Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is the view better on the TV Top?

Jennifer say:

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Sweetie and DD seem to agree that the view is better on the TV set.

This is sweetie on top of our TV. You can see that our window mesh only covered half of the window. The top half give a bird view of the outside world.
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DD on top of our TV. 3 mins after this photo was taken, DD smashed the glass(circled in blue) when she attemped to come down from the front instead of the side of the TV. It scattered onto the floor into a million pieces. DD then hide under the sofa. I had to pull her out as I am worried that she might cut herself. She protested when i pulled her. Poor girl, i did not mean to pull her but....

The decorative glass used to have a cover that was also destroyed by another 'notty' girl, Du Du. In the end, mum was only left with the lily bottom but the glass cost only a mere $5 bought from a pasar malam stall.

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ddxiong said...

Yes, I am so notty!!!

Anonymous said...

should take a look at all the glass things in the house and see if they are in danger of being broken.


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