Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cats at SPCA - Tues 18 July

Mum, sister and me were at SPCA to ballot for vochers for the cats at dad's workplace. We visited the cat shelter. This is my first visit to SPCA. Most young cats meowed at me -'begging' me to let him/her free - it is quite sad to hear them meow at you. The adult cats looked like they have 'accepted' their fate --- not moving and just sleeping. I hope the adults have a chance to be adopted. There was one poor hamster that look lifeless living alone in her cage - wonder why she was abandoned, in fact, since hamsters have a short lifespan of only 2 years, i wonder why people ever abandone hamsters.

At the dogs' shelter, the poor dog have to bear with noise and air pollution. If i ever go back to SPCA next month, i WILL not visit the cat shelter again, if i do not see the same cats in their cages, i will feel sad and wonder where they are. Posted by Picasa

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