Friday, July 28, 2006

New toy for my cats

bought the new toy called "play and scratch". It consisted of a rolling ball, a spring and a scratching cardboard with catnip. It costed me $17. So far, our cats seldom play with this new toy. I allowed sweetie to smell the catnip, she rolled on her back when she smell it. Hmm..not sure if it is the after effect of catnip because sweetie always roll on her back - sometimes notty, sometimes want to play with us and sometimes want to scratch our hands.

I am surprised sister do not know that catnip will make cats go "crazy" for around 10 minutes. It is not threatening to their health but somehow most adult cats except kittens will go crazy when they smell catnip. I wonder if we can buy to grow catnip. Most of our plants do not grow well in our corridor, our poor aleo vera plant looked like it is dying.. and i had though of plucking the poor leaves for my face but after looking at how thin the plant is, i decided to leave it alone.. Posted by Picasa

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auntie p said...

Jennifer, it is possible to grow catnip along the corridor.

I've tried it and here are some pictures, and the steps for planting if you'll like to try.

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