Friday, October 24, 2014

#54/2014★ Getai Performanace @汤申路上段(汤申民众联络所对面) on on 24.10.2014, 农历 ~ 閏九月初一★ event ~海南山天公坛★ Host:Wang Lei, Pei Fen★威乐斯大大乐队★好运歌舞秀★★

Jennifer say:

 ★24.10.2014, 农历 ~ 閏九月初一★Friday

 ★Today Getai: Full tentage, lot of chairs

 ★Time watched :9.00 to 10.30pm

 ★My Position: Rear location, Tripod

 ★Me about tonight getai: went for fun also. Was thinking whether will have kelvin not not but then turned up got leon. Quite enjoyable singing by Leon tonight, i like his songs today.

 ★Videos Tonight: 7 videos,Centre middle recording, Tripod

 ★Favourite videos Tonight: 承泽 ~ 阿嬤的话 - got the feel for this song, Leon sang this very well. I like his song. As his teacher WL said, got improvement. As compared to that first time i heard him on Duo Mu Gong, I am impressed with his singing.

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