Friday, March 18, 2005

Virtues of Harmony vision of cao zhi poem

Jennifer say: Virtues of Harmony is so funny. Yulu the second wife of jinyue was jealous of being the second wife while ah mei is the first wife. Yulu was just to teach her son, huanhuan the poem of cao zhi when she fell alseep.

She dreams then that ah mei is cao pi (the eldest son that was known to be v cruel). Yulu is cao zhi (zhi jian, cao cao third son that was renowed for his poems). And sai fenghuan (yulu mother in law is fu er, fu er is the sweetheart of zhi jian but need to marry cao pi because of cao cao order).

Here the funny part:

Cao pi order cao zhi to make a poem within 7 steps or he will kill cao zhi. Cao zhi shouted loudly:" ha, i will sit down on this chair beside you, if i did not move 7 steps, you wil not be able to kill me." Cao pi then say:"Fine if u do not walk 7 steps, i will walk 7 steps, if u are unable to compose a poem within my 7 steps, you will still die."

1 2 3 4 5 6 . Fu er muttered:" oh no, if i dun help cao zhi, he will certainly died." So fu er revealed her fat face (remember fu er is casted by sai fenghuang now, so she v fat). Cao zhi felt like vomitting after seeing fu er face. the 7 steps were completed by now. Instead, cao zhi laughted at cao pi:" ha ha, the wine u drink just now has the 7 step poision, you have taken 7 steps so far, now i can be the heir to the throne. Ha ha." with this words, cao pi died. Cao zhi then asked fu er to change her name to fei er as she v fat too fat now. They drank the wine in celebration and walked toward the door when suddenly fei er had a sudden pain. They then realised they also drink the 7 steps poision wine by mistake. So in the end, all 3 died.

This is really v funny as i watched TVB: Where the Legend Begins (Lok Sun) and still have a clear impression of what happened in the drama. Steven ma play the handsome cao zhi v well. Here the version of the poem by both real coa zhi and steven ma as cao zhi: anyway, it based on a real story in the three kinddom.

I got this poem from :

When Cao Cao died, his older son attained the throne. He was afraid of his younger brother and wanted to rid of him by some pretense. One day in Court he commanded the younger brother Cao Zhi to compose a poem, within the set time of walking 7 paces. Cao Zhi (c.192-232) complied and wrote this moving, unforgettable poem:

It was said that the elder brother was moved to tears and left Cao Zhi alone.
A translation:
Beans are boiled by the fire of beanstalks. And beans cry in the pot: "We both came from the same roots, Why burn me so unrelentingly?"

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