Saturday, July 21, 2007

The sticky cats

Sweetie and DD both jumping on Blood's table to join me..

So cute...................................

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

My self-made Shirt-folding cardboard

My first non-impressive Shirt-Folding cardboard. I admit it looked very ugly but the end result is very satisfying

Folding- Flip the right, open - Flip the left, open, Flip the centre, open and u are done

(Picture removed due to 'mum disapproval' ha ha)

I tried it on mum mountains of clothes and i am very impressed with my own result. From this mess to


THIS, see how neat the shirts are arranged. I found that once the clothes are neat, you can even add more clothes on top of your current ones. This is because the cardboard ensure that every shirts u fold are of the same size. It looke so pro..ha ha...

I learnt how to make one from this video clip:

One thing to warn you, the measurement i discovered are not very accurate. I had to take out the tape a few times before i get it right.

Try use trial and error.. as long as you had a bigger centre piece, followed the right-left flip, the centre area that take the shape of how ur shirt will looked like once it is fold.

The area of the left and right flip MUST always be smaller than ur width of your whole shirt so you will have some clothes for you to flip when u close the right and left flip on ur T-shirt. (do not know how to explain properly but once u see the video and started on the actual project, you will know what am i saying)

WARNING: Keep all cats away from your cardboard or they will think it is their new cat scratching post.
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Online Shopping

Jennifer say:

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Big friends in the household

Ah- Du - She is losing fur because of a fur mite. I had used frontline on her.

Little Vesak - for some reason, she alway pee when i go near her cage.

Wang Wang A.K.A xiao sweetie(previous name) I had place her in the toilet for her to pee and poo. She had learn how to use the toilet drain to do her daily business.

Another picture of wang wang. She always jumped into the sink and sometimes, she will pull the toilet roll down.
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Sweetie and her two 'babies'

Sweetie: I do not like my babies ler.. remove them la...

Sweetie: U see la, xian xian's paw touching my beautiful coat

Xian Xian: *so scared* ***** wordless

HeHe: Do i look handsome in the camera

I had tried to introduce the two kittens to sweetie. Sweetie hiss at them but did not move away immediately. Xianxian and HeHe did not dare to move an inch whenever i placed them near Sweetie or DD. But sweetie cannot tolerate their presence and shifted away shortly after i took this 'big family' photo. Sweetie will always hiss at the kitten but never box their ears like DD. DD love to box the little ones' ears. *OUCH*
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jennifer say:

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Make custom Glitter Images

Queen Sweetie and Princess DD
Jennifer say:

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Make custom Glitter Images

Princess DD - this website is cute, do try to make some blinkie image for ur furry.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The King of the Cats.... In ur House, who is the KING?

Ma Ling Shu(MLS) with tongue sticking out (BOO!!), Big black, whitie

Bao Bei - The King in the room

MLS taking a short break for her eyes

Beautiful Coco looking very elegant

Sister went to V's house to see his cats. V told sister that in every cat colony, there is always a king.

We then decided that sweetie is the queen of our cat family.
This is decided from a number of reason why Sweetie deserved to be Mother Queen and Not Princess DD.

1) Whenever Sweetie is on my bed, none of the cats dare to jump on the same bed. That is why Poor Ah DU always sleep elsewhere now.

2) When sweetie give her majestic roar, none of the cats dare to come near her. This is esp when i am feeding her dry food

3) When sweetie flash her 'Come near and i will bite' evil look at the other cats, the others are alway smart enought not to go near her

4) Sweetie sleep whatever place she likes - including xiami's sleeping place. Xiami used to sleep on sister's desk until sweetie decided to claim this area as her own. BTW, sweetie and xiami are arch enemies(Do visit this website, it give a number of cat words). Both cannot stand each other - xiami will hiss at sweetie and sweetie will chase xiami

So why Princess DD do not had the honour of being the queen of the batch, a princess is also very good anyway. Here is why:

1) Friendly to any cats. will hiss at them but only for a short while. A queen seldom love every cats.

2) Get bully by sweetie very often - i had seen sweetie chasing DD all over the house. Poor DD ended up with a 'bush bush' tail.

3) Alway sleeping next to the toilet. We had called her 'toilet auntie' where we need to pay her 10 cents to use our toilet. (HA!!!). Do a queen ever sleep next to the toilet?

4) Allow us to hug her like a baby.
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

隐形刺客 (Invisble Assassin)

刺客高手一号 - Vesak (Assassin expert No 1 : vesak)

刺客高手二号 - Ah Du (Assassin expert No 2 - Ah Du)

Nowadays, we had been calling the two black cats 隐形刺客 esp Ah Du. Mum had called her 影子刺客 (Shadow Assassin). This is because whenever anyone open my bedroom's door, Ah du will rushed out of the room before anyone can stopped her. She is 'ban' from the livng room because she had a bad habit of walking on the dining table, making mum very annoyed with her. I had to spend some time trying to coax her back into the room. With supervision, Ah Du is actually quite obedient but she is just playful and curious. Ah Du loves to watch the toilet water flowing into the drain, she can sit on the wet floor just to watch the water.

Ah Du and Vesak are sort of 'good friends' - i wonder if both of them are siblings as both are abandoned and had the same tail, somemore both are pure black.

Vesak had gone to the vet for review on Friday. Her knee cap had recovered. Xiami also went for her review on Friday - she is doing fine too.
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