Friday, March 11, 2005

Little tricks to amuse your owner---author:sweetie neo

Jennifer say:

Hi, everyone, i am favorite word is meow.I am currently livin in a family whom adopted me. Here what i do to amuse my owners:

1) jumpin and holding my owner leg and tryin to bite her while she screamed in amusement. (big sister leg is my favorite, the other two will scold me one)

2) waiting patiently while someone is in the bathroom...dun care whom is inside bathroom, i just love to wait.

3) sleep outside the bathroom toilet while mother is asleep on the bed. when i know she soundly asleep, i will jump to join her on bed too secretly till big sister come to find one find out i sleep there too.

4) closin my eye when i see mother lookin at me. She asked me to close my eye and i know this will make her happy so i close my eye shut when i saw her.

5)sleep on belly up on my owner bed--(big sister) and join her whenever she sleepin. She dun seem to mind so i am super happy to have a soft bed to sleep.

6) pretend to be good by sleepin on the floor when i heard mum footstep approaching blood room. Ha..i sitting on brother bed to groom myself and takin a nap when mother not around. But when i heard her approaching, i will jump down to sleep on the floor.

7) greet everyone whom enter the house. everyone seem to like my meows..i am so sweet

8)be a occasional jailbird by goin willing to my cat cage. I will sit down to wait for my owners to release me. *sigh*sometimes they disappeared for hours while i inside but i am a good girl and did not whin.

9) looking at my owners whenever they eating their breadfast.. i beg for food by sitting and lookin up at them. owners always feed me with kaya bread with butter.

10) responding to commands: like "sweetie come , inside , go out." I dun reali understand the commands except i like food and more foods.

That the ten basic rules for amusing your owners.... this is for all cats whom read onli....

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