a location.”

Sanitation at the cafe is also a big issue because sanitation rules for restaurants vary according to individual local governments. “Some cat cafes separate the room for cats and eating space for customers. But at Calico, only the kitchen is completely separated from other rooms,” Fukui says.

After managing the cafe for almost a year, Fukui says: “I don't think I'm doing anything special. Rather, I'm just lucky because the media reported there is a cat boom. I still feel there are many things to improve at Calico. But I get a lot of help. Our official website, for example, was created by one of our regular customers.”

Fukui is already thinking of what to do next after the cat boom created by the media ends. But one thing he's certain of — he wants to provide even more places where people can interact with cats.

Calico's address: 7th Fl, Yuki Bldg, Minami-machi, Kichijoji, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0001. Tel/Fax: 81-(0)422-29-8353

For further information, visit:

January 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

China ge zai xi @ Cheng Huang Temple

Jennifer say:


Cheng Huang Temple near Geylang police station is back to its nearly 3 months of opera by troups from China and singapore.

The April performance is from China Xiaman troup. I had seen two performances so far. Today and last saturday. In fact when The xiamen troup came in 2006, i had also seen their performance.


Last sat performance was a rather boring story:

I am not sure of the opera title.

But the story goes like this:

Zhou was drinking wine in a brothel when he saw X bullying Jing, a poor girl whom was tricked to enter the brothel to work by singing when her parents died. He helped to fight off X. X was the son of the minister so he had often used his dad's reputation to bully the villagers.

Various girls performing a dance esp for X

Photobucket Jing was forced to perform even though she was sick

Jing was very grateful for Zhou help. While Zhou went off, he dropped his jade that later Jing vowed to return to him dressed as a guy.

Zhou was placed under arrest for fighing X. As a result, he ran away and meet xiulan. Xiulan saved him by placing him in her dad graveyard area to hide. Xiulan was the daugher of a officer. she was actually bethored to Zhou at a young age. When her dad died, her stepmother took her to marry another guy. When xiulan stepmum knew that Xiulan was hiding Zhou, she informed the officers to come to arrest Zhou. Xiulan stopped the troops while zhou escaped.

Wen and her uncle, aunt and her cousin tried to escape from the coming robbers. As a result, wen was seperated from her relatives and captured by the robbers whom wanted to take her as wife. The robbers took Wen to a temple. At the temple, zhou came in. When he heard Wen cries, he killed the robber head and saved Wen.

Wen asked zhou to take her to her house that is many mountains away. At a deserted temple, wen tried to hint zhou that she loved him but zhou had no heart for her love proposal. Finally wen reached her house. Her uncle tried to arrange for marriage for zhou and wen but zhou refused the proposal. When wen heard of that, she hang herself.

The story end by wen ghost went to find Zhou. In the end, neither xiulan or Jing entered the plot again that i think is really stupid.

Today story: (27 /4/08) - Feng Huang Guan

Lee Yue Er was the daughter of a minster but she was vain from young and her only wish was to be married to a son of a senior officer, wearing a feng huang guan. Her father had proposed marriage to the Seng family. However, misfortune fall on the Seng whom was famed for corruption. As a result, father Lee and Mother Lee forced Seng qing (the son whom was supposed to marry missy Lee) to write a letter to wihdraw the marriage.

PhotobucketThe Vain Yue Er and her equally vain money faced mother plotting to withdraw the marriage between Lee and Seng
When the corrupted Zhang arrived at the Lee family threating to capture the whole family, Father lee dennied that they had anything to do with the Seng as they had withdraw the marriage on june. In fact, The old Lee had changed the date from august to June.

Seng qing escaped from the officers whom were sent to capture him. While on the run, he entered a fishing house and meet a woman named Lee Chun niang. Chun niang hide him in the house and lied to the coming troups that Seng qing was her husband. When Chun niang father questioned why he was being chased by the army, Seng qing lied that his name was wong wenjing and he was a poor scholar. Seng qing and chun niang relationship grow better as half a years passed by. One day, Chun niang father proposed marriage to Seng on his daugher behalf. However, seng rejected the proposal. When Chun niang cried, seng qing finally revealed his true identify. Chun niang still love Seng qing despite knowing that seng was a escaped criminal.Both Chun niang and Seng vowed to remain true to each other. Seng then learn that his beloved had a real name called 'Lee Yue er'.

Seng qing went to take part in the imperial exam and got the top rank. When the emperor wanted to asked him to marry the princess, seng refused and mentioned that he will only married lee yue er. The corruped senior Lee heard of this and mistaken the lee yue er to be his daugher. Meanwhile the lee family learnt that Seng family had restored their past statues and the elder seng was now the prime minster.

When the sedans past by the evil lee family and did not stopped, the old lee stopped seng qing and asked him why he did not went to his house. Seng qing then revealed that he was going to marry the fisherman daugher with the same name.

The old Lee refused to accept this and a trial was set up.
The first trial was judged by a nine rank officer whom asked the missy lee to have the huang guan while The poor lee to have seng. the trial did not come to a end as a result.

The second trial was judged by a corrupted officer. His final verdict was to let Seng marry both woman with the missy lee as the first wife. The trial failed as a order by the PM (seng father) asked the officer to investiage the withdraw marriage case.

The third trial was judged by a good and fair officer, Wen. before the trial, Wen investiaged and found that there was indeed a withdrawal letter wrote by seng. At the trial, Wen pretended that the fault was all on Seng, the poor yue er or chun niang and her father.He then asked missy lee if she want to marry seng with that missy lee answered with a firm yes. Wen also captured Seng and wanted to withdraw the scholar name from him. When missy lee heard that, she wanted to withdraw her earlier agreeemtn to marry Seng. She then revealed that actually the marriage was withdraw last year in August. The spolit lee took the letter from her dad. Finally, the truth was revealed and seng and the poor lee married.

At the trial, the truth was finally revealed when the wen officer set a trap

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mini Meow from Catster

Jennifer say:


This is cute, check this out.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cute icon for MSN

Jennifer say:

PhotobucketJust got this cute icon from flowerpod that i though was too cute. I will be using this icon for future posts. But i hope that the icon can said This:

"I am a Cat"
"I Purr"
"I Meow"
"I Climb"
"I Eat"
"I Wash"
"I Sleep"

Sister had said that i need to edit my pictures to be smaller so that blogger can upload my photos faster into the system. i will do that in future to ensure more photos and less words in my blog.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

DDX was sick last sat

Jennifer say:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Last sat was a worry day for all of us as DDX kept vomitting for the whole day. We suspected that she had licked on the washing powder in the toilet as she now had this bad habit of licking water from the pails in the toilet. DD had refused to drink nor eat on sat.

Mum was very worried as DD is one of her favourite cat beside Sweetie.

On sun, we sent her to the vet. On the way to the vet, DD had kept crying. We had to comfort her by kept talking to her. The vet said that DD had Gastric problem that happen suddenly to all cats. The main reason is DD had eaten something wrong. DD had a injection and two medicines - one for anti-vomit and one for anti inflammatory. She instructed us to feed DD two small potions per day only.

At home, DD was sleeping the whole day. At night, i woke her up and feed her wet can food. We were very happy and relief when DD started to eat her food.

On Monday, DD meowed for dry food. I had instructed dad and mum NOT to feed her dry food as she might still vomit again. But the spoilt DD was still given dry food and she vomitted. After this incident, dad and mum did not dare to feed DD any dry food when she winned.

After her completed course of medication that was yesterday, DD is back to meowing for food (dry) and she has fully recovered also.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lazy Blogger Me & My cats

Jennifer say:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am rather lazy nowaday in blogging. Firstly, i had too lazy to take any photos of my community cats. Secondly, i am lazy to upload pictures of my home cats as the blogger keep hanging whenever i tried to upload photos - picasa is not working well also.

Anyway so here is a boring update of my community cats without any photos:

1) Mimi has migrated to another block across the road from his usual hiding place. We took 1 and a half month before we found his new hideout.

2) There are 3 newly abandaned cats near mimi hideout - xiaguo ( a ginger male sterilized last year), silly ah gong (gong as in silly in hokkein - another ginger male same age as xiaguo and lastly a brown tabby male. Xiaguo and ah gong are hanging to each other so far while the third male cat is always M.I.A but still around.

3) Wang zia had serious ringworm problem but that silly boy now refused to come to find us. We also do not know how to apply the medicine that sister had bought for him when wangzai refused to come near us now.

4) Ginger and PaPa are now two fat, round ginger cats.

5) Koala has a younger son. A 3 months old kitten that hang around with him. Koala is quite sweet when his 'son' play war game with him - Koala not only do not mind his son biting him, he also allow his 'son' to hang him by his claws.

6) Fake NaNa is still around very near to mimi hideout. We just found out yesterday that there is something wrong with nana one eye as it is not diluted in the dark as like normal cats. But he is still walking very normally.

7) Seaweed is another beautiful female cat is a good friend of mimi.

8) Ringring still appear near the nearby park sometimes. She is a rare ginger girl with a meow similar to my sweetie.

I had not seen baby, xiaobai and cubby cubby for quite long time as i had not went near their hideout near the carpark in the park.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cute Sweetie, Old Tiger and Tiny DD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Slightly late in posting these cute photos of Sweetie...BTW, i am the one whom placed sister's tiger in Sweetie's paws... so cute... I am only successful in placing the tiger because sweetie is sleepy and she is lying on the bed on her back.

Both the cat and the toy are abandaned 'animals'. Sweetie first appeared in the street in Oct 2004 while tiger toy first appeared in the street more than 10 years ago. Tiger pet's name is Ah Hu. Of course, both are vv fortunate to be taken by us...

Back View of Fat Sweetie
Front View - Sweetie looked sleepy still....

But the eyes still wide open ler....

And DD looking also very cute and tiny, sleeping in a box in the same room

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Watching Ge Zai Xi @ CNY - 7 & 8 Feb 2008

Jennifer say:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I had finally settled down to do my blogging about the two great preformance of Ge Zai Xi( 歌仔戏) By the China Tong An(同安) Opera Troup.
Compared to the taiwan Opera, China customs are not so beautiful but nevertheless, their performance are very awesome.

On the 7 Feb, The title of the opera that i watched is "Cheng Jiao Ji Qiao Jie Liang Yuan". Here is a list of showing the opera titles of the China Troup preformances.

The story:

Chow Tong is a prince of the Song Dynasty. He was not the real son of the Song emperor but was loved by the emperor to be like his own son. During the war between Song and Liao, Chow was sent to be the general in command for the war. On his way to the battle field, he met a boy whom he realised was his long found brother. The two brothers were overjoyed to be united. However, due to the upcoming war, Chow had to leave his young brother whom was also deterimined to fight the Liaos.

Despite his wit, Chow Younger brother was killed by the Liao Princess

The young brother was killed during his fight with the Liao Princess. Chow was davastered when he knew this. He took his troops to fight the Liao Princess and her troops. Chow was badly defended. The Liao Princess fall in love with Chow with first sight. She refused to kill Chow. She hinted to Chow that she liked him. Chow anger with the princess for the death of his brother, refused to accept his enemy love.

Unkown to Chow and the princess, Song Dynasty PM, Cheng Jiao Ji was hiding behind a rock behind them. Cheng Jiao Ji was also the uncle of Chow.

When he heard the heated agruement between Chow and the princess, he appeared. After Cheng spoke to the princess, he learnt that the princess love Chow. The princess asked Cheng to be her matchmaker to ask Chow to marry her. Cheng agreed but Chow refused the marriage. Cheng however lied to the princess that Chow will marry her.

On the day of the marriage, Chow was forced by his father, the Song emperor to marry the Liao Princess. In order to manage peace and prevent any war between Liao and Song, the Song emperor made a decree to force his son to marry the princess.

In their first night, Chow refused to lift the veil of his new bride. The Liao princess was devastered when she learnt that Chow still blamed her for his brother death. The liao princess and Chow quarelled. Upset and shame that she has only herself to blame for this failed marriage, the princess found that she can no longer return to Liao or she would disgrace her own parents, the princess killed herself with Chow sword.

The song emperor was very angry when he learnt of the princess death. He made a decree that Chow would never marry a second woman and must go to Liao to apologize to the liao king. Chow went to Liao out of no choice.

Meanwhile, Cheng Jiao Ji met his old friend, Senior minister, Shi. When Cheng knew that Shi had a daughter that was single, he decided to ask his friend to allow his daughter to marry Chow. The problem with Shi only daughter was her daugher, Jinhua had a serious mental problem. Cheng was able to make the song emperor change his decree to accept Chow to marry Jinhua. Chow did not know that Jinhua was mad when Cheng wife act on Shi behalf as makemaker went to find chow.

On the day of Jinhua and Chow marriage, Chow was shocked when his new wife muttered rubbish to him as he tried to lift the veil. He thought she was mad from the preparation of the marriage. The emperor, the emperess and Cheng decided to play some fun out of the new couple by entering the room. When Cheng found that Chow had not yet lifted the veil of the new bride, he asked Chow to do so.

Unkown to all of them, The liao princess spirit took control of Jinhua body and changed Jinhua face. (**PS: I am not too sure about this part as there was no explanation of which spirt entered Jinhua body). Chow was very happy to find that his new wife was such a beauty.

8 Feb: 女英传

Gua was a price of the Song Dynasty. He had a daughter named Guo Lan Ying and a second wife. Lanying birth mother died long ago and as a result, her stepmum was always torturing her. One day, Guo received news that he had to lead troops to fight the border enemies. Lanying was left alone in the house when her cousin, Hu wei came to find her. Hu wei was a bully whom came to find lanying after hearing from his aunt(Lanying stepmum) that Lanying was in the garden.

Lanying was very miserable when Her father left the house

When Hu tried to take advantage of Lanying, lanying trained in matial arts hit him and warned him to leave the guo house immediately. Hu told his aunt. Worried that Lanying would tell her dad about this, The evil stepmum decided to murder lanying.

The stepmum cooked Lanying a bowl of poisoned noodles. However, Lanying was at that time too sick to eat. The stepmum told lanying two maids, Chun tao and Mei to ensure that lanying would eat her noodles. Meanwhile, Hu whom did not want to give up, visited Lanying and entered her room. Her two maids stopped Hu from disturbing Lanying. Hu was angry to be refused to see Lanying. When he saw the poisoned nooddles, he ate them and died.

When the stepmum learnt that hu had died, she decided to let lanying be the scrapgoats. She accused lanying of murdering hu and went to report to the authories. Lanying worried that she would be tortured and forced to accept the blame, decided to take her two maids to flee to the borders to find her dad. The three of them managed to escape the Guo family with two horses.

Meanwhile, Lanying fiance, Guan Feng appeared at guo house. Lanying father and guan father had arranged the marriage on their children behalf so neither of them had seem each other faces before. The stepmum worried that Guan feng would leanrt the truth, decided to murder guan as well. Luckily for guan, the guo maids learnt of the stepmum evil plot. The maids took their misstress clothes to guan and asked him to dress as a woman to escape. Guan escaped but was captured by the enemies in the borders. When lanying reached the border, she found that her dad was wrongly accused by his enemy( a song minister whom was jealous of guo success in the war) was jailed.

The actress whom act as Lanying was different when she was dressed as male. I liked the xiao seng whom act as Lanying in the general wear.

Lanying and her two maids, Tao and Mei decided to dress as men. All of them went to help the song fight in the borders. Lanying was promoted as general in command while Tao and mei were promoted as general. They defended the enemies and all the proisoners, including guan were lead back to the Song area.Guan was still dressed as a woman.

Guan was led to the Song tents. At the tent when Lan asked him what was his name, Guan replied that he was Guo lanying. Guan was also shocked to learn that Lanying name was called Guan feng. Guan then decided to reveal to Lan that he was a male and upon providing the marriage letter, Lan learnt that the man was her husband and was overjoyed. Both united.

Lan then went to the Song emperor and asked the emperor to forgive her. The song emperor on seeing how successful the battle was won, forgive Lan and granted her to be the Qi Ying Princess - that was to be the swore sister of the emperor. The evil minister whom wronged Guo was taken and killed. The emperor also granted marriages for Chu and Tao to two scholars while Guan and Lan were also married on the same day.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Money Gia (Baby Money)

Jennifer say:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you read sister's blog, u may have knew about little Money Gia.

We first saw Baby money (female version of our big fat Male Money) in the BBQ area opposite our block at around the second week of Year 2008.

We saw her playing with korla ( a big male cat) and another baby newly abandoned kitten (around 1 month old only - we only saw her/him twice before it disappeared).

We tried to go to find Baby Money whenever we went to feed our downstairs cats. We only saw Baby Money near us but did not wanted to come to us for food three or four times.

On that particular day, sister mentioned that someone was looking for a siamese X as their only Siamese X had died. Sister thought of that newly abandoned Baby Money. We decided to try our luck.

Luck and Fate was on our side. It is fate that we saw Baby Money on that day as we did not see her that often everyday. We saw Baby Money eating food fed by grumpy auntie - normally we only address her as 'dog auntie'. We never once talked to her althought all of us feed the cats. If she saw us feeding cats, she will walked AWAY from us and she did not even smile or nod at us and so we never bother each other also. She feed her cats and we feed our cats at different timing.

Ok back to luck was on our side. Pi Pa came to kapo and chased Baby Money away, stealing her food. We left greedy pipa eating and went to search for baby Money. We met Lady Luck again when we saw her at the playground. Sister grabbed her neck and we walked all the way home this way. On our way home, X called Sister again and i answered the phone on behalf. I confirmed with X that the potential couple want a not so old but not so young cat. The answer is a positive yes as the couple only wanted a cat that is of siamese X.

I once came across some particular idiot that refused to take a particular community cat as she commented that the potential adopter only wanted a baby kitten and BTW, the cat was only 2 months old and cat will grow big anyway. It is hard to understand why sometimes - and anyway cat adoption is not always 100% sucessful but i think the reason given by that potential adopter is the stupidness i had heard and that idiot i met actually played alone by agreeing to ONLY look for BABY kitten in the street.

Baby Money on Blood Bed. She got a funny looking tail actually, the tip of her tail is tucked in between her lengs. She is very manja and love to jump on the bed to join people

Mum said must put our own fortune cat beside Baby money

Baby Money asking for attention? No lar. Actually, she is kneading her front paws, she did this action like for the One thousand times.

Money and Money - Spot the real Money? hmm... Real Money looked a bit scared hor!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My 2008 Post on Cats

Jennifer say:

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Here is my first post for Y2008 on my dearest kitties:

My dearest sweetie, i always love it when she place her hands this way.

DDX is begging for someone to sayang her... so sweet, right?

And xiami is in high concentration..... hmm... doing her big business.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

明華園 歌仔戏 - 刘全进瓜 - 31/12/07, 红尘菩堤- 5/1/08, 马车夫与小逋快 - 6/1/08

Jennifer say:

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Today performance by Ming Hua Yuan is really awesome. The stage is very well-done, i will try to take a photo of the stage on Sat where we had again bought advanced tickets. The lead actress, 鄭雅升, did a great performance.

The starting of the performance is the 三仙大会. As today is Ming Huan yuan first performance, they are required to have a opening ceremony. There are performances by the 'Fu Lu Shou - 福禄寿, eight immorals - 八仙, Faires and monkey god. After those dances and performances, the scholar and the wife must invited the opera god to be sit at the main altar at the Cheng Huang temple. Next, the organiser of the opera gave a rather long speech and the opera performers gave some sweets and posters to the front audiences.

Then the start of the offical opera:刘全进瓜
Here is the story:

Liu Quan took part in the imperial exam but failed to win any posts in the top 3 position. He was very resentful of his cousin-in-law whom took the 探花 - 3rd place in the exam。Liu Quan had a virtue wife called 李翠莲。Unfortunately, Liu Quan blamed her for his bad luck in the exam.

Meanwhile, back in Hell, the ten lords of hell needed to go to 九华山 to meet the head of hell, 地蒇王菩萨. Being ghosts, they cannot stand in the sun so they needed to travel using umbrella. The 10 lords met with their head as they were unsure what to do with the Tang emperor whom save the dragon king. The dragon king later created havoc in the earth by floods. The head had mentioned that the ten lords should leave the emperor alone. Then they had a wine celebration in the mountain. One by one, the rest of the 9 lords returned to hell. The last lord is called 转轮王. The 10th lord was very drunk and so he took a nap in the garden. When he woke up, he realised that it was morning. He tried to reach for his umbrella but it blew away. Just then, Liu Quan appeared and the 10th lord asked him to retrive the umbrella which Liu did. The 10th lord being grateful to Liu wanted to be swore brother with Liu. Liu in order not to offend the lord agreed too.

Liu wife's Cuilian saved a woman in the ghost forest. As a result, the resenful ghost cannot be reborn as that ghost was looking for a 替死鬼. Back at Home, a monk appeared at their doorstep and warned Cuilian that the ghost will took her life in replacement for that woman cuilian saved. The monk gave Cuilian a charm and warned her not to remove it from their doorstep.

Just then, Cuilian cousin arrived. He had just won the 3 spot in the imperial exam. When Liu quan returned home, he was very angry with Cuilian for being too close to her cousin. Cuilina cousin left because of Liu's disapproval. Liu quan scolded cuilian for inviting her cousin home and chased her away. He also tore the charms away.

The ghost arrived and forced Cuilian to hang herself. Liu was very regrettful when he knew of his wife's death.

The monk appeared at Cuilian grave and scolded liu that the ghost was able to enter the house because the charm were removed. Liu said that he wished to meet the ghost of his wife so the monk suggested that Liu can helped the tang emperor to give melons to hell. The Tang emperor was grateful that the head of hell helped him so he promised to give melons for the lords. Unfortunately, he cannot find anyone willing to go to hell to deliver the melons. Liu agreed immediately.

At the palace, Liu drank a poison wine and died. At the third watch of the night, the papar dolls become alive and liu's spirt came out of his body too. Together, They entered hell.

The 10 lords welcomed Liu with warmth. The melons were given. Liu asked for the lords to allow him to see his wife. The lords agreed for him to see his wife for only 10 seconds. Liu was very upset and ran after his wife. Liu went to a closed city called wrongful death city.

Liu met the 10th lord whom gave him a magical weapon that can beat ghosts.The 10th lord also taught Liu how to escape from hell. Liu used the weapon to force into the city. The wife came out together with other female ghosts but liu chased them away.

The other 9th lord appeared and tried to stop liu but were forced to retreat because of the magical weapon. Liu took his wife away. The head of hell appeared and liu had a fight with him.

Liu and his wife then escaped to the reincarnation wheel 转轮台.The 10th lord found liu and explained that there are 6 cycles for this wheel - the animals cycle, the fish cycle, the human cycle, the bird cycle (not too sure of the other two cycles). The 10th lord said that this cycle now is the bird cycle and the human cycle was only ready in 3 days time. Liu and his wife decided to jump into the wheel too as the other 9 lords were going to catch them.

Just then, the other 9 lords came. Liu fought again. The head of the hell also arrived. the 10th lord saved liu. Liu took his wife to jump into the wheel where both were reincarnated as birds.


红尘菩堤 - 5/1/08

Today story is about 济公 and the Song empire.

The story begin where the old song emperor and the zhou king were fighting. Both were about to lose when their pregnant wives saved them. Both wives fought and went into labour at the war field. Their husbands went to look for them and both gave birth to a boy each. Song emperor son was named "宋伯敬 and 赵.( I had forgotten what is his name now, i think i am getting bit of old)

After the birth, the Song emperor and the zhou king continued to fight. Song emperor was badly injured by the zhou king while the song soldiers managed to snatch baby zhou away from his mother. The badly injured emperor instructed his queen, Lu to take good care of his enemy's son so that in future, song and zhou can be friends. The old song emperor then died.

20 years later, both song and zhou had grew up. Bojing become the emperor of Song while zhou was only a prince although zhou was the older brother. In truth, Bojing was the only true blood of the Song empire but zhou was not aware of his birth nor his own parents.

Both of the royal brothers loved the girl, 莲 (Lian). Bojing expressed his love for Lian but lian only love zhou.

The border passed news to the queen mother, Lu that the zhou king was creating problems in the border again. Zhou offered to go to war but Lu wanted bojing to accompany him as well.

In the war, Bojing was defended and captured by zhou king. Zhou managed to avoid being attacked by the zhou's soldiers wolves because the wolves recongised the blood in zhou was the same as its master, the zhou king. Zhou went back to find his mother, Lu. On the influence of the court officers and Zhou's, Lu had no choice but to annonuce zhou to be the new emperor but lu wanted zhou to return the title back to bojing if he came home.

Bojing was bought to the zhou king and told them that his older brother zhou would saved him. When zhou king heard the name of zhou, he realised that this person was his son. He and his wife then hurried to Song area wishing to find their son.

While zhou king and his wife were out, a dancer named 庆 helped bojing to escape. They went to a temple and wanted to seek help from the monks. One of the monks was Jigong. Ji gong advised bojing not to ask for the impossible, that is not to went back to his old house, the palace. Bojing was still unaware that his older brother, zhou is the new emperor.

Just then, there was a loud annoucement outside the temple that the emperor was coming to pray in the temple Jigong asked bojing and qing to hide. The emperor, zhou then entered the temple. Zhou asked for bojing safely. On hearing this, bojing came out of his hiding place and wanted to hug zhou. Zhou was too shocked to react and left the temple in a hurry. Bojing and Qing chased him. Zhou soldiers advised zhou to murder bojing so that zhou can remained the emperor. Zhou on seeing bojing then ordered the excursion of bojing but jigong helped bojing to escape. Jigong asked bojing and Liu to become beggers to earn a living as both their lives were at risk. bojing agreed.

Zhou gave chase to the temple. When the abbot of the temple was unable to reveal where jigong was, zhou ordered the burning of the temple but promised the abbot 80 thousand dollars as reward. Being greedy, the abbot agreed to burn his own temple.

Zhou then left. Jigong appeared in front of his abbot and told him that the zhou emperor would not keep his word. Jigong suggested that if both of them sold dog meat, they can raise money for a new temple.

So Jigong and his abbot went to xi hu (West Lake) to sell dog meat. In the meantime, both zhou's queen and Lu (song queen) had a strange dream that a monk can help them find their sons if they went to West lake to look for a monk selling dog meat. They both appeared at the West Lake and met jigong. Jigong asked them if they wanted smaller bowl or bigger bowl of dog meat. Bigger bowl would meant 80 thousand dollars. Lu on hearing this wanted to pay for a bigger portion of the supposed dog meat. Jigong then asked Lu to go to the beggers' area to find bojing. When ZHou king saw that jigong was not a normal monk, he also wanted Jigong to give him a bigger bowl but jigong refused. Jigong said that even if they looked for their son, their son would not acknowledge them. Jigong used a magical wind to send zhou king and his wife to find zhou. As what jigong mentioned, zhou refused to acknowledge his own parants and tried to kill them too. Jigong appeared and stopped the fight.

Jigong then told zhou king that it was all his fault as he had occupied Song's land. To gain back his son, he had to give up song's land to song. Zhou king then agreed.

Back in Song palace, Zhou refused to return the throne to bojing. When Queen Lu revealed that zhou was not her son, zhou refused to believe her too. Bojing then escaped. However, zhou gave chase. On his escape, bojing met zhou king and his wife whom gave up song's land to him. Zhou then asked his soldiers to capture bojing. However, jigong appeared.

Zhou refused to accept his parents so jigong asked zhou king to leave. Before leaving, zhou king soldiers kneeled before zhou and bow to him, telling him that the zhou soldiers are always loyal to their own people. Zhou king's wife asked zhou to take care. On seeing them about to leave, zhou cannot bear the seperation and yelled out his parents. The whole family were then happily reunited.

马车夫与小逋快 7/1/08

Today story begin with a 7 low ranking magistrate, called Guo and his wife, Xu was robbed. Both were rescused by a constable named Hua Zhan. Having saved the magistrate, Both Hua Zhan vowed to serve the new magistrate well.

Hua Zhan had two very beautiful daughter, the eldest daughter was called Hua Yue Chan and the youngest daughter was called Hua Yue Fang. Hua Yue Chan loved a slave named Liu Feng Yang. However, Hua Zhan objected to this relationship as Hua Zhan thought that Liu Feng Yang was too poor. Liu Feng Yang become a slave of the Hua Family as his father died while still teaching the young Hua daughters. Out of goodwill, the Hua father kept Liu Feng Yang as his house slave.

One day, Hua Yue Chan told her father that she only wanted Liu Feng Yang to be her husband. However, his father strongly dissaproved and told his daughter that he will never accept Liu as his son-in-law. This was overheard by Liu and he decided to run away. On his way out, Liu met Yue chan's younger sister, Yue Fang. Yue Fang then rushed to inform her sister that Liu was running away.

Yue Chan chased after Liu and vowed to be wife with him and followed him despite his provety. Hua Zhan appeared suddenly and tried to stop them. However, Yue Chan only wanted to eloped with Liu so Hua Zhan cannot do anything about it.

Yue Fang secretly passed her own saving to Liu for him to start a new life with her sister.

2 Years later, Liu was the richest businessman in the city of Chao Xing. Yue Chan was also pregnant with their first child. Liu was out on a business trip when he met a heavy thunderstorm. He planned to take shelter in a 亭 but saw a woman inside it. Being a honest guy, he decided not to go into the shelter for fear that the woman reputation would be ruined. The woman was deeply touched when she saw this. When the rain stopped, Liu left.

The woman was in fact Justice Bao Wife. She told her husband about this incident.

Liu approached a 马车夫 named bao hei to ask him to take him back to Chao Xing as his wife was near child birth. On their way, they learnt that Justice Bao was on tour outside the city. No one was to pass the countryside where Justice Bao would be passing. Being anxious that the whole tour might took 8 hours, Liu asked Bao Hei to rush toward the way and hopefully, they can avoid passing into Justice Bao. They were not so lucky as their horse knocked into Justice Bao.

Justice Bao asked for 20 canes when he heard that Bao Hei had rushed the horse into his way despite the early warning that no one must pass by this road. Liu however asked to share Bao Hei canning as he felt he was responsible for asking boa hei to rush. Bao Hei was canned 10 stokes. When Liu was about to be canned, the pole used to cane him broke into two. Justice boa then asked if Liu had done any good deed recent days. Liu recalled that he had allowed a woman to take shelter without sharing the shelter with him. Justice bao then knew this guy was the man his wife mentioned. Justice boa was very grateful to Liu and decided to be brothers with Liu. They then parted ways.

Boa Hei and Liu went to take a rest in a inn. While Bao Hei was parking his horse, Liu suddenly saw Hua Zhan in the same inn. Hua Zhan was shocked to see Liu so well dressed up. When Hua Zhan saw Liu with $4000 in his bag, he become even more shocked. He asked Liu for how he become so rich. Liu told him that he had used Hua Zhan second daughter saving to start his own business and was now the most wealthest man in Chao Xing. Hua Zhan then purposely asked Liu to go back to his town.

In the forest, Hua Zhan murdered Liu. The murder was seen by Bao Hei whom had went to find Liu after finding him missing in the inn.

Yue Chan knew of Her husband death. Bao Hei then appeared and told her that the cconstable that appeared earlier was the murderer. Yue Chan was shocked as that constable was her own father. Her own father had murdered her husband.

She seek justice with magistrate Guo but The case was rejected due to lack of evidence. In fact, although Yue Chan had a piece of her father cloth as evidence, as the magistrate and Hua Zhan were of close relationship, the case was rejected just like this.

Yue Chan fainted on the street and was saved by Justice Bao. Justice Bao heard of Yue Chan case and told her to raise the case again on the 3 of May. Justice Bao said that he will dressed as normal ppl in the street to view how the corrupted magistrate had deal with Yue Chan case. Yue Chan then left.

Unkown to Justice Boa, his advisor went to find Gou and Hua Zhan and told them of Justice Bao plan. As Both Guo and Zhan did not seen Justice Bao before, the advisor gave a description of Justice Bao look. Guo and Zhan then search the city for Justice Bao. When they saw Bao Hei, they thought they had found the right person and bought him back. Guo and Zhan sweet talked and tried to use money for the fake justice bao.

Bao Hei was suddenly justice bao. He went on court on 3 of May. When Yue Chan tried to sue her father, Guo and Zhan thought they had the upper hand. Both turned black into white and tried to overturn every evidence against them. However, Boa Hei suddenly spoke - he managed to claim justice for Yue Chan as bao Hei was also a honest guy . He executed Guo for corruption and executed Hua Zhan for murder with the help of the real Justice bao whom taught him how. When Yue Chan saw Bao Hei, she realised that Bao Hei was the guy in the forest but she did not call him in the court. Justice bao then revealed to Bao Hei that a guy was dressed as him too. Bao Hei knew that justice bao was addressing to him but Justice bao allowed bao hei to play his role to the end of the day.
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