Monday, May 22, 2006

New Ginger - Thin

Jennifer say:

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There is a new ginger thin near our foto taken of him...I do not know what to called him and so i named him "san pi pa(hokkein)"-Skinny one.He looked exactly like ginger except his tail is orange, ginger's tail has white and orange strips.

He appeared at our block since last fact, he was due for sterilization last thur but the malay auntie supposed to bring him to the vet the new schedule is on wed, this week..Last thur, i had helped to fetch sanpipa home, when i reached the vet clinic, i "gongon" and do not know that he was not yet sterilized..i am bit annoyed that Linda did not bothered to call me to say he was not yet sterilized..i know only after i reached the clinic...Is a phone call so difficult to made and time consuming?

The new ginger thin make me hard to feed ginger, mimi and him.

Mimi and ginger cannot stand ginger thin and ginger thin make the growl like a dog..

I will like to feed more cats if possible like baby but as u know, some cats just cannot stand another cat's faces and wanted to fight with them..

1) baby love to chase mimi
2) mimi and ginger dun like sanpipa.
3) Ring ring hate mimi
4) sanpipa hate all cats
5) baibai sometimes refused to come nearer to the dark corner where i feed baby..i heard from linda that baibai is caught by duno whom and is injured..i had yet to find out how is baibai but linda told me that another couple is taking care of baibai, baby and ring ring and this is good..another nice couple to feed the poor babies.

i call their cat fight "wars of the world" ...just like at home at sweetie is starting a mini war with kaka and bon bon...

i used to find baby but baby always follow me to find mimi so nowaday, i only feed mimi and sanpipa..while ginger is always missing..i think he has gone to the shop to find the other 4 cats that i do not feed.

Now i packed their food like nasi lamek with rice and chicken inside a plastic wrapper covered with a piece of paper..after they had eaten, i feed them drink soup of the day - chicken soup.. mimi esp love my chicken soup . The chicken soup is boiled from the chicken meat that they had eaten.. mum bought chicken meat and cut the outer layer out..mum said the chicken stall's knife is dirty so she always cut the outer layer..we used to feed the meat to lizzie (our terrapin), now we boiled the meat and bone with meat to feed the cats... I will debone the meat every day..i am also using the cooked meat to feed kaka and bonbon..lucky cats, they enjoy eating chicken meat..but "stubborn" sweetie and DD refused to eat the chicken meat...

going to feed mimi now...i had changed my feeding session to after 10 pm because linda said someone complained to the town council that there are 20 cats at 7 to 8 is just another stupid the first place, there are less than 20 cats in our area and in the second place, no one ever feed at that time..

coming to think of it, i had changed my feeding time 5 to 6 times:
1) i used to feed at 8.15 pm
2) then, 8.45 pm
3) then, 9.00 pm
4) then,9.30 pm
5) then, 9.45 pm
6) now, after 10 pm

hopefully, things will be all right with this new time slot to feed them..

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Ooh... ginger clone

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