Sunday, January 09, 2011

Nice Song ~ 为何你爱著别人

Jennifer say:

This is the one i heard sing by Alice One Wen Ling at 17.10.10 Hougang 斗母宫 getai. Had just uploaded the age video to my youtube account. Alice Ong is a hot babe - watch how she dance, very nice dance. I finally uploaded my video into youtube as i promised to do so in my 17.10.10 entry.

Such old video liao but equally entertaining.Getting a bit addicted to uploading video since i now had a bit of "窍门" for video uploading. still lousy at video compression but this is a good start. I think my lousy skills is only 30% only, still a long way to go. Really admire those getai lovers whom can spend most of their time uploading youtube videos with good stardard. Sometimes i just do not have the time to upload my videos. And if i do have the time, i cannot figure out how come this is so bad nor how to get the setting right. Now i had a slight idea of the setting, it can be better but i really need more time to figure out why so this is why i only get 30% 'gang hu'(Hokkien)

Kindly forgive me if my video is not up to standard and i do understand it is not good but nevertheless, i had tried to do the best that i can. I had disable auto share link to fb. hmm.. bad video should not be shared so openly in fb. But i will post every video i uploaded into my blog.

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