Thursday, July 28, 2005

Poor baby stray

Jennifer say:

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Today i went to feed little white and baby. Both of them ran happily to find me... cute to see them side by side running together to see whom is first to find me. I feed them chicken meat and fishes..fishes goin to run out soon.. hee.

Once they finished eating, i went to throw my junk with baby as usual beside me meowing..Just then, a flying cockroach fly by and baby went to chase after it. Thinking it is ok for me to leave baby playing, i went away quietly. then i heard baby pitiful meow...

so loud..meow crying sound. I headed back to the park and saw baby standing on the pavement looking at me crying in that meow..poor thing, she looking for me..i had the sudden urge to take her home with me for being so sticky to me. Once i went back to her, she meow in her normal affection way.

She so cute..actually meow like baby to ask me to find her.. she always stick around me meowing and following me to find ah-ring. And mess around with jackfruit also...

Jackfruit followed me to my block yet once again...he so sweet so but he so oversized..i not really dare to carry him..scared of gift that he may give me if he is angry. but he a cute big boy.

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