Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Grand Escape & Home Sweet Home

Jennifer say:

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Today at 6.50am, mum spoke very loudly in the living room that Lei Lei is missing. She is not in her cage. I woke up when i heard mum's voice. Mum, sister and me started to search everywhere for Lei Lei. Mum said she saw black cat footsteps in the bathroom, mum thought it belong to DD and wipe DD's paws. Poor DD, she is a 'scapegoat'.

I was searching the storeroom when sister said she spotted Lei Lei under the cooker area. We moved all our stuff. When mum got hold of Lei Lei, mum got a big bite on her finger and she had a bad bleeding finger. Dad joined in the capture for Lei Lei. Dad moved here, Lei Lei hide there. We then cornered her and pushed her down before pushing her into a better carrier.

The old carrier that we used to keep Lei Lei is apparently not good. The one is the plastic type with knots for you to open the door. The better one is the carrier that can be used for flights. We bought a second-hand flight carrier two years ago for a mere $10. We are glad of our purchases as we had put it to good use - sterilizing cats and using it as our cats toilet carrier.Only KK and Du Du used that carrier for toilet.

Sister took Lei Lei back to the vet, the vet announced that Lei Lei is recovering well so sister decided to put Lei Lei back at her old territority at East Coast Park. At least, she is happy and free once more.

While sister and dad were at the vet, mum and I were at Sn where mum saw the doctor. She got an injection, antibotics.

Once again, our cats got their toilet carrier back. KK had refused to pee when i placed him in the toilet and in the old plastic carrier. When i put KK in the plastic carrier, he seem angry and unhappy. Blood asked me how did i know KK was angry. I just know lol. Du Du also refused to complete her morning business.

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