Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thurs @ My mum's friend wake

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday (thurs), mum and i went to the wake of my mum's old friend whom mum had known for over 20 years. Her old friend had died of cancer. It is a known medical fact that if one had cancer and heal, they need to wait for five years to see if their cancer even come back. If it does, the chances of healing is slim just like my mum's old friend(let called her 'T' since she lived in Toa Payoh). T was re-diagnosted with cancer last oct. They seemed to be quite a number of people getting this fearful cancer. The china actress, Chen XiaoXu also died of cancer recently.

Religion played a important role in healing. Both Chen xiaoxu and T were strongly a devoted buddhism when they were still alive. Although both of them still died, i think their strong belief in being a buddism helped them to path the route by building a good karma for a better afterlife.

I am also deeply devoted to the goddness of mercy. I think religion is important for one to have faith in what they do and hope for what they wish for - whether it can be fulfilled or not. i do not believe in free-thinker as what many people claimed this is what they want. I felt that they had not meet any major incidents( i am not cursing them that something bad must happen but it can be something simple like hope for better promotion or something similar) that made them to be devoted to religions - whatever religion they want so they are just known as free thinkers. In another simple words, one will eventually choose their religion when one meet obstacles by their own will.Whatever religion u choose should come from within ur inner heart and not get influenced by others whom will try ways and means to ask u to join them in their religion as they claimed that it had helped them this or that.

I do know T from when i was young. I do not have deep impression of T even though she used to call my mum. T was at our house last Vesak day to sell tickets for the Ngee Ann City funfair. This Vesak day, she was gone.

We took bus to Toa Payoh and manged to find T's place. This is the first time mum had went to her place, mum had said that this first time was for a bad visit.

i do felt a kind of strange saddnes when i saw T's photo at her wake. It is mum whom feel sad when she saw T's photo. Mum then started chatting with T's daughter while i stayed on another table to playing boring games on my HP. Then i started to get real bored with my games and went off to see if i can spotted any cats to sayang. One brown tabby came to find me and roll on the floor asking me to sayang him. Aiyoh, why so cute, come to find me himself when i cannot even see him at first? Mum said i must had cat smell all over me.

Then i saw mum started to look for me, i waved to her. Mum had said that at a wake, we are not supposed to say 'goodbye' to the ppl at the wake as goodbye meant we will meet another day and a wake is not supposed to be something good. It is the same for wedding, the bride and bridegroom must NEVER say goodbye to their guests - afterall they wanted their marriage to last forever, never to see their guests again in similar function.

We then went home. Dad said sweetie cried for us for half an hour.I gave sweetie lot of hugs before rushing down to find mimi and friends.

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