Sunday, October 12, 2014

#52/2014★ Getai Performanace @新达城会议与博览中心六楼会议厅 on 12.10.2014★ event ~歌台红星大奖2014★ Host: Qi Xian★威乐斯大乐队 ★

Jennifer say:

 ★Today Getai: Indoor Getai stage award

 ★Time WATCHED :4.00pm to 7.10pm

 ★My Position: Mid Centre

 ★Me about getai: Went to watch getai award. I had not seen getai award for the past three years. A bit tiring at the half part of the award, I think the hongbao giving took too much of the precious stage timing.

 ★Videos TONIGHT: 15 videos,Centre middle recording, Tripod

 ★Favourite videos Tonight: Pei Fen - Swag, nice english oldie by peifn, 温丝婷 - 存在,she got the high key for this song, prefect key

 photo watermarked-DSCN7899.jpg Stage

 photo watermarked-DSCN7911.jpg Luo Yu Qi

 photo watermarked-DSCN7929.jpg Yuan Jin

 photo watermarked-DSCN7961.jpg Bao Bei Jie Mei

 photo watermarked-DSCN7965.jpg Pei Fen

 photo watermarked-DSCN7957.jpg Qi Xian, Liu Ling Ling

 photo watermarked-DSCN7951.jpg Wen Si Ting

 photo watermarked-DSCN7919.jpg Zhong Jin Ling

 photo watermarked-DSCN7925.jpg Zhu Hui Zhen

 photo watermarked-DSCN7903.jpg Qi Xian

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