Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jennifer say:

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Today, sister and I went to compass point as i planned to go to missha to top up my make up set. I do not really know how to do makeup untill i visited this forum:

Most of the topics belong to last year but i find it is still useful. The missha forum is esp useful:

I bought the makeup base, one hair wax, one lip gloss, one base coat nail polish and one pink nail polish. All this make me $32 poorer. And i get a cheap free gift. We do not planned to buy the nail polish but the SA said that we bought $26 and just need $4 to get a free gift. Being the typical singaporeans whom wanted "free gift", we decided to buy two nail polish.Actually the other nail polish is a base coat that the SA said can protect our nail. I do not find the need to apply base coat to protect my nail since i normally remove everything after 3 to 4 days. The SA was saying that if you do not protect your nail, the nail will turn yellow.

The makeup base is suppose to reduce redness in your face and even your foundation. Anyway the flowerpod forum will tell you more abt this product.

I am going to CK, hougang to buy silkygirl products. I read the review that their loose powder is good so i will give it a try. My current marbelline wonder finish that i bought last year is not so good, it always make my forehead look oily in the afternoon but still i managed to completed the whole tube. At missha today, i am tempted to buy missha loose powder that is translucent. Eventaully i decided that silkygirl LP is better so i dropped the idea.

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