Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Didn't the notice said"DO NOT feed stray cats"

Jennifer say:

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Mum and I were feeding san pi pa, mimi and ginger in the garden when we saw a group of 6 primary school kids playing in the garden. After i had feed them, notty sanpipa chased ginger and fought with mimi. All of them then ran toward the group of kids.

I had to go and 'save' ginger. One girl said mimi bit her on the leg yesterday and she wanted revenge. Then i asked the kids not to disturb the cats..they asked "Why" and i replied" They are strays, no home." I then told them to play other place that i regretted a short moment later. There isn't any place to play and they were steppin in the stone on the floor,opps, so painful. Telling them to 'get lose' sound a bit 'funny'. When i told the 'leader' of the kids group that i am feeding the cats, she said:"didn't the notice board tell us not to feed the cat". I then replied that: "I can feed if i clear all the litter away." Well, i do not know if i done the right things but i am always more wary of young kids around the community cats.

I reminded the kids again not to scare the cats and then left.

*sign* AVA 'die die' also must put the notice not to feed cats. Our Town council replaced our old notice board and then put the same notice back. i noted that only our block, 545 and the ATM near shop & save had these notices not to feed. I wonder why only our block had these notices whereas other blocks near me did not have those notices. So annoying notices..it only teaches kids one thing "never feed strays since the notice say so", it never taught kids on how to love the stray cats, how to avoid scaring the poor cats or how to avoid abusing cats.

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