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Do your cats get locked up?

Jennifer say:

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I was reading fostercat blog where she posted the following questions:
1. Do you lock them up in a room when you're at work and there's nobody at home?
2. Do you keep them in a separate room at night when you're sleeping?
3. Are your cats ok with the arrangement?
4. Do your cats meow or make noise at night when everyone's asleep?

This sounds interesting.
I am currently keeping two of younger cats (KK and Or-Di-Du)in seperate cage/basket. We had decided to rename bon bon Or Di Du (Black spider) or Or Du Du (Black)

The two bigger ones(Sweetie and DD) are well-trained to learned not to:
a) Trying to jump on tables
b) Know where to poo / pee
c) where to sleep when they are tired
d) Not to jump on mum's bed
e) Not to sit on the bigger sofa
f) Not to jump on the dinning table
g) Not to attempt to grab our dinner down the floor
h) Not to run vvv fast when we want to take them for lockup in bedroom

The two younger ones are more playful, so far they had not learn any of their older sisters' tricks. They
a) Jump on sister and brother's lap while they are having dinner
b) run here and run there when their koala is missing
c) no sense of direction, keep running and bumping into things
d) not so toilet trained- still poo or pee inside their basket if we do not respond fast enough to their meows(maybe it is because they are locked up)
e) will eat anything they found on the floor
g) do not allow us to catch them unless we used the food tempation
h) Keeping jumping on mum's bed

Ok, now to answer foster cat questions:
1) Do you lock them up in a room when you're at work and there's nobody at home?
Ansewr: Sweetie and DD are locked in my room or mum's room when nobody is at home. KK and Oi Du Du are keep in their individual basket/ cage.

2) Do you keep them in a separate room at night when you're sleeping?
Answer: Sweetie sleep beside me on my bed. DD sleep on sister's chair in my bedroom. KK sleep in his cage in the living room- we bought a large cage for him one week ago. Oi du du sleep in the basket in my bedroom.

3) Are your cats ok with the arrangement?
Answer: Sweetie has been sleeping with me since she first become our home cat one year ago. She choose to sleep on my bed. As for DD, she choose to sleep on sister's chair herself. I believed if they can speak, they will say they are happy with this arrangement. I cannot said the same for KK and Oi Du Du as i am the one whom arranged their sleeping area. Somehow, they got endless energy.

Oi Du Du can go running after her koala bear for two hours without feeling tired or wanting to rest, so we need to catch her and pop her inside her basket to rest. KK is like a loose cannon - without anyone keeping an eye on him, he will keep running and running without knowing what he want to do and he bump into chairs. He will also chased DD around the house, i think KK is 'interested' in DD but we are sending KK for sterilization at the end of the month.

4) Do your cats meow or make noise at night when everyone's asleep?
Answer: Sweetie sleep like a log at night. DD will meow for people to open the bedroom door whenever she see light outside the living room. It is the latest bad habit of DD to keep meowing when someone switched on the living room's light. DD will then meow for food.

Once during the World Cup fever, DD saw the living room's light where Dad and brother were watching soccer, DD meowed to come out. When she was out, she meowed for food. After food, she meowed for someone to take her to pee and poo at 3 am plus in the morning. Mum said DD though that it is 6.30 am since there was light in the living room. Normally mum will woke up at 6.30 am where DD will started her daily meows. I am already 'immune' to her meows, I can keep sleeping till 7 plus when Oi Du Du make the next morning call. It is not like we do not feed enought, but after DD's sterilization, she seems to grow a fond for food. Her favourite 'target' to beg for food are brother and sister. But if no one is outside the living room, she will also sleep with her ears open.

KK and Oi Du Du are sound sleepers, no meows, no disturbance untill the next day - 7 am plus where we released them for their toilets, meals and play. We also allowed them to play at night.


We cannot afford to have a spare bedroom like fostercat for the cats to live since our flat is already full of stuffs - 5 humans with 3 bedrooms, many junks from the three of us (Me, sister and brother). Once the shopowner in Chinatown told me that he knew this young couple whom stay in a 3 room flat and had a room for their 7 cats. The young couple adopted 2 kittens from the chinatown uncle making them had 7 cats. Chinatown mkt is closed, i will missed the chinatown uncle's cat till he reopen his shop two years later. The uncle told me that his cat always walked with him to his shop and then she will sleep inside his shop-- so smart cat and so lucky to found a nice uncle as her owner.

Normally our cats are not always been home alone, there are always either my mum or sister at home. The afternoons are most peaceful when all cats are sleeping so i felt that it is ok to lock them esp if you are not at home since they normally sleep in the afternoon.

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