Thursday, September 22, 2005

Farewell Hamie, crossing the Rainbow Bridge on 21 Sept 2005

Jennifer say:

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Hamie our lone hamster had cross the rainbow bridge to join his wife, hamham on 21 is so sad to see his little body in the sand area..duno whether he died of becoz he had used up all his energy tying to escape from the sand area or he was old and the angels at rainbow bridge had waved to him to join them...

well..mum had said NO more hamsters from now onwards.. i considering that i may no longer had hamster as i now got a big cat and a tiny kitten to take care... too time consuming also and i feel guilty neglecting hamsters....

but i got a bag of wood, sands, and food that gone wastered..maybe can give someone in HH but HH is a strange place..if they saw i selling pine woods, some one will say: hamster not supposed to live in pine..they can onli stay in carefresh..see this links:
the noS of HH members whom said how GOOD carefresh really expensive to buy carefresh also..i think it cost more than $10 for a pack of duno how heavy...

I placed a memory section for hamie in HH...farewell hamie..i will always miss you..or as HB said in her signi: you are always in my mind... i look at ur fotos...and hamham always and remember how well you two are now in rainbow bridge joining feifei and lohan fishes..and goldfishes...All our pets (used to be)

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