Saturday, April 29, 2006

Look whom is falling?

Poor sweetie...mum tried to place sweetie on the same desk as DD but sweetie resisted.

In the end, sweetie fall off the desk with a curious DD looking at an embarrassed sweetie that drop off the desk. Mum was trying to catch sweetie but failed. DD look very confused (or is it a look of curious) as she stared at the falling sweetie. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sweetie as straits times poster girl?

Jennifer say:

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Is that sweetie as straits time poster girl in today's paper?
Today paper:

See: she has the same colour, same face and same tail .



Their mountain pattern in their body is different but it definitely look like sweetie is featured as the poster girl today...except that it is her clone instead of her.

That hand u see is me trying to create the same effect as in the newspaper. We try to use a cup but sweetie keep running away and eventually hide under the sofa. So i used food to tempt her.

Food always work for sweetie - when i need her to come, i will use food, when i need to sleep and she running away from me, i will use food.

PS: we took the picture from vegancat:

General Election 2006

Jennifer say:

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Our whole family will be going to vote next sat, 6 May. This is my first election. I though AMK GRC will have no competitor as like the last election where we have a walkover but this time........

Anyway, there is plenty of time to cast our vote and the voting station is only so near to our house. I think the crowd will be in the morning so it is better to vote in the late afternoon. But i still do not know PAP - against Worker' party - Yy but i just find out the new faces of every candidates in this website:

Mum is predicting that there will be no voting in our ward since we do not see any banner of the parties..look like mum's prediction is wrong..ha..

Friday, April 21, 2006

DD from tiny to 'giant'

This is DD, from the time when she is still a kitten to now, a half-grown adult cat. The last picture is her current size, a 2 kg cat. Posted by Picasa

Xiao Hei Bob-tail

This is xiao Hei bob-tail whom live in the ground floor unit. He belong to the Malay auntie. He is always allow to go out but he never go far..only the grass nearby. He is an extremely friendly cat with a gentle meow. Posted by Picasa

I love JieJie

DD: Dun Move, Your ears need some cleaning..
Sweetie:(lost in Lalaland) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More than one month since Pong Pong cross the Rainbow Bridge

This is pong pong before she was sterilized and very active. She was climbing the window in my mum's room when brother took her 'notty' pictures. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jennifer say:

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Today, sister and I went to compass point as i planned to go to missha to top up my make up set. I do not really know how to do makeup untill i visited this forum:

Most of the topics belong to last year but i find it is still useful. The missha forum is esp useful:

I bought the makeup base, one hair wax, one lip gloss, one base coat nail polish and one pink nail polish. All this make me $32 poorer. And i get a cheap free gift. We do not planned to buy the nail polish but the SA said that we bought $26 and just need $4 to get a free gift. Being the typical singaporeans whom wanted "free gift", we decided to buy two nail polish.Actually the other nail polish is a base coat that the SA said can protect our nail. I do not find the need to apply base coat to protect my nail since i normally remove everything after 3 to 4 days. The SA was saying that if you do not protect your nail, the nail will turn yellow.

The makeup base is suppose to reduce redness in your face and even your foundation. Anyway the flowerpod forum will tell you more abt this product.

I am going to CK, hougang to buy silkygirl products. I read the review that their loose powder is good so i will give it a try. My current marbelline wonder finish that i bought last year is not so good, it always make my forehead look oily in the afternoon but still i managed to completed the whole tube. At missha today, i am tempted to buy missha loose powder that is translucent. Eventaully i decided that silkygirl LP is better so i dropped the idea.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Kawaii Neko (Cute cat)

Jennifer say:

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Speak your cat language

Jennifer say:

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Cute tickers

Jennifer say:

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It is always nice to revisit hamsterhideout although i no longer have hamsters. They always have cute stuff to share with me.



Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My favourite creation in mugger cafe

This is my fav corner of the cafe. The big window on the side is supposed to be a takeaway counter but i cannot find any open window so i just placed a big window instead. I liked how the bar counter connected so well together. The door behind the counter leads to the kitchen. Posted by Picasa

Computer Corner, discussion room and magazine area

We had difficulty finding computers for the computer area..blood managed to find computers from the SIMS by installing the SIMs university that had more funiture. We find other sites to download the white chairs that blood said "must have armrest". I put a dull blue for the discussion room. It look sort of boring, i think i will fall asleep discussing whatever inside the room. Posted by Picasa

Unoffical project teammates? where's my credit?

According to sister, their project has 9 members. i am the 'ghost' member where i am the '10' member.

My job is to help brother created the floor plan for mugger cafe using "Sim university". I think i spend like 5 hours from 10 plus to 3 am on saturday to design a decent layout. I am going to put more pictures as a memory of my creation. Posted by Picasa

Muggers Cafe

Yipee, brother and sister's school project had ended yesterday. I found this cute poster in the desktop,the cat look cute yawning but i wonder why blood and sis did not choose sweetie or DD as poster girl. Mugger cafe is just a fake cafe by the way. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 07, 2006

What's up?

Did you see the flying ant inside the container?
Posted by Picasa

Winter Collection 2006

Singapore Top Cat Model, DD - Not for use in Singapore, fit all winter cats Posted by Picasa

Spring Collection 2006 – latest cat wear

Singapore Top Cat Model, sweetie - can be used to cover whole body Posted by Picasa

Latest Spring Collection 2006

Singapore Top Cat model, DD - One size fit all cats Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Baby mimi, now he is no longer this mini size

Today, we find ginger and mimi only at around 10.30pm as sister was home late. We went to find mimi and ginger but we only saw ginger meowing to us. We cannot find mimi but strangly, we could hear him meowing at a distance. We walked around the mini garden but cannot saw mimi anywhere.

We walked toward our block again. The crying of mimi stopped but we cannot saw mimi around. So we walked back to blk 546. Then mimi started to cry again, we were sure mimi is in some trouble or else he will surly run to find us.

We walked around blk 546, no mimi, only saw the 3 community cats that we did not feed looking at us. Then sister looked down the drain, there is mimi, down the drain. Poor mimi, he is trapped under the drain, there is no opening for him to escape.

We lifted the heavy drain cover and encouraged mimi to jump out..After a few seconds, mimi jumped out.

How lucky that we find mimi trapped, otherwise, whom know what will happen to him.

I think mimi is bullied by the 3 other bigger cats.

I also saw baby in the bbq area. baby must have follow ginger to the area. Poor baby, she has a bloody wound near her bottom, i am going to apply 'tianqi' powder to her wound tml. Tianqi powder can be applied to dry wound fast, it can be drink by us to heal internal injury too, it is mainly sold in herbal shops. So if ur cat have any open wound, apply tianqi powder over the wound, you will need to mix the powder with drinking water to be able to apply it over the wound.

After finding mimi, we took them all (baby, ginger and mimi) back to our block to feed them. Mimi is rather scared of baby..but eventually he still ate quite a lot..

Poor mimi, that is the life of a community cat-insecure from human and cats. Posted by Picasa
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