Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Baby mimi, now he is no longer this mini size

Today, we find ginger and mimi only at around 10.30pm as sister was home late. We went to find mimi and ginger but we only saw ginger meowing to us. We cannot find mimi but strangly, we could hear him meowing at a distance. We walked around the mini garden but cannot saw mimi anywhere.

We walked toward our block again. The crying of mimi stopped but we cannot saw mimi around. So we walked back to blk 546. Then mimi started to cry again, we were sure mimi is in some trouble or else he will surly run to find us.

We walked around blk 546, no mimi, only saw the 3 community cats that we did not feed looking at us. Then sister looked down the drain, there is mimi, down the drain. Poor mimi, he is trapped under the drain, there is no opening for him to escape.

We lifted the heavy drain cover and encouraged mimi to jump out..After a few seconds, mimi jumped out.

How lucky that we find mimi trapped, otherwise, whom know what will happen to him.

I think mimi is bullied by the 3 other bigger cats.

I also saw baby in the bbq area. baby must have follow ginger to the area. Poor baby, she has a bloody wound near her bottom, i am going to apply 'tianqi' powder to her wound tml. Tianqi powder can be applied to dry wound fast, it can be drink by us to heal internal injury too, it is mainly sold in herbal shops. So if ur cat have any open wound, apply tianqi powder over the wound, you will need to mix the powder with drinking water to be able to apply it over the wound.

After finding mimi, we took them all (baby, ginger and mimi) back to our block to feed them. Mimi is rather scared of baby..but eventually he still ate quite a lot..

Poor mimi, that is the life of a community cat-insecure from human and cats. Posted by Picasa


kl said...

Poor Mimi... luckily we were there

Luna said...

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