Thursday, August 11, 2005

Farewell HamHam..Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Jennifer say:

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At last, at today 11 August 2005, HamHam had finally cross the rainbow bridge to join his foster brother, xiaofei. It been Feb since HamHam was ill with some growth under her. Today HamHam had ended her month of suffering..

When i find her, her eye was kind of make me sad to see her eye not resting in peace. But i kind of happy again to see her suffering and pain gone. I talked her early in June that if she wished to cross the bridge, she can go...duno if it is somewhere in heaven some one can hear and took her away to end all her pain.

I will always love u..hamham...
Lifespan: 2 years and 2 month

still remember hamham used to be v tame ensuff to sleep at my bed, but ever since sweetie come, i kind of neglected her.. but i took some effort to wash her eye with eye drops daily to release her pain of seeing only by one eye.
That time, hamham is very round, at her death, she only skin and bone... hmm so sad to think of her now.

She and her brother, hamie came to our house at 6 nov 2003... Well... i just hoped hamie will be strong like his sister, hamham..she a good she had ended her battle in honour... bye hamham

I just going to type on HH to announce hamham death when i saw this forum:

HB burried hers in the playground..eee..hope the kids do not dig it sound a bit gross...

I typed hamham farewell in the Rainbow bridge forum in HH:

long story...wonder what others will say abt me dropping hamham into the bin...


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