Sunday, March 06, 2005

MIA sweetie

Jennifer say:

Today sweetie went MIA after dad took her downstairs for a pee... On sun, dad always took sweetie late down or i took her down. Today, dad took her down in the mornin but she scared of the loud noise. The road in front of our flat is undergoing cable work reconstruction and so there are v loud noise the whole day. Sweetie is scared of the noise so dad took her back without peeing.

At around 4 plus, we feel that it not good for sweetie to hold her pee and poo, so mum asked dad to take sweetie down. Dad took sweetie down and gone straight to buy things from sheng shiong. Poor sweetie, she v scared and when dad finishing buyin and look for her, she missing.

Here the numbers of times we tryin seaching for her:
1) Dad cannot find her after he finished shopping

At first, i thoug it is ok since she always misssing but reappeared.

2)At 5.30 pm, i went down but cannot find her anywhere.

3)At 6.00, dad went for a invalid search even though he went round the park.

4)At 6.30 pm, i went searchin again and even went to her usual hideout near the park brushes but cannot find her. All i see was little white ears meowin at me, he followed me but sweetie BF, big head chased white ear. So i cannot find sweetie again. By now, i bit of worried for sweetie, where on earth she gone? did someone kidnapped her? ha...

5) At 7.00pm, dad went to search for sweetie but also cannot find.

6) At 7 plus, i went to find her as well as the second floor of our flat.. cannot find still

Panic..still MIA. no mood for dinner also.mum n i started nagging at dad for leaving sweetie downstairs when she scared of loud noise.. nag nag nag

7) 8.10pm, mum and i went downstairs to find sweetie, i took my temple charm and muttered the goddness of mercy in my mind to allow me to find sweetie quick. Mum called sweetie while i shake sweetie food. surprisely, mum managed to spot sweetie under the drain. I went down the drain to pull sweetie out. OMG, i got a leg cramp after that. so mum carried sweetie to the lift. Sweetie v dirty covered with mud and black water. We managed to find her at last... I spent some time bathing her and getting rid of her dirty water. Yipee, sweetie found at last.

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