Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had managed to blog using my mobile. This is taken this morning of sweetie on blood table. (I am typing this text via computer as i had just transfer the blog name given automatically by my handphone to this current blog, animal kingdom so from now onward, all my mobile photos can be uploaded directly to this blog)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Cats in the News Today

Jennifer say:


I got this article from wobao. A summary of this article is how this cat was saved by Vegan & Meowies by putting the cat for adoption after sterilizing the female cat. What i do not liked about this article is the reply made by AVA head: “It would be good if those who feed stray cats could find homes for them.”

This misconcept is the same made by both cat lovers and cat haters.

Cat Lover Misconcept:If you want to love the cats, do not feed them, take them home with you.

I had read one particular cat lover blogger whom i shall not named her, her thinking is that if you love the cat, take the cats home, do not feed it (There are a whole lot of her own explanation as to why we should not feed outside cat that i will not list down as it make my blood boil too to think of that). Anyway i had boycotted her blog after reading this distasteful topic. Given that her blog had quite a number of hits daily, i wonder how many of her readers would also have this misconcept. If given the choice, which animal want to be wandering in the street trying to survive, trying to find shelter or food? Those animals previously do have homes but were abandoned, i do not understand why would a cat lover said this in her blog. Cats increased bacause they were not sterilized so it just added on the the number of so called stray cats in the street. Without food, they will try to find means and way to survive. We can only do little as to help by sterilizing them and feeding them responsiblity as in to clear whatever paper after we feed them.

Cat Hater Misconcept: Take all the cats that you feed home

I think every cat feeders had this words being said to them but for me, i had not encountered anyone saying this hurtful words.

Hmm.. except for Two encounter - Once was when a young lady asked us to take the cats we feed to SPCA because someone will adopt all cats that is send there. I think this young lady is not familiar with the statistic as to how cats are put to sleep daily in both SPCA and AVA.

The second encounter happen only recently when a woman staying in the 2nd storey warned us not to leave the food in the drain and reminded us that there are security camera around us. Nothing much to say to this idiotic woman whom is staying at the area closer to the central rubbish area and where security camera only face the lift area, not on the rubbish area. I was telling sister that i will change a new carrier that i used to carry the cat food so that ppl will not remember us going around to feed the cats. I think i should not use a red carrier.

With limited space, it is impossible to take every cats you see on the street home. The reply in the above mentioned article by AVA head had mentioned we find home for the cats we feed. Of course, we wish we can do that but how? We are actually doing sh** job for those irresponsible ppl whom are abandoing their home cats in the street. How is it possible to find home for each cat that ppl throw in the street. It is like a never ending cycle - you try to find home for one cat, another cat is abandone in the street. And finding a home for cat is not a matter of days, it can delay into months. I find that most female cats are abandoned into the street - a act when the cat is on heat and the stupid owner refused to sterilize the cat.

Ok. I had made enough review on today news. Sister is feeding mimi and friends today so i am quite free to blog..Happy meows..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Notty Sweetie

Jennifer say:


Recently Sweetie had this notty habit of 'stealing' food from my community cats. Sister had bought a big pack of food for our outside friends and repacked them into smaller portion. Sweetie had claw her way into the plastic bag to create a tiny hole for free buffet.

As a result, mum had placed the food inside the cat trap. This did not stopped sweetie from trying to get some freebie. She actually put her fat paw into the tiny hole and managed to create yet another hole in the plastic bag. As a last resort, i had used cardboard and magazine to cover all the four sides of the cat trap. No more free food for this notty cat. The best part is when i scolded her for being greedy, she actually talk back to me.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cat Tin Tin

Jennifer say:


Think people whom visited sister blog would have saw Ting Ting. I am still not sure whether to call him : Garlic, Ding Ding or Tin Tin or Xiao Tin Dang.

Mum had called this little fellow Xiao Tin Dang while blood call him Garlic after Blood childhood softtoy from Nestle.

We had found him sitting beside the road around 3 week ago. So we decided to 'kidnap' him home. He is quite smart despite his small size. He had now learnt how to use Xiami litterbox whenever we allow him to come out of his carrier to play. On his first day in our house, funny blood had taken dozens of this tiny fellow with his camera. It is a pity that blood did not get to see HeHe and XianXian when they were still kittens as blood was at Germany at that time.

Tin Tin favourite activity meanwhile is kneading. he loves to knead on everyone open hands and can do this for hours. This morning, blood allow Tin Tin to knead on his hand for one hour while blood was reading the newspapar.

I will soon be able to blog more as i now had bought a more decent camera phone. I will introduce the rest of the cat family once i get used to my new phone.

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